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How I Draw With Procreate

By October 8, 2019March 12th, 2021illustration, procreate

How I Draw With Procreate On The Ipad Pro

Some of you have been asking how Kris Lauren draws with Procreate on the Ipad Pro.  Well awhile ago she put together a video that gives you a bit of a behind the scenes look as to how she creates a lot of her art.

As you can see, and we think it’s funny, that she draws while sitting on her bed! 🙂  However, we have seen from her instagram feed that she has since moved into an office.  But hey, wherever the creative juices flow, that’s where you go! (That just sounds wrong!)

Draw With Procreate

It’s kind of neat to get a glimpse of how Kris comes up with her ideas for drawing.  We especially liked seeing some of the finishing details that are done in Illustrator after the drawing part is finished.

Check out the video below or watch it here.

Hey Guys It’s Kris Here

Welcome to the channel.  Hope you are having a great day so far!

Today I’m going to be working on my next project which is sort of a spring theme with a little girl and some bunnies, birds and a picnic.  Today’s project though is specifically working on some bunnies.

For this project I am going to be working in Procreate on my Ipad Pro with my Apple pencil.  Actually normally when I am working on my Ipad I like to work on my bed so let’s hop on over there and get started.

Illustrate With Procreate

Getting Inspiration

I need some inspiration so I am off to Pinterest.  I need to get some shapes and sort of body positions and I am trying to think of what I would like my bunnies to do!  Usually searching for kids is a good plan or kids at play.

Use A Previous Drawing For Reference

I am actually going to start with a reference that I have already drawn.  I have already drawn a bunny and I kind of want all the bunnies to look similar.  So I am going to just copy my canvas of the bunny I already drew and put it into my new canvas so I can have similar proportions, look and line weight.

It will help me keep it more consistent throughout the whole project.

If At First You Don’t Succeed Try Again!

Okay, so I wasn’t really loving my initial attempt.  It wasn’t really working at all so I am going to start again and try to make the body a little different position.

From Procreate to Illustrator

Now what I am going to do to achieve the look I want is I am going to transfer my illustration to dropbox and send it to my computer.  This way I can put it into illustrator so I can make the lines into a vector so I can do an image trace.

Having vector lines is going to make it just a little rougher, just a certain look that I want.  So I am going to transfer it and I will see you at the computer.

Okay so I am just going to select the little bunny and I am going to ignore…I guess I should show you how to bring up the image trace.  You go to your window and go to image trace it will bring up the panel.  And you just want to click on it and I am going to say ignore white cause I just want the lines.

And then I am going to play with my threshold and the pad.  So I am just going to up the threshold a little bit.  I just know roughly where my settings are going to be.  It kind of looks like that…just a little diagonal line.  I am going to preview it and it’s going to say it’s going to be a big file but yes we know!

Okay, so that is what I have so far and then I am just going to see where I want it.  I want it kind of rough like that, not too perfect at all.  And I think I can probably go a bit more pads.  You know that is probably pretty good!

So then I am going to expand it and then I am going to send it as a PNG back to Procreate.

From Illustrator Back To Drawing With Procreate

Now I am going to add my file that I just made in illustrator, bring it in and overlay what I already have.  It doesn’t really need to be perfect.  Now we are ready to color!

Adding Details

Now I am going to go and do some more details so I am going to select the bunny, the solid shape that I created so that I don’t color outside the lines.  You just do automatic and select quickly and there it goes.  And then I will go on a different layer so if I mess up I can come back and fix it.

That’s it!  Thanks so much for watching.  That’s bunny number two done in the series and I’ll have lots more so stay tuned.  Make sure to check back to see the progress of the whole package that I am doing.

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Happy creating!