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How To Draw A Cute Bear In A Pumpkin Spice Latte Step By Step In Procreate Tutorial

By November 27, 2020procreate
how to draw a cute bear in procreate

How To Draw A Cute Bear In Procreate

Hi guys, I’m Kris welcome to this week’s tutorial, let’s draw together. In this week’s tutorial, we’re gonna be drawing a cute little bear in a pumpkin spice cup in Procreate and I’m sure you can create this too if you follow along all the way to the end. If you feel rushed, be sure to hit that pause button or just rewind to catch up and save this video to your library so you can re-watch if you need extra practice. Today we’ll be using all three brushes found in Procreate. And don’t forget once you finish this entire video, share it on Instagram, tag me in the image as well as the description so I can find your artwork and feature you here in the next Draw Together video. For this video, I’ve made you a free colour palette just in case you’d like to use the exact same colors I’ll be using in this tutorial. So you can just tap on the link in the video description where you can download and install it. And also below you’ll find a link to the goodie bag where you can grab some free goodies if you haven’t already and support me by visiting my shop.


So alright, let’s jump in and create a new canvas by setting it up at a 4000 by 4000 pixels, 300 DPI, and SRGB. So I’m going to start with my sketch and I’m just gonna go grab my 6B pencil and just figure out where this little guy is gonna be. So we’re gonna do this cup, it might be hot chocolate, it’s probably pumpkin spice. And I’m just gonna start with this simple, well rectangle, but in a shape like that. And we’re gonna have the cup, the little sleeve thingy right there, something like that. Alright. And then we’ll have our little bear, he’s gonna be just peeking over the edge here. Give him a little circle, he’s gonna have his ears here. And I think I’m gonna give him a little whip hat. So that will be fun, ’cause we did that before in that… In one of my packs, a cute little whip hat and I liked that. So this little bear appears in my Happy Fall Y’all Collection. You might have seen him before, I’m sure, in a couple of the past videos. So we’ll have his little paws coming over like that, his little chin over the edge. His ear would be here but I’m gonna give him a little jaunty hat made of whipping cream, yum. Okay so, it’s gonna come over like that. And his little nose is gonna be roughly down there, just something like that, give him some eyes. I think I might’ve gone overboard here with his chin, could be a little bit smaller like that.


I think he’s a little bit more of a square character there, kind of coming in like that. For his ear, I’ll just come and do these little lines there. Yeah. And he’s got a little mouth that goes like a little arrow. Boop, boop. Alright. Good. Okay. So then I’m gonna have the little cinnamon sticks come out here. And maybe one more, something like that, good. Okay. I think we need a little bit of decoration around him too. Oh, he’s got his eyebrows here of course. Alright. Let’s do a little festive, autumn sorts of things here. We’re gonna do some maple leaves like that. Maybe we’ll have something sort of coming up around here, some little leaves. Something like that, and the little maple leaf here. Oops. Maple leaf there, just keeping it pretty loose. That does not look like a maple leaf in the slightest.  Alright, I think I gotta work on my maple leaf game a little bit, I should know how to do this. Something like that. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today and my maple leaves, they look a little bit abysmal. I know what’s wrong, is that this part needs to be smaller. Alright. If you try to do things fast you end up screwing it up a little bit. So there’s those and then we’ll just have a few regular leaves as well. Okay. Good, and I think maybe something like that. I don’t know. Alright. These are not the right shape. I’m gonna make them a little squattier. I need to free-form, there we go. Something like that. Okay.


Alright. Something like that. Okay. I’m just gonna resize this by just clicking on my arrow and just, oops, going back to uniform and just squishy them in again, so I have them centered to some degree. Okay. I think that looks good, and I’m also going to actually put some I did before doing some decorative pumpkin pattern on the cup. So let’s do that. So I’m just gonna need to have them come over like this. That looks not right. And maybe one them over there. Yeah, I’m kinda doing a pumpkin right here. It’s easier if I draw the circle. Just a little pattern of pumpkins. And there. And one about here. Something like that. Maybe one that’s sideways here. Alright. That should be good. I wonder if we should have a little label on here saying pumpkin spice or something? Actually, I could just do this. We’ll do this, hold it, and then we get a nicer oval there.


