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What is it about This Prom Dress Clipart that Makes it So Good? The Answer Will Surprise You!

By September 26, 2019March 11th, 2020fashion clipart, portrait creator
prom dress cliaprt

What is it about This Prom Dress Clipart that Makes it So Good?  The Answer Will Surprise You!

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Prom is coming up and it’s time to start planning!  You want everything to do with your prom to be the very best.  This goes for your dress, makeup, hair, party and even the invitations you’re are going to make.  Everyone wants to make their best impression.

If you want your prom party invitations to look better than everyone else’s then you need to use absolutely stunning prom dress clipart.  After all it’s the attention to the details that sets apart a truly gorgeous prom party invitation so don’t mess up by using lame prom dress clipart.  Only high fashion, couture, elegant, stunning and eye-popping prom dress clipart will do the job and we’ve got just what you are looking for.

  • Hello Lovely Fashion Creator Dress Clipart

    From $35.00

Hello Lovely Fashion Creator

The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator doesn’t just give you jaw-dropping prom dress clipart.  In fact you won’t find just prom dress clipart in it at all.  What you will find in addition to stunning dress clipart is high heels, purses and jewellery all in PNG files and all ready for you to come up with your own creations.

The creator allows you to mix and match graphic elements to come up with your own creations that will make your creative project stand out!

What is it about this Prom Dress Clipart that makes it so good?

As the name says, the Hello Lovely collection is a creator.  This means that you can mix and match graphic elements to come up with your own creations.  Using Photoshop you can simply turn on and off layers to come up with different combinations of dresses, purses, models, jewellery, hairstyles, heals and even skin colors to create clipart that suits your specific needs.

Worried because you are not a Photoshop expert?  You don’t need to be!  It’s actually really easy and once you play around with it you’ll get the hang of it in no time!  Better yet, check out this guide on how to create your own fashion clipart to see for yourself how easy it is to use the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.

Whether you are using prom dress clipart in a product to sell to customers or making invitations for prom, your creations will take their breath away.  And the best part is that you will be able to create it all without have to draw a single line!

prom dress clipart

A Look Inside The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator

Here are the nuts and bolts of all the separate hand-drawn elements that come with the creator.

  • 3 different girls in 3 different body positions
  • 7 eye colors and skin tones
  • 15 hairstyles and 5 hair colors
  • 7 tops in 4 colors and 3 different sparkle options
  • 14 skirst in 4 colors and 3 different sparkle options
  • 6 varieties of high heals
  • 5 types of jewellery
  • 3 purse designs in 3 different color and sparkle options

And that isn’t all!  You also get other goodies like 12 premade backgrounds, 68 seamless patterns, decorative frames and individual florals.  We did say you would be able to create something truly breath-taking and with everything included in the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator you truly can!

So if you like the idea of letting your creative juices flow to make your own unique prom dress clipart then check out the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.

Where else to get prom dress clipart?

If you are still wanting to check out some other prom dress clipart before you take the plunge but not sure where to look then we have a couple of suggestions to help you!

Design Cuts

Design Cuts is a great marketplace for all things creative and you will definitely find the prom dress clipart you are looking for there.  They have a great search engine so simply type in what you are looking for and up pops all the clipart your heart could desire.

Design Cuts also has great customer service so if you run into any problems with something you buy they are always there to help.

Check out Design Cuts

Creative Market

If on the off chance you don’t find the prom dress clipart you are looking for at Design Cuts than you for sure will at Creative Market.  Creative Market probably has the biggest collection of graphic designs and illustrations.  Want some watercolor flower clipart to go with your winter formal dress clipart?  Creative Market has got you covered.  There are lots of amazingly talented artists on both Design Cuts and Creative Market that have created stunning works of art to make your life easy.

Check out Creative Market

Happy creating!