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watercolor magnolias

Painting Watercolor Magnolias

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Painting Watercolor Magnolias Is Fun!

For those of you that like to paint for yourselves or are looking to try your hand at  painting watercolor flowers, here is a great little timelapse video of Kris Lauren painting some watercolor magnolias for The Stunning Wedding & Celebration Creator.

The Stunning Wedding & Celebration Creator will only be available on Design Cuts so keep your eyes peeled for it later this month!  More info will be coming forth soon.

As for the watercolor magnolias…

Here you can get a behind the scenes look at how Kris paints these beautiful magnolia blossoms and transforms them into digital clipart.  It is strangely satisfying to watch the all the flowers being painted on paper and then prepped in illustrator in under 6 minutes!

If only it could be done that fast!

Don’t forget to hit the “like” and “subscribe” as there will be more videos coming out showcasing much more of the exquisite art Kris has made for the creator.

Happy creating!

Hi Guys! Welcome!

My name is Kris and I am an illustrator and a painter.  This is a series on watercolor flowers.  It’s a really big part of a package I just finished creating.  It’s called The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator and it is exclusively sold at Design Cuts.

I am so lucky to partner with them.  It was a really great collaboration and it was a really neat marriage between, no pun intended cause it is all about weddings, but a marriage between watercolor painting and Procreate.

So this is the watercolor portion and I am just going to go through and show you all the flowers that I have painted.  First in the series is a  watercolor Magnolia and I begin by sketching out my flower first and then transferring it onto watercolor paper.

After that, I scan it into my scanner and put it onto the computer and transfer it onto my Ipad Pro to use Procreate to delete the backgrounds.  This leaves a nice clean PNG file to use for digital work.

So sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee if you want and I hope you enjoy!

pink rose png

Premium Pink Rose PNG Images

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4 Pink Rose PNG Images From Pretty Little Lines That Are Just What You Need Right Now!

Ah yes…it is a pink rose png jungle out there!  Trying to find the right pink rose png is like looking for your lost marble in the ball pit at IKEA.  Yes the balls are different colors and sizes, but there are so many that they all look the same!  After looking at a few you can’t distinguish one from another.

This can be the same thing when looking for pink rose png images.   Go to any online marketplace like Etsy or Creative Market and you have entered the metaphorical ball pit.  You search for pink rose clipart but there are so many results that after a couple of minutes they all look the same.  Pages upon pages of results go by with nothing jumping out at you.

So to help you save time we have 4 pink rose PNG images that will work perfect with your next creative project.

Pretty Watercolor Pink Roses

These pink roses were lovingly hand painted by Kris Lauren of Pretty Little Lines.  Aren’t they just adorable!  We think so! We especially love the soft and delicate pink tones.  These pink rose PNG images are perfect for almost any creative project from stationary to wedding invitations and so much more.

In our experience the attention to detail is something people notice and something that catches the eye.  These pink roses will make people do a double take when they see your creative project.  But that is not all!

Only Four Pink Roses?

We know what you are thinking…only four?  The answer is NO there are not only four pink roses.  In fact, there are a whole lot more pretty pink rose PNG images where the 4 you see here came from!

In fact, if you are liking what you are seeing so far then you should immediately go and check out the full watercolor flower clipart collection otherwise known as the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection.  Just so you know it has way more than just 4 pink rose png images in it, obviously.

Pink rose Bouquets PNG

Premade pink rose floral bouquets.  You get 12 of those ready made to save you time.  May we say they look amazing!

Pink rose spray PNG

Pink rose floral sprays you say?  There are also 12 of those included.  They look exquisite by the way!

Pink Rose Frame PNG

Need pink rose frames?  Ahem, there are 12 of those too!  Make your own wedding invitations anyone?

Pink Rose Border PNG

What about pink rose borders?  You get 8 of those and 6 floral and rose gold wreaths!  What more could you ask for!

When you really think about it, that is a lot of clipart for you to create with!

Nevermind, that the collection also includes every letter of the alphabet hand illustrated in floral lettering.  And just to top it off there are some seamless patterns thrown in there and another 40 or so individual elements.  Of course, they are all in PNG format so you don’t have to worry about how to get rid of annoying backgrounds.

You just pop the flower images into your work and then add whatever background you want!  It just makes life so much easier.  And really, don’t you deserve to have things easy for once in your life?

