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These Alcohol Ink Blown Flowers Are Different. Here’s Why.

By October 1, 2019July 9th, 2020alcohol ink, flower clipart, Uncategorized
alcohol ink blown flowers

A Collection of Alcohol Ink Blown Flowers That Will Blow Your Mind!

Alcohol Ink is very popular for making abstract flowers.  Why you ask?  Well alcohol ink can be difficult to control.  In fact, you can really tell the difference between alcohol ink flowers and watercolor flower clipart.  It is hard to produce fine details with alcohol ink and that is why you will find it used for a lot of abstract art.

That being said, we wanted to find an example of alcohol ink being used to produce more realistic flowers while still incorporating the bold and vibrant colors of alcohol ink.  This, turns out, is actually not as easy as we first thought!  However, nothing to fear, we did come across this example of alcohol ink blown flowers that actually have a high level of detail by Kris Lauren of Pretty Little Lines.

What is Alcohol Ink art?

Alcohol Ink art is, as the term suggests, art made with alcohol ink.  This begs the question, what is alcohol ink?

Alcohol ink is highly pigmented and alcohol based.  It can be diluted with isopropyl alcohol to create transparent washes and other effects to give the painting more depth and texture.

Alcohol Ink Flower art techniques

There are many various ways alcohol ink can be applied to create flowers.  Here are a few:

  • Magic Erasers
  • Felt Stamps
  • Brushes
  • Markers
  • Spray bottles
  • Droppers
  • Art Sponges
  • Straws

Because we want to focus on Alcohol ink blown flowers we won’t go into many of the techniques but instead just focus on the blown technique.

How To Make Alchohol Ink blown Flower Art

We found out that alcohol ink is a new medium that Kris Lauren had wanted to try but had never really worked with before.  Initially the difficulty in making blown alcohol ink flowers was having any type of control over where the ink went to create some sort of resemblance of a somewhat realistic flower.

To make blown alcohol ink flowers one can use tiles, or yupo paper.  There are other “canvases” you can use but we won’t go into them here.  Obviously, whether you use tiles or yupo paper will cause differences in how the alcohol ink performs and there will be some level of “playing with it” to get it to perform the way you want.

If you have access to an airbrush that is one way to create alcohol ink blown flowers.  Many professionals use this technique but for someone just starting to use alcohol ink they may not have access to that equipment.  For those without an airbrush alcohol ink blown flowers can also be created by blowing into a straw.

Making Alcohol Ink Flowers With a Straw

This is done by using a dropper to get ink on the paper and then blowing through the straw to spread the paint out to achieve the shapes, level of transparency and intricacies that you are after for your flowers.

We recommend practicing as this will take some practice to develop a technique that will allow you to develop a final product that you are happy with.

You can use layers of different colors and isopropyl to create depth and add detail to your flowers.  Even if you are using a straw to create blown flowers don’t be afraid to expirement with brushes also.  Brushes can be used to add stems or even create details within the blown flowers themselves.  It really is all about experimenting and playing with the different techniques until you come up with your winning formula.

Another great thing to do is to experiment with letting certain layers dry before adding others to add even more layers and depth to your flowers.

Alcohol Ink flower art for sale

Alcohol Ink flowers have really starting to gain in popularity over the recent years.  There are getting to be more, easily found examples, out there.  However, as we previously mentioned, we still had some difficulty finding alcohol ink flowers that were realistic enough for our taste.

One might say that the whole point of alcohol ink blown flowers is to create flowers that are more abstract.  That may be true but still, we didn’t see why there couldn’t be alcohol ink flowers that were more on the realistic side.

Alcohol Ink Flowers and Metallic Leaf Arrangements

In our search we found this collection of blown alcohol ink flowers by Kris Lauren.  What immediately caught our eye was the vibrant colors of the collection, the depth and especially how the flowers are more realistic than many of the other examples of alcohol ink flowers that we had come across.

This collection of individually hand painted alcohol ink flowers is perfect for websites, branding, stationary, invitations and so much more.  Whatever you use them for, your project will stand out by using these more free flowing and impressionistic flowers.

You get just shy of 75 different premade elements in the collection that you can mix and match to create wonderful esthetics for your creative project.  There are premade floral bouquets, floral wreaths, floral sprays, floral frames and card templates.  In addition, there are 43 individual elements that you can use to make your own arrangements if you like

All files come in high resolution PNG format for ease of use and maximum usability.

Check out more alcohol ink flower clipart examples from Alcohol Ink Flowers and Metallic Leaf Arrangements.

Happy creating!