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17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For You Spring Planner Project

By February 20, 2020April 7th, 2021buy clipart, illustration
spring planner clipart

17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For Your Spring Planner Project


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Can you feel it?  Spring is right around the corner!  For those of us that live in colder climates spring can’t come soon enough!

Can I get an amen if that’s you?  Don’t worry I hear ya!

Using cute clipart is just one of the ways that you can truly personalize your planner to make it fit your personality.

Of course, now is the time to start planning out your spring planner projects if you haven’t already.  If you are like me you always seem to leave things to the last minute.

Here are 17 super cute clipart collections to give you ideas on how to put the spring in your planner!

This post is all about the best cute clipart for your spring planner paper project.

  1. Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

clipart for sale

What do you think of when you think of spring?  Flowers for sure!

You just can’t go wrong with breathtaking pink watercolor flowers to brighten up your planner and the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection is full of them!

Want some free watercolor flower clipart?  Simply enter your email address and get some beautiful flower clipart delivered straight to your inbox?

2.  Ballerinas Please

ballerina clipartThere is something about ballerinas, flowers and pony’s that just says spring to me.

You could use these cute ballerinas for any season but you really can’t go wrong with these for your spring planner project.

3.  Watercolor Boho Flowers

boho planner clipartBoho flowers are a great way to give your planner a spring vibe.

These flowers would look stunning on the cover of any planner.

4.  Watercolor and Ink Boho Arrows

arrow clipart

If you don’t want flowers but are still wanting a boho theme than maybe these boho arrows might do the trick.

These would make super cute stickers to point to important events in your planner!

6.  Little Spring Cute Watercolor Setspring planner clipart

These watercolor elements are so adorable!

Little girls, flowers and puppies are so perfect for a young girl’s planner.

7.  Watercolor Spring Clipartflower planner clipart

The bright and vibrant colors of the clipart in this collection will really make your planner pop.

This set is perfect for the gardener that like a spring garden theme and using their planner to schedule planting their flower beds.

8.  Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

planner clipartYou can never go wrong with watercolor flowers for spring.

If you love bold pinks and violets then you will like how these watercolor flowers really make your planner stand out.

9.  Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit

spring planner clipartWhat says spring more than bunnies, hot air balloons and little girls on swings?

Use the elements in this one to make fantastic backgrounds and patterns for your planner cover.

10.  Happy Spring Watercolor Clipart spring clipart

Another adorable set of clipart with a spring vibe.

If you want to give your planner a nice lite vibe with very cute illustrations this could be it.

11.  Coffee Girls Watercolor Clipart

coffee planner clipartPrefect for those boss women on the go!

These elements are so beautiful yet so cute.  Perfect artwork for those coffee dates!

12.  Planner Girl clipart

planner girl clipartThese could be used for any time of year really but the pink hues go well with spring themes.

These would work great for planner stickers or planner inserts.

12.  Tropical Summer Girls clipart

summer planner clipartThis set will definitely put you in the mood for spring and summer!

If you like spring cocktails with umbrellas than you will love this collection.

14.  Pastel Watercolor Flowers Paper Pack

spring planner papersIf you don’t want to make your own patterns why not just buy them!

These digital papers are perfect for planner covers and inserts adorned with super cute spring flowers.

15.  Spring Clipart

spring planner clipartSometimes it’s hard to find a clipart set that just has it all.

This one really well thought out and has everything you need to put the “spring” in your planner

16.  Spring Fashion Floral Patterns

planner paperIsn’t spring about trying out your new spring fashion wardrobe and maybe some shopping too?

These spring couture surface patterns will work great for your planner inserts and covers.

17.  Flowers and Flamingos

spring planner clipartIf flowers and flamingos don’t say spring than I don’t know what does!

These super adorable flamingos with flowers on them will look fabulous on any planner cover or pages.  The tropical flowers will look great too and will put you in that spring mood everytime you open your planner.

This post was about 17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For Your Spring Planner Project!