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how to create a birthday card

How to Create a Birthday Day Card

By invitations, mermaid clipart

How to Create a Birthday Day Card with Cute Mermaid Clipart – Tutorial

Hi, Kris here. Welcome to another Creating with Clipart. Today, I’m gonna show you my new clip-art pack of mermaids, tropical flowers, and all things under the sea. And more importantly, I’ll show you how to use all these elements to make a birthday card using a watercolor mockup.


So I’m gonna dive into Photoshop, and this is the mockup I’m gonna be showing you. It’s part of my watercolor mockup creator. All these products I’m gonna put in the description below, so you can have a look and see what those are all about. So this is just… Once you get rid of these instructions here, you can see that it is a watercolor paper mockup, and I think that’ll work out perfectly for our card today. So once you download the mermaids, you’ll have a zip file, and you’ll open it up, and all of these things will be inside. So there’s Arrangements, Flowers and Leaves, Mermaids, Pelicans, Rocks, Sea Creatures, Sea Foliage, Seashells, Splashes and Bubbles.


So today we’re going to use… Let see, I’m gonna go in… Let’s find our main mermaid first. You can see there are 10 of them, and all of them have different colors as well. Here, let’s see. Different colors of skin tone, hair color, and… Well, I guess it’s not their outfit, but their scales.  So that’s how they look. So let’s just go and find the one we’re gonna use today. I’m gonna use mermaid number six, and I’m going to use this one here, mermaid six, and she’s gonna have the red hair or the orangey red hair and the yellow scales.


Actually, first, I’m gonna show you how to use this. This mockup, you have textures, so you can turn that on and off. You have some extra scratches and whatnot, you can just change the textures of this a little bit. But it’s actually really simple to use. All you do is go here, it says, “Add your artwork here.” You wanna just click inside the box here, so you just click on that, double-click, and it opens up, and it looks fairly similar to before, but you just have this transparent background. So this is just where you’ll add all your artwork, and then it will appear on here once we save it. So, I’m going to go and just add a new layer by hitting the plus sign here, and I’m gonna fill it in with a color, and I already have my swatches ready, so I’m just gonna use this purple and fill it in. And then I’m gonna actually lock this layer, just so I don’t move it around. And then I’m gonna go and grab my mermaid and drag her in, and just size her down a little bit.


Okay. So that’s pretty simple to start with. I’m just gonna put her over here. And then I’m gonna click below on that layer, ’cause I’m gonna put all the elements below. So let’s go and create a scene with her. So I’m gonna go back to… I’m gonna get the… We can let her sit on a rock, because it looks like she’s sitting. There’s three of them here, I’m gonna grab this one, rock three. Just drag it in. And I’m gonna just use these little handles, I’m gonna size it down and drag it down just to line up with her hands and her thumb here. Here we go. I’m gonna just use my arrows just to move that up a little bit more. Actually, let’s make this a little bit bigger, just to fill up the space a little bit more. It’s all about just moving things around and just getting them exactly where you want them. Okay. So that’s pretty good. And then we can go and decorate our rock a little bit, we can go get some sea creatures. How about we go and find some starfish? So I’m gonna grab this guy here, and we can put him on the rock. Just scale him down. Maybe we can put him about here. Let’s add a little pop color there, and that’s great.


Alright. And why don’t we put in some text, just so we know it’s a birthday card. I’m gonna just click the white, and my text tool. I’m gonna go to my character’s palette, and I really like this Little Bee font. I use it quite a bit. You can find that… I’ll put a link in the description below too, I just found it off of Creative Market. And you can just go and select… Try to make this a little bit smaller, so we can see it. Alright, maybe about 24, let’s see. Let’s see how that goes over that, so… Happy birthday.  Okay, I think we’re gonna need that bigger, for sure, so… Just gonna do Command+T, Control+T on a PC, and I’m just gonna drag that out, and that’ll make the last transform. Alright. Maybe just about there. Okay, so far so good. Alright, let’s go on and find some more characters to play with. So I’m gonna go and click on my starfish layer, just so that when I bring everything in, it’s gonna be below that. I love this little pelican here, so let’s go grab him. Drag him in, pelican number two, and size him down, drag him over. And while I still have him in transforming, that’s fine, you can leave it like that, you can just go to Edit, Transform. Oops! Let’s get it up there. And Flip Horizontal. And there we go.


