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How To Draw A Unicorn Step By Step In Procreate

By October 14, 2020November 6th, 2020illustration, procreate
how to draw unicorn

How To Draw A Unicorn Step By Step In Procreate

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Hi guys I’m Kris, welcome to this week’s tutorial.


Let’s draw together.


In this week’s tutorial we’ll be drawing a unicorn in Procreate and I’m sure you can create this too if you follow along with the video to the end or at the very least you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. If you feel rushed, be sure to hit pause or rewind just to catch up and save this video to a playlist so you can re-watch if you need extra practice.


Today we’ll be using all free brushes found in Procreate and don’t forget, once you’ve finished this entire video and you’ve completed your whole unicorn, to share it on Instagram and tag me in the image as well as the description so I can find your artwork and this hopefully will mean that you get featured here in the next draw together video.


So for this tutorial, I’ve made you a free color palette in case you’d like to use the exact colors I’ll be using for this drawing, you can just tap on the link below in the video description where you can just download it and install it. So alright, let’s jump in by grabbing our pencil and setting up our canvas. So I’ll be creating this one at 4000 x 4000 pixels, 300 DPI and sRGB. So let’s get to it.

First, I’m going to start by setting up my brushes, I’m going to pick the 6B pencil and I’m going to use this for my sketching layer so I’m just gonna have it on black. That’s fine. Let’s see. I’m gonna put it at… The brush size will be at about 50 and the opacity will be at 100 so this doesn’t really matter so much about the size it’s just because this is our sketch layer.


I’m gonna start by drawing some shapes. So first with the unicorn, we’re gonna start with a circle for her head. Let’s just sort of get one going there. Whoops so very messy [chuckle] just a rough circle there and then this is going… Her little nose is gonna have a little scoop and it’s gonna come out here roughly and then I’m gonna draw what… It’s kind of like, I don’t know, sort of a kidney… Kidney shape, kidney bean shape for her body.


So there’s really like… You can start with two circles here. Really doing a lot of circles today. [chuckle] You can draw two circles and then you sort of connect them with the swoop and then of course under here her belly is going to be more rounded. So that’s sort of the kidney bean shape there and her little rump can be a little bit more like that and then I’m going to sort of get my general placement of where my ear is going to be and it’s gonna be a kind of a soft sort of A shape roughly there and her eye is gonna be right around here.


Something like that and of course her… Actually what makes her a unicorn her horn here will be… Actually, I’m not gonna make it so rounded there, let’s just undo it. So to undo of course, two finger tap and I’m going to just sort of roughly guesstimate where that’s going to be and then I’m gonna start to connect the two shapes just with a curved line. I will kinda want an S shape to develop here and same with here sort of a reverse S kind of there so you get these nice curvy lines.


Let me see, you can start developing your lines a bit here just… That’s why it’s good to be messy, you don’t have to be perfect. It looks like little scribbles at the moment but it’ll all come together. That’s why I love layers and I love going over things and I really… You can see the shapes develop.


Okay so let’s get her legs going a little bit. This little unicorn is going to be in motion so she’s not gonna be standing still. So these are just gonna be… I’m just gonna try to kinda get my motion here. One is gonna go this way and one is gonna go this way and you’ll have the other like underneath… Probably be about there and this one is gonna be kind of like that. Just trying to get… Sort of the general idea of where I want these legs to go and so then I’m going to start to make the shapes over so these are gonna be… We’re not doing realistic horse shapes so these are gonna be a little bit more tube like, I guess.


And her little hoof is gonna be there and it’ll go roughly like that and then of course the little leg comes from here, horses have the circle there, rump area where their leg attaches and the hoof, want that to be down… Just feel comfort… Don’t feel afraid to be really sketchy and loose and just go over things. It’s totally fine. I never draw perfectly, lines and just have it all created and mapped out  I kind of am thinking and sort of making decisions as I go so it’s good to be really loose at the beginning and then we can define it as we go along.


So don’t be afraid to get messy.


Alright so this guy is gonna come out here and it’ll be… You’ll see here, you don’t want this to go too far out ’cause that would be crazy [chuckle] a really long leg could be a very awkward horse. So if you kinda think, make this sort of line here, it’d be coming down, that’s probably about where this leg would stop because of course it’s coming from here so if you can kind of imagine where the limbs are starting from, the starting points, you can kinda get an idea of how long they should be.


