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how to create a birthday card

How to Create a Birthday Day Card

By invitations, mermaid clipart

How to Create a Birthday Day Card with Cute Mermaid Clipart – Tutorial

Hi, Kris here. Welcome to another Creating with Clipart. Today, I’m gonna show you my new clip-art pack of mermaids, tropical flowers, and all things under the sea. And more importantly, I’ll show you how to use all these elements to make a birthday card using a watercolor mockup.


So I’m gonna dive into Photoshop, and this is the mockup I’m gonna be showing you. It’s part of my watercolor mockup creator. All these products I’m gonna put in the description below, so you can have a look and see what those are all about. So this is just… Once you get rid of these instructions here, you can see that it is a watercolor paper mockup, and I think that’ll work out perfectly for our card today. So once you download the mermaids, you’ll have a zip file, and you’ll open it up, and all of these things will be inside. So there’s Arrangements, Flowers and Leaves, Mermaids, Pelicans, Rocks, Sea Creatures, Sea Foliage, Seashells, Splashes and Bubbles.


So today we’re going to use… Let see, I’m gonna go in… Let’s find our main mermaid first. You can see there are 10 of them, and all of them have different colors as well. Here, let’s see. Different colors of skin tone, hair color, and… Well, I guess it’s not their outfit, but their scales.  So that’s how they look. So let’s just go and find the one we’re gonna use today. I’m gonna use mermaid number six, and I’m going to use this one here, mermaid six, and she’s gonna have the red hair or the orangey red hair and the yellow scales.


Actually, first, I’m gonna show you how to use this. This mockup, you have textures, so you can turn that on and off. You have some extra scratches and whatnot, you can just change the textures of this a little bit. But it’s actually really simple to use. All you do is go here, it says, “Add your artwork here.” You wanna just click inside the box here, so you just click on that, double-click, and it opens up, and it looks fairly similar to before, but you just have this transparent background. So this is just where you’ll add all your artwork, and then it will appear on here once we save it. So, I’m going to go and just add a new layer by hitting the plus sign here, and I’m gonna fill it in with a color, and I already have my swatches ready, so I’m just gonna use this purple and fill it in. And then I’m gonna actually lock this layer, just so I don’t move it around. And then I’m gonna go and grab my mermaid and drag her in, and just size her down a little bit.


Okay. So that’s pretty simple to start with. I’m just gonna put her over here. And then I’m gonna click below on that layer, ’cause I’m gonna put all the elements below. So let’s go and create a scene with her. So I’m gonna go back to… I’m gonna get the… We can let her sit on a rock, because it looks like she’s sitting. There’s three of them here, I’m gonna grab this one, rock three. Just drag it in. And I’m gonna just use these little handles, I’m gonna size it down and drag it down just to line up with her hands and her thumb here. Here we go. I’m gonna just use my arrows just to move that up a little bit more. Actually, let’s make this a little bit bigger, just to fill up the space a little bit more. It’s all about just moving things around and just getting them exactly where you want them. Okay. So that’s pretty good. And then we can go and decorate our rock a little bit, we can go get some sea creatures. How about we go and find some starfish? So I’m gonna grab this guy here, and we can put him on the rock. Just scale him down. Maybe we can put him about here. Let’s add a little pop color there, and that’s great.


Alright. And why don’t we put in some text, just so we know it’s a birthday card. I’m gonna just click the white, and my text tool. I’m gonna go to my character’s palette, and I really like this Little Bee font. I use it quite a bit. You can find that… I’ll put a link in the description below too, I just found it off of Creative Market. And you can just go and select… Try to make this a little bit smaller, so we can see it. Alright, maybe about 24, let’s see. Let’s see how that goes over that, so… Happy birthday.  Okay, I think we’re gonna need that bigger, for sure, so… Just gonna do Command+T, Control+T on a PC, and I’m just gonna drag that out, and that’ll make the last transform. Alright. Maybe just about there. Okay, so far so good. Alright, let’s go on and find some more characters to play with. So I’m gonna go and click on my starfish layer, just so that when I bring everything in, it’s gonna be below that. I love this little pelican here, so let’s go grab him. Drag him in, pelican number two, and size him down, drag him over. And while I still have him in transforming, that’s fine, you can leave it like that, you can just go to Edit, Transform. Oops! Let’s get it up there. And Flip Horizontal. And there we go.