Okay, let’s see where we can place him. Oops! Just gonna lock that Happy Birthday, ’cause I’m having trouble grabbing this guy. He might fit in there. And that might work. Let’s put him over top of the Happy Birthday, so that he fills that in. We’ll leave him there for now, I think that might work. Okay. So I’m gonna go back to the starfish, and I’m gonna go and do a little bit of… Actually, I’m gonna do some background. And go to Splash and Bubbles, I’m gonna grab these white bubbles, well, bubbles two, and drag it in, and resize. And this is just gonna make this look a little bit more frothy down here. I mean, they really work for underwater, but I think I like the look of it here too. Something like that.


And then I’m gonna click on layer one, and I’m gonna bring in a wash here. These are great for backgrounds. You can use these on their own with just a white background, it works really nicely. Or you can put this on a color, and actually, I’m gonna change the blending mode, I’m gonna change it to maybe… Well, the soft white looks nice. Yeah, we’ll leave it on the soft white, I’m so sorry, soft light, and just bring the opacity maybe at about 80% just to get a little texture. Okay. So I think we definitely need some more stuff in here, so I’m going to bring in some flowers. Let’s go back to our flowers. And I can already go in, and there… Let me just clean these up, these are a bunch of pre-made arrangements, but I’m gonna show you actually how I go about making these. So I’m gonna go into the Flowers and Leaves, it’s ’cause you can use them all individually and create your own arrangements. I’ll just make it like that. So I’m gonna do that. Well, let’s pick this guy, and I’m gonna get an orchid, and this one, and this one. Okay, I think those are gonna be our flowers for this one. And I’m just gonna hit Enter as they come in, so I’m gonna scale them all at once.


So I’m gonna select these, and I’m actually gonna go Command+G to group them, let’s say, Flowers, just to keep them all together. And I’m also gonna lock this wash, just so I don’t accidentally move it around. So I’m gonna select all these flowers, Command or Control+T, and scale them down all at once. Bring them up here, and let’s start and Enter, and then I’ll start arranging them. So I know I’m gonna want this orchid down below. What I normally do when I’m arranging flowers, I look for a flower that’s like this, more circular and straight on, or a down view, and then these ones are always going to be below it because you want this one to cover the stems. So that one is gonna usually be at the top layers, so I’m gonna drag flower eight to the top, and that’s gonna be here in the corner. I think of it as my anchor flower, if that makes sense. And then I’m gonna select this guy, I’m gonna do Command or Control+T, just spin him around, shrink him down a touch and tuck him in there a bit. Actually, you know what, I’m gonna do the white flower first. Stick him there. Bring this guy, Command or Control+T, turn it, and then see how he tucks in there, that’s nice. So that kind of works. It looks more natural.


So I’m gonna rearrange this layer order, so this flower 13 is gonna come below, and it’ll tuck in there, so that’s better. These orchids I’m gonna go Edit, Transform, Flip Horizontal, so that goes that way, that leans in there nicer. Makes more sense. Maybe just a little bit bigger. And tuck ’em in there. Okay. I feel like I need one more. I’m gonna grab this one, flower 18, and just scale this guy down. And let’s see, maybe a smidge bigger. Let’s rotate… Slide him in there, okay. So clearly we need some greenery, so I’m gonna go do that. So I’m gonna pick the wash layer, and so I bring all these leaves in below. So I’m gonna grab this one here, and this one, so I’m actually just pushing Command or Control to select multiple ones. You’re wondering how I’m doing that. So I’m just holding down my Command while I click, and that will allow me to get a few of these guys. Actually, I’m gonna get this other color here, and maybe this one. Okay, so I’m gonna drag this all in, hit Enter, and I wanna… I’m just gonna bring these into this group, so they’re below it though. And then Command or Control+T to resize, just scale those down, just approximate where we’re gonna need them, hit Enter. Okay. So now I can start… Let’s just put this over here. Let’s start filling these in.