Yes, I am gonna edit the shape and I’m just gonna move it over a little bit. Maybe just bring it in a touch. Good. Okay. What should we say? We should just say, like I said pumpkin spice. I’m not the best writer, like doing something cute. That’s sort of okay. Trying to make it fun. I’m not a hand letterer. I want it to look a little childish. Perfect. Okay. I think that will work for our sketch layer and stuff. Okay. So next I’m going to start doing some painting. So I’m gonna turn down the sketch layer, gonna turn it way down to maybe 15, maybe 18. Okay. And we’ll start filling in some stuff here. So I’m going to just hit the plus and create a new layer, and I’m gonna go grab my favorite inking brush that is free in Procreate anyway, the dry ink, and I’m gonna start to ink this in a good copy. So here we go. Oops. Terrible, terrible. So here we go, just gonna bring this back down, the size to 8%, 6%. No, 8%, like I said. Okay. 100 opacity and I’m just gonna keep it fairly sketchy. Not too precise.


Alright, It’s Looking Slightly Better, These Little Leaves


Okay. So I’m gonna turn off our sketch there. I wanna keep it because I’m gonna do the pumpkins in white afterwards once we colour this in. So it’ll make more sense later. So, I’m gonna just fill in all the areas that I wanna block out, so I’m gonna make the cup a separate colour, the sleeve a separate colour, excuse me, the bear and so on. So, I’m gonna just start with the bear, and I’m just gonna colour him in the colour he will end up being but I will change him to white in a minute, but you can just use that beige. And then I’m gonna use the studio pen to fill him in. So, the layer, you’ll wanna have that underneath your line work layer.


Okay. Because it’s solid, I can just drag my colour in there, and do that. Then I’m gonna go and do another layer below, and grab the orange. Just carry on with the studio pen. Sorry, the studio pen is a 12 but you can do whatever suits your needs best. Just filling that guy in. Okay. And then I can just drag that in there. I’m gonna go over the top of that, a new layer, and grab this light cream colour to this section. Pop that in. While we have this cream, we can do his hat too. Drag that in. And I’m gonna create another layer below the orange layer here, and get that… What am I gonna do with this colour right beside here? And do the cinnamon sticks. Alright. And then I think I’ll do the leaves as well, so I’m just gonna do one more layer at the bottom. Grab this green colour, just quickly get these leaves here.


This Needs To Be On Top


I’m very messy today. For heaven’s sakes. Okay. Okay, so that’s good for now. We have it all blocked in. Now if you’ve watched before, you know that I’m gonna fill these all in with white, and because I’m going to go and paint them, I don’t want them to just be solid. So I’m just going and clicking on that layer and filling what I had colored just to be white. And for the leaves, ’cause I don’t wanna go and drop each one, I’m just gonna click on the plus sign, click on the layer, click clipping mask. Do that, and then just merge down. A little faster that way. Okay, so now everything is solid underneath, so if I turn off my background layer, you can see it’s like that. And now I can go and do some painting. So let’s start with the bear, I’m just gonna add the plus sign, add a clipping mask, go and grab this brown here, and I’m going to go to, I’m gonna go… What am I gonna do? I’m gonna go into the painting. I can’t see anymore. You’re gonna get the spectra, put it at about 35. Just fill him in, and the clipping mask is just gonna make sure that it all stays on that one layer.


