Pretty Pencils – Drawing & Sketching Toolkit


Pretty Pencils – Drawing & Sketching Toolkit

Introducing Pretty Pencils – A complete sketching, drawing & learning studio for artists, beginner and experienced alike.  It’s a complete collection of dry media brushes, pattern brushes, image & textured stamps, canvases, subtle papers, practice guides and layered lessons, to help you achieve fine art professional results in your projects.

*Software requirements: Procreate, Photoshop or Affinity

This isn’t just your regular toolkit.  It’s packed full of learning material to help you achieve your best outcomes yet!  Follow along step by step with 4 layered lesson files, to see how to create from beginning to end.  You’ll be able to go through each drawing, dissecting it layer by layer to see how it was constructed, giving you the knowledge and confidence to do the same thing!  Then follow along with me in a video tutorial, where you’ll get a tour of the full pack and see how to create this bear on a bike.  And lastly, enjoy practicing = your pretty pencils and 15 practice guides, to improve your skills and have fun!

You’ll fall in love with the Dry media brushes Pencils, Charcoal, and Crayons that were made using real-life media to create these realistic digital brushes that look and feel like the real thing.  Hand-drawn image stamps that will jump-start your drawing and trigger your imagination, bringing your creative ideas to life quickly and easily.  Create with loads of flowers and cute accessories that will give your design an instant step forward.

Pattern brushes will quickly add something special and save you so much time.  Subtle textured papers will add that extra element of depth and dimension to your projects.

Three incredible canvases that will simply transform your drawings to look just like the real thing.

And lastly, Colour palettes that are all the same colorways that I used to paint all the examples found in the previews will make it easy to recreate your favourite examples.

Practice drawing guides will help you learn to draw and color.  All the examples seen in the previews are included as line drawings for you to practice painting with, building your confidence all while having fun! And lastly, a Video tutorial where I’ll walk you through how to paint this bear on a bike, step by step, and create something you’re really proud of.

Once you dive into this huge toolkit you’ll have everything you need to create the masterpieces you’ve always dreamed of. Happy Creating!

Warm wishes, Kris

*Note: No additional commercial license necessary for these brushes, it’s an add-on license and you can use the brushes in commercial projects.

200+ items included:

  • 40 Dry Media Brushes
  • 47 Image Stamp Brushes
  • 12 Pencil Stamps
  • 25 Hand Drawn Pattern Brushes
  • 15 Practice Guides
  • 3 Canvases
  • 4 Layered Lessons
  • 15 Swatches
  • 36 Subtle Texture Papers
  • 3 Presentation Sketchpads
  • 1 Video Tutorial
  • FILE FORMAT:  . procreate  –  .brushset – .swatches – .psd – .abr – .aco – .afbrushes – .ase
  • SOFTWARE: For Procreate, Photoshop & Affinity

Pretty Pencils – Drawing & Sketching Toolkit