Alright, so Command and T, get that in there, grab this guy, move him around, something like that. Oops. Or the one below. Okay, this one needs to be bigger, for sure. So let’s do that. I think I’m gonna flip this one. I’m going to flip it vertically. Here we go. But I just like the way the leaves are bending a little bit more there. This guy, let’s bring him down, size him up, looks good. Okay, and lastly, we’ll get him in here. Alright.


That looks good. Now I have a gap here that I just wanna fill in with some greenery, so I’m just gonna go and click on one of my leaves, I’m gonna do Command or Control+J to duplicate, Command+T, and just slide that behind. And then maybe I’ll grab this one, Command+J to duplicate, Command+T to move, and pop that in the back there just to fill it in. Okay. So that’s good for that side, now let’s do this side here. So I’m gonna go back to my finder, so I’m gonna grab a few more flowers here, so I’m gonna grab this one and this one, you can hold down Command to select multiple… This, and this, and let’s put this guy in here, too. Okay, so that… We’ll start with that. Kinda put this in this wrong group here, so let’s bring that out. So I’m gonna select those flowers, take them up, I’m gonna put them above the other flowers and then group them into, say, Flowers Two. Okay. So grab those flowers, Command+T, scale them down. Okay.


And then let’s get arranging here. This guy can go over there, this guy… Bit… Alright, move him out of the way. So this guy isn’t gonna go over here, I’m gonna bring in some shells, and so I’m not gonna use this as my anchor flower this time. Gonna move it so it looks like it’s tilting up towards the sun a little bit. Okay. Let me move him, I’m gonna move him up onto the top. Okay. And this one, I’ll just tuck in here. And actually I think I’m gonna bring it back to the very top as well. Okay. Let’s just click on the flowers and bring in… I’m gonna do the shells next. We can come back here to get the leaves in a minute, but I’m gonna go to the shells. I like adding the shells to the floral arrangement’s bedding, it looks kind of nice. Gives it a little bit of a different texture. So I’m gonna grab these three, drag them in, select them all, Command+T, and just bring them over here so I can see them a bit. Okay, I’m gonna bring this guy down here, move that up a little bit. Actually, I’ll bring this shell to be on top. There it goes. Actually, no, one below that white flower, that makes more sense. We’ll just size them up just a touch. Okay.


This guy can tuck in here. And actually, I’m gonna have him overlapping in here. There we go, yeah. And then this shell is gonna come up a bit, so we have that overlapping. That… Okay, I think that’ll be good. We’ll see what it looks like once we get our leaves in, so let’s go get those, back to the… Where am I going, Flowers and Leaves? And I’m gonna get… Gonna get this one, and this one. Gonna get one of these banana leaves. Let’s see how we do with those. I’ll just start to bring them into this folder at the bottom, and size them down, move here, and grab this guy, and he’ll be here. Actually, I want him to be over the water. So where is my rock? My rock is there, so I’m gonna bring the rock below the flowers, so that the roof of this leaf is going over that water part there. And I think what I can make happen is… Yeah, like that. Okay. So, you can see how that looks kind of cool ’cause it flows in, kind of a nice transition. Those happy… Well, I guess it’s not a mistake, but I did not really plan it.  Just kinda works. Okay.


So you just keep moving things around, seeing where they look good, and filling in the holes. Okay. And I think I’m gonna fill in some more greenery here. Let’s just maybe grab this guy, Command+J to duplicate, Command+T, and we’ll just fill in some of this in there. Maybe we’ll grab this one, Command+J, Command+T to fill in that, so it’s just nice and green behind here. Okay. Perfect! So I think that works well. Let’s see, maybe I’m gonna make her and the rock just a little bit bigger, so I’ve selected them both, and just gonna make that a little bit bigger. Okay. Filling up that space. Let’s see if we can make the pelican a little bit bigger, if that’s all right. Okay.