Okay, let’s see where we can place him. Oops! Just gonna lock that Happy Birthday, ’cause I’m having trouble grabbing this guy. He might fit in there. And that might work. Let’s put him over top of the Happy Birthday, so that he fills that in. We’ll leave him there for now, I think that might work. Okay. So I’m gonna go back to the starfish, and I’m gonna go and do a little bit of… Actually, I’m gonna do some background. And go to Splash and Bubbles, I’m gonna grab these white bubbles, well, bubbles two, and drag it in, and resize. And this is just gonna make this look a little bit more frothy down here. I mean, they really work for underwater, but I think I like the look of it here too. Something like that.


And then I’m gonna click on layer one, and I’m gonna bring in a wash here. These are great for backgrounds. You can use these on their own with just a white background, it works really nicely. Or you can put this on a color, and actually, I’m gonna change the blending mode, I’m gonna change it to maybe… Well, the soft white looks nice. Yeah, we’ll leave it on the soft white, I’m so sorry, soft light, and just bring the opacity maybe at about 80% just to get a little texture. Okay. So I think we definitely need some more stuff in here, so I’m going to bring in some flowers. Let’s go back to our flowers. And I can already go in, and there… Let me just clean these up, these are a bunch of pre-made arrangements, but I’m gonna show you actually how I go about making these. So I’m gonna go into the Flowers and Leaves, it’s ’cause you can use them all individually and create your own arrangements. I’ll just make it like that. So I’m gonna do that. Well, let’s pick this guy, and I’m gonna get an orchid, and this one, and this one. Okay, I think those are gonna be our flowers for this one. And I’m just gonna hit Enter as they come in, so I’m gonna scale them all at once.


So I’m gonna select these, and I’m actually gonna go Command+G to group them, let’s say, Flowers, just to keep them all together. And I’m also gonna lock this wash, just so I don’t accidentally move it around. So I’m gonna select all these flowers, Command or Control+T, and scale them down all at once. Bring them up here, and let’s start and Enter, and then I’ll start arranging them. So I know I’m gonna want this orchid down below. What I normally do when I’m arranging flowers, I look for a flower that’s like this, more circular and straight on, or a down view, and then these ones are always going to be below it because you want this one to cover the stems. So that one is gonna usually be at the top layers, so I’m gonna drag flower eight to the top, and that’s gonna be here in the corner. I think of it as my anchor flower, if that makes sense. And then I’m gonna select this guy, I’m gonna do Command or Control+T, just spin him around, shrink him down a touch and tuck him in there a bit. Actually, you know what, I’m gonna do the white flower first. Stick him there. Bring this guy, Command or Control+T, turn it, and then see how he tucks in there, that’s nice. So that kind of works. It looks more natural.


So I’m gonna rearrange this layer order, so this flower 13 is gonna come below, and it’ll tuck in there, so that’s better. These orchids I’m gonna go Edit, Transform, Flip Horizontal, so that goes that way, that leans in there nicer. Makes more sense. Maybe just a little bit bigger. And tuck ’em in there. Okay. I feel like I need one more. I’m gonna grab this one, flower 18, and just scale this guy down. And let’s see, maybe a smidge bigger. Let’s rotate… Slide him in there, okay. So clearly we need some greenery, so I’m gonna go do that. So I’m gonna pick the wash layer, and so I bring all these leaves in below. So I’m gonna grab this one here, and this one, so I’m actually just pushing Command or Control to select multiple ones. You’re wondering how I’m doing that. So I’m just holding down my Command while I click, and that will allow me to get a few of these guys. Actually, I’m gonna get this other color here, and maybe this one. Okay, so I’m gonna drag this all in, hit Enter, and I wanna… I’m just gonna bring these into this group, so they’re below it though. And then Command or Control+T to resize, just scale those down, just approximate where we’re gonna need them, hit Enter. Okay. So now I can start… Let’s just put this over here. Let’s start filling these in.


