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Where To Buy Clipart For Commercial Use

By buy clipart

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Thinking of opening an Etsy shop or something similar?  It’s a great idea to private label your own products for everything from iPhone covers, mugs, cards, pilllow covers to planners and custom fabrics.

To do this you are going to need art and lots of it!  No matter what niche are in you are going to need art for all the different seasons, holidays and occasions throughout the year.  And then you are going to need more art for all the seasons and holidays the following year.

Potentially you will be releasing new products with new designs on them each month.  This can greatly depend on how much art you have available.  If you don’t have a steady supply of clipart and illustrations it may be difficult for you to be releasing new products with some sort of consistency.

Just thinking about all the art you are going to need can be overwhelming!

To make matters worse maybe you have a great artistic eye but your attempts at art look like something a 4 yr old drew so creating your own graphics is not really an option.

Good News!

You can actually buy clipart packages that you can use that come with standard commercial licenses, or you can even buy extended commercial licenses, for really cheap.

Okay before we get to far ahead.


One of the things you need to know about when buying graphics to use commercially is the licenses.  The licenses spell out what you can and cannot do with the graphics you are buying.  Most of these clipart packages that I am talking about come with a standard commercial license.  The standard license usually allows for the graphic to be used for up to 500 sales.  If you think you will sell more than that then you may need to get an extended license.

Usually the artist has clearly stated the stipulations of the license.  If you ever have doubts or concerns about the license than the best advice is to contact the artist for clarification.

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Where To Buy Clipart

Here are my go to places to buy clipart for commercial use.

Me of course!  Yes I make all sorts of graphics and watercolor clipart.  In fact one of my favourite things to make is flower clipart but as you will see I have lots for you to choose from!

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Lots of people recommend going to Etsy to search for commercial use clipart.  You definitely can do that but I think if you really want to stand out from the crowd than creative market is a good place to look.  They have so many different clipart packages and font packages to choose from it is staggering.

I actually do have a pretty little lines store on Creative Market so if you don’t end up visiting my site and instead go to Creative Market than be sure to check out my store there.

Design cuts is deal central!  The thing about design cuts is that they have these design bundles that are just amazing.  How it works is they put all these professional hand drawn clipart packages together and offer them as a bundle at an insane price!

To give you an idea of what I mean, as I write this, they have a bundle on right now that includes 21 clipart packages for $29!  To buy all the packages in the bundle separately would cost $1500!  I love Design Cuts and they are truly amazing.  I also have a store on Design Cuts so if you head over there look up my store!

I really hope that helps you with where to buy clipart for commercial use.  It really is not as hard or expensive as you think!

Blessings & Happy Creating!


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