Now, to make it show up on our mockup, if you just go… File, Save, or Command+S. You don’t do Save As, just do Save, and then you go back to your mockup, that’s where it’ll show up. So that’s how easy it is to use these mockups, and that’s how easy it is to create a super cute card using clip-art. It’s even easier if you use the pre-made arrangements, but it’s really fun. I encourage you to make your own, too, ’cause you can make it super personal to you and stylize the way you want it for your project. Well, that’s it for today, so I hope you enjoyed it and found some of these tips useful and it helps you with your projects, and if you did like it, please give it a thumbs-up, subscribe, and don’t forget to hit that bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials just like this one in the future. I post every week. I’d love to see you back here. Thanks so much for watching. I love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next one.

how to create designs with clipart

How to Create Designs with Clipart for Projects in Photoshop & Procreate

By procreate

How to Create Designs with Clipart in Photoshop & Procreate


Hey guys, I’m Kris and welcome back to the studio. Today, I’m gonna be showing you my new project, it’s an animal baby nursery clipart pack that I wanna show you how to use in your next creative projects. So I’m gonna go through a demo in Photoshop and then in Procreate so you can see the differences, but you certainly don’t need those programs to use this clipart pack. They’re all PNG files, so you can use whatever graphics editor that you’re comfortable with, and the same principles will apply, so you will still be able to learn lots from this demo. This pack is really cute, it’s a bunch of baby animals that are perfect for nursery themes or anything super cutesie that you like animals for, and it will be available on Monday, December 7th, so if you’re just watching this before then, it’s a sneak peek, so I’m really excited to show it to you. So, let’s get started, we’ll jump into Photoshop first and I’m gonna show you how to make a sublimation template for a pillow. So, let’s get to it.


Okay, so you’ve decided to grab this cute little pack here, it’s a bunch of clipart perfect for nursery and baby stuff or anything just cutesie, like I said. So, anyways, you’ve grabbed this and you’ve downloaded it, and now what do you do? So, you wanna go into your downloads folder, and then you’re gonna click on the zip file. So, on a Mac, you’re just gonna double-click and it’s gonna unzip for you. On a PC, you are going to have to use WinZip, I believe, and open it that way. And so now you have this folder, so let’s go peek inside. It’s gonna bring this open for you. So, you have your license, of course, animals, arrangements, balloons, banners, a bunch of extras, flowers, hot air balloons, numbers, stars, moons, and clouds, swings and teacups. Okay, so we can just peak in here and you can see there’s 12 animals, and hopefully, these are arranged easily so you can find everything. There’s flowers, lots of balloons. Okay, so you can see that there’s lots of fun things to create lots of different sorts of things. So, why don’t we jump into Photoshop and I’m gonna create a new file, so I’m gonna go File New, and I’m going to say this is going to… Actually, we’re gonna do inches ’cause this is going to be for a pillow. Let’s say our pillow is 18 inches by 18 inches, and because it’s print, we’re gonna do 300 DPI.


Alright, so there’s our new file. So, what I’m gonna do is go and grab some elements to put in it. So today, I kinda love this elephant, it’s one of my faves. So, I’m just gonna drag him in and hit Enter. Then, I’m gonna go and I’m gonna grab a banner, and I kinda like this one, so I’m gonna pop that over like that. Enter. And you know what? Let’s just size it a little bit, I’m gonna do Command or CTRL+T to transform and just bring that a little bit larger, just that kinda goes around his feet a little bit. Okay, and I’m gonna go back to my finder and let’s go… Let’s see, what shall we do? Perhaps flowers, and I’m going to… Let’s see, I’m gonna put some behind. Actually, you know what? Let’s do this. Take this, I’m just gonna place that like that maybe, and you can actually use these already premade ones or you can go into flowers and all the individual flowers and leaves are here. So, why don’t we do that? I wanna just grab a couple, so I’m gonna hold that Command, just grab a few more. Let’s do that one again and the sun and grab that. Oh, just a bunch of stuff. They all coordinate, they’ll all go together.


