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How to Draw Spring Flowers

How to Draw Spring Flowers – Tulip Illustration – Step by Step Procreate Tutorial


Hi Guys, I’m Kris. Welcome to This Week’s Tutorial. Let’s Draw Together!


In this week’s tutorial, we’re drawing a vase with some spring tulips in it, all in Procreate, and I’m sure you can create this too if you follow along all the way to the end of the video. If you feel rushed, be sure to hit that pause button or just rewind to catch up and save this video to your library so you can re-watch if you need a little extra practice. Today we’ll be using all free brushes found in Procreate and don’t forget once you finish this entire video to share it on Instagram, tag me in the image, as well as the description, so I can find your artwork and feature you here in the next draw together video.

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For This Video, I’ve Made You a Free Colour Pallet

Just in case you’d like to use the exact same colors I’ll be using during this tutorial. And you can just tap on the link in the video description below where you can download it and install it to Procreate. And also below, you’ll find a link to a goody bag where you can grab some free goodies and visit my shop and support me there. So let’s jump in and just start out with our canvas, and I’m gonna set it up at the usual 4000 by 4000 pixels, 300 DPI, and sRGB. And I’m actually gonna start by going into my layers palette and going to the background colour and changing it just to a light blue grey. You can pick whatever colour you want, up to you. Just for a little variety, let’s change it up a little bit.

Remain On Layer One

So, I’m gonna remain on layer one and I’m gonna pick, I think I’m gonna start with the lightest yellow colour, and I’m gonna go and pick the studio pen. You can use a mono pen or just something that’s straight and solid that should work just fine. I’m going to have my opacity at 100% and my size is going to be around 20%, and I’m gonna go and make this so that we make our vase symmetrical. So how we’re gonna do this is go into our little wrench here, go to hit canvas, and then go to the drawing guide and turn that on, toggle that on, then go to edit drawing guide, click on that and you’ll see a few options here. So, we’re gonna go to the symmetry, little tab there, and the thickness is gonna be the thickness of this line in the center, just so we can see. Hopefully, you can see that there. And then we’re gonna click on the options and we want it to say vertical and assisted drawing will be toggled on.

Good To Go!

So once you have that set up, we’ll be good to go, we just click done and here we go. So you can see this layer says assisted on it, so this is the layer that it’s gonna allow us to draw symmetrical things. So I’m gonna start just with… I’m gonna zoom out a little bit, I’m gonna just start with a straight line first and I’m just gonna drag and hold, and then I’m just gonna tap to make that totally straight, and then I’m just gonna do whatever vase shape you want, up to you. And there we go. So now we have it symmetrical, hopefully you can see that, that’s my vase shape I’ll be working with. And then I’m just gonna go and drag and fill that, now we can really see it. So that’s just your vase, and now we have it symmetrical and we’re good to go, so we can just go and turn that assist to drawing off now if we want. And then I’m just gonna go back into my canvas, and I’m just gonna turn that drawing guide off, ’cause it’s kind of annoying to look at.

Click On A New Layer

So there we go, that’s all we needed for that part. And then I’m going to click on a new layer by hitting the plus sign, drag that layer to below this layer one. I’m gonna just go and pick, just grab a gray colour, any gray will do, and I’m just gonna make an oval below here. And I’m just gonna hold and wait till it goes kinda perfect, I wanna have a little bit lopsided and I’m gonna put my finger down just to make it straight. So that will be our little shadow layer, and I’m gonna drag in here to fill. It looks a little bit hard right now, so what I’m gonna do is go up here to your magic wand and go to Gaussian blur, hit layer and now all you need to do is just take your pen and drag it across. Can you see how it’s… I’ll zoom in. How it blurs a lot, so the more I drag, the more it blurs. So you can choose how much you’d like this blurred, I’m just gonna have it about, let’s see. A little bit more than that. Just about there, I think.

Let’s Blend!

And then I’m gonna go and click on this layer and I’m going to change, click on the end to change the blending mode, and I’m gonna put it to multiply. So no matter what colour behind it’s gonna react to that, whatever background colour we have, and then I’m just gonna bump down the opacity as something that looks somewhat reasonable. Maybe around 30%. I think that’s good. Okay, so now let’s work on our vase a little bit, I’m gonna click on that and then add a new layer, tap on it and hit clipping masks. So I’m just gonna do a little bit of shading just to give it a little bit of dimension. I’m gonna go and pick up that orangey colour, click on your brush, and we’re gonna go to, let’s go to air brush and just have that soft brush and it’s going to be at 100% and let’s start, let’s say 8%, that should be fine. So I’m just going to just give the edges just a really light little dusting here, maybe more so in the bottom a bit. A little bit on the side here. And then I’m gonna bring the brush up a little bit more maybe to about 25%. Just a little bit of a dust there.

