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6 Places To Find Digital Clipart For Commercial Use That Won’t Get You Sued

By October 15, 2019January 22nd, 2021buy clipart
clipart for commercial use | pretty little lines

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Hello wonderful lady!

Starting a business can be so exciting and so terrifying at the same time.

I know because I have been there!  It still scares me sometimes.

Many of my customers have their own websites or Etsy shops where they have taken the flower clipart, animal clipart and more that I create and used them on everything from mugs, planners, fabric, tote bags, printables and cards to sell on their sites.

Find clipart for commercial use in my shop!

You may just be starting or considering starting your own Etsy store selling some of the things I just mentioned.  If you are congrats!  I say go for it!

You may also be spending a lot of time doing something I have been doing recently.

What’s that you ask?

Watching tutorials and Youtube videos on how to sell printables on Etsy!

One of the things you really notice after doing some research is seeing all these people at different stages of their business and levels of expertise.  We will get to the expertise bit in a second.  It actually is kind of encouraging though, because it really lets you know that everyone started someplace.  I really like that because it reinforces the idea that you just have to start.  Don’t wait until you are perfect because that day will never come!

Getting back to the expertise bit…this is what I really wanted to talk about today.  I couldn’t believe in some of the tutorials and videos I went through how many people were just saying to go to Google and search for an image that you like to use and slap it on your product to sell.

EHEM, that is a big No No!

Doing this could get you fined, sued or worse!

Remember I said starting a new business can be scary but let’s not make it scarier than it needs to be right ladies!

So let us go over how to get clipart, fonts, mockups and whatever other kinds of art you may need legally and ethically so you don’t end up finding yourself facing legal action.

There are some great sites you can go to that have absolutely beautiful floral clipart, animal and summer clipart or other clipart, fonts and elements by very talented artists that can be purchased for commercial use so everything you do is on the up and up and you can sleep easy not having to worry about getting a cease and desist letter in your mail.

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Design Cuts

commercial use clipart | pretty little linesHave you heard of Design Cuts?  Well if you haven’t heard of them yet you’re welcome!

Design Cuts is awesome and I just love, love them!

Seriously Design Cuts is a great place to find amazing premium clipart for your projects.  What is so great about them is that you get up to 50% off when you buy two or more items.  How great is that?  You get an extended license on all products at no extra cost so you don’t have to worry about that cease and desist letter and you get unlimited support from their customer support team on all products.

Design Cuts also has monthly bundles.  Basically what they do is they bundle a whole bunch of collections together into one bundle and sell it for super cheap.  For example at the time of this writing their current bundle includes $1300 worth of collections for only $2.  I mean that is a crazy deal!

Design Cuts makes it easy to get flamingo clipart, floral clipart and any other kind of clipart illustrations and fonts the right way!  Check them out!

Creative Market

where to buy commercial clipart | pretty little linesCreative Market is like an overload to the creative senses and I love it!

Are you looking for watercolor flamingo clipart?  Well you can find so many pages and pages of it at Creative Market that you may have trouble choosing just one collection to buy.  Creative Market has an enormous collection of clipart, patterns, illustrations and fonts.  All products come with a standard license and extended licenses can also be purchased.

You can join Creative Market for free and then follow your favorite artists shops so you never miss any of their new collections that they add to their stores.

Creative Market also has bundles but I hear that they are going to be discontinuing those and replacing them with something else so we will have to wait and see what that is.  Go to Creative Market.


buy clipart for commercial use | pretty little linesSome people might think Envato is more for website developers (because it kind of says that on their website) but you can actually find a lot of very cute illustrations and clipart with commercial licenses.  Specifically, Envato Elements is where I would find artwork, illustrations, patterns and backgrounds that would be easy to use on products to sell.

Envato Elements is interesting because instead of just buying a specific package you pay a monthly fee of $16.50 and then you get unlimited downloads of their 860,000 items.

That’s a lot!

Envato also has fonts and a whole lot of other items that may make it worthwhile for you depending on what kind of products you make.


buy commercial clipart | pretty little lines

Ummm Etsy…yeah!  Chances are if you are reading this you either have an Etsy store or are thinking about opening one up!  In addition to the products that many Etsy shop owners use commercial use clipart to make the products they sell in their stores, there are also lots of Etsy shops that sell clipart graphics for commercial use like flower png‘s which are super popular right now.

In fact many artists may have shops on multiple sites.  If you can’t find what you are looking for on the other sites mentioned than perhaps you might find a hidden gem on Etsy!

Design Bundles

src=”” alt=”where to buy commercial clipart | pretty little lines” width=”750″ height=”379″ />Design Bundles is another marketplace that has a ton of clipart, fonts and illustrations that you can purchase with commercial license so you can use the artwork to make products to sell.  Like many of the other sites they have a great page that goes over the licenses and spells out what you can and cannot do.  If in doubt you can contact them for help.

The Hungry Jpeg

clipart with commercial license | pretty little linesWhat is a hungry jpeg anyway?

The Hungry Jpeg is another marketplace where different artists have shops and provide beautiful clipart, fonts, textures and a host of other elements that you can buy with a commercial license if you want to buy clipart for commercial use.

They have bundles and even a whole section for crafters!


Here is a secret that some of you may not have figured out yet that will help you possibly get some free clipart and access to really good clipart for sale deals.  When you are on any of the sites I mentioned above take note of the name of the artist that created an item or collection that you are interested in.

Go on over to google and do a search for them to see if they have their own website where they also sell their art.  Chances are they have a mail list that you can join.  Lots of times when you join their mail list they will give you a gift.  Sometimes that gift will be some free art that you can use.  And often you will get special discounts for being a part of their tribe so it is definitely worth it if you like the art they produce.

In fact, I have a free gift for people that join my list.  It is a Goodie Bag of clipart for FREE!

You also get discounts on all my new clipart collections!

There you have it! If you need premium commercial use clipart to use on your products that you are going to sell on Etsy that won’t get you sued than the sites I have listed are where you want to go.

And if you have any other suggestions of where to get clipart for commercial use than drop me a line and let me know so I can add it to the list.

Happy creating!

Pretty Little Lines