Pink Roses on Flamingos?

If you are looking for roses that are a little off the beaten path – and who isn’t really – what about pink roses on pink flamingos?  Now there is a winning combination if we ever heard one!

If that sort of thing piques your interest then check out the Flowers and Flamingos Clipart Collection also by Kris Lauren.  You’ll want to pay special attention to the flamingos with the stunning pink rose bodies.  Seriously, the collection is full of stunning flamingo clipart, tropical flowers and foliage all in pink hues that you might find a use for.

And if that doesn’t float your boat…

You can always jump back into the metaphorical ball pit – okay it’s really not that bad – and check out Design Cuts or Creative market to find the pink rose png images that you are looking for.

Design Cuts

There are lots of amazingly talented artists that make watercolor pink roses and sell their collection on Design Cuts.  They are usually all in PNG format, since it is the standard, and they are usually reasonably priced.  The cool thing with Design Cuts is that the more you buy the more discounts you get.

Creative Market

The “grand-daddy” of creative marketplaces you can really get lost in everything Creative Market has to offer but you will find pink rose clipart there in PNG format.  There are so many artists on Creative Market that it feels like there is an infinite amount of art to look at.  Head on over and do a simple search for pink rose and you won’t be disappointed.

Happy creating!

easter flower clipart

The Ultimate Guide to Watercolor Easter Flower Clipart

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The Ultimate Guide to Watercolor Easter Flower Clipart

Get the best Easter flower clipart for your creative project.

(This post may contain affiliate links)

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Watercolor Easter Flower Clipart.  It’s never too late to start planning your Easter themed creative projects whether they be invitations, planners, cards, fabrics or decorations.  Easter is such a wonderful time of spring flowers, chocolates, Easter bunnies and the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Easter is a very special holiday for Christians but Easter is also often associated with colored eggs, hopping bunnies and chocolate treats!  Easter is also a time for flowers.  At Easter time spring has sprung and the plants and flowers are beginning to grow.  Many people adorn their homes with beautiful spring flowers around Easter time to be able to experience the sweet aromas of fresh flowers and the feeling of rejuvenation that they bring.  Because of this many people feel that flowers are a very important symbol of Easter.

Easter Flowers

Of course some of the most popular Easter flowers are tulips, daisies, hydrangeas, forsythias, lilies, daffodils, irises, hyacinths and roses.  These are just some of the most popular Easter flowers but really any spring flower is more than appropriate for Easter!  Of course, as much as we love fresh flowers, the thing is that you have to remember to water them, take care of them and eventually they do die and need to be thrown out.  However, watercolor Easter flower clipart doesn’t need any of these things and it stays looking great all year round!

So for those of us that like pretty flowers but may not have a green thumb Easter flower clipart is the way to go.  And besides real flowers probably won’t work very well in your next creative project.

Let’s take a look some stunning watercolor flower collections that will make your life much easier and your creative project more likely to catch the eye of potential customers!

Easter Flower Clipart

Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection

This watercolor flower collection is perfect for Easter creative projects.  Filled with stunning and elegant watercolor roses, carnations, leaves and many other embellishments you will be overwhelmed by all the different watercolor flowers you can mix and match to come up with the perfect Easter flower clipart arrangement.  As the name says the collection is all done in soft pinks and rose golds which is a perfect color for Easter and spring.  In addition to all the individual elements that are included in the collection, there are also many pre-made floral arrangements.  Make your finished product even more stunning and save time by using the floral wreaths, borders and bouquets that are included in the collection.

This beautiful collection of flower clipart also comes with floral letters that are perfect if you need to have text in your creative project.  Easter party supplies, Easter décor and Easter invitations come to mind as the perfect use for the Pretty in Pink collection.

View the Pretty in Pink collection for yourself.

  • Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection

    From $30.00

Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection

Another stunning example of flower clipart perfect for Easter creatives is the Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart collection.  As the name states, if you are in search of flower clipart in more blush tones, than your search may conclude with the Blushing Violet collection.  The collection features blush pink and violet roses and gerbera daisies.  The flowers and other items are exquisitely hand-painted to create Easter flower clipart that truly will give your creative project an appealing look.  There are many individual items, pre-made floral arrangements and frames, numbers and letters included in the package.  Also included are sets of different flowers with silver or gold metallic accents.