Alright, so Command and T, get that in there, grab this guy, move him around, something like that. Oops. Or the one below. Okay, this one needs to be bigger, for sure. So let’s do that. I think I’m gonna flip this one. I’m going to flip it vertically. Here we go. But I just like the way the leaves are bending a little bit more there. This guy, let’s bring him down, size him up, looks good. Okay, and lastly, we’ll get him in here. Alright.


That looks good. Now I have a gap here that I just wanna fill in with some greenery, so I’m just gonna go and click on one of my leaves, I’m gonna do Command or Control+J to duplicate, Command+T, and just slide that behind. And then maybe I’ll grab this one, Command+J to duplicate, Command+T to move, and pop that in the back there just to fill it in. Okay. So that’s good for that side, now let’s do this side here. So I’m gonna go back to my finder, so I’m gonna grab a few more flowers here, so I’m gonna grab this one and this one, you can hold down Command to select multiple… This, and this, and let’s put this guy in here, too. Okay, so that… We’ll start with that. Kinda put this in this wrong group here, so let’s bring that out. So I’m gonna select those flowers, take them up, I’m gonna put them above the other flowers and then group them into, say, Flowers Two. Okay. So grab those flowers, Command+T, scale them down. Okay.


And then let’s get arranging here. This guy can go over there, this guy… Bit… Alright, move him out of the way. So this guy isn’t gonna go over here, I’m gonna bring in some shells, and so I’m not gonna use this as my anchor flower this time. Gonna move it so it looks like it’s tilting up towards the sun a little bit. Okay. Let me move him, I’m gonna move him up onto the top. Okay. And this one, I’ll just tuck in here. And actually I think I’m gonna bring it back to the very top as well. Okay. Let’s just click on the flowers and bring in… I’m gonna do the shells next. We can come back here to get the leaves in a minute, but I’m gonna go to the shells. I like adding the shells to the floral arrangement’s bedding, it looks kind of nice. Gives it a little bit of a different texture. So I’m gonna grab these three, drag them in, select them all, Command+T, and just bring them over here so I can see them a bit. Okay, I’m gonna bring this guy down here, move that up a little bit. Actually, I’ll bring this shell to be on top. There it goes. Actually, no, one below that white flower, that makes more sense. We’ll just size them up just a touch. Okay.


This guy can tuck in here. And actually, I’m gonna have him overlapping in here. There we go, yeah. And then this shell is gonna come up a bit, so we have that overlapping. That… Okay, I think that’ll be good. We’ll see what it looks like once we get our leaves in, so let’s go get those, back to the… Where am I going, Flowers and Leaves? And I’m gonna get… Gonna get this one, and this one. Gonna get one of these banana leaves. Let’s see how we do with those. I’ll just start to bring them into this folder at the bottom, and size them down, move here, and grab this guy, and he’ll be here. Actually, I want him to be over the water. So where is my rock? My rock is there, so I’m gonna bring the rock below the flowers, so that the roof of this leaf is going over that water part there. And I think what I can make happen is… Yeah, like that. Okay. So, you can see how that looks kind of cool ’cause it flows in, kind of a nice transition. Those happy… Well, I guess it’s not a mistake, but I did not really plan it.  Just kinda works. Okay.


So you just keep moving things around, seeing where they look good, and filling in the holes. Okay. And I think I’m gonna fill in some more greenery here. Let’s just maybe grab this guy, Command+J to duplicate, Command+T, and we’ll just fill in some of this in there. Maybe we’ll grab this one, Command+J, Command+T to fill in that, so it’s just nice and green behind here. Okay. Perfect! So I think that works well. Let’s see, maybe I’m gonna make her and the rock just a little bit bigger, so I’ve selected them both, and just gonna make that a little bit bigger. Okay. Filling up that space. Let’s see if we can make the pelican a little bit bigger, if that’s all right. Okay.


