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What is it about This Prom Dress Clipart that Makes it So Good? The Answer Will Surprise You!

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What is it about This Prom Dress Clipart that Makes it So Good?  The Answer Will Surprise You!

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Prom is coming up and it’s time to start planning!  You want everything to do with your prom to be the very best.  This goes for your dress, makeup, hair, party and even the invitations you’re are going to make.  Everyone wants to make their best impression.

If you want your prom party invitations to look better than everyone else’s then you need to use absolutely stunning prom dress clipart.  After all it’s the attention to the details that sets apart a truly gorgeous prom party invitation so don’t mess up by using lame prom dress clipart.  Only high fashion, couture, elegant, stunning and eye-popping prom dress clipart will do the job and we’ve got just what you are looking for.

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    Hello Lovely Fashion Creator Dress Clipart

    From $35.00

Hello Lovely Fashion Creator

The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator doesn’t just give you jaw-dropping prom dress clipart.  In fact you won’t find just prom dress clipart in it at all.  What you will find in addition to stunning dress clipart is high heels, purses and jewellery all in PNG files and all ready for you to come up with your own creations.

The creator allows you to mix and match graphic elements to come up with your own creations that will make your creative project stand out!

What is it about this Prom Dress Clipart that makes it so good?

As the name says, the Hello Lovely collection is a creator.  This means that you can mix and match graphic elements to come up with your own creations.  Using Photoshop you can simply turn on and off layers to come up with different combinations of dresses, purses, models, jewellery, hairstyles, heals and even skin colors to create clipart that suits your specific needs.

Worried because you are not a Photoshop expert?  You don’t need to be!  It’s actually really easy and once you play around with it you’ll get the hang of it in no time!  Better yet, check out this guide on how to create your own fashion clipart to see for yourself how easy it is to use the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.

Whether you are using prom dress clipart in a product to sell to customers or making invitations for prom, your creations will take their breath away.  And the best part is that you will be able to create it all without have to draw a single line!

prom dress clipart

A Look Inside The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator

Here are the nuts and bolts of all the separate hand-drawn elements that come with the creator.

  • 3 different girls in 3 different body positions
  • 7 eye colors and skin tones
  • 15 hairstyles and 5 hair colors
  • 7 tops in 4 colors and 3 different sparkle options
  • 14 skirst in 4 colors and 3 different sparkle options
  • 6 varieties of high heals
  • 5 types of jewellery
  • 3 purse designs in 3 different color and sparkle options

And that isn’t all!  You also get other goodies like 12 premade backgrounds, 68 seamless patterns, decorative frames and individual florals.  We did say you would be able to create something truly breath-taking and with everything included in the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator you truly can!

So if you like the idea of letting your creative juices flow to make your own unique prom dress clipart then check out the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.

Where else to get prom dress clipart?

If you are still wanting to check out some other prom dress clipart before you take the plunge but not sure where to look then we have a couple of suggestions to help you!

Design Cuts

Design Cuts is a great marketplace for all things creative and you will definitely find the prom dress clipart you are looking for there.  They have a great search engine so simply type in what you are looking for and up pops all the clipart your heart could desire.

Design Cuts also has great customer service so if you run into any problems with something you buy they are always there to help.

Check out Design Cuts

Creative Market

If on the off chance you don’t find the prom dress clipart you are looking for at Design Cuts than you for sure will at Creative Market.  Creative Market probably has the biggest collection of graphic designs and illustrations.  Want some watercolor flower clipart to go with your winter formal dress clipart?  Creative Market has got you covered.  There are lots of amazingly talented artists on both Design Cuts and Creative Market that have created stunning works of art to make your life easy.

Check out Creative Market

Happy creating!

Create Your Own Fashion Clipart

By portrait creator

Create Your Own Fashion Clipart, Without Having To Draw A Thing!

Get stunning dress clipart and fashion clipart in the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.  Make fashion portrait’s that come to life!

If you love fashion, then you will love the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.  Here is a quick video that walks you through the creator.  Additionally, it gives an overview of all the different combinations you can come up with to create one-of-a-kind fashion portraits.

With just a few clicks you can build stunning fashion characters to suit your next project.  Perfect for bridal invitations, stationary, wall art and more.

Your audience and customers will be wowed by the stunning fashion portraits you create using the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.

Get the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator here.

