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Adorable Angel Clipart for Commercial Use

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Adorable Angel Clipart for Commercial Use

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well!

Today we are going to take a look at adorable angel clipart and not just any old regular clipart of angels.  We are going to look at beautiful hand drawn angel clipart that you can use for commercial purposes.

So, if you are on the lookout for angel drawings for your creative project that will help it fly off the shelves and money into your bank account…well I think you’re in the right place!

As I write this it is cold outside and I have on some very soothing music in the background.  I am imagining you with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee settling in to your comfy chair.  So, without further delay…let’s take a look at some adorable angel illustrations before your coffee gets cold!

Cute Angel Clipart

First off, I believe you’ve got to have angel clipart that is really cute.  In my mind I am thinking of angel illustrations that would be suitable for anything to do with products for nurseries, baby showers, baptisms, first birthdays, Christmas, Easter or things for little girls.

With that in mind, I have picked out some of the angel clipart collections that I think would be perfect for any of those events.

Oh, and before I forget, Kris does have an Angel clipart package coming out very soon.  I’ll talk more about it later but if you want you can see it right away here.

Little Angel Clipart

The first collection you should check out is Little Angels Clipart by Natdzho.  These little girl angels are super cute!  You get 3 different hand drawn angels in the package and 27 other elements like wings and flowers to decorate your angels.  Isn’t that fantastic?

The files come in SVG and PNG format.  Get it with a commercial license and you are good to go.  Check out the awesome preview images and what the angel art would look like on pajamas and stationary here.

Angel Line Art

For those of you looking for angel line art then you should go check out Baby Angels by Euonia Meraki.  This is super cute angel line clipart that will let you easily create adorable products and merchandise or even just personal items.

There are 16 baby angels and 78 total items in the collection.  All files are offered in PNG format.

Check them out and thank me later!

Angel Clipart PNG

One of the things I look for when looking for any type of clipart is that the artist has a unique style.  One artist in particular that fits that bill in Karamfila. That is why I think it is worth your time to check out her Angels Please clipart collection.

These are super cute angels, with all different hairstyles and angel’s wings.  Some are playing harps and trumpets which is adorable.  All the files come in PNG format.

Check out Angels Please here.

Christmas Angel Clipart

If you are like me you love Christmas.  And when I think of Christmas one of the things I think of is angels!  A collection I really think would could work for Christmas angels is Holly & Jolly Xmas Angels by Karamfila.

You’ll see the style of the angels is similar to Angels Please however, the collection uses more Christmas colors and Christmas themed design elements.

Check out Holly & Jolly here.

Angel Wings Clipart

Looking for angel wings clipart in black and white?  Check out Hand Drawn Wings Clipart by PassionPNGCreation.  These are very tastefully drawn angel wings that may work perfect if that is what you’re in need of.

Check them out here.

angel clipart

Kris Lauren Cute Angel Clipart

Keep your eyes peeled because Kris’s new Angel Clipart Collection will be released in December which is right around the corner.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I will wait to talk about it till then!

In the meantime, I hope the other collections I mentioned will be helpful to you!

Happy creating!



The new Little Angels clipart package is available now!  The Little Angels pattern collection is also now available.

cake png

Illustrated Cake PNG Images for Commercial Use

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Illustrated Cake PNG Images For Commercial Use

This post contains affiliate links.

Hey guys, Matt here.

Let’s talk about cake.  I’ve always wanted to write that!

Unfortunately, the older I get the less cake I can eat without paying a hefty price.  By that I mean I start getting a little hefty!

Ahhh, but we’ve all got to indulge every once in a while, don’t we?

I mean sometimes you have got to have your cake and eat it too.

I never fully understood what that means but it makes me hungry thinking about it.  Anyhow, let’s get to the subject at hand.  Cake PNG images.

Cake PNG Clipart

Let’s pretend for a minute.

Here’s the dilemma.

I need cake png images.  If I search for cake png I can find lots of real cake png and real birthday cake png images but I can’t find the kind of cake png images that I am looking for.

If you are like me, you are looking for illustrated cake png images.  Stunning, exquisite, adorable, cute and whimsical cake illustrations is what I am after.

So, if you are looking for the same thing, well then…you’ve come to the right place!

You see I have found the treasure trove of cake illustrations and I am going to share it with you.  Hallelujah your prayers have been answered!

Okay that was kind of over dramatic.

First, I’ll show you some birthday cake and wedding cake illustrations that I really like and then I’ll talk a little about a really cool cake creators my wife has made that you can use to create your own cake png images.

If you want to just go see them right away you can check it out here, here and here.

Cake Illustration PNG

There are actually lots of events that a celebratory cake is required but I am just going to focus on two main categories: wedding and birthday.

Wedding Cake Illustration

When I think about wedding cake illustrations I think really why should the illustrator have all the fun?

If you are like me, you want more freedom to use individual elements to make the kind of wedding cake illustrations that you fancy!  This is why a good wedding cake creator is so much fun!