Now, to make it show up on our mockup, if you just go… File, Save, or Command+S. You don’t do Save As, just do Save, and then you go back to your mockup, that’s where it’ll show up. So that’s how easy it is to use these mockups, and that’s how easy it is to create a super cute card using clip-art. It’s even easier if you use the pre-made arrangements, but it’s really fun. I encourage you to make your own, too, ’cause you can make it super personal to you and stylize the way you want it for your project. Well, that’s it for today, so I hope you enjoyed it and found some of these tips useful and it helps you with your projects, and if you did like it, please give it a thumbs-up, subscribe, and don’t forget to hit that bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials just like this one in the future. I post every week. I’d love to see you back here. Thanks so much for watching. I love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next one.

How To Draw A Valentines Day Bunny

By illustration, invitations, procreate

How to Create a Valentine’s Day Bunny Card – Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome back!

Today I’m gonna show you a quick little demo of how to draw a cute little Valentine’s Bunny. It could be for any occasion of course, but I’m gonna be showing you using my latest pack, cats and dogs, a lovable illustration collection. This is just new to the shop today. We’re gonna actually be creating this little Valentine’s Day card here, and I’ll show you how to get flowers arranged and how to make that work and how to use that or how to create that so you’re using clip art properly. You can, of course, make all sorts of cute things, not just exclusive to Valentine’s Day, but I think love theme should be all year round, it kind of works with all that. You can see there’s lots of other cute goodies in here.


Let’s start from the beginning. Let’s say you’ve gone and gotten this pack and you’ve downloaded it, and your zip file will probably appear in your downloads folder, it would be in mine here and I’ve unzipped it already, of course. Okay, once you open it up, you have lots of things in here, like the bird houses, and some birdies, and some cars, and all sorts of good stuff. There is a full range of cats and dogs so we won’t leave anybody out. And if you’re like me, you like both, that’s all good, they’re both here for you to mix and match, combine, or just use one or the other. I’m gonna open up the cats today and go in and looked at the clothed, oh I should probably show you. There’s clothed and no clothes. So we have all of them in their little furry bodies there. That’s all good.


So you can put on accessories on them or just leave them as they are, or you can go in and choose the clothed options, there’s boy outfits, that type thing, or a girl outfit and dresses and whatnot. Today, I’m gonna use this cute little girl cat here, and I’ll show you how to do that. I’m gonna open up Photoshop, and of course, you can use whatever graphics editor that you’re comfortable with, this will even work in Procreate, or Affinity, or CorelDRAW, that sort of thing. Any of these things and this is really, really simple ’cause they’re all PNG files, so anything that can open and edit a PNG file should work for you. I’m just gonna open up Photoshop and I actually have a mockup here, it is from, I can throw a link down below for you guys if you’re interested. They have a really simple little pack of mockups that just have some cards in it, so that’s what I’m using today.


So you can see that we have the envelope and the card. So I’m just gonna go and see where it says place art here, there’s a smart object here, I’m gonna open that up and this will be our canvas for today. So I can go ahead and delete that pattern, ’cause we won’t be needing it. There’s a texture over top, that’s probably fine, I might add my own, that’s okay too. So I’m gonna go and grab that cute little cat and bring her in, just drag and drop, and I’m just gonna size her down just a touch, and place her about here I’d say. I’m just gonna get rid of these guys for a second, by doing Command H to get rid of all my extras. And then I’m gonna go and get some flowers. So I’m gonna navigate back to where it says florals, and grab, go in the flower section, and you can see there’s a bunch of flowers ready for you in all different colors and whatnot.


So I’m going to grab this guy and I’m just gonna hold down commands, on a Mac, what is it on a PC, shift probably, or control, and grab this flower, and I’m gonna get the dandelion, where is it? It’s there, and this guy here. I think that might be enough to start with. I’m just gonna drag and drop them and just hit enter to let them come in, and there we go. Now I’m gonna click the top one and then the bottom one, and hold down shift to shift select all of them, and then Control or Command T to transform. And I’m just gonna make them all together a little bit smaller, I’ll just do it at the same time, just making it easier. My computer’s being a little glitchy, sorry about that. Okay, so I’m gonna actually take the cat and put her on the top there so I can see, and then I’m just gonna grab… Oopsie, that’s the problem with these textures things, you got to lock them down, otherwise you just end up selecting them. Okay, so I’m gonna grab this flower and I’m gonna say edit, transform, flip horizontal, and then I’m just gonna Control or Command T, and just slide into position.