How To Create Your Own Fashion Portrait’s

By fashion clipart, portrait creator

How To Create Your Own Fashion Portraits, Without Having To Draw A Thing!

In this tutorial I show you how to create your own fashion portraits with stunning dress clipart using The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.  Before you know it you will be making your own fashion portraits in just a few clicks!



In Adobe Photoshop, go to FILE – OPEN, navigate to the HELLO LOVELY folder and open up thefile titled GIRLS.


Select which girl_.psd you’d like to create and click OPEN. It’s a large file, so depending on your computer it may take a minute to open.


Once open, navigate to your LAYERS panel, it will be your new best friend. If your LAYERS pallet isn’t open, go to WINDOW and make sure LAYERS is checked.


The bottom layer is called BODY, click on the > to make the layer expand. There you will find the EYE COLOUR and SKIN COLOUR folders. Open to select which colour you’d like to choose by clicking on square box on the left hand side to make the eyeball appear.


Near the top is HAIR STYLES folder, click on the > to expand, select a hair style, click > to pick the colour of your selected style.


Turn on and offlayers by clicking on the eyeball in the layers pallet. It is best to only have one colour option turned on in each category.



Now that your lovely lady is ready to get dressed, open up the SKIRTS folder by clicking on the >


Pick the style of skirt you’d like by turning on or off the eyeball and open >.


There you will find SPARKLE OPTIONS and SKIRT COLOURS, open > each folder and click the eyeball on and off to select each option.


Next, select the TOPS folder. Just like the SKIRTS folder you will find SPARKLE OPTIONS and TOP COLOURS, open > each folder and click the eyeball on and off to select each option.

And now you have a beautiful dress, great job!



Now for accessories! Open up the JEWELERY, PURSES or HIGH HEELS folders by clicking on the > and pick the style of accessories you’d like by turning on or off the eyeball and open >. JEWELERY


GIRL_1.psd will have left and right ear options for earrings. It is handy to be able to select individual ears depending on the hairstyle. HIGH HEELS NOTE: There are heels for long and short skirts, the reason for this is to eliminate overlap. Now you have a lovely lady is ready, now to save!



Go to FILE – SAVE AS – (name your file) – select PNG from the FORMAT drop down menu and you’re done! (Saving as a PNG file will allow you to put your lady on any back drop, because it has a transparent background.)



In Adobe Photoshop, go to FILE – OPEN, navigate to the HELLO LOVELY folder and open up the file titled PATTERNS and choose a pattern jpg.


Go to EDIT – DEFINE PATTERN, name it and click OK.


Create a new file by going to FILE – NEW. Make you new file the dimensions you want and click OK.


Now that you have your new file, fill it with the pattern. Go to LAYER – NEW LAYER FILL – PATTERN. Click OK and adjust the SCALE % to the scale you wish.


Just 1 STEP

Once you have created a Lady, set of Heels or Purse as PNG les, you can simply open up background in Photoshop and and place you PNG file on top, arrange, add text and any other details.


Happy designing!!  xo

fancy dress clipart

Need Fancy Dress Clipart? Here’s Where to Find It!

By illustration, portrait creator

fancy dress clipartHave you been scouring the internet looking for fancy dress clipart but all you have been coming across is cutesy, girly dress clipart?  That can be kind of a problem if you are looking for dress art that is gala ball worthy!

If you are looking for fancy dress clipart, gown clipart, bridesmaid dress clipart, formal dress clipart or prom dress clipart that a supermodel would wear than I think the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator may be just the package that you are looking for.  At least that was the inspiration for creating it! 😉

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The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator allows you to mix and match dresses, heels, purses and jewelry just by turning on and off layers in photoshop to create stunning beauties.

Looking to make personalized cards to ask your lovely ladies to be your bridesmaids?  The Fashion Portrait Creator allows you to choose different body positions, skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and hairstyles so you can give a custom portrait to each lady.

A ton of research went into creating this collection.  One of the things Kris noticed when looking at what type of dress clipart and portrait creators were available out there, was that a lot of the art was very cute.  That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with that but much of the art looked more like something that would be appropriate for little girls rather than teens and women.

Kris really wanted to create fancy ballroom dresses on striking elegant women as it didn’t seem like there was enough of that type of clipart in the marketplace.  We think that the mission was accomplished!

What Could The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator Be Used For?

