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How to Draw Spring Flowers

By flower clipart, illustration, procreate

How to Draw Spring Flowers – Tulip Illustration – Step by Step Procreate Tutorial


Hi Guys, I’m Kris. Welcome to This Week’s Tutorial. Let’s Draw Together!


In this week’s tutorial, we’re drawing a vase with some spring tulips in it, all in Procreate, and I’m sure you can create this too if you follow along all the way to the end of the video. If you feel rushed, be sure to hit that pause button or just rewind to catch up and save this video to your library so you can re-watch if you need a little extra practice. Today we’ll be using all free brushes found in Procreate and don’t forget once you finish this entire video to share it on Instagram, tag me in the image, as well as the description, so I can find your artwork and feature you here in the next draw together video.

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For This Video, I’ve Made You a Free Colour Pallet

Just in case you’d like to use the exact same colors I’ll be using during this tutorial. And you can just tap on the link in the video description below where you can download it and install it to Procreate. And also below, you’ll find a link to a goody bag where you can grab some free goodies and visit my shop and support me there. So let’s jump in and just start out with our canvas, and I’m gonna set it up at the usual 4000 by 4000 pixels, 300 DPI, and sRGB. And I’m actually gonna start by going into my layers palette and going to the background colour and changing it just to a light blue grey. You can pick whatever colour you want, up to you. Just for a little variety, let’s change it up a little bit.

Remain On Layer One

So, I’m gonna remain on layer one and I’m gonna pick, I think I’m gonna start with the lightest yellow colour, and I’m gonna go and pick the studio pen. You can use a mono pen or just something that’s straight and solid that should work just fine. I’m going to have my opacity at 100% and my size is going to be around 20%, and I’m gonna go and make this so that we make our vase symmetrical. So how we’re gonna do this is go into our little wrench here, go to hit canvas, and then go to the drawing guide and turn that on, toggle that on, then go to edit drawing guide, click on that and you’ll see a few options here. So, we’re gonna go to the symmetry, little tab there, and the thickness is gonna be the thickness of this line in the center, just so we can see. Hopefully, you can see that there. And then we’re gonna click on the options and we want it to say vertical and assisted drawing will be toggled on.

Good To Go!

So once you have that set up, we’ll be good to go, we just click done and here we go. So you can see this layer says assisted on it, so this is the layer that it’s gonna allow us to draw symmetrical things. So I’m gonna start just with… I’m gonna zoom out a little bit, I’m gonna just start with a straight line first and I’m just gonna drag and hold, and then I’m just gonna tap to make that totally straight, and then I’m just gonna do whatever vase shape you want, up to you. And there we go. So now we have it symmetrical, hopefully you can see that, that’s my vase shape I’ll be working with. And then I’m just gonna go and drag and fill that, now we can really see it. So that’s just your vase, and now we have it symmetrical and we’re good to go, so we can just go and turn that assist to drawing off now if we want. And then I’m just gonna go back into my canvas, and I’m just gonna turn that drawing guide off, ’cause it’s kind of annoying to look at.

Click On A New Layer

So there we go, that’s all we needed for that part. And then I’m going to click on a new layer by hitting the plus sign, drag that layer to below this layer one. I’m gonna just go and pick, just grab a gray colour, any gray will do, and I’m just gonna make an oval below here. And I’m just gonna hold and wait till it goes kinda perfect, I wanna have a little bit lopsided and I’m gonna put my finger down just to make it straight. So that will be our little shadow layer, and I’m gonna drag in here to fill. It looks a little bit hard right now, so what I’m gonna do is go up here to your magic wand and go to Gaussian blur, hit layer and now all you need to do is just take your pen and drag it across. Can you see how it’s… I’ll zoom in. How it blurs a lot, so the more I drag, the more it blurs. So you can choose how much you’d like this blurred, I’m just gonna have it about, let’s see. A little bit more than that. Just about there, I think.

Let’s Blend!

And then I’m gonna go and click on this layer and I’m going to change, click on the end to change the blending mode, and I’m gonna put it to multiply. So no matter what colour behind it’s gonna react to that, whatever background colour we have, and then I’m just gonna bump down the opacity as something that looks somewhat reasonable. Maybe around 30%. I think that’s good. Okay, so now let’s work on our vase a little bit, I’m gonna click on that and then add a new layer, tap on it and hit clipping masks. So I’m just gonna do a little bit of shading just to give it a little bit of dimension. I’m gonna go and pick up that orangey colour, click on your brush, and we’re gonna go to, let’s go to air brush and just have that soft brush and it’s going to be at 100% and let’s start, let’s say 8%, that should be fine. So I’m just going to just give the edges just a really light little dusting here, maybe more so in the bottom a bit. A little bit on the side here. And then I’m gonna bring the brush up a little bit more maybe to about 25%. Just a little bit of a dust there.