Oh my goodness, having laggy issues right now. Okay, so I’m gonna put it about there, and I grab this flower, I’m gonna bring it up above, actually that will be my most forefront flower. So I’m gonna just bring it there, Control T, or Command T, and just pop it over there. Oops, about that. Okay, and then I’m just gonna just arrange things just so they look how I want them to. And I’m gonna bring this guy to the back, be at the forefront there, I’m behind and over here, hold on, and that’s how I did it before. Alright, something like that, and you just sort of playing. I’m gonna flip this one, so I’m gonna go edit, transform, flip horizontal again, that way I can get that second one to appear more like that. Okay, so I think I’m gonna have to select everybody and just make them a touch smaller as to fit in our canvas here, in our card. Okay, it’s all about just rearranging playing around, it’s literally like floral arrangement.


So that’s good. I’m just gonna make this guy a little bit bigger, so Command or Control T. This guy a little bit bigger. Okay, I think that’s probably good. So here’s the thing, you notice that this may be looking a touch odd, I mean, it’s up to you, it sort of works, with that bow in front, but let’s say you wanted to get rid of that and have these stones come in front of that bow. This is how you would do it. Instead of erasing, which of course is an option, but you do run the risk of making a mistake and not being able to change anything afterwards, so we’re gonna try to work non destructively.


So I’m gonna select that cat a layer, and I’m gonna go down here, if you could see my cursor here, by the FX, there’s a square or rectangle with a circle in it, so that’s gonna be a layer mask, so if you just click on that, you’ll see here that the mask up here. So you can click on the cat or you can click on the mask, so you wanna click on the mask, and then you’re gonna go to your brushes, so just your brush tool, and I’m gonna have it set to a hard brush, a hard round brush. Just standard in Photoshop. And with my cursor, so I’m just gonna make this a little smaller, my bracket cursor is what will make that happen. And then you can see, if you have… Sorry, I should probably tell you this first. Here, over here, if you have black and white, so just have your standard black and white on, so if black is in the foreground, then that will remove the cat section, so if you switched to white, it’ll add back in.


Okay, so again, click on the black, and we can take it away, and also if you wanted to, you can always just remove that mask as well, and then it goes away, so if you wanted to delete it in the future for some reason. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna keep with my black and just actually kind of see where I want this to go, I don’t know if I want it to go all the way down there. I’m just gonna make it so that I can see a lot of it, or you could always change your opacity so you can see what’s behind, but this way I can just kinda see what I need to do and then I can go back with my white and fill it in. So I’m gonna make my brush a little bit smaller and then go back and fill in where her hand would be, ’cause we wanna keep the hand, but remove the parts of the dress behind.


Okay, so then I can go in here and just kinda guess where this is. Make it get smaller, ’cause there’s a button there. Okay, and let that leaf show and so I’m gonna change back to black, so I can come in there and just put that back. Switch to white and remove this part. Okay, so maybe this part, we’ll take that out as well, ’cause that doesn’t really make any sense, that area there, and then switching back to white to put it back and just getting that in there.


Okay, so there we go. That’s a way to make it show that it’s in front of that bow, if you prefer that. So that’s just a little trick there. And now I’m gonna add some text, so I’m just gonna go to my text tool and just have my text on black, just the reason why is with this font I’m gonna use, it actually doesn’t allow you to change the color, I have to do a color overlay on it, but that’s okay.


So I’m gonna use Little Bee. Maybe I’ll add in a link for you below where you get… This is just a cute font, it’s not a free front, it is a purchased font, but it’s rather adorable, I quite like it. So I’m gonna just write Happy Valentine’s Day. Okay, and I’m gonna have it aligned like that, just because it works with my composition here, and I’m just gonna do a Command T to transform and bring it a little bit larger, and that works. I’m having it at… The distance between the letters, I’m gonna have maybe at… Let’s see 100. I think that looks nice and just bring it in there, I kinda wanna keep and just not touching anything and maybe having it line up with the foot there, so I could always… I’ve done a Command R, it brings up and down your ruler, so you can just drag a ruler here and just make sure that you’re all in there, that’s good. That’s fine.