Rounding It Out

So now we have a little bit more of a rounded shape. It’s a little bit much there, okay. And then I’m gonna go and grab that lighter yellow and I’m gonna add this to this as well, so I’m just making it lighter, even lighter yellow and still with the air brushing, I’m gonna bring it down back to about 8% again. Maybe let’s just give it a little bit of light on this side. Good, nice. So there we have our shaded vase, so we can decorate it and make it a little bit prettier, but at first I think we’ll put our flowers in and then we can kinda leave that to the end. So, I’m gonna select all three layers and hit my arrow and just move, move this down a little bit just so I have some more room, maybe I’m gonna shrink it just a hair, just so I have enough room for these flowers to come in, perfect. And then I’m going to select the shadow layer, hit the plus sign to create a new layer and bring that below, so all our layers will be below the vase so they go behind in it.

Draw Some Stems

So next, I’m gonna draw the stems of the tulips, so I’m just gonna grab this darker green here, then I’m just gonna stay on that studio pen for now. And let’s see what size… That’s still good. Okay, so we can stay on about 18% to draw these little stems and leaves and whatnot. So I’m gonna have one coming out about here, and then we’ll have one here. Maybe a little shorter guy over there. Let’s have some leaves here, like so. Have one coming out the front here. Okay, let’s see how that is. I’m gonna fill these leaves. Oops, I didn’t close that in. There we go. Perfect. Maybe we’ll have… Actually, so those ones are in front, so I’m gonna make another layer, drag it below, and these leaves will be behind, so that will help us later when we’re doing some shading and whatnot. So that one’s gonna be behind. And maybe we’ll have just another little guy in there go behind. Perfect.

A Couple Of Tweaks

Okay, so I think I’m just gonna go back to this layer and just tweak these a little bit, I want my stems to have a little bit more thickness, so I’m just gonna push down a little bit more. They need to be a little bit sturdier. Okay. That’s probably good. Great, and then we can go on top of this layer, I’m gonna click a new layer and make it a clipping mask. So, I’m gonna grab the light green, I’m gonna go and grab, let’s try the charcoals and maybe the… Let’s see, the willow charcoal, let’s try that. It’s gonna be at 100% opacity and 18%. Oh, that’s nice. Just to kind of lightly, just giving it a little bit of texture, just a little bit of something. Just play around with the sizes, it’s not crucial at this point, I’m at 8% right now. Give it a little something. Bring out that leaf there. Good, and then we can go into the same thing to layer five, these leaves that are behind, so I’m gonna click on that, add the plus sign, make it a clipping mask. And I’m actually going to use a darker green now. I will also add this to the palette for you, maybe let’s give it a little more depth in there.

Do The Tulip

Okay. We can use that darker green here too, just maybe give a little edges to that. Oh, I think that looks good. Okay, so now let’s do our little tulips, so I’m going to go and create a new layer on top of that, still below the shadow just to keep everything kind of organised and go back and grab our… Not our painting, our studio pen. So we’re still on… What were we on? 18%, and that’s fine. So let’s start with these tulips here. So I am gonna start with grabbing my colour would be good, so I’m gonna grab that hot pink and create the first little puddle here, it’s gonna kinda go like this, and then there’ll be one kind of like this. And I’m going to fill those in. And I know that’s not quite right, but those are the petals that are closest to us, and then we’re gonna do another layer kinda like how we did it for the leaves to make the ones behind, and that will just help speed up with some of our shadowing and whatnot. Okay, so this one is gonna go… Let’s have it more, a little bit more open here, like that.

Making Some Fixes

That’s not quite right.  Like that. Gonna come in. Okay. And now I already see that I will need to change this layer. I’m actually going to bring this behind the leaves. And you’ll see why in a sec, I forgot about this little guy here. So we want him to be behind for this part. And I’m gonna fix this little area here. Okay. Then I’m just gonna go to this layer that has the stems, grab my eraser and just fix that a bit. So that’s going in there a bit more. Perfect. Okay, so then I’m gonna go back to this layer, create a new one and bring it below and we can create a darker colour here, just to begin with, so we can see what we’re doing. And then we’re just gonna put the petals in here, like so. Now we can add a few more, I think. Okay, that’s good. And I’m just gonna do one more layer, you can have this even darker, just making it up as we go, and just a few more in the back here.

