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Need Fancy Dress Clipart? Here’s Where to Find It!

By January 28, 2019October 23rd, 2020illustration, portrait creator
fancy dress clipart

fancy dress clipartHave you been scouring the internet looking for fancy dress clipart but all you have been coming across is cutesy, girly dress clipart?  That can be kind of a problem if you are looking for dress art that is gala ball worthy!

If you are looking for fancy dress clipart, gown clipart, bridesmaid dress clipart, formal dress clipart or prom dress clipart that a supermodel would wear than I think the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator may be just the package that you are looking for.  At least that was the inspiration for creating it! 😉

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The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator allows you to mix and match dresses, heels, purses and jewelry just by turning on and off layers in photoshop to create stunning beauties.

Looking to make personalized cards to ask your lovely ladies to be your bridesmaids?  The Fashion Portrait Creator allows you to choose different body positions, skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and hairstyles so you can give a custom portrait to each lady.

A ton of research went into creating this collection.  One of the things Kris noticed when looking at what type of dress clipart and portrait creators were available out there, was that a lot of the art was very cute.  That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with that but much of the art looked more like something that would be appropriate for little girls rather than teens and women.

Kris really wanted to create fancy ballroom dresses on striking elegant women as it didn’t seem like there was enough of that type of clipart in the marketplace.  We think that the mission was accomplished!

What Could The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator Be Used For?

Winter Formal/Prom

Winter Formal and Prom are such fun.  You could make beautiful invitations, party favors or decorations for winter formals or prom.  Let’s face it, if you want a top shelf event you should have top shelf invitations right!


gown clipartWe could totally see these lovely ladies in their gowns used for logos that could be used on websites, business cards and many other things.  These would be perfect if you were a dress maker or owned your own seamstress business.


Are you a fashion blogger or know of one?  Being able to create your own high heels and purses would be great for a fashion blogger website.

One of the other things that Kris really wanted to achieve was to create beautiful mature women that are elegant, graceful and classy but not oversexualized.  She wanted the art to be appropriate for pre-teen girls and up.

All in all, check out the Hello Lovely Fashion Portrait creator.  We hope you love it as much as Kris loved creating it and that it will make your creative projects really stand out.

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Happy Creating,

Pretty Little Lines