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Got My First Sale On Etsy!

By January 17, 2020May 14th, 2021etsy, how to sell digital art
first sale on etsy

Got My First Sale On Etsy!

How To Sell Art On Etsy | From Zero to ??? – Part 3

I Got My First Sale On Etsy!!

Holy $#%t it works!

Sorry.  Pardon me…for the language.  This is a family friendly post.

But OH MY GOODNESS I got my first sale on Etsy!

I know it’s only been about 2 weeks since I opened up shop on Etsy and I did say that I didn’t expect to get a sale for like 6 months but it sure is nice to see a result!  Even though I knew that I was not expecting to get any sales there is always that little voice in your head, you have to strangle at times, that is telling you that this whole Etsy thing is a stupid idea.

Don’t listen to that voice!!

I know what you are thinking…IT’S JUST ONE SALE!  And yes I know there is still lots of work to be done, and no I can’t retire yet, but if I can impart anything to you about whatever journey you are taking to your larger goal it would be this – Celebrate the small wins along the way.

Let’s face it there is going to be a lot of blood, sweat and tears in doing this.  You gotta enjoy the process and celebrating the small wins makes doing that so much easier.

What I Have Learned About Etsy So Far

It is hard for even me to believe how much I have learned about Etsy in the two weeks since I have started.  Let me highlight some of the gems.

There is No One Tool That is Going To Skyrocket Your Etsy Sales

At least not that I have found yet! I know it’s only been two weeks!

Now don’t get me wrong, I think tools are great and they can be very helpful but just because you found a new tool to help your Etsy sales that doesn’t mean you can sit back and the sales will roll in.

I’ll talk about here because that is the tool I have been using here at the start of my journey.  I have been in that thing everyday, using it and trying to figure out how it works.  I mean don’t get me wrong on the surface it’s not that complicated to use but I think by using a tool over and over again you learn new things about how to use it and you start to gain a better understanding of what it’s strong points and limitations are.

I think this is a good thing because it allows you to be more efficient.  For instance, I was told to look for keywords with low competition that had some search volume.  Now at the beginning all I seemed to find was keywords that erank said had no searches but super high competition or high competition and high search volume.

At first this made me question how accurate erank was.

Now I’m going to say that probably no 3rd party tool that gives you search term traffic is a 100 percent right but at least it gives you an idea.  This brings me to my next point…

Trial and Error Is Your Friend

You can watch all the videos and take all the courses on how to do something you want but there is no better teacher than experience.  It is smart to gain as much knowledge as you can before opening your Etsy store and putting up your first listing.

If you are waiting to know everything before posting your first listing is will never get posted because there is always something else to learn.  And there are so many things you can only learn about Etsy and how it works unless you start posting listings.  I have already, rightly or wrongly, changed titles and rewritten descriptions multiple times in the first two weeks.

Of course more seasoned Etsy shop owners may tell me that is the wrong thing to do but I won’t know unless I play around on Etsy and figure out what seems to work.  Here is another trick I learned…

Make multiple listings to test keywords

I had no idea you could do this but I learned about it from watching a video.  You can duplicate a listing and just change the keywords and tags to see if you can rank for a different keyword or if which keyword is more likely to convert to sales.

I also learned that you can duplicate a listing and then put the duplicated one with a new thumbnail image.  This allows you to A/B split test if people are more drawn to one image over the other.  Isn’t that cool!

More is More

The last thing I will ramble about today is the other thing I am learning, which is that I think the more listings on your store that better.  What I mean by that is the more listings you have the more ways potential customers on Etsy can find you.

As a store owner I have no idea which listing Etsy is going to rank or which listing is going to be a big seller.  If I have lots of listings I have more chance of one of my listings becoming popular.  Once a lot of people find one of my products they will be exposed to all of my other products and they might buy them.

Again, you and me both know this is a grind but that is part of the fun, which reminds me…I gotta go put up more Etsy listings in my store!


So I have 157 view, 72 visits, 1 sale and 11 listings in my first two weeks.  No idea if this is good or bad, I’m just learning as I go.  If you have any tips or tricks to share with me drop me a line in the contact section.

Of course you can get all Kris’s artwork here.  If you want to check out the Etsy store you can see it here.