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Watercolor Rose Collections To Make Your Next Project Pop

By May 24, 2019June 11th, 2020watercolor clipart
watercolor rose

Watercolor Rose Clipart For the Lady with Elegant Taste…Yay, That’s You!

Looking for a breath-taking watercolor rose for your new creative project?  So glad you’re here, you’ve come to the right place!  Pretty Little Lines has lots of hand painted gorgeous watercolor roses for you to choose from.

If you’re interested in learning how I paint all these lovely watercolor roses, let me know!  I’ve been thinking about doing some tutorials on that.  This post is going to be about some of my favorite watercolor rose clipart packages that we have to offer.

Alright, ready to see some pretty roses?  Let’s go!

Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

Anybody for pink watercolor roses?

Who doesn’t love pink roses?

I know I love pink roses!  They really are my fave.  Partly because pink is my favourite color as you may have noticed, and partly because they symbolize love, gratitude and appreciation and partly.  That makes them especially great for so many occasions.

If you are a lady that loves things pink you will love the Pretty in Pink Collection.  There are 123 individual elements that come in the collection so you can have lots of fun creating new arrangements of roses and flowers whether it’s for a personal project or for products you are going to sell.

These pink watercolor roses are perfect for any type of invitations, party supplies, custom fabric or scrapbooking.  Just imagine how wowed your bridesmaids, wedding guests, or customers will be when they see these breathtaking watercolor roses.

Even better, the collection comes with premade floral frames, bouquets, sprays and borders that will free you up to have more time creating just for yourself or selling your products to customers.

To see the Pretty in Pink Collection click HERE.

Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection

For people looking for purple roses…or if we are sounding posh for a sec…violet roses.

If you are looking for purple watercolor roses or purple watercolor flower clipart than this collection could be just the thing you are looking for.  These hand-painted watercolor roses are stunning in blush pink and violet colors.  This collection was hand painted with much care and emphasis on detail.  Your audience will love your final product adorned with the exquisite roses and flowers from this collection.

Blushing Violet collection has over 250 images included in it.  It’s a big one!  All elements are in PNG format which makes it easy for you to use your own backgrounds or to put different elements together to make a new arrangement.

Click HERE to check out the rest of the Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection.

Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

Watercolor Rose Ranunculus


What is a rununculus you might be wondering?  Ya, I was too.  I’m not much of a green thumb…but I do love painting some flowers!

Fun fact, a rununculus is a species of rose and that was part of the inspiration for the Allegra collection.  The color palette for Allegra is based more on deep violets and hot pinks to really stand out and catch your eye.

Along with ranunculus there are many other hand painted watercolor flowers in the collection.  In all, there are 192 individual elements so you will never run out of things to create.

Your audience will love these stunning watercolors!

Click HERE to see the complete Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection.

Boho Blooms Bundle

Boho vibes all around!

Whether you are inspired by Coachella or just looking to add a boho vibe to your next project the Boho Blooms bundle has got you covered!

This bundle includes the Boho Blooms Vol 1 and 2 together in one stunning package.  All together the collection includes over 200 hand drawn watercolor and ink elements.  Not only does it include fabulous pink watercolor roses but also stunning watercolor flowers, leaves, and feathers that you can create endless amounts of new projects and products from.

Use the individual elements to make your own creations or save time by using some of the premade ones.  Really the only limit is your imagination.

Flowers and Flamingos

Flamingos with Pink Roses

We had no idea that flamingos are so popular these days!  Especially flamingos with a pink rose for a body!

The Flowers and Flamingos collection is adorable and the fine detail on the rose bodies of the flamingos is truly adorable.  They really look very fancy and all dolled up!  In addition to pink roses, the package also includes tropical flowers and greenery.  These are perfect for any creative project or product that you are making that needs to have more of a summer tropical feel to it.

Just imagine your happy customers buying coasters, invitations, hand bags, mugs or even apparel with these flowers and flamingos on them.

Okay, stop daydreaming about an umbrella drink and go see the Flowers and Flamingos collection for yourself HERE.