In all there are 250 items that come in the collection when you purchase so the possibilities of what you can make are only limited by your own creativity.

You have just been given a hint of how majestic the Blushing Violet Watercolor collection is but you must see it for yourself.

Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

For those looking for a collection of flower clipart in vibrant colors will be happy to find the Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection.  The vibrant jewels and hot pinks of the hand painted dahlias, peonies, irises, gerberas and anemones will quench your thirst for eye popping Easter flower clipart.  If you need to save time there are a variety of readymade floral bouquets, border, frames and wreaths waiting to enhance your Easter creative project.  If you like to be more hands on in creating your own flower arrangement clipart there are 66 individual elements for you to make something from scratch.

There are 192 eye catching elements that come in the collection.  Your Easter creative never looked so good with Allegra.

See the vibrant Allegra watercolor flower PNG clipart.

Design Cuts

We thought it would be hard to call this the Ultimate Guide to Watercolor Easter Flower Clipart if we didn’t mention a couple of the marketplaces where you can find even more amazing watercolor flower clipart.  Design Cuts is an awesome marketplace where you can really find everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to all things creative.  Design Cuts is well respected and the people that work there are lovely to deal with.  In addition, many extremely talented artists sell their flower clipart collections on Design Cuts.  You will have no problem finding amazing Easter flower clipart for your creative project on DC.

Check out Design Cuts.

Creative Market

Creative Market is truly a behemoth when it comes to a marketplace for creatives.  If you can’t find what you are looking for on Creative Market than you probably won’t be able to find it at all.  That is the only drawback with Creative Market.  There is so much content on CM that you could literally search for hours.  You will probably find something you like but you may not even find the best flower clipart because it is buried under pages and pages of results.  We guess it’s a good problem to have and don’t let it scare you away from CM.  There are so many amazing artists and amazing flower clipart collections on CM that you probably will be more likely to have trouble choosing which one to buy!

Check out Creative Market.

Whatever time of year it is that you are reading this Happy Easter!

And happy creating!


flower arrangement clipart

6 Quirky Uses For Flower Arrangement Clipart

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6 Quirky Uses For Flower Arrangement Clipart

(This post may contain affiliate links)

We love flower arrangement clipart and you love flower arrangement clipart, but did you know these quirky uses for flower arrangement clipart?

Nothing makes your creative project stand out from the rest like breathtaking and beautifully arranged flower clipart.

We searched high and low to find these 6 uses for flower clipart arrangements that might just spark your next money-making product!

flower arrangement clipart

Wedding Invitations

Of course, wedding invitations are a no brainer use for flower arrangement clipart.  Using flower clipart that is arranged in bouquets, borders and frames can be the start of making a truly eye popping wedding invitation that will sell like crazy.  So many collections come with many premade examples of flower arrangement clipart so you don’t have to spend a ton of time creating them yourself.  It really is as simple of picking a few arrangements you like, popping them into a software like photoshop and then placing them where you want to achieve your desired look.

You can combine arrangements to make new arrangements or just use them as is.  The wedding invitation niche is really hot.  Even if you are just making invitations for your own wedding you can use flower arrangement clipart to make something that looks professional and stunning.  Did we mention that you can also save a ton of money by doing it yourself?

If you want to make wedding invitations but Photoshop is beyond your comfort level than check out How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Easily.

flower arrangement clipart


Seriously, this one is kind of quirky!  Yes, drapes!  Why not make your own drapes and sell them?

Flower arrangements look beautiful on drapes or any fabric for that matter.  If you were thinking of starting your own side hustle then maybe selling drapes to order could be for you.

There are plenty of on-demand print businesses out there so you don’t have to have a lay down a bunch of cash to stock an inventory.  Create your designs and whenever you get an order your print on demand partner will print the fabric and ship it out for you.

A quick search on the web for “print on demand” will give you lots of choices. is a popular print on demand outfit.

flower arrangement clipart

Planner Cover

Planners are huge!  Think about it – who doesn’t need a planner?  The fact is more and more people are using planners to keep track on their schedules and things they need to get done.  People don’t just want a boring plain planner.  They want a planner that represents something about them.

