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Can I sell Digital Stickers using your resources?

Can I sell Digital Printables using your resources?

No, not really.  Digital stickers are bit of a grey area and are generally not allowed under my license or any of the marketplaces I sell on. With these types of products, it really depends how the original resources have been used.  They still must have a set purpose, are distinctly unique, use the resources minimally and are something that couldn’t be used of anything else.  I do usually ask to see design examples of what the customer is creating before offering confirmation as to whether their usage would be allowed as we want to ensure that the original resources are kept reasonably secure and used in a way that does not compete with the original designer.

You are however, able to make physical stickers for sale as long as all the other guidelines, ie. original design etc. are adhered to.

*If you want to create your own piece of digital clipart using the resources, then this is not permitted. Even if the design is a wider original design, if this is being sold as a digital clipart file, it will not be covered by our terms of use.