It gives you all the functionality and freedom to create your own unique wedding cake illustrations for the invitations, decorations or party favors that you are making.

One in particular that caught my eye was the Wedding Cakes Creator Watercolor Clipart by Skliarova.

I really love the elegant esthetic of the art in this collection.  There are 11 cakes and 32 watercolor flower bouquets for you to mix and match to create your own custom cake illustration.  Of course everything is in PNG format so you can easily use it for your creative project.

I hate using the whole “words don’t do it justice” bit…well…

Go check it out for yourself!

Birthday Cake Illustration

If you are working on any project that is birthday related you need to have really cute birthday cake illustrations.  One collection that I really like is called Happy Birthday by GrafArt.

The birthday cake illustrations in this collection are more simple but what they lack in detail they more than make up for in cuteness.

The cakes are vector files so you can actually change the size and color of them easily for you project.  These are perfect for birthday party invitations.

You can see them here.

Cake Illustration

As you all know it would be a major “faux pas” on my part if I did not give some more information about the cake creator’s my wife has made.

Like I might not be able to write these posts anymore due to the damage to my fingers that I might suffer!

I’m kidding!  Have you seen Kris?  She’s just a sweetheart!

Anyhow, she has not just one but three…yes…that is correct!  Three cake creators.  You know I have to be honest, she makes so much stuff, I didn’t even realize it until I went and looked for myself!

There may even be more and I could be entirely unaware but for today I’ll just talk about the three that I know about. 😉

birthday cake illustration

The Stunning Kids Cake Creator

For those of you that have kids you know kids have their own ideas when it comes to birthday cakes.

You lovingly ask your child, “What kind of cake would you like to me make for your birthday Johnny?”.  Your child replies, “I want a chocolate cake! And I want it to have donuts and ice-cream cones on top with sparkles and chocolate sauce!”.  And off you go to happily create the exact cake that little Johnny wants!

We all know what happens in real life is that the best you can come up with is a box of donuts and a tub of ice-cream!  No shame…we’ve all been there!

The Kids Cake Creator allows you to create cakes with toppings like donuts, macaroons and ice cream cones but instead of a box of donuts, you end up with a stunning cake illustration!  Perfect for birthday invitations.

Check out the Kids Cake Creator here.

cake png clipart

The Stunning Baby Cake Creator

Now with this creator you’re neither making babies into cakes or cakes into babies.  Instead the Baby Cake Creator is for making cake illustrations that you need for baby showers, baby baptisms or first birthdays.

This creator lets you create tiered and non-tiered cakes with different cake toppers, ribbon, icing and flower options.

Your invitations will thank you!

Go to The Baby Cake Creator.

cake png

The Stunning Fancy Cake Creator

You’ll want to use this creator if you’re in need of some very “high-brow” cake png illustrations for wedding, anniversary or engagement invitations or decorations.

Like the other creators, there are a variety of cake, icing, topper and ribbon choices for you to play with to make a simply stunning cake illustration.

All the files in the three creators come in PNG format so they will work perfectly with your project.

See the Fancy Cake Creator here.

Who Likes a Bargain?

Of course, everyone likes a bargain!

If you find that you want all three of Kris’s cake creators then save yourself some money and just buy The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator.  All three cake creators are included in the collection and a whole lot more!

If you need illustrations and clipart for weddings and celebrations of all sorts then this is the ultimate package to have because you’ll be covered for everything.

You can check it out here.  It’s worth taking a look!

I really hope you found that valuable and that it gets you closer to finding the cake png images that you are looking for.

A wise woman once said…”Love is when you have a really amazing piece of cake, and it’s the very last piece, but you let him have it!”

Enjoy your cake…and eat it too!


winter clipart

8 Winter Clipart Collections Chosen By A Man?

By illustration, winter wonderland clipart

8 Winter Clipart Collections Chosen By A Man?

This post contains affiliate links

Hey guys,

Matt here!

This post is kind of my coming out party…so to speak.  I am Kris Lauren’s husband!  Though Kris is the face of Pretty Little Lines we have been working on the business together.

You know what they say…the couple that works together stays together right!  At least I think it goes something like that! 😉

Anyhow, one of the things I help out with is the writing.  Actually, going forward I’ll be writing more blog posts like this one.

Kris will make the art and I’ll help with the writing.

It’s a match made in heaven…just like us!

So now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what you are here for.  Winter clipart collections.

What I am going to do is go over some popular and maybe some less popular collections that Kris and I have picked out.  We think they are adorable winter wonderland clipart and we think you might think so too!

Of course, Kris has some lovely winter clipart collections of her own.  I will be mentioning them later but if you want to see them now you can here and here.

Winter Clipart Background

First off, if you are looking for winter background clipart, for making invitations or stationary, you should check out Silent Night by Graphic Blue Bird.

Cute, stunning and adorable!  All words that come to mind when trying to describe this collection.

If you like Normal Rockwell paintings and are looking for artwork in that motif then Silent Night will scream out to you!

That actually doesn’t sound very pleasant.

