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Cute Mermaid Clipart

By December 18, 2019January 22nd, 2021mermaid clipart
mermaid clipart

Mermaid clipart That Will Help You Sea More Sails


Mermaids.  Those mysterious creatures of the sea.  I am not sure why mermaids have captivated our attention for so long but they sure are fun and cute!  Perhaps mermaids help us to escape for a moment away from our everyday lives.  We’ve all been there!  That’s what I love about mermaid clipart.  It provides a little escape from reality just for a minute!

Now if I could only get Kris to draw something that would help me escape for a little longer than a minute…especially when the kids are fighting and the house is a disaster!  Hmmm, if we could both escape that would be even better…Okay, enough of my personal life already! 😉

Let’s talk mermaid clipart!

Mermaid Illustrations

Here are my favorite mermaid clipart illustrations that I think could really spice up your next project and help your products swim off the shelves.

little mermaid clipart

Little Mermaid Clipart

There are lots of wonderful mermaid graphic assets but one in particular that catches my eye is Little Mermaid by Anna Babich.  The little mermaids in this graphics collection are very whimsical.  It almost looks like they are made with watercolors but the artist’s description doesn’t say whether they are or not.

What I like about these mermaid illustrations is, believe it or not, how their hair flows almost like they are underwater.  I guess they are mermaids after all so it makes sense but to me this really gives the mermaids a whimsical almost enchanted feel.  Combine that with the cute sea elements and florals and you really feel like you are viewing an enchanted scene from under the sea.

Use the illustrations to make your own scenes or simply use the premade ones to enhance your products.  Go see the Little Mermaid collection here.

baby mermaid clipart

Baby Mermaid Clipart

If you are looking for baby mermaid clipart in png format with transparent background then you might be interested in Mermaid Babies Illustrations by Teneresa.  This is a small collection but it makes up for it with 5 super cute baby mermaids and 2 lovely seamless patterns.

This is a vector collection so the mermaid babies are fully editable.  To me the mermaid clipart in this collection is a little more cartoonish and that is in no way a bad thing.  These are perfect for stationary, cards, fabrics and more.

I just love this kind of style or artwork.  If you do too then you may want to check them out.

cute mermaid clipart

Cute Mermaid Clipart

When I think of cute mermaids I picture delicate mermaids with exaggerated features, especially the eyes.  In fact, Watercolor Mermaids by FoxyImage, are almost spot on with what I think of when I picture cute mermaids in my mind.  The use of watercolors gives the mermaids that whimsical feel and for me the big clear eyes are what makes these mermaids so cute!

Watercolor Mermaids are really lovely mermaid illustrations.  See them here.

vintage mermaid clipart

Vintage Mermaid Clipart

Now vintage can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  I’ll do my best to give a couple of examples of mermaids here that I think could fit under the vintage genre but don’t hurt my interpretation doesn’t quite live up to yours.

First I am going to go with the Underwater Vintage Collection by Kateja.  Now there is only one mermaid in this collection but you do get a lot of other lovely flora and fauna that is done in a very vintage style.  If you are looking to make a mermaid themed product in a vintage style then I think this could fit the bill.

Check it out for yourself here.

vintage mermaid clipart

Another mermaid clipart collection that I would consider vintage is the Vintage Ocean Nautical Sea Clipart collection by Digital Curio.  In addition to getting 5 vintage style mermaids there are a ton of other nautical themed vintage illustrations all in PNG format for your ease of use.

Check out the collection here.

mermaid clipart

Ariel Mermaid Clipart

So for Ariel mermaid clipart I picked two collections that I feel look the most like Ariel.  Now if the Ariel mermaid clipart you are looking for has to look exactly like Ariel then you may need to get that from Disney and I am guessing you would need a lot of money!

So for the rest of us check out Mermaid Princess collection by AMBillustrations.  These little Ariel inspired mermaid princess are really cute.  If I had a daughter I could totally see these beautifully illustrated mermaids on her pajamas, clothing, birthday invitations, you name it!

This collection comes with mermaids, corals, clams and a seahorse!  See them all here.

ariel mermaid clipart

The other Ariel mermaid clipart collection I like is Mermaid Princesses by Crave Design.  I just love the artwork in this collection.  To me everything just pops and included in the variety of mermaids in the collection is one that looks very Ariel-esque if that is even a word!  You get the picture.

Check out Mermaid Princesses here.

To Sum Things Up

Mermaid graphics are always going to be popular.  The good news is a ton of really quality mermaid clipart out there that, for a small fee, you can use for commercial purposes.

If none of the collections I suggested tickle your fancy then a simple search on creative marketplaces like Design Cuts, Creative Market or Etsy will give you more results then you could ever imagine.

Kris will actually be coming out with her own mermaid themed clipart collection in the coming months so if you have any suggestions of things you might like to see in that sort of collection drop us a line!

In the meantime, you can see her flower clipart and graphic illustration assets here.

Whatever you do remember, have fun creating!