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This license agreement (“License”) is a legal agreement between you (“Licensee” or “you”) and Pretty Little Lines (“Licensor”, “I” or “my”) for downloading, or using all graphics/art/patterns. (“Resources”).

International copyright law protects all Resources by Pretty Little Lines. I own all rights. Your rights to use the Resources are subject to the following terms below, and are conditional when you make a purchase from Pretty Little Lines for the usage rights of the Resources. Pretty Little Lines reserves the right to make any changes to these Terms and License.

At all times ownership remains with me, Pretty Little Lines. The use of the graphics/art/patterns (Resources) are always subject to the terms of this License.



  • You are bound to the terms and conditions of this license when you purchase the right to use the Resources.
  • By purchasing the Resources from any of my online stores, you hereby consent to immediately abide by the contract and accept that you will lose your right to withdraw from the contract when the download has started.


End Users License Agreement

Pretty Little Lines permits you a worldwide, non-transferable, non-exclusive, right to use the Resources in the following ways: (see Restrictions below for what is not permitted)


End Product

Your purchased Resource may be used in a new End Product ONLY if it meets the following conditions:

  • Under the current Commercial Licence and Extended Licences you are NOT able to use any Resource on it’s own, but required to use them as part of a wider original design.
  • To form an original design, you must combine your purchased product with other resources and elements.  The purchased product must not be the primary integrity of the design. Your new end design needs to be noticeably different from the original resources you purchased.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, you’ll need to make sure that the original Resources cannot be extracted if you are intending to sell a digital end products.   Add text overlap items, use backgrounds and other design elements to achieve a “baked in” effect.
  • End Products must be considerably unlike the original Resource. For example, if the Resource is a picture of a dog, you cannot just use the dog and call it done. It is necessary to mix the Resources with other graphics to make your own unique design. Like putting flowers around it or use some text; you’ll need to use some creativity to make it your own. It cannot look identical to the original Resource file and may not be redistributed to any third parties where one could extract the original Resource.
  • The End Product for Sale will not exceed 5000 units (with Commercial License) for the entire life of the Product. If your End Products are not for sale (Personal use) you may make as many copies as you like. An Extended License must be purchased if the End Product sales will exceed 5000 units.
  • You and/or your client may sell or charge any type of fee for an End Product to one or more people, but ensuring that no third party is able to extract the original resource in anyway.
  • You may alter the Resources or combine with other content to make a creative project. Pretty Little Lines will keep all rights, title, and ownership of the Resources and the resulting by-product is subject to the terms of the License and Restrictions.
  • If you need to send a document to a third party with an element from the Resources, it must be embedded. Meaning, the document may only be viewed and printed, not edited by the recipients. Under no circumstances are you allowed to embed elements from the Resources into tools, online apps, software or hardware where the purchaser is able to extract, transmit or edit in any way.

*For Add-ons (ie. Procreate brushes), special terms apply:

  • An End Product must be a unique application of the original resource. For example, you may purchase a brush and use it to make unique piece of art, but you may NOT redistribute the original files in any way nor should the actual original brush appear in the new design. You may use brushes in Multiple Commercial Projects and sell unlimited quantities of the End Product. Brushes may only be installed on devices used by the Licensee.



  • You agree to take every precaution and every reasonable step to ensure that third parties are absolutely unable to access and/or duplicate any of the Resources. Under no circumstances are you allowed to sub-license, resell, redistribute, provide access to, gift, share or transfer any Resources, not even for free. It will be regarded as an attempt to redistribute the graphic if you upload on a website any graphic with a resolution that is over and above the display resolution of the device it is intended to be used on.
  • You may not claim my designs as your own work. Even with changes made, you are not entitled to claim authorship of the artwork.
  • You may not resell resources as digital stock images/downloads. You may not resell work created from our resources in a way that is seen to compete directly with the original product creator. E.g.: Downloading an illustration pack, combining the illustrations to create a new illustration and reselling this as a downloadable stock image/clipart image.
  • You may not put any graphics on a shared drive, digital asset management system or similar where third party has access.
  • You may not resell anything where the original Resource can be extracted. Included but not limited to the following:
      • Digital design/product
      • Website template
      • A logo template, where the Resources are used in a stand-alone
      • Ebooks, or downloadable publications
      • Alphabets, any type of letters, stickers, stamps, die-cut or stencil products.
  • You may not use the Resource as a registered trademark, not even logos. Remember that the Resource is non-exclusive and other customers or third parties clients can use it too.
  • You may not use the Resources as part of Sublimation Templates, or templates of any kind.  A Sublimation Template that is sold to a customer who then creates an end product for commercial use is not allowed and is considered sub-licensing.  The license does not transfer to your customer, they cannot sell items (physical or digital) that have the Resources on them.


Extended License

If you purchase an Extended License, the following term applies:

  • All rights and obligations of the Standard License apply with the exception of number of units able to be sold. Resources purchased under this License may be made into End Products for Sale, where it/they may be sold an unrestricted amount of times.



  • If you breach this License and you fail to fix it (if fixable), I may terminate this License immediately by written notice. You must cease and desist with 14 days after written notice.
  • Upon termination notice:
    • You must immediately stop all actions authorized by this License;
    • You must certify to me that you have immediately deleted/removed the Resources from all the computer equipment that the Resources where placed on, and destroy any copies of the Resources in your possession or control immediately.
    • All of the rights granted to you under this License shall cease.


Limitation of Liability

  • You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that the Resources meet your requirements, as they have not been created to meet your individual requirements.
  • Only with my express written consent may you than transfer your rights or obligations under this License to another person or business. Otherwise it is not permitted.
  • You accept that you may not use Resource(s) in any manner that is unlawful, abusive, deceptive, profane, harassing, harmful, racially or ethnically offensive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, or promotes hatred or impairment of any sort against any individual or group, or is otherwise unacceptable.
  • I do not warrant that the Resources will be error free.
  • Under this License, I am not responsible or liable for any failure to perform any of my obligations that is a result of an event or act beyond my reasonable control.
  • If any court decides that any of the conditions of this License are unenforceable, or unlawful all other conditions will continue to be in effect and full force. The conditions operate individually.
  • You or any third party is solely responsible for any damages, loss of profits, loss of time or business, viruses, harm to computers/equipment or the like, as the result of an item being defective. Under no circumstances am I liable.
  • I am only responsible for what is within my reasonable control. In no way am I liable to you or third parties for anything outside of that, included but not limited to terrorism, civil commotion, act of God.
  • International Copyright law governs this License, and all that is included.