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watercolor magnolias

Painting Watercolor Magnolias

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Painting Watercolor Magnolias Is Fun!

For those of you that like to paint for yourselves or are looking to try your hand at  painting watercolor flowers, here is a great little timelapse video of Kris Lauren painting some watercolor magnolias for The Stunning Wedding & Celebration Creator.

The Stunning Wedding & Celebration Creator will only be available on Design Cuts so keep your eyes peeled for it later this month!  More info will be coming forth soon.

As for the watercolor magnolias…

Here you can get a behind the scenes look at how Kris paints these beautiful magnolia blossoms and transforms them into digital clipart.  It is strangely satisfying to watch the all the flowers being painted on paper and then prepped in illustrator in under 6 minutes!

If only it could be done that fast!

Don’t forget to hit the “like” and “subscribe” as there will be more videos coming out showcasing much more of the exquisite art Kris has made for the creator.

Happy creating!

Hi Guys! Welcome!

My name is Kris and I am an illustrator and a painter.  This is a series on watercolor flowers.  It’s a really big part of a package I just finished creating.  It’s called The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator and it is exclusively sold at Design Cuts.

I am so lucky to partner with them.  It was a really great collaboration and it was a really neat marriage between, no pun intended cause it is all about weddings, but a marriage between watercolor painting and Procreate.

So this is the watercolor portion and I am just going to go through and show you all the flowers that I have painted.  First in the series is a  watercolor Magnolia and I begin by sketching out my flower first and then transferring it onto watercolor paper.

After that, I scan it into my scanner and put it onto the computer and transfer it onto my Ipad Pro to use Procreate to delete the backgrounds.  This leaves a nice clean PNG file to use for digital work.

So sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee if you want and I hope you enjoy!

bunny clipart

4 Examples of Cute Bunny Clipart Everyone in the World Should See!

By bunny clipart, illustration

4 Examples of Cute Bunny Clipart Everyone in the World Should See

We noticed there are several types of cute bunny clipart.  Do a simple search for yourself and you will see that there is enough cute bunny clipart out there to make your head literally spin!  There is bunny clipart that is cartoon style and bunny clipart that is more illustration style.  Don’t even get us started on the difference between cartoon, clipart and illustration.  They are all different and yet they can all be the same which is so confusing when trying to think of what terms to use to search for the bunny clipart that you are looking for.

That is why we decided to put together an article that goes over:

  • What’s the difference between bunny clipart and bunny illustrations
  • Uses for cute bunny clipart
  • Examples of cute bunny clipart
  • Bunny clipart collections
  • Where else you can get cute bunny clipart

Hopefully, this will be answer all your questions and help you find the bunny clipart that is just the cutest!

What’s the difference between bunny clipart and bunny illustrations?

We gotta say we have been wondering about this question ourselves!  The terms clipart and illustration are used almost interchangeably in the graphics world that you might find yourself wondering truly what is the difference.

Well according to the definition clipart is “simple pictures and symbols made available for computer users to add to their documents.”  Picture the little arrows, happy faces and basic images you put in your Powerpoint presentations to spice them up!

An illustration, in the sense that we are talking about, is, according to Wikipedia:

“An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games and films. An illustration is typically created by an illustrator.”

Where things get tricky is that a lot of illustrations can be made into clipart.  So in a sense they are two different things and in a sense clipart and illustration can also be the same thing.  Does your head hurt yet?

In summary, bunny clipart and bunny illustrations can mean two different things but they can also mean the same thing so in the interest of keeping things easy we are just going to refer to it as bunny clipart…cute bunny clipart, that is!

Uses For Cute Bunny Clipart

Bunny clipart can be used for so many more things than just making your Powerpoint presentation less boring!

Bunny clipart can be used for, or to make, the following:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Planners
  • Stickers
  • Enamel pins
  • Fabrics
  • Invitations
  • Stationary
  • Party décor
  • Wall art
  • Logos and branding
  • Web design
  • Embroidery
  • Printables

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are many more reasons why you might need cute bunny clipart!

Examples of Cute Bunny Clipart You Must See!