And then I’m going to use the little beige here. Go into the airbrushing, not the airbrushing. I’m gonna go to the spray paints, click that splatter and just giving him a little texture. And then I’m gonna grab that white and bring down my splatter brush all the way to about 12 and just lighten up his nose area, quite a bit. Good. And then I’ve seem to have forgotten to put the pink on here for you, so I will put the pink, and it’s gonna be about there. You wanna gonna go to my painting, you’re gonna grab the… Oh, where are you? Gouache. Have it about five, to give him some little cheeks here. I’m gonna be coloring his ears, just a little pink there too. That looks good. Perfect. That’s good for now. And then I’m going to go to the cinnamon sticks. I’m gonna hit another layer, hit the… Make it a clipping mask and then go and grab this brown here, more of a brown. Let’s stay on the gouache, that’s fine. And bump it up to about 30. Colour that in. Then I’m gonna grab this darker orange here too and just give it a light coat of that as well. Maybe a little bit darker here. Just kinda get… So it’s a little bit of this painted effect. You can bring this down to about 15, and you can get in there a bit.


I think that’s good. Then I’m gonna take this darker brown, and I think we’re still sticking with my gouache. I’m gonna bring it down quite a bit to three. Just gonna give these subtle little lines here, how they go with the cinnamon sticks. Here we go, put a shadow under here. Okay. And then I’m going to… With this I’m gonna go back to my spray paint, get that splatter, leaving it on that dark brown. Just give it a light coat on there, you’ll be bringing it down to about six, giving it a little bit more on the edge just for shadowing. Making that look a little bit more rounded. Okay. And then maybe doing this lighter beige colour, bringing that in there. Actually, I’m gonna bump this up again, making it about 15, and highlighting that a little bit there. Okay. I think the bear needs to be a little bit more solid. I’m gonna go back to this layer here, push the plus sign and just do another coat below that, of that bear colour. I’m going back to the painting, and I’m gonna grab the spectra brush again and just fill that in a little bit more. There. Okay. And let’s go to the cup layer. So I’m gonna click on layer for the cup layer, add a plus, make it a clipping mask, grab that orange and I’m still on my spectra, still on… Or actually, you can do it all the way up for this and just fill that in.

Grab The Gouache

Okay. And then I’m going to grab the gouache, keep it at 3%, three or four. Let’s grab this darker orange and just do the shadow of this lip here, and maybe just a little bit underneath where his paws are. Good. And then there’s gonna be a shadow under here, and then let’s put up this gouache to maybe about 12, I’m sorry that was 15. Just lightly, a little bit more pressure at the beginning, lightly around, we just give it a little bit here. Good stuff. Okay. And then I think we need to do the sleeve. So we’ll click on that, a plus sign, clipping mask, and then I’m going to use this beige colour and let’s see how that goes. And that should be fine. I might need to darken it up a little bit. Actually, let’s just do that. You’re gonna go down and to the right, warm it up a little bit, and see if that’s better. I think that’ll work. Okay. So we’ll add that to here. Lots of beiges today.  So with the same brush, the gouache, we’re just gonna fill that in. Just layering, making it a little bit darker at the edge, again to make it have a little bit more roundness there. Good stuff. Okay. Then I’m just gonna take my eraser and I’m just going to erase the center, so that will be white.


Okay. And then I’m going to use that medium orange, bring down my gouache to about five or six, and just… No, it must be more less than that, so a three. Get in there and just colour this. You want it to look a little bit imperfect because… Well, you can do it however you choose, you just want it to be a little bit more painted, a little bit more hand done, that type of thing. Good stuff. Okay. While we’re here, because the hat is on this layer, I’m gonna go back to this light taupey, beigey colour and still let’s stick with gouache, bump it back up to about 20. Fill this in, so he’s not completely, completely just white. Okay. Then I’m gonna just go grab this colour here, this medium brown, still with the gouache. I’m gonna have this at about let’s say 4% and just bring in some shadows here. Actually, I want this a little bit bigger, 6%. Bring it in there like so, just giving this a little depth or volume, I guess. Okay. And then I’m gonna grab the white, do some highlights. We’ll bring this back to three. Just on the top part, just giving it a little something like that. That’s too much.  Okay. So and it’s looking alright. Now I think we should probably do the little pumpkins that we had before.


