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Happy Birthday Balloons Clipart Creator

By October 29, 2019March 11th, 2020balloon clipart, illustration
happy birthday balloons clipart

Happy Birthday Balloons Clipart Creator – Create Your Own Balloon Clipart Easily

Do you need balloon clipart for a birthday project or invitations?  Just can’t seem to find the style of happy birthday balloons clipart that you are looking for?

Why not make your own birthday balloon clipart with the Stunning Balloon Creator?

Yes, you can!

The Stunning Balloon Creator

Now stop what you are doing and just read for a minute.  This balloon creator is really going to make your life easier and your customers fall in love with your project!

What You Get

The balloon creator comes with individual elements that you can use to make your own custom balloon clipart for your project.  It comes with:

  •             8 solid balloons
  •             6 transparent balloons
  •             7 glitter options
  •             7 flower options
  •             7 weight colors
  •             Bear w/8 bow tie colors
  •             Toy train

How It Works

You will need Adobe Photoshop in order to use the Stunning Balloon Creator.  All the files that come in the creator are in PSD format.  How the creator works is that you turn on and off layers to create the type of balloon(s) you want.  Let’s go ahead and walk through the process in more detail.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Pick a transparent or solid balloon

Step 2 – Pick from 7 glitter options

Step 3 – Fill balloon with 7 premade flowers or smaller balloons

Step 4 – Decorate the balloons string with flowers, leaves and bows

Step 5 – Anchor with a weight in 7 colors

Step 6 – Finish off with one of the adorable accessories

Save your finished balloon as a PNG file to use in your project.  Repeat the process to create as many balloons as you need.

The Stunning Balloon Creator was made by Kris Lauren and is available exclusively on Design Cuts.  Currently, it is one of the creators offered in The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator but keep your eyes peeled as it may be offered as a stand alone pack in the future!

Check it out.


We forgot to mention the The Stunning Balloon Creator also comes with 62 bonus watercolor flowers for you to create with!