We know beauty, or cuteness, is in the eye of the beholder but here are what we think are some examples of bunny clipart that are super cute and would work for any creative project that calls for bunnies.

bunny clipart
bunny clipart
cute bunny clipart
bunny clipart

Bunny Clipart Collections

Now depending on what your creative project is you will probably need more than just one bunny clipart illustration so here are two collections of bunny clipart by Kris Lauren that we think you should check out.

  • spring clipart illustration
    Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

    Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit

    From $27.00

Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit

There is just something about spring time and bunnies that go together.  If you live in the country you know in spring the flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is beginning to grow and you’ll probably see the bunnies hopping around!

Kris Lauren has brought all those elements together in the Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit.  It is full of illustrated cute little girls, bears, birds, trees, picnic baskets, flower clipart and most importantly lots of cute bunnies!

There are 195 individual elements that come in the kit so you can mix and match all the different elements to make your own clipart and scenes in the esthetic that you want for your project.

Go here to see the Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit for yourself.

  • rabbit clipart pretty little lines
    Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

    Spring Holiday Bunny Clipart

    From $12.00

Bunnies, Bugs and Blooms

Bugs, Bunnies and Blooms is a whimsical little collection of hand drawn bunnies and lots of other goodies perfect for Easter or any other time of year.  These bunnies are soooo cute and what’s great is there are 12 individual bunnies included in the collection along with adorable bugs, flowers, wheelbarrows, bows and boots.

The wheelbarrows, bugs, flowers and other elements can be arranged together to make so many cute little scenes that will work great for you project.

In fact words cannot do it justice.  You just have to see cute bunny clipart package for yourself!

Where else can you get cute bunny clipart?

In addition to the two bunny clipart collections we have suggested there are a few other places you can go to find cute bunny clipart.  All of these sites have great search functions so you can go to anyone of them and simply search for bunnies and lots of beautiful bunny clipart will appear before your eyes!

Here is the list of sites you can find bunny clipart:

As you can see there is lots of cute bunny clipart out there and now you have all the tools to find some that will make your creative project pop!

Happy creating.

fancy dress clipart

Need Fancy Dress Clipart? Here’s Where to Find It!

By illustration, portrait creator

fancy dress clipartHave you been scouring the internet looking for fancy dress clipart but all you have been coming across is cutesy, girly dress clipart?  That can be kind of a problem if you are looking for dress art that is gala ball worthy!

If you are looking for fancy dress clipart, gown clipart, bridesmaid dress clipart, formal dress clipart or prom dress clipart that a supermodel would wear than I think the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator may be just the package that you are looking for.  At least that was the inspiration for creating it! 😉

Join my Free Resource list to get access to FREE WATERCOLOR CLIPART, discounts and tips and tricks!

The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator allows you to mix and match dresses, heels, purses and jewelry just by turning on and off layers in photoshop to create stunning beauties.

Looking to make personalized cards to ask your lovely ladies to be your bridesmaids?  The Fashion Portrait Creator allows you to choose different body positions, skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and hairstyles so you can give a custom portrait to each lady.

A ton of research went into creating this collection.  One of the things Kris noticed when looking at what type of dress clipart and portrait creators were available out there, was that a lot of the art was very cute.  That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with that but much of the art looked more like something that would be appropriate for little girls rather than teens and women.

Kris really wanted to create fancy ballroom dresses on striking elegant women as it didn’t seem like there was enough of that type of clipart in the marketplace.  We think that the mission was accomplished!

What Could The Hello Lovely Fashion Creator Be Used For?

Winter Formal/Prom

Winter Formal and Prom are such fun.  You could make beautiful invitations, party favors or decorations for winter formals or prom.  Let’s face it, if you want a top shelf event you should have top shelf invitations right!


gown clipartWe could totally see these lovely ladies in their gowns used for logos that could be used on websites, business cards and many other things.  These would be perfect if you were a dress maker or owned your own seamstress business.


Are you a fashion blogger or know of one?  Being able to create your own high heels and purses would be great for a fashion blogger website.