You can use flower arrangement clipart to create tons of patterns for planner covers that people will just love.

flower arrangement clipart

Smartphone Case

Do you know anybody over the age of 13 that doesn’t have a smartphone these days?  We know everyone knows someone that doesn’t have a smartphone but they are in the minority.  Phones cost a lot of money and are not cheap to replace so naturally people want to buy cases for their new shiny phone.

Now we humans are programmed to want to express ourselves as individuals.  One of the ways we like to express ourselves, believe it or not, is by having a cool design on our smartphone case that says something about us.  Now there is a niched of people out there that like watercolor flower patterns on their smartphone cases.  Find these people and give them what they want!

Using flower arrangement clipart designs on smartphone cases is probably also perfect for print on demand

flower arrangement clipart

Wall Art

You see it in stores why not make your own and sell it online?  Yes, wall art is in stores but who actually goes to a store anymore?  More and more people are choosing to shop online.  Who doesn’t love watercolor flower arrangements and having them on their wall to brighten up the home?

Again, this is a great print on demand business or if you choose to invest in the equipment you could print them on demand yourself.  There is lots of exquisite watercolor flower arrangement art that you can use for making your own wall art to sell.

flower arrangement clipart

Business Cards

There are those people that just want a very simple business card and that is great.  There are also those people that want their business card to standout and what better way to do that then with watercolor flower clipart on it to make it memorable!

Again, great for print on demand.  Maybe you own a flower shop or you want to provide business cards to women that are looking for a more feminine business card.  The creative possibilities are endless here!


Whenever you are using someone else’s art for anything you want to make sure you have the right license.  Nobody wants to invest a bunch of money and time in making that next million dollar product only to get a cease and desist letter because you don’t have license to use the art.

Thankfully most flower clipart you buy comes with at least a standard license that usually covers you for under 500 sales.  If you do more than that you can always buy an extended license.  Make sure to read of the terms of the license carefully and if you have any questions contact the artist or in some cases the marketplace where you bought the flower arrangement clipart to make sure you are doing everything on the up and up.

You should find that usually the marketplaces and the artists are really helpful.

Happy creating!

floral clipart

WOW! This Floral Clipart Will Make You Emotional

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WOW! This Floral Clipart Will Make You Emotional

Finally! Floral Clipart That Will Make Your Creative Project The Talk Of The Town!

(This post may contain affiliate links)

As the saying goes – good watercolor floral clipart is hard to find.  At least it’s something like that!

But seriously!  Your project needs to stand out and WOW whether you are making your own wedding invitations or you need your new product to sell like hot cakes because the furnace just died, it’s the middle of winter and you really don’t want to dip into the line of credit to pay for it!

We’ve all been there!

There is lots of not so great floral clipart out there and there is also lots of really whimsical, elegant and beautiful flower clipart out there.

In fact, we have covered some of the places you can find this fantastic floral clipart in a previous post 6 Places To Find Digital Clipart For Commercial Use That Won’t Get You Sued.

For this article we are going to focus on some of the absolutely breathtaking watercolor floral clipart collections that Kris Lauren has created to make your project fly off the shelves!

Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection

Perfect for anything really that you want to have a pink theme for, from pink wedding invites to baby nursery decorations to planner covers etc.  These hand-painted pink flowers and roses are simply exquisite.  The collection includes premade floral bouquets, wreaths, frames and sprays.  In addition, there are over 40 individual elements, like a gorgeous pink watercolor rose, you can use to make your own bouquets and wreaths if that is what you like to do.  There are over 100 files in the collection so you will have no problem creating something unique and stunning!

Don’t just take our word for it.  See the exquisite pink rose PNG’s in the Pretty in Pink Watercolor collection for yourself!

  • Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection

    From $30.00

Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection

Maybe strong pink’s not your thing and instead you are looking for more subdued blushes and soft violets.  The soft and elegant Blushing Violet Watercolor collection is full of soft purple rose png’s and blush pink flowers that you can accent with silver and gold metallics if you like!  The collection includes premade floral wreaths, borders, bouquets and frames.  There are 50 individual flowers, frames and leaves that you can mix and match to create your personalized design.  This collection has 250 total items!

Bet you’ll blush with glee when you see the Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection.

Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

Looking for a hot pink and deep violet floral clipart collection?  Allegra is full of exquisite watercolor dahlias, peonies and anemones to name a few.  These hand-painted watercolor flowers are offered as individual elements and in bouquet, wreaths, borders and frames.  As is the case in the other collections, you’ll notice the high level of detail of the artwork in Allegra.  The bold and bright colors of the floral clipart in Allegra will allow you to really create something that will make your project pop!

View the Allegra Clipart Collection for yourself.

  • Alcohol Ink Flowers & Metallic Leaf Clipart

    From $27.00

Alcohol Ink Flowers and Metallic Leaf Clipart

Alcohol ink art has been steadily gaining popularity.   The Alcohol Ink Flowers and Metallic Leaf Clipart Collection offers flowers in a new medium so your creative project will really stand out as something unique and different.  The way Kris has used the alcohol ink to create stunning flowers is very innovative.  The collection includes hand painted wreaths, bouquets, sprays and frames.

If you are really looking for floral clipart to give your project a different look than you will want to check out Alcohol Ink Flowers and Metallic Leaf Clipart for yourself.

Happy creating!

flower bouquet clipart

Flower Bouquet Clipart You Will Love

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Flower Bouquet Clipart That Will Help Your Products Fly Off The Shelves

I hope you are having a wonderful day!  But let’s be honest, if you are like me, the day is filled with pressure to get a project done while stressing about my house being a disaster!

Maybe both of us just need to take a step back and take a nice, deep, breath.  Feels much better!

You need flower bouquet clipart for your next project and I’d love to show you some stunning watercolor flower bouquet clipart that will help your products fly off the shelves!

So let’s take a look at some examples you will love.

If you love the examples you should definitely subscribe to Pretty Little Lines so you can get access to the Goodie Bag!  The Goodie Bag is full of FREE hand drawn illustrations for you to use.

Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection

watercolor flowers pink rose png
  • 12 Flower Bouquets

  • 47 Individual Elements

If you like pink you’ll like The Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection!  The soft pinks and rose golds colors in the collection lend themselves to any project because they never go out of style.  There are 12 flower bouquet’s that come in the collection.  These are premade so you don’t even have to think about it.  Save time and just use the ready-made bouquets on your invitations, pillow covers, mugs, or wall decorations.

For those of you that are a little more daring and feel like half the fun is making your own arrangements you can!  There are 47 individual elements that you can mix and match to make your own unique floral bouquet creations.  Give your project your own personal touch!

In addition, The Pretty in Pink Collection comes with floral frames, floral wreaths, floral sprays, seamless patterns and a floral alphabet.  I know it’s hard to picture a floral alphabet but you’ll just have to check it out and see for yourself!

Go see the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection!

Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

watercolor flower png

Looking for flower bouquets in hot pink and purple hues?  You will love the flowers in the Allegra Collection!  This collection has a lot of ready-made flower bouquets in it.  By a lot, I mean 20 floral bouquets are included plus another 10 bouquets with metallic accents.  The bouquets with metallic accents are perfect if you are looking for bouquets with that little something extra to make them really stand out.

Allegra also includes flower borders, frames, wreaths, seamless patterns and embellished alphabet and numbers.  There is a ton of value in this collection.

Also there are over 50 individual watercolor flowers, leaves and metallic leaves for you to play with to make your own custom flower bouquets.

So what are you waiting for? Go see the Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection!

Blushing Violet Collection

flower bouquet clipart

So we’ve got you covered if you like pink and hot pink but you are looking for something more subdued.  The Blushing Violet Collection uses a much softer color palette making use of blush pink and blush violets to make it feel cooler.

This collection also makes use of gold and silver metallics.  There are 10 ready-made flower bouquets with gold metallic accents and 10 ready-made bouquets with silver metallic accents.  I like the metallic accents because they add such a wonderful sparkle that is so eye catching!

Blushing Violet collection is filled with floral wreaths, borders, frames, seamless patterns and 80 individual elements you can use to make your own flower arrangements with your own personal touch.

Why wait?  Check out the Blushing Violet Collection!

Boho Blooms Bundle

watercolor flowers pretty little lines
watercolor flowers pretty little lines

Your customers will fall in love with the beautiful burgundies, pale pinks, browns, blushes and greens used to create a stunning palette of colors in this bundle that are very pleasing to the eye.  The thing with the Boho Blooms bundle is that on the surface each collection only has 6 flower bouquets in it.  However, the great thing is that you get over 200 other elements in the bundle so you can play for hours letting your imagination run wild with all the other arrangements that you can come up with.  The antlers, buds, berries, leaves and flowers really give the bundle that boho vibe.