Silent Night will gently whisper in your ear that it is the winter background clipart that you are looking for.  That’s better!

Design your own scene with the individual pictures in this collection.  The nice thing is you could easily use elements from other collections with Silent Night to make a winter scene that is a real showstopper.

Check out Silent Night.

Snowflake Clipart

If you need winter clipart than you have got to have snowflake clipart!  I mean who doesn’t love snowflakes?

I know I do – except when there are too many of them all at once and I can’t get my car out of my driveway!

Kidding aside, if you are looking for snowflake clipart that will “blow your mind” – sorry that doesn’t sound very feminine.  I am assuming mostly women will be reading this .

How about “tickle your fancy”?  Nope that doesn’t really seem right either.

I’ll have to work on that!

Anyways, do yourself a favor and check out Winter Frost by Galina Ivanova.

This collection comes with 6 vector snowflakes.  They really are quite lovely!

These are perfect for any winter or Christmas project you might have in mind. You can even use them to enhance projects you have on the go with other winter clipart images.

You’ve got to see it to believe it so check them out.

Another snowflake collection that we really like is Sparkling Snowflakes collection by Antuanetto.  This collection uses some lovely muted colors for its snowflakes.

This really gives a different feel and makes the snowflakes stand out in a different way.

Both are lovely in their own way!

Check out Sparkling Snowflakes here.

Winter Tree Clipart

If you are like me then you love it when people put lights on their outdoor trees.  I love looking at them when I drive around the neighbourhood in the winter!

In this light, (see what I did there!) may I present to you Whimsical Christmas Trees by Paper Farms.  This collection is hand drawn trees with various lights on them.

They are very tastefully done.  Not overboard like a Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation job at all!

Though, Christmas Vacation is one of the best Christmas movies ever made!

If you are trying to create a winter scene or background these winter trees are a must.

They would look so fabulous on a Christmas card or invitation.

You can see the whole package here.

I must admit I had a hard time finding Christmas tree clipart that I just loved.  I like a more traditional tree.

If you couldn’t tell already I do like the Norman Rockwell Christmas style and I am a sucker for those Christmas Hallmark movies.  Let’s just keep that between you and me!

Our little secret!

What we came up with was two collections that caught our eye.  The first is the Xmas Tree Creator by Mocca2Go.

Now you will need some photoshop skills to be able to use the creator.

Really, it’s not that hard to figure out if even if you have never used photoshop.  All you do is turn on and off layers to make your own custom Christmas tree!

I know for those of you that haven’t used photoshop that doesn’t help you at all but at least it makes me feel like I tried.

Seriously, you really don’t need much photoshop skills to be able to use this.  Just head on over to youtube to look for some videos on photoshop for beginners and that should really help.

The reason I like the Xmas Tree Creator is because it gives you a more traditional Christmas tree which just is more to my personal taste.

Check out the Xmas Tree Creator here.

If you want something really eye catching but different than check out Watercolor Christmas Trees also by Paper Farms.  Instead of the traditional green Christmas trees these winter trees are colorful and have sparkly lights.

They are sure to make your Christmas card, decorations or pajamas to really pop!

Go see the Watercolor Christmas Trees here.

More Winter Holiday Clipart

Let’s see…what am I forgetting?  I know there is something else I wanted to tell you about.

Right, my wife would kill me if I didn’t mention her winter holiday clipart collections Snow Adorable and Winter Whimsy.

Joking aside, instead of me rambling on about them, I’ll let you check them out for yourself.  Just click on either of the images below to see each collection.

Till next time!


winter wonderland clipart

Whimsical Winter Wonderland Clipart

By illustration, winter wonderland clipart

Whimsical Winter Wonderland Clipart

We’ve got a confession to make!  We love winter and Christmas!

Yes Christmas seems to come earlier each year but we’ve already started watching those sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.  Besides the similar plot line all those movies have – small town girl moves to big city for her career but then has to come back to close her mom’s craft shop.  Only to fall in love with the local thirty something rugged construction guy and realize she does want to be a wife, have a family and live in said small town running mom’s craft shop – they all have beautiful Christmas and winter wonderland scenery.

The towns all look like they came straight out of a Normal Rockwell painting! 

That style of winter wonderland clipart is what we like to have on our invitations, stickers, Christmas cards and many other things that we make for winter celebrations.  To help you out and save time with finding artwork for your holiday season creative projects we thought we would take a deeper look at a couple of collections Kris Lauren has made that are full of very cute winter clipart.

winter wonderland clipart

Winter Scene Clipart

Why not use individual clipart elements to make your own winter scene?  Let your creative juices flow!

Take a look at the Winter Whimsey Cute Clipart Collection.

This collection is full of cute handmade animals like dogs, mice and adorable bunny rabbits!  There are also very cute handmade little girls too.  It’s just like something you would imagine on a Hallmark card!  In all there are 20 different characters in the collection and 43 individual flora and fauna elements for you to use to make your perfect winter wonderland background!

