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Omg! The Best Ballet Illustrations Ever!

By October 7, 2019October 23rd, 2020ballerina clipart, illustration
ballet illustrations

Omg! The Best Ballet Illustrations Ever!

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Hey girl! Come on in!  You know what we really want to talk about today?

Ballet Illustrations

We don’t want to talk about just any old ballet illustrations. NOPE! We want to talk about what we think are THE BEST ballet illustrations!

(Why would you want to waste your time on anything but the best right?)

Yes of course.

There are so many ballet illustrations out there that it can feel like an overwhelming task to get to the good stuff.  After all, who has that kind of time.  You are busy working on creative projects.  You don’t have hours to spend looking for ballet illustrations that live up to your expectations.  It has to STOP!


Because spending hours looking for the best ballet illustrations takes away from the important stuff like creating new products to sell which make you money and…you know what they say…TIME IS MONEY.

So if this has all been a bit overwhelming for you and you are getting nowhere in your search, we’re going to talk about 6 collections of what we think are the best ballet illustrations ever.

Real quick, before we get to that…

If you would like some free hand made illustrations by Kris Lauren, sign up for The Goodie Bag to get some FREE hand drawn illustrations.

Now to the goods!

After scouring the internet for you these are the 6 collections of ballet illustrations that we think are the best on the internet…in the whole wide world.

ballet illustrations


If you need enough ballet illustrations to be able to make a whole digital ballet company, check out The Grand Ballerina Collection.  The collection is full of ballerinas, little girl ballerinas, tutus, tiaras, flowers, sets and more.  All illustrations were hand drawn by Kris Lauren.

The ballerinas are exquisite and the collection is perfect for printables, stationary, fabrics, scrapbooking, and planners just to name a few.  If you are looking for outlined ballerinas you will also find those within the 200 illustrations in the collection.

ballet illustrations


Ballerinas Please is filled with ballerinas, ponies and swans.  The art is very cute.  This collection contains 35 illustrations.  See Ballerinas Please

ballet illustrations


If you are looking for vectors than Little Ballerina collection has you covered.  It comes with individual elements, seamless patterns and a few premade designs in fully editable vector files.

See these cute Little Ballerinas

ballet silhouettes


Ballerina Silhouettes collection is also in vector format.  Beautiful silhouettes for personal or commercial projects.  The collection comes with 24 black PNG files and 24 white PNG files.  24 SVG files are also included.  Go see Ballerina Silhouettes

ballet illustrations


We know, we know it’s a very creative name but there is something about being to the point!

The ballet clipart collection is full on really cute individual elements and lots of seamless patterns and cards.  Really cute and great esthetic going on with this collection.  See the Ballet Clipart

ballet illustrations


Sometimes we can’t figure out why some of these collections are not rated higher on some of the online marketplaces and the Love Ballet collection is one of those.  The artwork is just so elegant, timeless and breathtaking.  We can’t figure out why this it didn’t show up higher in Creative Market when we searched for ballerinas?

There are a mix of individual elements and compositions in the collection.  See the Love Ballet Illustrations

There you have it!

These are 6 collections of ballerina illustrations and ballet accessories that are perfect for little girls and dance schools.  We haven’t given you all the details on each one here so go check them out for yourself to see all they have to offer and which one you like the best!

If you are looking for watercolor flower clipart then you might be interested in watercolor rose collections that will make your next project pop!

Happy creating!