One of the other things that Kris really wanted to achieve was to create beautiful mature women that are elegant, graceful and classy but not oversexualized.  She wanted the art to be appropriate for pre-teen girls and up.

All in all, check out the Hello Lovely Fashion Portrait creator.  We hope you love it as much as Kris loved creating it and that it will make your creative projects really stand out.

And don’t forget to check out Kris’s other graphic resources on Pretty Little Lines.

Happy Creating,

Pretty Little Lines

My Top 3 Places To Get The Best Ballerina Png’s

By ballerina clipart, illustration

Ballerina Png | pretty little linesLooking for super cute ballerina clipart in Png format?  Well here are my fave places you can look to find just what you are looking for.

sBallerina’s are beautiful, elegant and sophisticated.  It is hard to think of anything else that conjures up images of grace, class, beauty, strength and precision like a ballerina does.

Ballerina’s can also be super cute and adorable.  Anyone who has had a daughter in ballet knows this!

The fact is a ballerina Png (s) is a great way to enhance the marketability of your next product if you are marketing to females or people that just like products with super cute, girly ballerinas on them!

My favorite ballet clipart packages are great for:

  • Planner covers
  • Custom fabrics
  • T-Shirt
  • Physical and Digital Scrapbooking
  • Party Backdrops
  • Printed note pads
  • Feminine logo
  • Invitation Design
  • Iphone covers
  • Blog or Web Design
  • DIY craft projects

Here are my top 5 places to get the best ballerina Png’s to make your next project really stand out.

  • Creative Market
  • The Hungry Jpeg
  • Design Bundles
  • BONUS!!! Pretty Little Lines? Really?

Here you can find these cute graphic designs for sale!

Creative Market

ballerina clipart

I really like Karamfila’s Ballerina Clipart package.  It’s pink, it’s bold, it’s beautiful and I love it!  Seriously, her ballerinas in this package are so adorable.  The lashes on the ballerinas eyes just stand out and draw you in for some reason.   And I love the pony’s and swans.  They are so cute also.  So perfect and so well done.  Once again Karamfila delivers exquisite work.

The collection contains 35 pieces in separate Png files with transparent background so you can easily use them for any project.  You can check out the entire collection here.

The Hungry Jpeg

ballerina png

The My Little Ballerina clipart collection by Anna’s Creations is also adorable!  These ballerinas are hand drawn and decorated with gold dust and florals to make them extra cute.

Anna also includes beautiful decorative elements such as florals, hearts, ballet shoes, gift boxes and more.  In fact here is a full rundown of what is in the ballerina clipart package:

  • 10 unique ballerinas
  • 8 background elements
  • 21 floral elements
  • 5 seamless patterns
  • 11 pre-decorated ballerinas with flowers, crowns and glitter
  • 10 decorative ballerina themed design elements
  • 6 frames
  • 9 floral compositions

All the files are in Png format and you can get it here.

Design Bundles

ballerina png

Design Bundles is another place to look for ballerina png’s.  Karamfila also sells her packages on Design Bundles but we already talked about those!  If you are looking for some delightful ballerina’s in Png format for your wall art, prints or textiles that you want to make than Design Bundles is another great place to look.

Check them out here.

The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection

Did you know I also offer a collection of hand drawn ballerina clipart in Png format?  I won’t go into all the details here but this package is available here or you can also find it at Design Cuts here or at Creative Market here.

So there you have it.  Those are my top 3 places to find ballerina Png clipart.

Happy creating!

Pretty Little Lines

P.S. If you like my ballerina package and want to find out a way to get them at a discount then sign up for my mail list!

P.S.S. And don’t forget to check out all my other clipart for commercial use.

Get The Best Ballet Clipart That Will Take Your Breath Away

By ballerina clipart, illustration

Hello Ladies

Hope you all are doing well!  So you are looking for ballet clipart?  Perhaps you are needing ballet dancer clipart for the planners, printables, invitations, wall art etc. that you are making.

The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection may be just the ballerina clipart png collection that you are looking for!

