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Whimsical Winter Wonderland Clipart

By November 19, 2019March 12th, 2021illustration, winter wonderland clipart
winter wonderland clipart

Whimsical Winter Wonderland Clipart

We’ve got a confession to make!  We love winter and Christmas!

Yes Christmas seems to come earlier each year but we’ve already started watching those sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.  Besides the similar plot line all those movies have – small town girl moves to big city for her career but then has to come back to close her mom’s craft shop.  Only to fall in love with the local thirty something rugged construction guy and realize she does want to be a wife, have a family and live in said small town running mom’s craft shop – they all have beautiful Christmas and winter wonderland scenery.

The towns all look like they came straight out of a Normal Rockwell painting! 

That style of winter wonderland clipart is what we like to have on our invitations, stickers, Christmas cards and many other things that we make for winter celebrations.  To help you out and save time with finding artwork for your holiday season creative projects we thought we would take a deeper look at a couple of collections Kris Lauren has made that are full of very cute winter clipart.

winter wonderland clipart

Winter Scene Clipart

Why not use individual clipart elements to make your own winter scene?  Let your creative juices flow!

Take a look at the Winter Whimsey Cute Clipart Collection.

This collection is full of cute handmade animals like dogs, mice and adorable bunny rabbits!  There are also very cute handmade little girls too.  It’s just like something you would imagine on a Hallmark card!  In all there are 20 different characters in the collection and 43 individual flora and fauna elements for you to use to make your perfect winter wonderland background!

Trust us there are other goodies too that we won’t go into here.  You can check those out for yourself!

cute winter clipart

DIY Winter Wonderland Invitations

The Winter Whimsey Cute Clipart Collection is perfect for DIY invitations.

That being said, another adorable collection by Kris Lauren that is perfect for winter DIY invitations is Snow Adorable.

Oh my goodness, it is full of cute (with a capital C) bears, foxes and friends clipart elements.  This collection is really is snow adorable…we mean so adorable!

With these adorable elements you can design an invitation that will make you swear you can smell the hot coco and shake that snow globe!

winter scene clipart

Winter Wonderland Invitation Template

Sometimes it’s hard to create an invitation from scratch.  We know that often we find it easier when we have an idea or template to work from to at least get us going in the creative process.  Don’t tell anyone but between us sometimes we just want the whole thing ready-made and all we have to do is add our own text!

Raise your hand if that’s you!  We see you!

This is what is so great about the Winter Whimsey Collection.  It comes with 12 ready-made card templates so you don’t have to waste time coming up with layout ideas.  Simply add your text and you are ready to print your invitations.

If you are like us and leave your Christmas cards to the last minute every year this is a huge life saver!  Go get’em!

winter wonderland invitations

Winter Wonderland Background

It’s so fun to use clipart elements from collections like these to make your own winter backgrounds.  

If you are like us you can kind of get carried away creating new scenes it can make it hard to pick just one!

We hope that these two collections will give you some ideas for your winter wonderland invitations, winter pajamas, winter wall art or whatever you may use them to make.

Best wishes to you and happy creating!