Okay, let me grab a little eucalyptus maybe. Alright, let’s see how… Maybe I’ll grab that too. Okay. I’m just gonna drag them all in and I’m just gonna hit Enter a bunch of times, I think I’m just gonna resize these all together. Okay, so a few more, got it. Okay, so over here, I’m just gonna go into my layers and grab all those flowers and I’m gonna do Command or CTRL+G to make that a group, I’ll be good and name it flowers. Sometimes I can be terrible when I’m doing this  and not name things. So, I’m gonna grab that group and do Command or CTRL+T again and just resize these guys all at once to about there, I think, and hit Enter. And wait,  and then I’m gonna drag my flowers below the banner, in between the banner and the elephant. And then, just start, I don’t know, placing these around, see what happens. Let’s just fill it up a bit and kind of maybe you want some of these guys to go in between, so I’m gonna just drag this layer up in between some of the roses for variation. I might have to resize some of these guys here, so Command T. I’m just gonna play around with it. Okay, I might have a few too many in here, but we’ll see. Bring that up above the leaves, there he is. I just want it nice and full.


Maybe bring this one over here and CTRL+T or Command T. Put that in there, okay. And I feel like I need a little bit more green over here, so I’m gonna ____ this. Command or CTRL+J, CTRL+T, and just make a duplicate there. Actually, I kinda wanna, in between these two flowers, just to break that up, so let’s see if we can find those. Oh, yeah. Got it. Okay, so that looks pretty full, I’m gonna bring the elephant up, so I’m just gonna click and drag just to select all of this and pull her up a little bit. Okay, that’s probably good. And I’m gonna just drag and select everybody and CTRL+T, control or command. Maybe that’s getting tired. You know what I mean when I say, “Command” or “Control.”  So, I’m just gonna make that a little bit smaller and hit Enter.


Wait a sec. Okay, so that’s probably good. We can personalize this by putting their name on it, which is always a nice touch, so I’m going to just go on the top layer, grab my text tool, and I’m going to… I really like little B, but it doesn’t let me warp the letter, so let’s try Elise, let’s see how this works out and we’re gonna call her Ella the Elephant. Okay, yeah, that should work alright, I’m gonna make this color… Let’s just make it… Let’s make it a nice brown color maybe around there. Okay, and then I wanna go to character and I don’t wanna bold, but I do want it more spaced. Let’s see if 200 is enough. Maybe let’s make it three. Okay, and we can bring that into the middle and I’m gonna make it 72?


Sure. Okay, so then I’m gonna go back and make sure I have my text tool. I’m going to go to the warp, I create warp text button, and I’m going to click on “Arc.” And that is not the way we want it to go. We want it to go subtly in this direction, just a little bit. I think that’s probably good. Okay, nice. And I’m gonna set this layer actually to multiply just so it catches that water color paper texture a little bit, and so I think it’s looking pretty… I mean, it was pretty quick to create something like this, I’m just adding a few things, making it your own, and then I’m gonna go to the background layer and so let’s just put something behind it. So, in the extras file, I’ve got some hearts and washes here. So, you just have these things you can put in the background, so I’m gonna grab the pink splash and that’s just a water color splash, can do… Yeah, it works actually just like that, it’s perfect. Let’s see if we add some hearts, if it’s too much, too little, let’s have a look… Oh, why not throw some hearts in there? It looks like this, so it’s mostly covered by the elephant, but I like the little bits. Okay, and I think we might have to, again, select everything and just move it down just a touch. Yeah, I think that looks good. Might need to be a little bit smaller, but we’ll see.


