The Botanical Brush Box


The Botanical Brush Box

Brushes, Templates & Guides to help you draw beautiful FLOWERS easily!

Are you a little nervous to draw a pretty botanical flower?  Not sure how to get those petals just right and want to get to the fun part of drawing?  Isn’t it the worst just staring at a blank canvas? Ugh, I know how you feel.  Just like the Flower & Leaf Brush Box, I originally made these templates for myself just so I could get to the fun part way faster and improve my skills.  And it worked!

Finish illustrating flowers super-fast with this handy dandy pack of brushes and guides that will cut your drawing time in half, while improving your ability to draw florals.  It’s great for beginners and advanced artists alike.  You don’t have to be an expert to use it, just be able to trace and fill in with a little imagination.

Included are 54 flower and 24 leaf varieties to choose from giving you such a huge head start on your drawing. There are 78 brushes for Procreate, Affinity Designer and Photoshop, Layered .PSD, .AI .EPS files as well as 78 individual PNG and PDF files for you to use on any platform that supports them…or you could even just print them out and use a paper and pencil!

With these brushes you’ll improve your drawing skills, create sketches and finished pieces way quicker and have an absolute blast doing it!

*Note: The finished floral illustrations are just an example and not included in the pack.

Best wishes, Kris


  • 54 Flower Stamp Brushes / Guides
  • 24 Leaf Stamp Brushes / Guides


  • 78 Procreate brushes (2 sets)
  • 78 Adobe Photoshop Brushes .ABR
  • 78 Affinity Designer Brushes .afbrushes
  • 1 Photoshop Layered File .PSD
  • 1 Illustrator Layered File .AI
  • 1 Illustrator Layered .EPS
  • 78 Individual Element as .PNG files
  • 78 Individual Element as .PDF files

The Nuts and Bolts

All PNG’s have transparent backgrounds and 300 dpi.

  • .brushset are for Procreate
  • .afbrushes are for Affinity
  • PNG & PDF files are compatible with most photo editing software, please check your software to make sure.
  • PSD files are compatible with Photoshop, Photshop Elements, GIMP (free software) and programs that support PSD’s
  • AI files are compatible with Adobe Illustrator

The Botanical Brush Box