Trust us there are other goodies too that we won’t go into here.  You can check those out for yourself!

cute winter clipart

DIY Winter Wonderland Invitations

The Winter Whimsey Cute Clipart Collection is perfect for DIY invitations.

That being said, another adorable collection by Kris Lauren that is perfect for winter DIY invitations is Snow Adorable.

Oh my goodness, it is full of cute (with a capital C) bears, foxes and friends clipart elements.  This collection is really is snow adorable…we mean so adorable!

With these adorable elements you can design an invitation that will make you swear you can smell the hot coco and shake that snow globe!

winter scene clipart

Winter Wonderland Invitation Template

Sometimes it’s hard to create an invitation from scratch.  We know that often we find it easier when we have an idea or template to work from to at least get us going in the creative process.  Don’t tell anyone but between us sometimes we just want the whole thing ready-made and all we have to do is add our own text!

Raise your hand if that’s you!  We see you!

This is what is so great about the Winter Whimsey Collection.  It comes with 12 ready-made card templates so you don’t have to waste time coming up with layout ideas.  Simply add your text and you are ready to print your invitations.

If you are like us and leave your Christmas cards to the last minute every year this is a huge life saver!  Go get’em!

winter wonderland invitations

Winter Wonderland Background

It’s so fun to use clipart elements from collections like these to make your own winter backgrounds.  

If you are like us you can kind of get carried away creating new scenes it can make it hard to pick just one!

We hope that these two collections will give you some ideas for your winter wonderland invitations, winter pajamas, winter wall art or whatever you may use them to make.

Best wishes to you and happy creating!

procreate textures

How To Make Textured Illustrations In Procreate

By illustration, procreate

Hey Guys! So glad you made it! Kris here and today is another tutorial on how to make textured illustrations in procreate.

I’m going to start by sketching out a very cute little bear and then add some textures by using different paint effects, digital and scanned texture overlays and some patterns.  I hope you enjoy!

Starting off in Procreate

I am starting off in Procreate with my 6b pencils.  It’s one of my favorites!  I am sketching a circle and sort of establishing a little character here.  He’s going to be a bear and I am going to draw him at a ¾ angle.  I am doing a little body, a little feet and legs to just get an idea of the proportions that I would like to start with.

I don’t know if you can see but I am curled up in my blanket while I draw because it is cold here.

Here I am going to get his ears going and snout.  Obviously I can’t put his face there because that is a mistake.  I will have his nose protruding so that will give his head a bit more of a bear shape.  That looks better and I’ll just make sure the ears look right too.

Define the Lines of the Sketch

I will just define the lines a bit more to really solidify the shapes and I want him to look quite juevenile so that is why I have oversized the proportions especially the head because usually a big head makes things look cute.

It’s not a hard and fast rule.  Nothing is really when you are drawing.  To me his body seems just a bit small so I am going to see if that looks better.  I think so and I will give him some little boots too!  Why not?  It’s a rainy day so I am feeling like yeah, let’s just make this a rainy day bear!

I’ll give him a little umbrella but I am just going from my brain here so this umbrella isn’t really working very well but that is okay because this is all part of the working it out stage.  I will try to play with the angle of the umbrella a little bit and even if I don’t get it quite right I can come back to it.

Adding Details To Your Drawing

Now we are just going to add some details.  Let’s make him hold a butterfly…maybe not…that doesn’t quite work for me.  Let’s make him hold a little bird.  That will be way cuter!  I am just playing with shapes establishing the size of the bear to the size of the bird.

That helps to make the drawing a little more interesting.

I like to zoom in and out a lot while I am drawing.  It may look weird on the video but I find it helps when I need to see something closeup.

I’ll go back and fix the umbrella.  I’ll actually look at a reference image of an umbrella, which is always a good idea.  This helps to give your umbrella a better shape for it to look realistic.  Before it was looking like one of those umbrella’s that you would stick in your cocktail!  There that is looking so much better.

References are always handy when you are drawing things that are real, like an umbrella.  That is so much better and I will resize it too and then put in a little pocket and maybe put a little froggy in there.

Again, you want to pay attention to detail and size.

Drawing The Background

After I have the main character sketch I like to add some background to make the image more interesting.  And I will still go back and get the lines of the coat how I like them.  This really is still a rough sketch and I want to get everything right with my rough sketch because it just makes everything easier after.

I do a lot of erasing and that is why I love drawing in Procreate because it is just so simple to edit and erase what you are doing.  You don’t have to redraw everything.  It doesn’t get too messy because you can keep cleaning it up while you go.  I am so enjoying the freedoms you have with that.

I will actually use my pencil and then also erase as I am trying to perfect the shapes of things.  You can see that I do that a lot!

Let’s move these boots up higher because that will look cute.  That’s better!  Not having that break in between just makes it simpler.  Sometimes simpler is better!  Even though I do love detail sometimes just keeping it simple and really clear lines and clear shapes really works better.

I turned on the opacity on my sketch layer and now I am going to go over and do my good copy.