So I’m actually going to turn on my layer again and I can’t see it, so I’m going to bring it above that cup layer. Maybe just around here, it doesn’t… Well it can be at the top too, it’s fine. So we can just see it here. So on a layer above the orange layer where the cup is, I’m gonna add another layer, and I’m gonna still be on my white. I’m gonna go back and grab my inking and the dry brush, and I am just making sure I’m on the right layer, and I’m gonna go and just draw these pumpkins, and I am at 8%. Just for a little design. I did this one all funny didn’t I?


I’ll just leave it like that I think. Okay. So now I can turn off that sketch layer since we have those. And I think underneath that layer on that… In between the orange and the white lined layer, if that makes sense. I’m gonna add another one. You can also do it on the orange one if you want. Again, you know me, I like to work in lots of layers so that I can make lots of changes for… If you know, if I wanna do colour changes for people and all that kind of stuff so, that’s why I do it like that. But you can have it all in one layer if you want, and I’m gonna go down to, let’s say four, and I’m going to pick this. I’m just gonna lighten this up a little bit, quite a bit. Yeah. Okay. So I’m gonna add this to those as well, so, this lighter orange. And I do have this as a clipping mask, just so I don’t have to worry about going outside the lines.


Okay. It gives it a little variation for a little bit of interest. Alright. So why don’t we do some of our leaves now. So, let’s go to our leaves layer, add another layer. You can actually also, instead of doing clipping mask, you can do alpha lock on this layer by clicking this in alpha lock. It’ll kinda do the same thing, except you won’t be able to delete it and still have your solid background. So, it’s however you wanna work, that does work as well. Just for my purposes, I like clipping mask. So, I’m going to pick that light green colour and we can stay on gouache. You can go up to about eight, just give it a little colour here. Just lightly, you just layer. So, I think I’m gonna make these some multi-colour stuff, let’s see what happens. Maybe put some of this light yellow, and bring this up to 12. Warm that up a little bit. Fall leaves, only getting the edges. I should be showing you this a little closer, it’d be easier for you. Just like that. Bringing that dark green. Maybe bring this down to four. Maybe not. Six. I’m so indecisive with my sizes today. My goodness. Okay, and then I’m gonna see about this nice red colour. Let’s go and experiment a little bit here. Maybe these guys will have just a touch too.


Alright. I think it’s looking pretty cute. So, I’m just gonna make a couple a changes to, or a couple additions, rather, to the bear here. I’m gonna go on to my line work layer. Go get the dark brown colour, and go to inking. And I’m grabbing that dry ink. I just noticed this, one of his eyes is a little bit too small, first of all. And I don’t understand what’s up. I’m gonna… Switched the wrong layer again. Oops. Okay. And he’s got some… Usually has a few little hairs here. Good. This can be shaded in a little bit more. I’m gonna do another layer on top. Grab the white, give him some little dots here. Put a little highlight on his nose. We’ll give a little highlight on the cap lid there. Maybe here. It’s good. And I’m missing his little polka dots too. Back to the brown. I’m trying to remember what this character looks like. He’s got little freckles here. Can’t forget those.


Okay. So I think that’s probably pretty good. I wanted to show you one thing that I don’t normally show on here, but what you can do just to make your artwork pop a little bit. So, once you’re all done, and you’re happy with everything. I’m just gonna delete that sketch layer. I’m gonna select everything, and I have a lot of layers. I’m gonna group them. Duplicate them, I can’t… Okay, so I’m gonna flatten them. So, now it’s just one image and I can’t change anything. Now, you can duplicate it, go to the end, go to colour burn. And I know that looks a little bit crazy, but bump down the opacity, maybe a 25. Let’s see how that jumps, right? So, sometimes that will give a little extra pop to your work. So, that’s it for today’s tutorial, guys. So, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please hit that like button, and subscribe. And don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials just like this in the future. I post every single Tuesday. So, I hope you have a wonderful week. Love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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