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The Ultimate Wedding and Bridal Shower Clipart Collection…And We Mean Ultimate!

By October 22, 2019February 14th, 2020illustration, invitations, wedding clipart
wedding shower clipart

The Ultimate Wedding and Bridal Shower Clipart Collection…And We Mean Ultimate!

The Grand-Daddy of Wedding and Celebration Creators.

wedding clipart

Have a bridal shower, wedding, birthday or other event coming up that you need to make invitations for?  Or maybe you just like making your own invitations because you are just awesome!  Yes you are and you know who you are!

May we introduce to you The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator by Kris Lauren.  This collection has been Kris Lauren’s baby for the past year almost.  It did literally take 9 months to make!

Uses For The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator

Well the creator is perfect for those of you looking for the following:


    •             Wedding shower clipart for party favors
    •             Bridal shower clipart for invitations
    •             Wedding cake clipart for invitations
    •             Birthday cake clipart
    •             Wedding bouquet clipart
    •             Groom clipart for invitations
    •             Wedding archway clipart
    •             Balloon clipart for invitations
    •             Bunting clipart for invitations
    •             Present clipart for invitations

If you have a celebration coming up…any type of celebration…The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator is your one stop shop for everything you will need to make the most incredible invitations that you or your invitees have ever laid eyes on!

wedding clipart

What Makes the Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator So Great?

The thing that makes the Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator so great is that it isn’t just one creator.  It is actually a package of 12 clipart creators that were all made around the wedding and celebration theme.  And yes, you did read that correctly…12.  A whole dozen creators for you to make your own wonderful and breathtaking creations!

So what does a dozen celebration creators get you these days?

Well the answer is it gets you a lot!

Here is a list of the 7 creators that are included in the package:


    1.             The Bride Creator with gorgeous wedding gowns and hairstyles
    2.             The Groom Creator with suits and accessories
    3.             The Little Kids Creator with dresses and suits for ring bearers and flower girls
    4.             The Stunning Archway Creator with watercolor florals
    5.             The Stunning Bouquet Creator to customize your own bouquets with watercolor flowers
    6.             The Fancy Cake Creator to create stunning custom wedding cake clipart
    7.             The Stunning Balloon Creator to create custom balloon clipart


But WAIT you say!  That is only 7 creators!  You said there were 12!

Well yes, we did but we didn’t want to just ruin the whole surprise.  One has got to build up to the climax right? Create a sense of anticipation!

Here’s the thing, words cannot do The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator justice.  So if you want to find out with the other 3 creators are (and they are good!) then do yourself a favor and go and see them for yourself.

That’s right go and see them here.  You can actually feast your eyes on the stunning, exquisite and breathtaking illustrations in the creators that you can use to make your own stunning, exquisite and breathtaking, custom creations.

See The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator exclusively at Design Cuts!