Final Copy of the Sketch

Still trying to keep it sketchy because it is all about texture so I don’t want it to be too smooth or too clean.  Again I am using my 6b pencil and still having a sketchy line just not quite as messy as the rough.  I am just going over and tracing my work.

And there is the cleaned up version.

Adding Texture Through Coloring

I am going to go in now and color like a kindergartner basically.  Again, with my 6b pencil.  It really is my favorite.  I am literally going to go in and color in. I know you are thinking why not just fill it?  I know it would be simpler and far less time consuming but I find that this, and you can see, coloring it just gives it a way different texture.

Really it’s just a preference on the look that I am going for today.

I’ll use the dry brush to go in and give a couple more details on the coat and to start to create that fabric look.

Back to my 6b pencil I am going to give some stripes to the coat.  Actually, I am going to do it more like a plaid.  This just gives more detail which in turn adds more texture to the sketch.

I will pick another color and create another layer.  I love to use lots of layers so this gives me as much options as possible.  Again, that is what I love about Procreate is that I can change my mind a lot without having to redraw or color the whole thing.  I know I change my mind a lot!  Woman’s prerogative right!

It’s nice to explore and make decisions while drawing and not regret it. 

I’ll go in and define certain features that I want.  I like to keep everything having that really sketchy look to it.  The boots I am going to do a different technique.  I am going to outline them just by coloring in the edges of them.  Then I am going to use the free hand selection tool to go about in the middle of that line and then I am going to fill.

That way the outside line is more sketchy but the center is filled.  You are not going to get the background white showing through but it still looks good and gives a nice contrast in textures.  You can always add some texture overtop if you like also.

Shadowing to Add Texture

I will use some shadowing here and I will use my favorite for shadows which is the gouache paint brush.  I always like using the gouache brush for shadows.

Then I will change back over to my 6b pencil to do some more shadowing.  As you can see doing this really gives the image a lot of texture!

The Medium Nozzle Spray Paint

I do like using this in Procreate too especially when you are doing something that is furry and just giving little highlights.  On to the frog, I almost forgot to color him in.  He looks a little nervous.  We’ll give him a little highlights and shadow to really bring him to life.

I will also get bird colored in and give him some detail and some shadows.  And of course we will add some more furry details to our bear.

Digital Textures in Procreate

I am going to open a new document now and I’ll show you how to do some digital textures.  I’ll start by selecting the dry brush and in grayscale I am just going to put a bunch of lines on the page.  Basically I am going to repeat this process on different layers and use a different brush each time to give a different effect.

Next what I do is to select one layer at time and copy it.  Then I will go back into my project and paste that layer.  I will rotate it and shrink it down to cover only the portion of the sketch that I want it on.  Then I will clip it by using a clipping mask.  That will attach the layer to the layer below and give it a really cool texture.

It’s kind of the quick and dirty way of doing it!

You can play with the opacity to adjust how light or dark you want the layer to be.  And you can do this with as many of the texture layers that you created in the new document as you like.

I hope you enjoyed that and found some tips along the way!

PS if you are interested in watercolor flower clipart than watch this video on how to paint watercolor flower anemones.

happy birthday balloons clipart

Happy Birthday Balloons Clipart Creator

By balloon clipart, illustration

Happy Birthday Balloons Clipart Creator – Create Your Own Balloon Clipart Easily

Do you need balloon clipart for a birthday project or invitations?  Just can’t seem to find the style of happy birthday balloons clipart that you are looking for?

Why not make your own birthday balloon clipart with the Stunning Balloon Creator?

Yes, you can!

The Stunning Balloon Creator

Now stop what you are doing and just read for a minute.  This balloon creator is really going to make your life easier and your customers fall in love with your project!

What You Get

The balloon creator comes with individual elements that you can use to make your own custom balloon clipart for your project.  It comes with:

  •             8 solid balloons
  •             6 transparent balloons
  •             7 glitter options
  •             7 flower options
  •             7 weight colors
  •             Bear w/8 bow tie colors
  •             Toy train

How It Works

You will need Adobe Photoshop in order to use the Stunning Balloon Creator.  All the files that come in the creator are in PSD format.  How the creator works is that you turn on and off layers to create the type of balloon(s) you want.  Let’s go ahead and walk through the process in more detail.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Pick a transparent or solid balloon

Step 2 – Pick from 7 glitter options

Step 3 – Fill balloon with 7 premade flowers or smaller balloons

Step 4 – Decorate the balloons string with flowers, leaves and bows

Step 5 – Anchor with a weight in 7 colors

Step 6 – Finish off with one of the adorable accessories

Save your finished balloon as a PNG file to use in your project.  Repeat the process to create as many balloons as you need.

The Stunning Balloon Creator was made by Kris Lauren and is available exclusively on Design Cuts.  Currently, it is one of the creators offered in The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator but keep your eyes peeled as it may be offered as a stand alone pack in the future!

Check it out.


We forgot to mention the The Stunning Balloon Creator also comes with 62 bonus watercolor flowers for you to create with!

wedding shower clipart

The Ultimate Wedding and Bridal Shower Clipart Collection…And We Mean Ultimate!