Okay, again, I think I’m gonna just go and select everybody, not this rectangle. Hold on, select everybody, just drag and select, Control or Command T, and just make it a wee bit smaller and that is looking good. Okay, we can go and see now. With a mockup, if you just save the file and then go back, the artwork will appear, and there we go. So that looks really adorable. Okay, so what we’ve done is we’ve done a good job of combining elements together, making it our own. I think it’s a good idea to add a color or some sort of background, so you could add a texture or a wash or something like that. You know what? We could even go add some more… Let’s see what this will look like. I’m gonna go and find the individual elements and grab some hearts here, ’cause it is Valentine’s Day. Let’s see if we could just add a couple of these guys in here, might be a little bit too much. Maybe if it’s just like that. Something like that.


Okay, and of course, we can go to our bottom layer and add maybe some color and a little background to it, so I’m just gonna select this here or make this rectangle this size. I wanna say the fill is going to be a yellow color, and I’m gonna put a line on it, a white or a stroke rather, and just bump that up quite a bit, like so. And that should be good. Okay, and then just save your work and we can go and see that, rather cute. That’s a really quick and easy way to make an adorable little card using clip art from this latest Cats and Dogs pack. If you wanna check out the full pack, I’ll leave a link in the description down below for you, as well as, there’s a link to some free goodies I’d love to share, and as well as the information of where to get this mockup.


So I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and if you did, please hit that like button, subscribe, and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials, just like this one, every single Tuesday. So thanks so much for watching. I love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next one.

how to make watercolor wedding invitations

How To Make Watercolor Wedding Invitations In Photoshop Easily

By invitations, watercolor clipart, wedding clipart

How To Make Watercolor Wedding Invitations In Photoshop Easily!

Many of you have been asking for a tutorial on how to make watercolor wedding invitations in Photoshop.

Well, here Kris Lauren takes you through an in-depth tutorial on how to do just that!  You will learn how to make your own watercolor wedding invitation in photoshop from beginning to end.

If this is your first time using Photoshop to make a watercolor wedding invitation than sit back, relax and allow Kris to make this experience an enjoyable one.

Oh and don’t forget to check out her lovely watercolor flower collections!

bridal shower clipart

Bridal Shower Clipart

By flower clipart, invitations, wedding clipart

The Best Bridal Shower Clipart For Invitations

This post may contain affiliate links.

Hello everyone!  Matt here!

So you’ve taken the plunge have you??

You’ve decided that you are either designing your own bridal shower invitations, you are making bridal shower invitations for your bride to be friend or you are selling bridal shower invitations.

Whatever the case may be may I take this time to say…congratulations! 😉

Obviously, I wasn’t at my wife’s bridal shower…or maybe I was?

You know, now that I think about it I really can’t remember!  I know we had a Jack & Jill shower.  I was there!  And, to be honest, it was all a blur at the time but I’m pretty sure Kris had a bridal shower.

I know what you are thinking…typical man!  It’s okay, I take it all in stride!

Bridal Shower Clipart For Invitations

What I am going to do in this article is to point you in the direction of some bridal shower images that I think will look stunning on your bridal shower invitations, make your life so much easier and save you time!

Isn’t saving time great!

I love to save time so let’s get to it!

bridal shower clipart

Bridal Shower Clipart Images

Okay so for all things bridal showers, wedding showers, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries do yourself a favor and go ahead and get The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator.  If you just do that, if that is the only clipart collection you get for your bridal shower invitations and decorations, you’ll have everything you need!


The Wedding and Celebration Creator is actually a collection of 12 different creators.  You get a bride creator, groom creator, little kids creator, archway creator, flower bouquet creator, 3 different cake creators, balloon creator, table creator and a bunting and present creator.  I’m out of breath!

Use the creators to make your own unique cliparts.  You’ll have bridal shower invitations that are one of a kind.  And the beauty of it is that you have everything you need to make wedding invitations also!

You can check out the Wedding and Celebration Creator for yourself here.

bridal shower clipart

Bridal Shower Clipart Flowers

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that your bridal shower invitations need flowers.

