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My Favourite Portrait Creators

By November 23, 2018October 23rd, 2020portrait creator

portrait creator | pretty little lines

Note: This post contains affiliate links

Let’s take a break from the flower clipart and talk about something completely different!

Portrait creators that allow you to design your own character and make cute and funny portraits of yourself or your family are really popular right now.

It makes sense when you think about the Instagram and selfie culture that we live in today.  After all, we have been drawing, painting and taking picture portraits of each other since the beginning of mankind.  In the middle ages even middle class people were commissioning portraits of their friends and families.

Did you know that Robert Cornelius made the first ever photographic self-portrait in 1839, of none other than himself!

It was only a matter of time before we started doing illustrated digital portraits.

As far as portrait creators go there are so many out there that really are truly amazing in their own way.  However, some of the portrait creators on the market truly do stand out from the rest in my opinion.

Now if you have come here and are reading this you are probably looking for a portrait maker with dress clipart you can use to make cards, invitations, planners, bridesmaids gifts or many other fancy things.

So without further delay here are my favorite portrait creators.

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Lisa Glanz Personalized Portrait Creator

Lisa’s portrait creator is the crème de la creme portrait maker.  It is the original and really is what all the rest of us strive for our creators to be even a tiny bit as good as one day.  I will just say that it is really good and worth your investment.

She has updated it many times and added new features over the years so it really does have it all.  I like how well thought out it is, how easy it is to use and how cute the artwork is.  This is a perfect portrait creator for any project that you may have so go buy it.  It’s worth it!


Girls Portrait Creator by KVITKA

I have to confess I haven’t bought this creator yet but the reason why I recommend it is because I love the style of artwork.  The girls in this creator are so cute!  There is something about the eyes of these characters that just pulls you in and makes it so you can’t help but smile.  Even their noses are cute!

Like any good creator this girls portrait creator has lots of cute lady clipart with many variants of hairstyles, lips, eyebrows, eye color, clothes and accessories so you can create a fashion illustration that is super cute and unique.   You can get it HERE.


Cat Character Creator

Alright, stay with me as our tour heads into the animal kingdom!  I don’t know if it has something to do with those crazy cat videos on youtube or cat t-shirts but I just could not look away from this cat creator.  People love their cats and if you are one of those people than this creator could be exactly what you are looking for.  I mean I am sure there is a niche of people that would love portraits of their cats of everything from t-shirts to mugs to invitations to their cats birthday.

This cat creator is actually pretty fantastic!  It comes with 10 different cat illustrations including different breeds.  You can also adorn your cat with all sorts of different cute and funny accessories like hats, glasses, head bands and many others.  I just think this cat creator is so fun!

The designer of this creator actually has another collection of Christmas accessories for the creator that you can purchase so you can make some super cute cat Christmas cards.

Get the cat character creator HERE.

So those are three portrait creators that I am really loving right now all for different reasons.  What I love so much about the all the different creators is the different style of artwork each designer brings to their creator.  They are all so different but all so super cute and fun in their own way.

I love these so much that they inspired me to make my own personalized portrait creator full of very glam dress clipart.  It’s super fun, glamorous, feminine and perfect for the fashionista.

You can see it HERE.

Happy creating,