It’s Okay, It’s Alright

Okay, alright. So now we can add some more detail to the petal part. So I’m going to go to this layer, this sort of middle layer, and start there. And I’m just gonna add a new layer clipping mask, stay on this darker colour, I think that will do as well. And go and let’s stick with the charcoals, the willow is good, we’ll stay on the same size at about eight and just let’s make it a little darker in here, give it a little depth and sort of give it a little something in here, so I can just go around and do that. Okay. That looks good. Okay, and then same, I’m gonna go to the layer on top, add a new layer clipping mask, and get this lighter pink here, and let’s just give some life there. Alright. Okay, so then I’m going to just create a new layer and we’re gonna use just the white, and I’m gonna go back to inking and grab my favorite draw ink brush and let’s just do some extra little details, so I’m just gonna give a few little highlights here. I’m gonna have to fix these stems.

Flowers Need A Vase

Okay. I think that’s good for that. So why don’t we work on our vase a little bit and add something a little bit more interesting to it. Let’s go and go to the top and hit the plus sign. And grab this sort of beigey colour here, taupey-beigey. Let’s do some raffia. So we’re on our dry ink brush still, so that should be good, and let’s just kind of like, bring some lines around here, maybe I’m gonna make this a little bit bigger, actually, maybe about 16, and just sort of, you know, they’re all kind of a little bit messy, isn’t it? Have that stuff and kind of have a knot here, just messy sort of lines. And then, let’s see, it kinda has that…

Use Your Imagination

Okay. So that’s probably good. Just use your imagination with that, grab a little darker brown, and we’re just gonna give it a little bit of depth, so it makes sense, ’cause right now it kinda looks really like a big mush right now here. So just define some of those lines. So why don’t we make a little tag underneath our raffia tie here, so I’m gonna go into my layers and create a new layer and just pop it below that, and it does automatically go as a clipping mask. So just double check that, ’cause you won’t be able to draw outside of our vase here. So I wanna go and grab our studio pen again, leave it on the same settings, it’s fine at 18. And let’s just draw a tag. So you can have whatever shape you want. I’m just gonna make something, I don’t know, reminiscent of a luggage tag shape, I guess, something like that.

Write A Little Message

Okay, so now we can use that to write a little message on, but first, I’m going to make a little shadow. So I’m gonna actually duplicate this and my duplicate below, I’m just going to… I’m gonna give it this warm orange colour and you’re not gonna see anything happen, but you’ll see it below. But where we’re gonna move it just like so. Maybe down like that, and then we’re gonna go back to our magic wand. Go to Gaussian blur and layer, and again, just give this a blur like so. Mine’s at 15%, if that’s helpful. Now this, I am gonna make this a clipping mask, ’cause you see, I’ll show you, that it’s popping out here. So that’s not logical, so we’ll just clip that to the vase, so that’ll work. And now we have a nice little drop shadow below that. Okay, and we can move it over a little bit, it might be making more sense if it didn’t have too much on that side. That’s probably good.


Okay, so we can go back to our tag layer and make another one above it, and you can write a nice little message and I’m sure yours will be even prettier, because as we all know, I am not known for my hand lettering skills, so.  You can write whatever message you want. Happy Easter, Happy Spring. I’m just gonna say, “Thank you.” I’m gonna just do it with my dry ink at about 10, and I’m just, hopefully and neatly gonna say “Thank you.” You know, it’s just not my best skill.  Alright, something like that. I’m sure yours will look much better.  But we can decorate the tag, of course, then maybe we should do that, maybe we can just move this up a little bit. I can still read it and maybe you put a little… Grab the orange. Maybe that looks better, a little flourish or something. So you can decorate this however you want, of course, you can go in and maybe I’ll do this with this tag, you can go and take your eraser, and I’m just on air brush and a hard brush. So I’m going to bring it down to 2%. Let’s just see if we just cut little holes out of it.

And You’re Done

There we go. Makes it a little bit more interesting. Maybe I’ll move this up again, we’ll shrink it down, move it up. There, so we have a little cut-out tag, that’s kinda fun. So I think that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did, please hit that like button, subscribe, and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials just like this one in the future. Just thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate it. I love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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