The creative possibilities are literally endless!

It’s time to see Boho Blooms Bundle.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I really hope this helps in your search for watercolor floral bouquets.  I know you will find some adorable flower bouquet clipart that your customers will fall in love with!  And if they fall in love with it it should fly off the shelves!

So now it is time to get to work!

Happy creating!

PS…Click here to find watercolor flower border clipart or flower clipart.

watercolor rose

Watercolor Rose Collections To Make Your Next Project Pop

By watercolor clipart

Watercolor Rose Clipart For the Lady with Elegant Taste…Yay, That’s You!

Looking for a breath-taking watercolor rose for your new creative project?  So glad you’re here, you’ve come to the right place!  Pretty Little Lines has lots of hand painted gorgeous watercolor roses for you to choose from.

If you’re interested in learning how I paint all these lovely watercolor roses, let me know!  I’ve been thinking about doing some tutorials on that.  This post is going to be about some of my favorite watercolor rose clipart packages that we have to offer.

Alright, ready to see some pretty roses?  Let’s go!

Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

Anybody for pink watercolor roses?

Who doesn’t love pink roses?

I know I love pink roses!  They really are my fave.  Partly because pink is my favourite color as you may have noticed, and partly because they symbolize love, gratitude and appreciation and partly.  That makes them especially great for so many occasions.

If you are a lady that loves things pink you will love the Pretty in Pink Collection.  There are 123 individual elements that come in the collection so you can have lots of fun creating new arrangements of roses and flowers whether it’s for a personal project or for products you are going to sell.

These pink watercolor roses are perfect for any type of invitations, party supplies, custom fabric or scrapbooking.  Just imagine how wowed your bridesmaids, wedding guests, or customers will be when they see these breathtaking watercolor roses.

Even better, the collection comes with premade floral frames, bouquets, sprays and borders that will free you up to have more time creating just for yourself or selling your products to customers.

To see the Pretty in Pink Collection click HERE.

Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection

For people looking for purple roses…or if we are sounding posh for a sec…violet roses.

If you are looking for purple watercolor roses or purple watercolor flower clipart than this collection could be just the thing you are looking for.  These hand-painted watercolor roses are stunning in blush pink and violet colors.  This collection was hand painted with much care and emphasis on detail.  Your audience will love your final product adorned with the exquisite roses and flowers from this collection.

Blushing Violet collection has over 250 images included in it.  It’s a big one!  All elements are in PNG format which makes it easy for you to use your own backgrounds or to put different elements together to make a new arrangement.

Click HERE to check out the rest of the Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection.

Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

Watercolor Rose Ranunculus


What is a rununculus you might be wondering?  Ya, I was too.  I’m not much of a green thumb…but I do love painting some flowers!

Fun fact, a rununculus is a species of rose and that was part of the inspiration for the Allegra collection.  The color palette for Allegra is based more on deep violets and hot pinks to really stand out and catch your eye.

Along with ranunculus there are many other hand painted watercolor flowers in the collection.  In all, there are 192 individual elements so you will never run out of things to create.

Your audience will love these stunning watercolors!

Click HERE to see the complete Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection.

Boho Blooms Bundle

Boho vibes all around!

Whether you are inspired by Coachella or just looking to add a boho vibe to your next project the Boho Blooms bundle has got you covered!

This bundle includes the Boho Blooms Vol 1 and 2 together in one stunning package.  All together the collection includes over 200 hand drawn watercolor and ink elements.  Not only does it include fabulous pink watercolor roses but also stunning watercolor flowers, leaves, and feathers that you can create endless amounts of new projects and products from.

Use the individual elements to make your own creations or save time by using some of the premade ones.  Really the only limit is your imagination.

Flowers and Flamingos

Flamingos with Pink Roses

We had no idea that flamingos are so popular these days!  Especially flamingos with a pink rose for a body!

The Flowers and Flamingos collection is adorable and the fine detail on the rose bodies of the flamingos is truly adorable.  They really look very fancy and all dolled up!  In addition to pink roses, the package also includes tropical flowers and greenery.  These are perfect for any creative project or product that you are making that needs to have more of a summer tropical feel to it.

