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Flamingo Graphics

flamingo graphics

A Collection of Tropical Flamingo Graphics, Templates and Fonts

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According to Wikipedia, the name flamingo comes from either the Spanish or Portuguese language and is pronounced flamengo meaning “flame colored”.  Today many people see the flamingo as a symbol of tropical climates, vacations, fun in the sun and a great way to celebrate 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays by filling the birthday persons lawn with fake pink flamingos!

There are many other life events that flamingos can act as a visual symbol for.  Along with birthdays, flamingos can be associated with anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties or any tropical themed party or event.

Whatever you are celebrating tropical plants and flowers combined with flamingo graphics will give a very tropical, light and fun esthetic to your creative project.

A pink color scheme and happy fonts can really help to make your creative vision become a reality.  With that in mind I have picked out some collections that I think will make doing so that much easier.

Flowers and Flamingos Clipart

If tropical flowers, foliage and flamingos is what you need than the Flowers and Flamingos clipart collection by Kris Lauren has got you covered.  This collection includes 30 flamingo illustrations with cute rose and flower bodies – including various leaves and tropical flowers perfect for your tropical themed project.

Tropical Flamingo Collection

If you are looking for flamingo graphics that are more realistically depicted than check out Tropical Set Flamingo Collection by Peace Art.  Stunningly realistic flamingo illustrations adorn this pack and there are 5 in total included.  In addition there are 11 leaves and flower elements to help you create the perfect tropical scene.  The 10 seamless patterns that come in the collection are perfect for fabrics, banners, t-shirts and other tropical inspired products.

Flamingo Summer Wedding Invitation Templates

Sometimes, like dinner, it’s nice to just buy something readymade instead of making something from scratch.  If you are looking for your own personal flamingo themed wedding invitations, and are not planning to sell them, then check out Flamingo Summer Wedding Invitations by Artcoast Studio.

The pinks, greens, whites and blacks all work together to create a very tropical yet tasteful esthetic that you will love.  Who cares if you didn’t make them yourself!  Everything is included in these templates.  All you need to do is add your information and have have them printed.

Flamingo Fonts

Of course for you business owners that are making flamingo themed invitations to sell I have picked out two stunning fonts that I think would be perfect for invitations.  The first to check out is Flamingo – formal script by Blessed Print.  It’s a handwritten calligraphy font that is very classy.  This font would be perfect on wedding invitations.

Flamingo Tropical Bird Letter Vector

These illustrated flamingo bird letters catch the eye immediately.  The letters themselves are nice but it is the flamingos in the letters that really make it something special.  These letters would be perfect on invitations to a tropical themed event.  Don’t hesitate, go check out Flamingo Tropical Bird Letter Vector by Noree.

Flamingo Park

As the designer says, if you are looking for a tropical Miami themed font than Flamingo Park by PaperGlossCo has got you covered.  This font just exudes light and tropical vibes.  If you are looking for a font that will help to create the mood of your event before your guests even get there then this is the one.  This collection also comes with some wonderful lined icons of flamingos, cocktail drinks, umbrellas and more.

The Wrap Up

Designing a product that includes flamingo graphics and is tropical themed doesn’t need to be hard.  The products you create with these packs will wow your clients, customers or invitees.