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For Sale Clipart That Is Exquisite and Elegant!

By February 25, 2019December 8th, 2020buy clipart
clipart for sale

for sale clipartYes you can go to Design Cuts or Creative Market and see more clipart to buy than there are kids on a hot day at Disneyland but not everyone wants what everyone else can get.

Let’s face it, though there is really great work on those marketplaces it feels like you could spend an eternity going through it all because there is so much content.  It can also be hard to find the new “up and comer” artists that are putting out great clipart that you might want but is buried on page 200!

Enter Kris Lauren

Kris Lauren is founder and chief designer, ehem…she’s actually the only designer, at Pretty Little Lines.  Her work is exquisite and where other artists work tends to be very trendy cute, Kris’s style, while still cute, is more classic and portrays a certain type of elegance.

The way I like to explain it is the supermodels of the 90s.  The Christy Turlington’s, Linda Evangalista, Claudi Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen’s compared to the supermodels of today.  Those girl’s beauty was timeless and universal.

Now I am not sure that Kris herself would agree with that comparison but to this writer’s eyes the comparison is warranted.

Try Before You Buy!  Want to check out some of Kris’s work up close?  Then SIGN UP for the Pretty Little Lines Goodie Bag!  The Goodie Bag gets you access to a bag full of free graphic resources hand drawn by Kris.  You also get access to sales and discounts on Kris’s work on Pretty Little Lines.

If you still want to know more about Design Cuts and Creative Market than go here to learn more about digital clipart for commercial use.

For those that want to stick around let’s take a closer look at some of Kris Lauren’s artwork on Pretty Little Lines!


For Sale Clipart

Just to give you a taste, I went ahead and picked out four of my favorite of Kris’s for sale clipart collections.  If you want to go right to shopping, which I completely understand, then just head on over to to buy clipart for commercial use.


Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection

for sale clipartAt the time of this writing this is the newest of Kris’s collections available at Pretty Little Lines.  If you are looking for hand painted watercolor flower clipart in violet tones you need to check this collection out!

The watercolor roses in this collection are exceptionally realistic and the collection is loaded with graphic elements so you can use the premade borders, bouquets and frames or you can make your own.

To see more images of the purple rose png in this collection go here.


Hello Lovely Fashion Creator

for sale clipartRemember earlier when I was talking about the timeless supermodels of the 90s?  Well this fashion portrait creator is part of the reason that I made that comparison.  If you are looking for ball gown, gala, winter formal or dress up clipart for invitations or other purposes than the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator should be on your list.

Using the many different elements that you can mix and match, The Fashion Creator lets you give the girls your own unique personal touch by picking everything from hair color and skin tone to dress and accessories.

Let your fashionista flourish.  See the fancy dress clipart.


Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

clipart for saleIf you are looking for watercolor roses in blush and pink tones than you must check out the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection.  Like the Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection these roses are beautifully hand-painted and look so real that you feel like you should be able to reach out to touch and smell one!

The elements in this collection are perfect for wedding invitations and accessories, home décor, party invitations and much more.

You can go here to see the elegant pink rose png clipart.


The Grand Ballerina Collection.

clipart for saleWhimsical, elegant and graceful.  Words that come to mind when I think of The Grand Ballerina Collection.  These hand drawn ballerinas, in a style inspired by Degas, are perfect for party invitations, printables, stationary, fabrics and whatever else you can imagine.  With over 200 illustrations in the collection you will not get bored coming up with new creations for your project.

If you are looking for a ballerina png than you will want to check out The Grand Ballerina Collection.

We hope you enjoyed viewing the for sale clipart collections we have selected here.  We encourage you to check out the rest of the clipart collections for sale by going to

Regardless, don’t forget to sign up for your Goodie Bag.

Remember have fun, enjoy the art and whether you are just using the art for yourself or are making products to sell, enjoy creating!

Happy Creating,

Pretty Little Lines