Character Brush Box – Animal Edition


Character Brush Box – Animal Edition

Create lively animal characters effortlessly with the Character Brush Box – Animal Edition. Whether you’re a novice looking for a starting point, eager to dive into the painting process, or simply seeking a relaxing creative pastime, these user-friendly Character stamp brushes make it easy to craft delightful characters. Your final designs will leave you both amazed and thrilled, and you’ll take pride in showcasing and selling them in your shop!

Do you feel intimidated to draw characters from different angles other than just straight on?  Or do you find it challenging to create new characters that are unique and eye catching. Or do you find it hard to figure out where to start and staring at a blank canvas makes you cringe?

Now you never need to worry about that!  With the easy-to-use Character Brush Box, you’ll be creating animal characters in no time!

Choose from loads of stamp brushes and take out the guesswork for placement and proportion of heads, bodies and faces, in 3 views.  Simply tap and position your stamps to build your new character.

You don’t use a software that supports brushes?  No worries, a layered vector file for Adobe Illustrator is included and individual PNG files that you can use for various programs or just simply print out and assemble.

Follow along with me as I walk you through how to use the brushes step-by-step in a video tutorial and we’ll draw a character together!

This kit is perfect for you if:

  • You wish to draw and paint animal characters but feel unsure and don’t know where to start.
  • You’re not sure how to draw characters from various angles
  • You need help with dynamic character body proportions.
  • You can’t quite figure out poses.
  • You’d like a time-saving tool that’s easy to use so you can create characters you’re proud to sell.
  • You just want have fun and just get to the good without any stress!

With over 230 elements you’ll be creating hundreds of animal characters in a flash, I hope you enjoy!

Best wishes, Kris

*Note: No commercial license is necessary for these brushes, it’s an add-on license and you can use the brushes in commercial projects.

230 items included:

    • 230 Animal Character Brush Stamps for Procreate
    • 230 Animal Character Brush Stamps for Photoshop & Fresco
    • 230 Animal Character Brush Stamps for Affinity
    • 1 Adobe Illustrator Layered File (incl. 230 animal guides)
    • 216 PNG files
    • 1 Video Tutorial – Learn to draw with me!

File Types:


  • SOFTWARE: For Procreate, Photoshop, Affinity, Fresco and Illustrator

Character Brush Box – Animal Edition