As I just mentioned the Wedding and Celebration Creator comes with a bouquet creator.  This creator includes hand painted watercolor flowers.  You can use them to create your own watercolor flower bouquet clipart for your invitations.

Here is a link to just the flower bouquet creator so go check it out.

Another watercolor flower collection that really has that WOW factor, especially if your color is pink, is the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection.

What does it for me in this collection, hands down, is the pink watercolor roses.  They are stunning, beautiful, breath-taking, to die for…you get the picture!  You just can’t go wrong with pink watercolor roses for anything to do with bridal showers and weddings.

I won’t spill all the beans here but do go check out the pink watercolor rose clipart for yourself!

Different Style Clipart for Bridal Shower

If you are looking for some clipart that is a different style but still girly and feminine then have a look at the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.

If you are fabulous and your ladies are fabulous then this clipart will be perfect for your bridal shower invitations.  Design stunning girls with high fashion gowns, hand bags, heels, hairdos and more.  Super fun, super easy and you end up with super stunning invitations!

Speaking of fun, check out Hello Lovely here.

Boudoir Bridal Shower Clipart

Now I’ve got the perfect thing for you if you are making an invitation for a bridal shower with a boudoir theme.  Interestingly enough, it is actually called Boudoir Hand Painted Clipart and all the elements were lovingly hand painted by Frou Frou Craft.

I know for a few a you reading, this is exactly THE THING you have been looking for so I’ll just let you go and check it out for yourself!

Another pack that I think would be helpful is the Bachelorette clipart pack by Papersphinx.  There are lots of elements in this clipart pack like bottles of champagne, toasting glasses, rings and lingerie that would totally work for a bridal shower invitation.

You can check out the Bachelorette clipart pack here.

In the end…

this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of bridal shower clipart.  But seriously, the collections I have pointed out will keep you busy creating for a long time!

I hope you found this helpful.  Check back as I will add to this list in the future.

For now, go make some beautiful bridal shower invitations with your new lovely clipart!

All the best,


wedding shower clipart

The Ultimate Wedding and Bridal Shower Clipart Collection…And We Mean Ultimate!

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The Ultimate Wedding and Bridal Shower Clipart Collection…And We Mean Ultimate!

The Grand-Daddy of Wedding and Celebration Creators.

wedding clipart

Have a bridal shower, wedding, birthday or other event coming up that you need to make invitations for?  Or maybe you just like making your own invitations because you are just awesome!  Yes you are and you know who you are!

May we introduce to you The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator by Kris Lauren.  This collection has been Kris Lauren’s baby for the past year almost.  It did literally take 9 months to make!

Uses For The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator

Well the creator is perfect for those of you looking for the following:


    •             Wedding shower clipart for party favors
    •             Bridal shower clipart for invitations
    •             Wedding cake clipart for invitations
    •             Birthday cake clipart
    •             Wedding bouquet clipart
    •             Groom clipart for invitations
    •             Wedding archway clipart
    •             Balloon clipart for invitations
    •             Bunting clipart for invitations
    •             Present clipart for invitations

If you have a celebration coming up…any type of celebration…The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator is your one stop shop for everything you will need to make the most incredible invitations that you or your invitees have ever laid eyes on!

wedding clipart

What Makes the Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator So Great?

The thing that makes the Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator so great is that it isn’t just one creator.  It is actually a package of 12 clipart creators that were all made around the wedding and celebration theme.  And yes, you did read that correctly…12.  A whole dozen creators for you to make your own wonderful and breathtaking creations!

So what does a dozen celebration creators get you these days?

Well the answer is it gets you a lot!

Here is a list of the 7 creators that are included in the package:


    1.             The Bride Creator with gorgeous wedding gowns and hairstyles
    2.             The Groom Creator with suits and accessories
    3.             The Little Kids Creator with dresses and suits for ring bearers and flower girls
    4.             The Stunning Archway Creator with watercolor florals
    5.             The Stunning Bouquet Creator to customize your own bouquets with watercolor flowers
    6.             The Fancy Cake Creator to create stunning custom wedding cake clipart
    7.             The Stunning Balloon Creator to create custom balloon clipart


But WAIT you say!  That is only 7 creators!  You said there were 12!