I have had a lot of fun creating this package and can’t wait to put up these graphic designs for sale.  I always wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger and was in ballet for many years but somehow other things got in the way and, well, you get the picture.  However, I have always loved ballet and that is what inspired me to create this ballet clipart collection.

If you know me at all you know I like things that are girly, elegant and super cute and I really think this collection delivers on all those fronts.

I actually got a lot of feedback from a lot of you while I was making this package and I incorporated some of your suggestions into the final product.  For instance, one of the suggestions I thought was brilliant was to include little girl ballerina’s in the package.

I am not entirely sure why this did not occur to me originally but thank goodness you suggested it because I think it really brings a youthfulness and innocence to the package that otherwise wouldn’t have been there.

I mean is there anything cuter than seeing little girls in a ballet class!

The little girl ballerinas are just delicious and I could totally imagine them being on girls pajamas, clothing, wallpaper in a little girls room or for a feminine logo and branding.

It’s a shame I have 3 boys but no daughter! Sigh!

My boys are more interested in cars and hockey so creating The Grand Ballerina Package was a perfect outlet for my girly side.

Don’t get me wrong, boys are great and I wouldn’t trade mine for the world! 😉

I am not sure what you’ll think but I may have gone a little overboard with this collection of ballerina clipart Png’s because there are over 200 illustrations of ballerinas, flowers and accessories all in individual png format in this package.

Check out my other watercolor flower clipart.

In addition to the ballerinas and flowers I also included hand drawn illustrations such as:

  • cute and exquisite tutus,
  • ballet shoes clipart
  • beautiful tiaras (what ballerina package would be complete without tiaras!)
  • outlined ballerinas
  • a gorgeous chandelier (I want this in real life!)

That’s really just the tip of the ice-burg!  There are so many more elements in the package like seamless patterns, 45 ballerinas and 27 little ballerinas each in a number of different poses.

I know there will be something in this package that you will just love.

But before you do that why don’t you join my email list?  For joining you’ll get a free Goodie Bag of handmade clipart that which are lovely, if I do say so myself.  And just between you and me you may get some other goodies too but shhh don’t tell anyone!  Oh and you get first access to all my sales and discounts on my other clipart collections.

I am so excited to launch my Grand Ballerina Clipart PNG Package.  I hope you like it as much as I had fun creating it!

Happy creating


watercolor flowers png

5 Watercolor Flower Clipart Packages That Will Blow Your Mind

By flower png, illustration

Watercolor Flowers PNG Images For Commercial Use

These are my favorite watercolor png clipart packages right now.

Hey everyone!  Matt here.  I’m Kris’s husband for those of you that might not know.

Watercolor flowers png images are so popular right now.  I just love flowers to begin with.  There is nothing like having a fresh vase of flowers in your living space to just brighten up the room!

I know…I’m a man and I like fresh flowers!  What can I say?

If you could afford to have fresh flowers in your house all the time wouldn’t you?  I would!

It just brightens up my day to see fresh flowers.  It is no wonder then that I love seeing people put watercolor flower clipart images on all sorts of things from invitations to ipad cases.

If you are looking for some pretty watercolor flowers the good news is that there is a ton of selection out there for you to choose from.  The bad news is that you can almost get overwhelmed trying to go through it all!

How do I know???  Because I have spent the last 5 hours and 5 cups of coffee looking at them!!!

I thought it would be kind of fun to pick out 5 watercolor flowers clipart packages that really catch my eye.  Hopefully you will like them too and it will save you some time! But if not, don’t worry there is no shortage of watercolor flower images out there to choose from.

So without further delay here are some really beautiful watercolor flowers png clipart packages.

But before you do that join our newsletter!  For joining you’ll get a free Goodie Bag of my hand drawn illustrations which are lovely!  Ehem…my wife drew them and everything she does is lovely to me! And you get first access to all the sales and discounts on her other clipart collections.

Watercolor flowers PNG

Now before we get going, of course I will be mentioning some of my wife’s beautiful collections.  I mean, I may be bias, but I think they are pretty delightful!  And there’s also that thing about happy wife happy life right? ;-).  Anyhow, if you can’t wait you can just go see them here, here and here.