Just imagine your happy customers buying coasters, invitations, hand bags, mugs or even apparel with these flowers and flamingos on them.

Okay, stop daydreaming about an umbrella drink and go see the Flowers and Flamingos collection for yourself HERE.

flower border clipart

3 Stunning Watercolor Flower Border Clipart Collections For Your Next Creative Project

By flower png, watercolor clipart

flower border clipartIt is snowing outside right now as I write this.  It has been such a mild winter that I thought we were going to get by without any real cold or snow this year but Mother Nature has other plans!

Regardless of the snow outside it is time to plan for spring and summer creative projects.  For one, if you are a girl that loves the summer, it puts you into a better mood thinking about your favorite time of year and…well…pretty flowers, who doesn’t love looking at them!

Today we want to talk about flower border clipart.  Watercolor flower border clipart is perfect for just about anything from planners and invitations to wall art and more.

Let’s get into it right away.  Here are 3 Watercolor collections that contain stunning flower border clipart!

Hey Wait!  If you like watercolor flowers and want to get some watercolor flower elements for free than you need to sign up for my Goodie Bag!  Once you sign up for the Goodie Bag you will have access to free watercolor flower elements and lots more.   You also get access to discounts and promotions on my full collections for signing up for the Goodie Bag.

Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection

flower border clipartThis is the latest watercolor flower clipart collection from Pretty Little Lines.  There are over 250 elements in the collection, so playing with all the elements in there should keep you busy for a while!

The Blushing Violet Collection, as the name says, is based on more violet and silver tones.  There are 6 premade flower border clipart elements and lots of purple rose png images included in the collection and you can also use the individual elements to make your own if you want.

In addition, the following are also included in the collection:


  • 20 Floral Arrangements
  • 10 Floral Arrangements with Silver
  • 10 Floral Arrangements with Gold
  • 2 Floral Wreaths
  • 8 Floral Wreaths with Silver
  • 8 Floral Wreaths with Gold
  • 6 Floral Borders
  • 5 Floral Frames with Silver
  • 5 Floral Frames with Gold
  • 10 Silver Numbers
  • 10 Gold Numbers
  • 27 Silver Letters & Symbol
  • 27 Gold Letters & Symbol
  • 16 Seamless Patterns
  • 31 Individual Watercolor Leaves
  • 20 Individual Watercolor Flowers
  • 6 Individual Metallic Frame in Silver
  • 6 Individual Metallic Frame in Gold
  • 8 Individual Silver Leaves
  • 7 Individual Silver Flowers
  • 8 Individual Gold Leaves
  • 7 Individual Gold Flowers
  • 1 Invitation Template PSD


Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

flower border clipart pngThis is one of Pretty Little Line’s most popular collections.  Based on pinks and rose gold hues the Pretty in Pink Collection is perfect for those who have a soft spot for all things pink and watercolor rose!  Included in the collection are 8 premade flower border clipart elements.

On the whole, the Pretty in Pink Collection has 123 elements so have plenty to play with to make your own borders if you want.

Additionally, the collection includes the following:


  • 47 individual florals, leaves, filler and rose gold wreaths
  • 12 floral bouquets
  • 12 floral sprays
  • 12 floral frames
  • 8 floral borders
  • 6 floral and rose gold wreaths
  • 26 floral letters
  • 4 seamless patterns (jpg)

The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection

watercolor flower border clipartWe know what you are thinking…what do ballerina’s have to do with flower border clipart.  One of the things Kris likes to do with many of her collections is to include flowers even if the main subject of the collection is something else.  In The Grand Ballerina Collection there are 6 premade flower border clipart elements included in the collection.

So if you are looking for some premade flower border clipart and you could use some exquisite ballerina png‘s for other projects than The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection could help you start two projects with one purchase!

In addition to the flower borders The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection also includes:


    • 45 Ballerinas
    • 27 Little Ballerinas
    • 9 Tutus
    • 3 Tiaras
    • 3 Pointe Shoes
    • 8 Outlined Ballerinas
    • 1 Chandelier
    • 1 Pedestal Chandelier
    • 2 Drapes
    • 1 Grand Staircase
    • 2 Headers
    • 6 Floral Borders
    • 6 Floral Bouquets
    • 6 Floral Corners
    • 6 Floral Sprays
    • 6 Wreaths
    • 23 Individual Flowers
    • 11 Leaves
    • 25 Seamless Patterns


  • 6 Pre-made Card PSD’s
  • 6 Pre-made Card JPG’s

We hope that gives you some great places to start looking for flower border clipart for your upcoming creative projects.  We know Kris really enjoyed creating these collections full of clipart for commercial use.