Winter Formal/Prom

Winter Formal and Prom are such fun.  You could make beautiful invitations, party favors or decorations for winter formals or prom.  Let’s face it, if you want a top shelf event you should have top shelf invitations right!


gown clipartWe could totally see these lovely ladies in their gowns used for logos that could be used on websites, business cards and many other things.  These would be perfect if you were a dress maker or owned your own seamstress business.


Are you a fashion blogger or know of one?  Being able to create your own high heels and purses would be great for a fashion blogger website.

One of the other things that Kris really wanted to achieve was to create beautiful mature women that are elegant, graceful and classy but not oversexualized.  She wanted the art to be appropriate for pre-teen girls and up.

All in all, check out the Hello Lovely Fashion Portrait creator.  We hope you love it as much as Kris loved creating it and that it will make your creative projects really stand out.

And don’t forget to check out Kris’s other graphic resources on Pretty Little Lines.

Happy Creating,

Pretty Little Lines

My Favourite Portrait Creators

By portrait creator

portrait creator | pretty little lines

Note: This post contains affiliate links

Let’s take a break from the flower clipart and talk about something completely different!

Portrait creators that allow you to design your own character and make cute and funny portraits of yourself or your family are really popular right now.

It makes sense when you think about the Instagram and selfie culture that we live in today.  After all, we have been drawing, painting and taking picture portraits of each other since the beginning of mankind.  In the middle ages even middle class people were commissioning portraits of their friends and families.

Did you know that Robert Cornelius made the first ever photographic self-portrait in 1839, of none other than himself!

It was only a matter of time before we started doing illustrated digital portraits.

As far as portrait creators go there are so many out there that really are truly amazing in their own way.  However, some of the portrait creators on the market truly do stand out from the rest in my opinion.

Now if you have come here and are reading this you are probably looking for a portrait maker with dress clipart you can use to make cards, invitations, planners, bridesmaids gifts or many other fancy things.

So without further delay here are my favorite portrait creators.

But before you do that why don’t you join my email list?  For joining you’ll get a free Goodie Bag of handmade clipart that are lovely, if I do say so myself.  And just between you and me you may get some other goodies too but shhh don’t tell anyone!  Oh and you get first access to all my sales and discounts on my other clipart collections.

Lisa Glanz Personalized Portrait Creator

Lisa’s portrait creator is the crème de la creme portrait maker.  It is the original and really is what all the rest of us strive for our creators to be even a tiny bit as good as one day.  I will just say that it is really good and worth your investment.

She has updated it many times and added new features over the years so it really does have it all.  I like how well thought out it is, how easy it is to use and how cute the artwork is.  This is a perfect portrait creator for any project that you may have so go buy it.  It’s worth it!


Girls Portrait Creator by KVITKA

I have to confess I haven’t bought this creator yet but the reason why I recommend it is because I love the style of artwork.  The girls in this creator are so cute!  There is something about the eyes of these characters that just pulls you in and makes it so you can’t help but smile.  Even their noses are cute!

Like any good creator this girls portrait creator has lots of cute lady clipart with many variants of hairstyles, lips, eyebrows, eye color, clothes and accessories so you can create a fashion illustration that is super cute and unique.   You can get it HERE.


Cat Character Creator

Alright, stay with me as our tour heads into the animal kingdom!  I don’t know if it has something to do with those crazy cat videos on youtube or cat t-shirts but I just could not look away from this cat creator.  People love their cats and if you are one of those people than this creator could be exactly what you are looking for.  I mean I am sure there is a niche of people that would love portraits of their cats of everything from t-shirts to mugs to invitations to their cats birthday.

This cat creator is actually pretty fantastic!  It comes with 10 different cat illustrations including different breeds.  You can also adorn your cat with all sorts of different cute and funny accessories like hats, glasses, head bands and many others.  I just think this cat creator is so fun!

The designer of this creator actually has another collection of Christmas accessories for the creator that you can purchase so you can make some super cute cat Christmas cards.

Get the cat character creator HERE.

So those are three portrait creators that I am really loving right now all for different reasons.  What I love so much about the all the different creators is the different style of artwork each designer brings to their creator.  They are all so different but all so super cute and fun in their own way.

I love these so much that they inspired me to make my own personalized portrait creator full of very glam dress clipart.  It’s super fun, glamorous, feminine and perfect for the fashionista.

You can see it HERE.

Happy creating,