Okay and this will probably curve in a little bit more like that. Right. Now, I’m just gonna decide where her mouth is gonna probably be about here. Alright, let me give her more of a chin and really define that. Okay so this lovely lady is gonna have some hair. I’m gonna give her a forelock here. Let’s just kind of make some decisions where that’s gonna be and it’s gonna come in front of the horn here and behind it as well maybe and I think her hair will come here and it’ll scoop around, maybe get a nice line going there, something like that and then of course, she’s got a tail and it would be… And so there’s gonna be a little scoop here. Again, we’re not going too realistic but… Let’s get some nice S-curves going here.


Alright. Ss and Cs for hair, that’s a big shape to keep in mind and actually, I think I want a little bit more room so I’m gonna go to my little pointer tool here and I’m going to shrink it down a little bit and move it to the side just so I’ll have a little bit more room for this tail ’cause who doesn’t love a big tail? Oh no, no, that’s weird. Okay something like that. I think she’s looking pretty good. I actually might move this eye lower because often times, if you’re trying to draw something cute, big eyes and that are kind of small, that it’s slightly out of proportion, just there, lower and closer to the nose areas makes things cute.


And so that’s maybe more like that. Okay, okay. This is my sketch so far, looking fabulous, I know. Anyways, let’s go to the next step. I’m gonna take my sketchy layer and I’m gonna click on the N and I’m going to lower the transparent… Sorry, I’m gonna click on the N and lower the opacity down to about 30% just so I can still see it. Hopefully, you can too and I can go over it with some better line work here. Yeah, okay, with the… I’m gonna start with this pink color, this darker pink and I’m going to use my, let’s see, where are you brush? I’m gonna use my Dry Ink brush and let’s see. Let’s test it out what we like. It might be a little bit thick. Let’s try at 10%, 8%. That’s… You know what? I think 10% is gonna be perfect. Okay, 10%, the dry ink brush at 10%, 100% opacity and I’m gonna start doing the line work of the body. Let’s start with it. Again, we wanna just go in with the ear. Actually, I’ll zoom in nice for you. I’m gonna go and just sort of make some better choices. I’m gonna just really define this out and bring that in.


For ears, you just do one line like that and another little line like that. Easy way to do ears and then, just get this nice shape here and like that. Give her a nice little smile. I’m sure she’s a very happy unicorn. Oops, I don’t like that coming in there like so and a scoop, a nice scoop for the jawline and what I’m going to do here too is just finish my line like that. Instead of just being hard, I’m gonna just push and then slowly just ease up on the pressure so it gives you a nice tapered edge and again, I’m gonna push a little firmly when these lines meet just so they’re a little bit thicker and then ease off. It’s fun to play with the pressure of the pens. I love that about these pens in Procreate. It’s… It really makes your drawing have some more interest and the line work a little bit, well, it does give it a more professional feeling so do practice with that and it’s kind of fun. I think her leg is gonna be… Actually, finish up here, overlap the lines a bit of the body and the leg. Now, it’s gonna come up and again, I’m gonna let light pressure and then push a little harder to get that nice taper. I think I may have gone a little bit too narrow on this leg so let’s try that again. That’s probably better. Alright.


Yeah, okay. So that’s the lines for the body and then I’m going to outline the hair and for that, I’m going to use the purple and again, with the dry brush, all my line work is going to be in the same size. Just try to be nice and free with these curves. Alright. Okay, also this is another little trick I should show you, of course if you go into your pens and you look and you tap on it, you get this so you have spacing and streamlines. So streamlines is going to give you a softer curves. So if you wanna increase that, do you see how that changes? So it just smooths it out more so you can make curvy lines even easier. So if you’re having trouble getting a nice curve, this is kind of a nice way to adjust it and have a little help there. So I’m just gonna leave it as it was but give that a try. Don’t feel afraid to adjust your pens, you can always reset them to their default if you don’t like it. Actually, I kinda wanted that to come in here.


Okay. So next I’m going to just draw this… Sorry, I’m going to draw the horn here. I’m actually just gonna use this colour because… I’ll show you something special that I’m going to do with it after, which is going to be fun. So we’ll just put that in there and then I’m going to use the dark because I’m going to do her eyelashes. This pony is actually going to have some gorgeous lashes. So you can see where I drew her eye so I’m gonna just use this as a guide because that’s her eye socket and I’m gonna again… Actually, I’m gonna shut this off for you so you can see how it’s nice and tapered and then I… Light pressure… Oops and sweep, like that. Put some little ones in here. Lovely. Okay, I see that I need to erase this and also go back to this colour and put in her little nose here.