Well yes, we did but we didn’t want to just ruin the whole surprise.  One has got to build up to the climax right? Create a sense of anticipation!

Here’s the thing, words cannot do The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator justice.  So if you want to find out with the other 3 creators are (and they are good!) then do yourself a favor and go and see them for yourself.

That’s right go and see them here.  You can actually feast your eyes on the stunning, exquisite and breathtaking illustrations in the creators that you can use to make your own stunning, exquisite and breathtaking, custom creations.

See The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator exclusively at Design Cuts!

How To Make Your Own Stunning Wedding Invitations In Canva Easily

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how to make wedding invitations | pretty little lines

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Easily

Hi Ladies

I know why some of you came here.  Because you are getting married soon and you like to save money.  A huge congrats to you!  That is so exciting!

The rest of you must be here because you are starting to make wedding invitations to sell.  A huge congrats to you also!  That is so exciting!

Wedding Invitations Can Cost A lot!

I remember when I got married I think I spent a small fortune on wedding invitations

Nowadays, thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can make your own wedding invitations and save a ton of money!

The good news is you can put that saved money  towards other fun things like the dress, flowers or your honeymoon!

For those of you starting up your own wedding card invitation business obviously making your own wedding invitations to sell allows you to make more money because you don’t have to pay someone else to do it.

Let’s begin shall we!

What You Will Need?

If you have a computer and internet connection you are pretty much good to go.  However, there are two other things you will need.  Graphic design elements or clipart and fonts.

If you need to know where to get clipart than check out my post Where to find beautiful and elegant clipart to use for commercial use or buy clipart for commercial use.

Annnd If you want some FREE Goodie Bag full of handmade illustrations than join my list and I will give you some as a gift!

So you can get clipart images and fonts right from Canva if you want.  But besides saving money, making your own invitations allows you to give your invitations your own personal touch.

That is why I think purchasing clipart is the way to go.

Let’s Get Started!

The first thing you will want to do is go to  If you don’t have an account you can sign up for one.

Don’t worry it’s free.

Once Your Account Is Setup

Once you have have your account login.  Now you can just start with a blank invitation or you can click on find templates and then navigate your way to the wedding invitation templates.

how to make wedding invitations | pretty little lines

Whether you are going to use a template or just start with a blank canvas you will have to choose whether you want a square invitation or rectangular invitation.  The dimensions for a square invitation are usually 14cm x 14cm while the dimensions for a rectangular invitation are usually 4.5 inches x 6.25 inches.

Today we are going to make a rectangular wedding invitation.

I am going to use a template but I am going to delete pretty much everything in the template and just leave the text which I will change at the end.

Now that we have deleted all of the clipart elements that were used in the template we can upload our own clipart to use.

Don’t Forget A License

If you are making invitations to sell then you need to buy clipart for commercial use.

It important that your clipart elements are in png format like a flower png and do not have a background.

On the left-hand side of the screen click on uploads and then you can either click on the “upload an image” button or you can simply drag and drop the images you want to upload from your computer into Canva.

I’m going to use clipart from my pretty in pink watercolor rose clipart collection.

make wedding invitations in Canva | pretty little lines

Pretty Easy So Far!

Now that we have uploaded our clipart images we can start to drag them onto our invitation to place and manipulate them on the invitation.

It’s so fun to move these around to see how they look.

If you click on an element you can even adjust the transparency of the image by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner that looks like a checkerboard.

Add Some Text

Once you have all your elements placed the way you want you can now work on adding your text.

To add text you can either click on the text icon on the left hand side of the page.

In this case there is already text in our template so we simply add whatever text we need to.

make your own wedding invitations | pretty little linesOnce you have added text you can adjust the color, size and font.

So now we have a very cute wedding invitation that you can either use for yourself or sell online.

make your own wedding invitations | pretty little linesSave Your Invitation

Either way we will go ahead and save the invitation or Canva also has the option to have the invitations printed and shipped to you.

So there you have it! It really is that easy!

So don’t hesitate start creating your own wedding invitations.

Happy Creating,

Pretty Little Lines.