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How To Draw a Casual Fashion Girl

how to draw a fashion girl

How To Draw A Casual Fashion Girl in Procreate

Hey guys, and welcome back to another studio vlog!

I’m Kris, and it’s another day of homeschooling your kids. So fun.


So glad you’re here. And today I’m gonna be demoing a project I’m working on and show you how to draw a fashion girl in procreate at the same time. It’s actually a stamp brush or a sort of a guide for drawing people. I wanted it for myself because I’m gonna do a project with a bunch of people in it. A

nd so I kind of wanted to get some body positions together. So I thought this would be really helpful for anyone if you just kinda wanted to do a quick drawing and just have the structure done and you don’t have to think about proportions and all that kind of stuff.

So I made it initially for myself, but now I’m going to share it with you. So today, I’m gonna demo it and actually kind of test it out and see if it’s working for me. So I’m gonna draw another sort of coffee girl kind of thing and see how that goes.


So I’m sure we’re all in the same boat. Life has been a little bit different, the boys are home all the time and my husband, so we have a really full house. They’re doing work in my office a lot, and that’s lovely and distracting all at the same time.

But all good. So I hope you guys are safe and hang in there. But hopefully this will be entertaining for you and you’ll enjoy it and find it really useful so let’s get to it.



Alright, so that’s it for today. I’m so excited that worked out so well, saved a ton of time and just, yeah, completely knocked it off in like, I don’t know, an hour or if not more, just getting those body positions and stuff so easy. So I’m super excited about that.

I’m gonna make my life easier. Hopefully, when I get it done, it’ll make your life easier too. So if you did like this video throw on a thumbs up there and subscribe, if you haven’t already.

So don’t forget if you’re new here that I do have a link below for some free goodies, I’d love to give to you. Some graphics goodies that are free to you. So I hope you and your family doing well, you’re safe and sound. And I just really appreciate you taking the time to watch this video and be here, and I hope to see you next week? So later guys. Take care.