Okay, so I’m gonna go and save this. Actually, I’m going to turn off this background layer and save it as a PNG, so I can put it on whatever background color I want, so I’m gonna go to Save and I’m going to… Well, I’ll just create a new folder, I’ll call it “Nursery,” I guess. And we can call this “Ella.” Oops, “Ella pillow.” And of course, we’re gonna wanna save our PSD file just in case you ever wanted to go back and make any changes, and then I’m going to also save it as a PNG. And there we go, I mean that’s pretty straightforward, nothing too crazy, just placing PNGs. Why don’t we now go and see what it would look like in a mockup? This isn’t my favorite mockup, but it’ll give you the idea, so we’re just gonna go back to our finder and grab that PNG and drag it into this mockup here. I’m just gonna scale it a touch, and let’s see what it looks like. So, I’m just gonna do CTRL or Command+S for save, and look at the mockup. This one kinda skews slightly to the right, it would seem, but let’s just… We can do this. Oops, sorry. We can do this, just move it over a little bit and have a look. Still. These mockups are sometimes a little bit funny, but  here we go.


You see, I don’t like this silly texture that they have on here, but anyways, you get the idea. There you go. There’s a little cute personalized pillow. So, the reason why I have all these illustrations as individual elements is so that you have the most flexibility and freedom to create totally unique designs. Yeah, it’s just, I’m just trying to give you as much flexibility as possible. So, of course, I couldn’t create this all and have it pre-done, that would be super easy, but if I did that, then you’d be really, really limited in what you could create. So, just even by having these backgrounds, that really helps because you, of course, don’t wanna be using any of these images standalone, and you don’t want it to be easily extracted by third parties. So, you just need to be conscious of that when you’re working with clipart, so why don’t we jump into Procreate next and I’ll show you how to make something very similar using that program. So, let’s jump to it. Okay, so you have downloaded the pack onto your iPad, so what do you do next? You go and find your little files tab here, you’re gonna open it up, yours are probably going to be in your downloads section, but I transferred mine through Dropbox, so mine’s in Dropbox. So, you’re gonna find that zip file, mine’s right here. You’re gonna click on it.


And it’s just gonna open up. It should do. Now, if you have this problem and it doesn’t do this for you, try taking that zip file and moving it over to on my iPad, and it should work there for you. So again you can, well let’s do it, click on it and it should give you, if you click on Hold, it should give you the option to uncompress. So try that otherwise you might have to download, there’s a free app, I think it’s called Zip app, and you can download that and give it a go. So that’s how you do that. Now we can pop into, well actually I should show you. So we can look in there and you can see we have all the files, just like we had on the computer. So now we’re gonna hop back into Procreate. I wanna create a new canvas, and I’m going to make this 18 inches by 18 inches or 5400 by 5400 pixels at 300 DPI. And I’m gonna go and grab my elements. So I’m going to click on my wrench and I’m going to go to add and insert file, and I’m just gonna click on this little ____ and bring out these menus. So I’m going to say it’s on my iPad now, and I’m gonna click on the animal babies deal there, and I’m going to, let’s make a hot air balloon.


So I’m gonna click on that, and it’ll bring up all my illustrations here and let’s see. What shall we pick? I really like the flower one, but I’m going to do this one for you. So let’s click on this multi-colored balloon. Click yes. Perfect. I’m gonna leave it like that. So then I’m gonna go back to the wrench, add insert file and let’s grab some more things. Let’s make this blue this time. I’m gonna click on this little, this deal, add that, and I’m going to go and insert file again, and this time, let’s do the basket. I’m just gonna bring all of my elements in here. Add another file. Let’s see, should we do some flags? I’m gonna do these blue and pink flags. That should work. Okay, let’s arrange this before we get anything more. So now that these are all on separate layers, which is great, so I’m actually just gonna select them all just by dragging to the right, clicking my arrow, and resizing these attached so just we have some more room here. That should be fine. Okay, about there. Okay, and then I’m gonna bring my basket down, resize that guy. That can be about there. Well I guess I can make the handles work. Maybe about that. Then I’m gonna go grab the flags, resize those. Perfect. And it looks like these are the right size. I’m just gonna angle these a little bit more. So that’s good.