Twigs and Twinewatercolor flower clipart image | pretty little lines

I must confess…

I can’t choose just one package of watercolor flower clipart from Twigs and Twine.  All of their packages are just so elegant and gorgeous.  If I did have to choose one package it would be their clipart package called Dusk.  It comes with 34 separate flower and leaf images, 10 flower arrangements, 10 flower frames, 10 wreaths and more!  This is perfect for those for those invitations you are looking to make and will really make them stand out.  You can view all the packages here.


Graphic Boxcommercial use flower clipart images | pretty little lines



The Graphic Box store has a wide variety of design resource packages but what really caught my eye was their watercolor white flower package.  This is a a very elegant white flower and green foliage collection.  It comes with 31 flowers, 8 flower wreaths, 14 flower bouquets and much more.  You can also use the separate watercolor flower clipart to create your own arrangements.  I think these hand-drawn watercolor flowers are absolutely beautiful!  Check them out.


Lisimawatercolor flower clipart image | pretty little lines



Another one of my faves for watercolor flowers is pretty much anything by Lisima.  Lisima actually has over 10 watercolor flower packages to choose from.  The detail and colors of the flowers are breathtaking to say the least.  All the collections come with a variety of watercolor flower clipart and elements that you can use to make your own creations.

They are stunning and you should check them out here.

Blush Watercolor Flowers PNG

Patishopartwatercolor flower clipart images | pretty little lines



I like Patishopart watercolor flower collections because, well, they are beautiful that’s why!  The flowers are less detailed but that is why I like them.  They have their own unique look and they are very well done.  They are smaller packages with all PNG files but you can still make lots of variations of arrangements with the elements in the packages.

Check them out here.

Purple Watercolor Flowers PNG

Octopus Artislilac flower clipart images | pretty little lines



These beautiful watercolor flower clipart collections from Octopus Artis really catch the eye.  I know they are lilacs and not roses but I just really like them!  The artwork really is whimsical and delightful.  I especially like the lilac watercolor clipart.  The colors of the hand painted lilacs are just so vibrant!  This flower clipart package comes with 36 elements and card and frame templates.  The 36 elements are all in PNG format.

Check them out here

Pink Watercolor Flowers PNG

Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collectionwatercolor floral clipart images | pretty little lines



This is one of my very own watercolor flower clipart collections and one of my most popular sellers.  It comes with 47 individual floral elements, 12 flower bouquet png, 12 floral sprays, 12 floral borders and 12 floral frames.  The collection actually includes a lot more as there are 123 hand drawn items included in the collection.

If you love all things pink than you will love this watercolor flower collection or Kris’ other hand drawn clipart.

Your next creative project will look absolutely stunning and elegant with the watercolor flowers from any of the above collections so you can’t go wrong!


Happy Creating


Where To Find The Best Tropical Flowers PNG

By flamingo clipart, flamingo png, illustration

tropical flowers png | pretty little lines

The Truth About Where To Find The Best Tropical Flower Png’s.

Oh my goodness!!  Who does not love the smell of tropical flowers!  I absolutely love walking off the plane and into the Maui airport taking in the breathtaking fragrance of all the tropical flowers.  If you get a chance to do it yourself I highly recommend it!

The creative project you are working on needs to impart that feeling to your client or customer.  You want tropical flower png’s that are so exquisite that you can almost smell their luscious scent.

The Tropical Flowers Should Pop Off The Page!

The most popular tropical flowers are orchids, hibiscus, plumeria and rhizomes to name a few but there are many others.  They are found in between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer geographically speaking…now I really sound like a smarty pants!

If you can find some really good hand drawn hibiscus, plumeria or orchids I think those really help to bring the tropical vibe to your project.

Here are some examples of hand drawn tropical flower png’s that I have created myself.  They are part of my flower clipart and flamingo clipart package which you can view here.

