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How To Make Your Own Stunning Wedding Invitations In Canva Easily

By December 22, 2018March 20th, 2022invitations

how to make wedding invitations | pretty little lines

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Easily

Hi Ladies

I know why some of you came here.  Because you are getting married soon and you like to save money.  A huge congrats to you!  That is so exciting!

The rest of you must be here because you are starting to make wedding invitations to sell.  A huge congrats to you also!  That is so exciting!

Wedding Invitations Can Cost A lot!

I remember when I got married I think I spent a small fortune on wedding invitations

Nowadays, thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can make your own wedding invitations and save a ton of money!

The good news is you can put that saved money  towards other fun things like the dress, flowers or your honeymoon!

For those of you starting up your own wedding card invitation business obviously making your own wedding invitations to sell allows you to make more money because you don’t have to pay someone else to do it.

Let’s begin shall we!

What You Will Need?

If you have a computer and internet connection you are pretty much good to go.  However, there are two other things you will need.  Graphic design elements or clipart and fonts.

If you need to know where to get clipart than check out my post Where to find beautiful and elegant clipart to use for commercial use or buy clipart for commercial use.

Annnd If you want some FREE Goodie Bag full of handmade illustrations than join my list and I will give you some as a gift!

So you can get clipart images and fonts right from Canva if you want.  But besides saving money, making your own invitations allows you to give your invitations your own personal touch.

That is why I think purchasing clipart is the way to go.

Let’s Get Started!

The first thing you will want to do is go to  If you don’t have an account you can sign up for one.

Don’t worry it’s free.

Once Your Account Is Setup

Once you have have your account login.  Now you can just start with a blank invitation or you can click on find templates and then navigate your way to the wedding invitation templates.

how to make wedding invitations | pretty little lines

Whether you are going to use a template or just start with a blank canvas you will have to choose whether you want a square invitation or rectangular invitation.  The dimensions for a square invitation are usually 14cm x 14cm while the dimensions for a rectangular invitation are usually 4.5 inches x 6.25 inches.

Today we are going to make a rectangular wedding invitation.

I am going to use a template but I am going to delete pretty much everything in the template and just leave the text which I will change at the end.

Now that we have deleted all of the clipart elements that were used in the template we can upload our own clipart to use.

Don’t Forget A License

If you are making invitations to sell then you need to buy clipart for commercial use.

It important that your clipart elements are in png format like a flower png and do not have a background.

On the left-hand side of the screen click on uploads and then you can either click on the “upload an image” button or you can simply drag and drop the images you want to upload from your computer into Canva.

I’m going to use clipart from my pretty in pink watercolor rose clipart collection.

make wedding invitations in Canva | pretty little lines

Pretty Easy So Far!

Now that we have uploaded our clipart images we can start to drag them onto our invitation to place and manipulate them on the invitation.

It’s so fun to move these around to see how they look.

If you click on an element you can even adjust the transparency of the image by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner that looks like a checkerboard.

Add Some Text

Once you have all your elements placed the way you want you can now work on adding your text.

To add text you can either click on the text icon on the left hand side of the page.

In this case there is already text in our template so we simply add whatever text we need to.

make your own wedding invitations | pretty little linesOnce you have added text you can adjust the color, size and font.

So now we have a very cute wedding invitation that you can either use for yourself or sell online.

make your own wedding invitations | pretty little linesSave Your Invitation

Either way we will go ahead and save the invitation or Canva also has the option to have the invitations printed and shipped to you.

So there you have it! It really is that easy!

So don’t hesitate start creating your own wedding invitations.

Happy Creating,

Pretty Little Lines.