Happy creating,


Pretty Little Lines

PS…All of these bundles have beautiful flower bouquet clipart.

best watercolor travel set

Make The Best Watercolor Travel Set

By watercolor clipart

Best Watercolor Travel Set | Pretty Little LinesThis post contains affiliate links.

We all love to travel!

You love to travel and I love to travel.  If you are creative like me travelling to new places is often a great way to gain new creative inspiration.  You see so many new inspiring things that your creative juices just overflow from all the stimulation.

This is the precise time when you will need the best watercolor travel set!

Did you now that all sorts of famous painters took their paints and brushes with them so they could paint whenever they had the itch?  In fact, even Winston Churchill, who was quite an accomplished painter, never left home on a trip without his paints!  I am actually amazed that he was able to produce as many paintings as he did considering all the other things that would have taken up his time, like WWII for instance!

So in addition to being able to paint while you are on holidays when you are inspired, a watercolor paint travel kit will also help you with de-stressing while on your holidays and we all know that when you are most relaxed and peaceful is when some of your best art comes out of you.

Join my members list and get access to the Pretty Little Lines Goodie Bag!  The Goodie Bag is filled with all sorts of illustrations free for you!

Here are the things I think you need to make the best watercolor travel kit.



A watercolor paint travel kit is not complete if it doesn’t include something to paint on.  Instead of bringing pieces of huge watercolor paper I prefer for a kit to have a nice watercolor notepad.  A notepad is much more manageable to travel with and when you are ready to start a new painting all you have to do is flip the page!

If you have read my other post about my home watercolor paint setup you will know that I prefer a heavier paper.   That is why I like the Canson XL Series 140 pound watercolor textured paper pad.  This pad comes in 9 X 12 dimension with 30 sheets of paper.  You can get it here.



You will need paints, obviously.  One of the things you can do on the cheap if you already have watercolor paints is just to pare down the paints you already have.  Maybe just pick  a dozen colors that you want to take and you can be more of a minimalist.  If you don’t have paints already than consider buying a set just for travelling with.

I like these Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolor painting plus set.  It’s great because I love Winsor and Newton paints, it comes with 24 different colors all in a nice easy to carry case (the lid also doubles as a palette) and it also comes with a Cotman Series 111 No.3 brush!

If that kit is too big for you than you don’t worry they have many other smaller kits to choose from right down to their pocket watercolor paint kit.  These kits are pretty reasonably priced in my opinion.  You can check out the Winsor and Newton kits here.


Well if you buy a Winsor and Newton Kit you will have at least one brush because they come with one.  I like to have one large brush and one fine brush.  That should be enough to do all you want to do.  The point is to travel as light as you can.  So if you have brushes already than just grab a couple from your personal collection.  If not than you can buy another brush to go with the one you got in your Winsor and Newton Kit.

Kris prefers professional brushes but they can be expensive and you want to take care of them to make them last a long time which may not be possible wherever you are travelling.  In light of that you may want to buy cheaper brushes that you don’t have to worry about as much however you might not get the same results in your painting if your brush does not hold shape.

Here are some fairly cheap brushes and here are some more expensive brushes.

The Rest

You’ve got your paper pad, brushes and paints.  Those are all things that will readily fit into a suitcase or carry-on bag.  Depending on where you are going you may want to consider bringing a couple of mason jars however to us this seems like it wouldn’t be very travel friendly.  Instead, perhaps where you are staying will have some cups or mugs you can use.  Or just buy a couple of cheap solo cups when you get there.  We are sure you can figure out how to get a couple of cups or jars to rinse your brushes.

So there you have it!  Your very own watercolor paint travel kit that will serve you well for many trips and allow you to paint some of the amazing scenes you find on your travels.  If you want to read even more about watercolor painting check out 7 Tools To Make Watercolor Clipart I Can’t Live Without!

Go here if you need watercolor graphics for commercial use.

Happy Creating,

Pretty Little Lines