Before we move on why don’t you join my email list?  For joining you’ll get a free Goodie Bag of my watercolor and hand drawn illustrations which are lovely, if I do say so myself.  And just between you and me you may get some other goodies too but shhh don’t tell anyone!  Oh and you get first access to all my sales and discounts on my other clipart collections.

tropical flower png

Hibiscus PNG

This is my interpretation of a tropical hibiscus flower.  It comes in lined and unlined png’s.  As you can see I focused on more muted tones for these flowers sticking mainly to different shades of pink.  I don’t know about you but I just love hibiscus flowers and especially the smell of them!  There are 12 different variations of this flower in my package for you to use in your next project.

Plumeria PNG

Plumeria Tropical Flowers

I just love the look of plumeria tropical flowers and their fragrance is so good too!  Don’t they just make you feel happy!  Again I stuck with more muted pink tones for these flowers and I just think they are so cute!  You can get them in my flower clipart package lined or unlined.

All the tropical flower png files in my package can be used separately or you can manipulate them to create bouquets or wreaths along with the other leaves and flowers that are included in my flowers and flamingos clipart package.  These are perfect for everything from custom fabric to branding to surface printing.

tropical flower png

If my flowers are not quite what you are looking for another great place to look for tropical flower png’s is Design Cuts.  If you haven’t visited their site yet you should definitely do yourself a favour and check it out.  They have a ton of packages for almost every type of graphic you can think of.  The best part is the bundles they offer.  Those are some of the best bang for your buck bundles of clipart and graphics packages that you can get anywhere on the web.  If you are looking to buy clipart go to Design Cuts.

In fact, they have so much variety there it can almost be overwhelming as you can just get lost in scrolling page after page.  It is so great to see people are creating so much amazing art!  I hope you find it all as inspirational as I do.

Best wishes,


flamingo clipart

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Flamingo Clipart

By flamingo clipart, flamingo png, illustration

Pink Flamingo Clipart

If you are in need of pink flamingo clip art for your next creative project one of the feelings you may be having is where do you even start to look?  I mean there are literally hundreds of sites to search through to find what you are looking for.

  • flamingo clipart
    Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

    Flowers and Flamingos Clipart

    From $21.00

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a couple of sites that had all the best flamingo graphics for sale and flamingo graphic packages all in one place from top notch artists?

Yes of course!

But before I get tell you which sites are the best to find pink flamingo clipart take a minute to check out my Flower clipart and Flamingo clipart package!

If you need flamingo illustrations in a png format for your creative than my hand drawn flowers and flamingo package may be just what you are looking for.  These super cute flamingo and tropical flower png graphics can be used for everything from party supplies, textile print, web design, iPhone cases to custom fabrics.

If you want to check out my Flowers and Flamingo’s clipart package than click HERE.

Okay I have to confess one of my top 3 places to get the best pink flamingo clipart was…well…from me!

However, there are two other sites in particular that you can find so many awesome examples of pink flamingo clipart.

But before we move on why don’t you join my email list?  For joining you’ll get a GOODIE BAG full of my graphics and illustrations which are lovely, if I do say so myself.  And just between you and me you may get some other goodies too but shhh don’t tell anyone!  Oh and you get first access to all my sales and discounts on my other clipart collections.

Creative Market is pretty much one of the go to sites for graphic resources and clipart illustrations.  They have a ton of absolutely stunning flamingo clipart packages in so many different styles that you are sure to be able to find just the right kind of flamingo illustration that will complete your creative vision.

And yes my flowers and flamingos clipart package just also happens to be on creative market also!

Creative market is pretty much like a candy store for designers as there are so many different font and illustration packages that the possibilities for your next project are endless.

Check out the flamingo graphics on creative market here.

Oh my goodness I love Etsy!  They have so many absolutely gorgeous clipart packages.  They have lots of really pretty examples of flamingo clipart that you can buy so if my package isn’t the style you are looking for than I am sure you can find something on Etsy.

Check out the flamingo illustrations on Etsy here.

Okay so there are my top 3 places to get the best pink flamingo graphics and flamingo drawing.  I know one of the places was pretty little lines but I am really happy with how my flamingos turned out and I hope you like them too.

Best wishes & happy creating!

