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I’m having trouble downloading my purchase, please help!

By November 14, 2020FAQ's, Licensing

I’m having trouble downloading my purchase, please help!

I know, this can be super frustrating if you’re experiencing a problem trying to download. Even the smallest of network  interruptions can mess up a download and make what should be a relatively simple task, make you want to pull your hair out! So hopefully these tips will help you out:

  • Start by making sure that your computer doesn’t lose connection to the wifi.  If it goes to sleep while downloading, the file won’t download properly.  This could result in a corrupted .zip file that won’t unzip, or a partial download (these will end in .part or .cpgz).  Or your browser will cache the errors and give you trouble when trying to re-download the file.
  • Confirm that your internet provider allows you to download large files.  Sometimes my packs are big and can be 4-5 GB.
  • Clear the cache on your browser.  Often times that will solve the problem.  Then give it a go and try downloading the file again.
  • You can always try out a download manager to help sort out problems when downloading larger files.  It will let you pause or resume downloads.
  • Lastly, check to make sure you don’t have any firewalls, ad-blocker or anti-virus software running that may be prohibiting the file from downloading properly.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get it to work, by all means contact me here and I can help you out!