By illustration, invitations, wedding clipart

The Ultimate Wedding and Bridal Shower Clipart Collection…And We Mean Ultimate!

The Grand-Daddy of Wedding and Celebration Creators.

wedding clipart

Have a bridal shower, wedding, birthday or other event coming up that you need to make invitations for?  Or maybe you just like making your own invitations because you are just awesome!  Yes you are and you know who you are!

May we introduce to you The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator by Kris Lauren.  This collection has been Kris Lauren’s baby for the past year almost.  It did literally take 9 months to make!

Uses For The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator

Well the creator is perfect for those of you looking for the following:


    •             Wedding shower clipart for party favors
    •             Bridal shower clipart for invitations
    •             Wedding cake clipart for invitations
    •             Birthday cake clipart
    •             Wedding bouquet clipart
    •             Groom clipart for invitations
    •             Wedding archway clipart
    •             Balloon clipart for invitations
    •             Bunting clipart for invitations
    •             Present clipart for invitations

If you have a celebration coming up…any type of celebration…The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator is your one stop shop for everything you will need to make the most incredible invitations that you or your invitees have ever laid eyes on!

wedding clipart

What Makes the Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator So Great?

The thing that makes the Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator so great is that it isn’t just one creator.  It is actually a package of 12 clipart creators that were all made around the wedding and celebration theme.  And yes, you did read that correctly…12.  A whole dozen creators for you to make your own wonderful and breathtaking creations!

So what does a dozen celebration creators get you these days?

Well the answer is it gets you a lot!

Here is a list of the 7 creators that are included in the package:


    1.             The Bride Creator with gorgeous wedding gowns and hairstyles
    2.             The Groom Creator with suits and accessories
    3.             The Little Kids Creator with dresses and suits for ring bearers and flower girls
    4.             The Stunning Archway Creator with watercolor florals
    5.             The Stunning Bouquet Creator to customize your own bouquets with watercolor flowers
    6.             The Fancy Cake Creator to create stunning custom wedding cake clipart
    7.             The Stunning Balloon Creator to create custom balloon clipart


But WAIT you say!  That is only 7 creators!  You said there were 12!

Well yes, we did but we didn’t want to just ruin the whole surprise.  One has got to build up to the climax right? Create a sense of anticipation!

Here’s the thing, words cannot do The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator justice.  So if you want to find out with the other 3 creators are (and they are good!) then do yourself a favor and go and see them for yourself.

That’s right go and see them here.  You can actually feast your eyes on the stunning, exquisite and breathtaking illustrations in the creators that you can use to make your own stunning, exquisite and breathtaking, custom creations.

See The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator exclusively at Design Cuts!

procreate textures

How To Paint Procreate Textures

By illustration, procreate

Procreate Textures – How to Create Paint Textures in Procreate

Create texture and paint effects in Procreate

(This post may contain affiliate links)

Hey Guys!  Kris here.  Welcome back! So glad you made it.

Today I am going to do a tutorial on how to create texture and paint effects in Procreate.  I am going to cover how to use paint brushes, patterns, digital and scanned overlays to create a really cool texture in an illustration.

It’s all about wedding dresses!  How fun could that be!  I hope you enjoy.

Getting Started

I start by pasting in a pattern that I had already drawn awhile ago.  It is a seamless pattern so I know that all the edges will repeat perfectly so that way I can scale my pattern in my lace pattern nicely.

So I am actually go in and create a new layer and then start tracing overtop to create a lace pattern.  So I will just quickly go through this.  I don’t have to worry tracing exactly because really this is just kind of a shortcut that I am making for myself.  Since I have already created it I can just go in and get the idea.

It’s a quick and easy way to make some lace.

Then I am going to take that pattern and make a fill layer and then create a clipping mask so that I have a nice white lace cause I had traced it in black.  Then I am going to copy that and past it into my new document with my lady here.  And I will just hide that layer for later use.

The Right Brush For The Right Texture

Next with the 6 speed pencil brush I am just going to sketch out the base design of the dress.  I am just making some decisions here…I am going to give it more of a racerback style with a high neck.  Why not!  And I want to get sort of a basic outline of the shape of the skirt.

And then I am going to pick a watercolor brush from the 50 Procreate watercolor brushes by Kate.  I really like this pack.  It’s an awesome collection of watercolor brushes and I am going to use the watercolor wet edge PC4.

I’m going to use a neutral beige color.  This way it really helps with that translucent look and it also helps cover up what is happening underneath like her legs and everything.  This way I am just going to build layer by layer sort of a translucent effect with these watercolor brushes to create a white tulle look.

Colors Help Create Texture

Next I am going to use the blue and white and then I am also going to add a warm pink as well.  This way you get kind of a…it’s just better than having a stark white.  You get a bit more dimension.  I am going to adjust the opacity layer so I can get that translucent look and get this skirt to really look and feel like tulle.