Okay so I think this is looking good. My next step is going to be… I’m actually going to fill in the colour. So I’m going to go below my line work layer, add another layer by pushing that plus sign, going to my lighter pink, going to my brushes and selecting the studio pen, if I can find it. Oh it’s right above. Easy. Okay so for the sizing, that’s fine. It’s going to be at 12 and 100% opacity. Make sure that is the case and then I’m going to fill it in. So what I’m doing is… Because I like a scratchy sort of rough line on the outside but I do want a solid fill in the inside. So one way to do it would be just going along the line overlapping a little bit and so that will give you a nice solid fill.


So I’m gonna show you a special extra step at the end so stay tuned for that.


It’ll be very sparkly and give this unicorn extra, extra bling.


Okay, to fill, you just take your pink here, drag it over, fill it in. That’s easy. I’m gonna do another layer. You don’t necessarily have to. It’s just how I work a lot of time just so that I have the freedom to change colors if I want to so that’s an easy way to just change your mind without any negative repercussions. This is on a separate layer and I’m gonna fill this in with this purple color. That’s the base and I’m actually going to color this some more. We’ll just get a one solid color and then we’ll go and make it multi-colored. I like my drawings usually to be a little bit more painterly but not too solid, just have some elements of just making it look a little bit more artsy.

Okay. Just erasing that a little bit. I made a little mistake. It’s alright. Oops. I’d love to hear from you what other things you’d like to draw. I know I’ve been asked for this but yeah, if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear it in the comments below. That would be really helpful for me if you’re dying to know how to draw something particular. Okay, I think I actually am going back to my line layer and go grab that darker purple. Go back and do the dry ink again and just… I see that I have not completed this.


And you can always go back and add more stuff, right? I want it more filled in there at the bottom. That’s better. Okay, go back, grab that lighter purple and get the studio pen again just to fill this in. You don’t want a sparse looking tail. Okay, that’s better. Alright and then let’s just fill this horn in. Again, I’m gonna do another layer and just fill that in with the yellow and the studio pen. Right. Okay, I think she’s looking good.


Next, I’m going to do some painting on her body. Again, I’m gonna go above, go to that fill, body layer, select that and hit the plus sign for another layer. Then I’m going to go click it again and select from the menu here and click Clipping Mask and that will make a little down arrow to the layer below so that means whatever happens on this layer will stay contained within the layer below. Let me show you what I mean.


I’m going to go and use this darker pink. I’m going to go to my brushes and I’m going to go to Painting and find Gouache and then, I’m going to go… Let’s see how big this is. Okay, that’s too big. That’s probably about good. Let’s say size, brush size would be like 12% and the opacity, I’m gonna bring it down to 50%. No, I lied. It’s gonna be more like 70%. Okay, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put in the shadows and make her have a little bit more dimensions.


Again, with the Gouache brush, you can push and you’re gonna have really dark and then lighter so you can play with this. This is what I like about it. It’s more like painting a little bit and you can go over it again, just be really light and gentle with it, just to give her a little bit of dimension and under here and then I’m gonna bring my brush down just a little bit. I hope you can see this just to maybe about six and do some of the details around her head so under her chin and then get into this ear here and again, this is not like being absolutely perfection on this. This is a little bit more of you’re painting. You’re having a little fun with it, maybe just a little bit under her mouth and then, the eye actually, I’m going to go back to…


I’m gonna maybe six or eight and just do just really light circles here, kind of giving her eyeshadow, which is kind of funny for a horse. I’m gonna bring it back down a little bit, just maybe to three, ’cause I’m gonna actually darken up as it’s closer to the eyelid and just sort of have a gradient there and actually, let’s up the opacity a little bit to about 85% just so I can get this little darker. I’m just doing little circles. It was a little too much on the front in there. Yeah so that’s good and then while I have this, I’m just actually gonna go back, put a little bit more definition on these ears for the shadow, there. Of course, she’s gonna have…


Actually, I’m gonna go back to 70%, go back up to, what did I say? 12% and bring that in here a little bit but you see, I’m sure you’ve obviously figured this out with the clipping mask, I can… It’s not gonna paint outside of what we connected it to so that’s what I love about this.


It gives you a lot more freedom just to play around and not worry so much. Actually, okay, we’re gonna go back and do this a bit smaller, maybe about five and just bring these… Okay and then add maybe just a little depth there even though the shadow really wouldn’t be on that side but give it a little bit dimension.


Okay so I’m gonna do the same thing for the hair and actually, with the hair, I am gonna add some… You know what? I’m gonna add some more colors first. I’m still gonna do a clipping mask and so I’m gonna click it, Clipping Mask, go back, maybe let’s get some blue and see what happens. Yeah, I think I’m gonna up the opacity to 100% this time. We’ll put our brush at 8% and have a little fun. I want this to be multi-colored so I’m just gonna play a little bit, bringing it in. You can do whatever you want here. There’s no wrong way to do it, just have fun. Okay and then I’m gonna just do… If you wanna put another layer on top, I’m gonna do that, another clipping mask and I’m going to use the darker purple and I’m actually gonna make this brush down to a 3%. Let’s get some shadow hues in there. Okay and then I’m going to do another layer and you can condense all these layers afterwards.