Pretty Little Lines

flower clipart

This Flamingo Graphic is Shockingly Good!

Check out the Tropical Flowers and Flamingo clipart collection.

These are stunningly hand drawn flower and flamingo graphics that you can purchase with a commercial license to use in your next creative project.

The flamingos with the rose bodies and sparkle outline are so cute and really catch the eye.

Check out the pictures below!

Download this collection HERE!

Or go ahead and read more about flamingo graphic illustrations.

flamingo clipart
flamingo clipart
flamingo clipart
flamingo clipart
flamingo clipart

Flamingo Illustrations

I love making elegant flamingo illustrations because they are one of my favourite tropical birds.  Most likely because they are pink!  These long-legged creatures have comical yet elegant features that make them super fun to draw.  It’s probably why so many of us love to use them in design.  Their backward bending legs are pretty quirky and their necks are so elegant, it’s a fun dichotomy.

One feature of note is how they usually stand on one leg.  No one actually knows why they are often have their leg tucked up, but one theory is that they do this to conserve body heat because they are usually standing in cold water.  Another theory is that this pose conserves muscle effort of the leg making more efficient to stand this way.  Either way, it’s funny and again an important shape to create when making flamingo clipart.

flamingo clipart

How I Create Flamingo Clipart

When I am creating flamingo illustrations, I start with a quick pencil sketch, drawing an oval for the body shape and then add an s-curve to create their classic neck shape followed by their little stick legs using sharp angles.  For these pink ladies I wanted to fancy it up a bit by making their body into a rose.  It was a nice way to dramatize their feathery bodies and make these flamingos elegant.  I then take a photo with my phone and transfer to Procreate to finalize the design.

For their faces, I thought some lovely long lashes would add more femininity to the illustration.  Their beaks and limbs just had to have a bit of sparkle to really add a bit more glitz and glamor to these lovely ladies.  I did this by adding sparkle textures to some of the layers.  Once complete I save as flamingo png files to retain the transparent back ground making it perfect for flamingo clipart.

Where to Find this Cute Pink Flamingo Clipart

If you are looking for this cute flamingo clipart, you can find them right here and see the full package that includes 30 flamingo png ‘s as well as tropical flowers png ‘s , arrangement, wreaths and frames.

flamingo clipart

Floral Flamingo Graphic Illustrations

Flamingo graphic illustrations distinct characteristics make them beautiful and as well as slightly awkward.  It makes them loveable and stand out from the rest, making dynamic design.  The following collection of flamingo png ‘s allow to you create a variety of creative projects.  From party supplies, to greeting cards, to seamless patterns and all your branding needs.

These lovely pink leggy friends are in their natural environment accompanied by tropical flowers and palm leaves.   This makes them perfect for creating weekly planners, personalized stationery and decorations.

Flamingo Inspiration

I was inspired to design some more unique flamingo illustrations while away in Palm Desert not too long ago.  While there, we visited a grand hotel that had lots of flamingo’s in the courtyard pond.

My kids found great enjoyment out of mimicking these funny pink birds and it reminded me of how much I love them.  So I got down to sketching and came up with something a bit fancy and fun, I hope you enjoy!

flamingo clipart
flamingo png
flamingo png
flamingo clipart

All of these flamingos are handcrafted in every aspect of the design, so you get a elegant representation of what flamingos might look like if they were made of flowers instead of feathers. It’s a beautiful aesthetic for planners, scrapbooks, and other projects.

Ways to use Pink Flamingo Clip art

Whether you are looking to design something personal or for a client, you’ll have fun creating something really special with this collection of flamingo clipart.  Try these out for a cute print on a pair of pyjamas or a personal birthday card for your gal pal, so many options to choose from.

The flamingo png ‘s are all hand drawn elements are perfect for your logo, your blog or digital papers.  Think tropical and sweet with these floral flamingos!

I hope you enjoy creating fabulous creative projects with these most wonderful creatures.  They were an absolute joy to make!

To find all these pink flamingo png ‘s in the Flowers and Flamingo Clipart Set.

Happy creating!


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