Then I am going to start to define the dress by erasing the edges and to just sort of create the shape I want.  I am going to have to go layer by layer because I have all of these on separate layers.  I do this just so that when I am painting initially I have that really free flowing motion instead of being really confined to a shape.  This way I can make some decisions on the fly as well.

So now I have the basic shape of the skirt that I want.  Then I am going to go in with the same watercolor brush but just a smaller size and make sure that the opacity on my brush is all the way up and I am going to start to design the bodice detail.

I just like to make decisions on the fly when I am drawing.

Then I am going to bring in my lace layer and I am going to duplicate the layer and then put it together like a grid.  Again, because it is seamless the edges will match up perfectly and create a consistent seamless pattern.  And you can see I am duplicating again and merging as I go so I can make a bigger piece of fabric.

So I have put the lace layer up.  I am not going to make the skirt quite yet.  The reason why I wanted this lace layer on while I was doing the back of the dress was so that I could coordinate it and make it look cohesive.

Then I am going to draw in some details just making it up as I go.

After that I am going to fill in the bodice.  I would like a sheer sort of look with a lace overlay so I am going to use opacity on the layers to change that.

Use Erase To Create Dimension

Next I am going to go in and erase each layer of the tulle at the bottom of the skirt.  This is going to be really handy because it will end up looking like different layers of tulle in real life.  It is a little bit tedious.  It’d be nice if you could do it all at once but it doesn’t give you that look.  Just go in and make it all irregular.  You don’t want it to be uniform, you want it to be all varied and that will give it a sort of volume to it.

Now I will turn my lace layer back on and start to create the shape of the lace overlay and make some decisions here on how wide I want it and how stiff I want it to look.  I will do this by erasing what I don’t need.

Bring It All Together

With the very same watercolor brush I have been using in a very small size I am going to go and line all the edges.  That will give it a more realistic look of a stiffer lace overlay.

Moving back to the bodice again.  I really like to bounce back and forth between different parts of the dress, obviously, because I am not using a photo I am just making it up as I go.  It sort of evolves and I don’t like to commit too much to one part until the other part is ready.  It all kind of comes together naturally so it’s nice just to fluidly see where it goes.  That is why I don’t finish one part first and then move on.  It’s just a back and forth conversation between the top and the bottom.

Then I am going to bring in another piece of lace.  I’ve decided I would like that to match and blend in from the bottom so I am going to take that and erase a bunch of it and use some pieces of it to fill in the bottom bodice part.

Of course, we will add some more detail to the edges where the skirt meets the bodice.  This is how it would naturally make sense for the fabrics to join there.  You will want to fill it in where the bottom meets the top because the fabric would naturally be thicker there.

Procreate Textures Finished

And there we go! All finished!  A lovely finished wedding dress with tulle underlay and lace overlay all very uniquely designed.

Hope you enjoyed and found today’s tutorial useful.  That girl is actually part of a larger pack that I made.  It’s called The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator.

And don’t forget to sign up for my free Goodie Bag!

How I Draw With Procreate

By illustration, procreate

How I Draw With Procreate On The Ipad Pro

Some of you have been asking how Kris Lauren draws with Procreate on the Ipad Pro.  Well awhile ago she put together a video that gives you a bit of a behind the scenes look as to how she creates a lot of her art.

As you can see, and we think it’s funny, that she draws while sitting on her bed! 🙂  However, we have seen from her instagram feed that she has since moved into an office.  But hey, wherever the creative juices flow, that’s where you go! (That just sounds wrong!)

Draw With Procreate

It’s kind of neat to get a glimpse of how Kris comes up with her ideas for drawing.  We especially liked seeing some of the finishing details that are done in Illustrator after the drawing part is finished.

Check out the video below or watch it here.

Hey Guys It’s Kris Here

Welcome to the channel.  Hope you are having a great day so far!

Today I’m going to be working on my next project which is sort of a spring theme with a little girl and some bunnies, birds and a picnic.  Today’s project though is specifically working on some bunnies.

For this project I am going to be working in Procreate on my Ipad Pro with my Apple pencil.  Actually normally when I am working on my Ipad I like to work on my bed so let’s hop on over there and get started.

Illustrate With Procreate

Getting Inspiration

I need some inspiration so I am off to Pinterest.  I need to get some shapes and sort of body positions and I am trying to think of what I would like my bunnies to do!  Usually searching for kids is a good plan or kids at play.

Use A Previous Drawing For Reference

I am actually going to start with a reference that I have already drawn.  I have already drawn a bunny and I kind of want all the bunnies to look similar.  So I am going to just copy my canvas of the bunny I already drew and put it into my new canvas so I can have similar proportions, look and line weight.

It will help me keep it more consistent throughout the whole project.

If At First You Don’t Succeed Try Again!

Okay, so I wasn’t really loving my initial attempt.  It wasn’t really working at all so I am going to start again and try to make the body a little different position.

From Procreate to Illustrator

Now what I am going to do to achieve the look I want is I am going to transfer my illustration to dropbox and send it to my computer.  This way I can put it into illustrator so I can make the lines into a vector so I can do an image trace.