This, again, is just how I like to work, especially with the kind of work I do. Sometimes, I need to be able to change any of the colors so that’s why that’s happening but you don’t… You can do them all on one layer if you prefer. I’m gonna choose the darker pink and I’m going to make it a little bit smaller, this brush to about 2% and just… Oops. Get a little bit more definition going on in here. That was not a good idea to do that. Let’s do… There. Okay. She’s looking pretty good. I think we need a little pink cheek on her.


So I’m gonna go back to this layer and I’m still on my pink so that’s good and I’m still on my gouache and I’m going to just put this down to maybe a 65% and let’s see how big this brush is. It’s not very big. We need it probably 6%. Let’s try that. That should be good. Actually, you know what? This pink I feel is a little bit too dark. I’m going to make it a little bit brighter, a little bit pinker, a little bit more red and see how that goes. Yeah, a little bit warmer color. Actually, I want it a little bit more, there. I’ll add that to the palette as well. I’m gonna give her a little cheek.


Here we go. So how about some highlights? I’m just gonna do a few of those. I’m gonna do another clipping mask. Take my light pink and actually make it white. Still using the gouache, I’m going to bump up the opacity to 100% and make my brush about a four. Give her a few little highlights. Okay so that looks good. Now, I am going to show you something that is fun. It’s an optional part but I think it’s the best part. [chuckle] So what you wanna do is, I’m going to go to the top of my layer set here and then I’m gonna go to my wrench and I’m going to click, add and I’m going to say, insert file. So I have a glitter here and I’m gonna have to get you one… [chuckle] In the description below… And add it there so you can add some glitter. So you import that. Check… I’m gonna zoom out and then I’m gonna click on my arrow there to make this bigger. So covers my whole unicorn. So now we’re gonna actually draw with the glitter.

So if you go to the layer below the inserted image that you have, the texture. Add a layer, click on the glitter layer and then we’ll do a clipping mask on that. So I know it’s disappeared but if you click on that layer below. You can use any color. For this, let’s just use the turkle… And go back to… I’m gonna do the inking and I’m going to do the studio brush actually… Or studio pen, rather. So that’s right. Watch this. Woo-hoo, we can draw with glitter. Isn’t that the best? Okay so now we will actually make this lovely horn here look more like a horn. [chuckle] So I’m gonna just use some swoops and there you go and then I’m going to just kind of have fun. Let’s make her little hooves. Oh, cute here. Like that. Sort of like that shape and then I’m going to actually draw a few little stars on her rump. Cute. Alright and then why not some in her hair? [chuckle] That’s good. Make that more defined. I think that’ll really make the hair pop a bit more and you can color outside the lines, ’cause hair… [chuckle] Right? Just get in there.

Alright, you know what, as an artist we’re allowed to change our minds and we’ll… Or can add a… I’m noticing that this mane is a little on the modest side so maybe we should go and add some more. So I’m gonna go back to my line layer and it would be really cool if I actually name my layers ’cause then I would know exactly where it is. So… But we will go to this one here and go back to the dark purple and the dry ink. So I’m just gonna add in more here. Let’s just have her mane going behind like originally should have been.

Well that just looks a little bit more impressive, really. More of an impressive mane she’s got. Alright, let’s fill that in. So go back to my fill layer, get the lighter purple, get the studio pen and fill that in. I need to clean up these lines a little bit too. I can do that.

Yeah, I think that’ll be better. Okay, I’m gonna go to the blue layer. Go get my gouache, little painting gouache. Go back to 70 and that’s fine size for that.

Add some more detail here. Okay so I’m gonna go back here, go grab my studio pen wherever it is. There it is.

Not that it matters what color this is because we are making it sparkly.

Okay, I think she looks a little bit more fabulous with more hair. [chuckle] You can also go and maybe make some little dots and I think I’m gonna spruce up this. I’m gonna give her a little sparkle shadow and so… Just get a little loose with that hair. Oh, I think that’s a lot of sparkle. [chuckle] It’s fun. I might get a little carried away but I think, unicorn, you can never have too much sparkle probably.  Alright. So with that, I think we are done our sparkly, cute unicorn.


So great job, guys.


Way to go sticking with it all the way to the end. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and if you did, please hit that like button. Subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials, just like this in the future. So I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks so much for watching.

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