Okay, hopefully you can see that there. So let’s go get a character to add to this. I’m just gonna stay on my ribbon layer just ’cause that’s behind the basket, so I’m gonna go grab, let’s see. Oops… Turning that around. Let’s go back to animals and let’s put in the, who should we put in today? How about our… Oh giraffe. Okay, let’s size him and put him in there. Perfect. And let’s see what else can we do? Why don’t we dress this little guy up a little bit. Make him fancy. Okay so insert file. My youngest son, for some crazy reason, is obsessed with top hats and monocles right now, so I had to make those.  So let’s go and find him a hat. We have all these sorts of hats and tiaras and crowns and all those sorts of fun things. So let’s give him a little hat. He likes green, so we’ll do that. Give him a little jaunty top hat. Just that cute. And then we can go oops, I don’t want gallery. Sorry. Back in, grab the wrench, insert file and he’s got this monocle. And I think I’m going to have to flip this guy, so I’m just gonna click on, while I’m in transform, just gonna click horizontal and actually no.


That was alright, on the right side there. Just keep it like that, so let’s see. So that’s cute. Gives him a little, very distinguished nature there.  Okay, so then I’m gonna go and let’s see, maybe let’s do some background. So I’m gonna click on that and go and find, what shall we find. Some stars and moons and clouds. So these guys have faces or no faces depending on what you want. I’m just gonna start with some simple clouds first. Let’s make those smaller. It’s just add a few, I’m gonna bring this below the hot air balloon and just duplicate and maybe one more. And I’m gonna flip them, flip horizontal, resize a little bit. Let’s see what works here, maybe there. Okay, and then I’m gonna go, maybe let’s get some stars.


And just place that around and duplicate just by sliding to the left and click ‘Duplicate,’ click on your arrow and then just move in the size around a little bit, slide to left, duplicate… You can keep doing this as many times as you want to here. Okay, so that’s pretty good. And then I’m going to go and grab… Let’s see, maybe it will get us… Oh, so seeing I have too many layers, so I’m just gonna go and pinch these, all these stars together till they’re on one layer, and then I wanna go back to wrench and start another file. What was I going to do? I was… Oh yeah, so I was going to get a splash here, and let’s see, I’ll get up the blue one and that actually placement-wise is not too bad, I’m gonna bring it behind this one here. So, if you wanted to make any changes to any colors, let’s say this cloud here… Where is this guy, where is he? So, this cloud here, if we wanted to change the color of him, we can just go and click on a layer, tap on it to clipping mask, and I’m just gonna make it a little bit lighter just to see what happens. So obviously, that doesn’t look very good. So, we’re gonna have to change the blending mode to something, change it to… Let’s see what will work with soft light.


Soft light, just lightens it up a little bit. If you wanna do that, that’s not the greatest example for wanting to exchange these colors,  but you get the idea. Okay, so let’s just bring in this cloud a little bit, I think he’s a little bit too far down our composition. Okay, like that, and then I’m gonna go and select all these layers, just swiping to the right. Okay, and then I’m just gonna grab this and just move it more into the center now. Okay, so I think that’s a cute little composition for another little pillow. Super simple, that was really, really quick. It only took me a couple of minutes, and of course, maybe you could, if you’re really good at lettering or something, you could write their names or get that cute font and put that in there and write that. And yeah, just have fun with it. So I hope that was really simple. I didn’t do anything too complicated, and I don’t think there really is anything too crazy to have to do as far as mobile Photoshop and Procreate, really. I think it’s just bringing in layers and just layering them  and yeah, but just putting them all together.


I hope that’s really helpful for you, guys, and if there’s anything else you want me to show you how to use these packs, please let me know on the comments, or of course, you can always join the Facebook group. I’d love to see you there, and yeah, you can just let me know if you have any more things that you’d like me to show you. Well, thanks so much for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed that video, and if you did, I’d love a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already, and of course, check out in the description below. All the information will be there about where to find this pack, and of course there’s some free goodies for you as well, if you haven’t grabbed those. So, I love you guys, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.