Having vector lines is going to make it just a little rougher, just a certain look that I want.  So I am going to transfer it and I will see you at the computer.

Okay so I am just going to select the little bunny and I am going to ignore…I guess I should show you how to bring up the image trace.  You go to your window and go to image trace it will bring up the panel.  And you just want to click on it and I am going to say ignore white cause I just want the lines.

And then I am going to play with my threshold and the pad.  So I am just going to up the threshold a little bit.  I just know roughly where my settings are going to be.  It kind of looks like that…just a little diagonal line.  I am going to preview it and it’s going to say it’s going to be a big file but yes we know!

Okay, so that is what I have so far and then I am just going to see where I want it.  I want it kind of rough like that, not too perfect at all.  And I think I can probably go a bit more pads.  You know that is probably pretty good!

So then I am going to expand it and then I am going to send it as a PNG back to Procreate.

From Illustrator Back To Drawing With Procreate

Now I am going to add my file that I just made in illustrator, bring it in and overlay what I already have.  It doesn’t really need to be perfect.  Now we are ready to color!

Adding Details

Now I am going to go and do some more details so I am going to select the bunny, the solid shape that I created so that I don’t color outside the lines.  You just do automatic and select quickly and there it goes.  And then I will go on a different layer so if I mess up I can come back and fix it.

That’s it!  Thanks so much for watching.  That’s bunny number two done in the series and I’ll have lots more so stay tuned.  Make sure to check back to see the progress of the whole package that I am doing.

If You Want To See The Finished Collection…

Click below to see the Spring Illustration Collection!

Happy creating!

ballet illustrations

Omg! The Best Ballet Illustrations Ever!

By ballerina clipart, illustration

Omg! The Best Ballet Illustrations Ever!

This post contains affiliate links


Hey girl! Come on in!  You know what we really want to talk about today?

Ballet Illustrations

We don’t want to talk about just any old ballet illustrations. NOPE! We want to talk about what we think are THE BEST ballet illustrations!

(Why would you want to waste your time on anything but the best right?)

Yes of course.

There are so many ballet illustrations out there that it can feel like an overwhelming task to get to the good stuff.  After all, who has that kind of time.  You are busy working on creative projects.  You don’t have hours to spend looking for ballet illustrations that live up to your expectations.  It has to STOP!


Because spending hours looking for the best ballet illustrations takes away from the important stuff like creating new products to sell which make you money and…you know what they say…TIME IS MONEY.

So if this has all been a bit overwhelming for you and you are getting nowhere in your search, we’re going to talk about 6 collections of what we think are the best ballet illustrations ever.

Real quick, before we get to that…

If you would like some free hand made illustrations by Kris Lauren, sign up for The Goodie Bag to get some FREE hand drawn illustrations.

Now to the goods!

After scouring the internet for you these are the 6 collections of ballet illustrations that we think are the best on the internet…in the whole wide world.

ballet illustrations


If you need enough ballet illustrations to be able to make a whole digital ballet company, check out The Grand Ballerina Collection.  The collection is full of ballerinas, little girl ballerinas, tutus, tiaras, flowers, sets and more.  All illustrations were hand drawn by Kris Lauren.

The ballerinas are exquisite and the collection is perfect for printables, stationary, fabrics, scrapbooking, and planners just to name a few.  If you are looking for outlined ballerinas you will also find those within the 200 illustrations in the collection.

ballet illustrations


Ballerinas Please is filled with ballerinas, ponies and swans.  The art is very cute.  This collection contains 35 illustrations.  See Ballerinas Please

ballet illustrations


If you are looking for vectors than Little Ballerina collection has you covered.  It comes with individual elements, seamless patterns and a few premade designs in fully editable vector files.

See these cute Little Ballerinas

ballet silhouettes


Ballerina Silhouettes collection is also in vector format.  Beautiful silhouettes for personal or commercial projects.  The collection comes with 24 black PNG files and 24 white PNG files.  24 SVG files are also included.  Go see Ballerina Silhouettes

ballet illustrations


We know, we know it’s a very creative name but there is something about being to the point!

The ballet clipart collection is full on really cute individual elements and lots of seamless patterns and cards.  Really cute and great esthetic going on with this collection.  See the Ballet Clipart

ballet illustrations


Sometimes we can’t figure out why some of these collections are not rated higher on some of the online marketplaces and the Love Ballet collection is one of those.  The artwork is just so elegant, timeless and breathtaking.  We can’t figure out why this it didn’t show up higher in Creative Market when we searched for ballerinas?

There are a mix of individual elements and compositions in the collection.  See the Love Ballet Illustrations

There you have it!

These are 6 collections of ballerina illustrations and ballet accessories that are perfect for little girls and dance schools.  We haven’t given you all the details on each one here so go check them out for yourself to see all they have to offer and which one you like the best!

If you are looking for watercolor flower clipart then you might be interested in watercolor rose collections that will make your next project pop!

Happy creating!