Rounding It Out

So now we have a little bit more of a rounded shape. It’s a little bit much there, okay. And then I’m gonna go and grab that lighter yellow and I’m gonna add this to this as well, so I’m just making it lighter, even lighter yellow and still with the air brushing, I’m gonna bring it down back to about 8% again. Maybe let’s just give it a little bit of light on this side. Good, nice. So there we have our shaded vase, so we can decorate it and make it a little bit prettier, but at first I think we’ll put our flowers in and then we can kinda leave that to the end. So, I’m gonna select all three layers and hit my arrow and just move, move this down a little bit just so I have some more room, maybe I’m gonna shrink it just a hair, just so I have enough room for these flowers to come in, perfect. And then I’m going to select the shadow layer, hit the plus sign to create a new layer and bring that below, so all our layers will be below the vase so they go behind in it.

Draw Some Stems

So next, I’m gonna draw the stems of the tulips, so I’m just gonna grab this darker green here, then I’m just gonna stay on that studio pen for now. And let’s see what size… That’s still good. Okay, so we can stay on about 18% to draw these little stems and leaves and whatnot. So I’m gonna have one coming out about here, and then we’ll have one here. Maybe a little shorter guy over there. Let’s have some leaves here, like so. Have one coming out the front here. Okay, let’s see how that is. I’m gonna fill these leaves. Oops, I didn’t close that in. There we go. Perfect. Maybe we’ll have… Actually, so those ones are in front, so I’m gonna make another layer, drag it below, and these leaves will be behind, so that will help us later when we’re doing some shading and whatnot. So that one’s gonna be behind. And maybe we’ll have just another little guy in there go behind. Perfect.

A Couple Of Tweaks

Okay, so I think I’m just gonna go back to this layer and just tweak these a little bit, I want my stems to have a little bit more thickness, so I’m just gonna push down a little bit more. They need to be a little bit sturdier. Okay. That’s probably good. Great, and then we can go on top of this layer, I’m gonna click a new layer and make it a clipping mask. So, I’m gonna grab the light green, I’m gonna go and grab, let’s try the charcoals and maybe the… Let’s see, the willow charcoal, let’s try that. It’s gonna be at 100% opacity and 18%. Oh, that’s nice. Just to kind of lightly, just giving it a little bit of texture, just a little bit of something. Just play around with the sizes, it’s not crucial at this point, I’m at 8% right now. Give it a little something. Bring out that leaf there. Good, and then we can go into the same thing to layer five, these leaves that are behind, so I’m gonna click on that, add the plus sign, make it a clipping mask. And I’m actually going to use a darker green now. I will also add this to the palette for you, maybe let’s give it a little more depth in there.

Do The Tulip

Okay. We can use that darker green here too, just maybe give a little edges to that. Oh, I think that looks good. Okay, so now let’s do our little tulips, so I’m going to go and create a new layer on top of that, still below the shadow just to keep everything kind of organised and go back and grab our… Not our painting, our studio pen. So we’re still on… What were we on? 18%, and that’s fine. So let’s start with these tulips here. So I am gonna start with grabbing my colour would be good, so I’m gonna grab that hot pink and create the first little puddle here, it’s gonna kinda go like this, and then there’ll be one kind of like this. And I’m going to fill those in. And I know that’s not quite right, but those are the petals that are closest to us, and then we’re gonna do another layer kinda like how we did it for the leaves to make the ones behind, and that will just help speed up with some of our shadowing and whatnot. Okay, so this one is gonna go… Let’s have it more, a little bit more open here, like that.

Making Some Fixes

That’s not quite right.  Like that. Gonna come in. Okay. And now I already see that I will need to change this layer. I’m actually going to bring this behind the leaves. And you’ll see why in a sec, I forgot about this little guy here. So we want him to be behind for this part. And I’m gonna fix this little area here. Okay. Then I’m just gonna go to this layer that has the stems, grab my eraser and just fix that a bit. So that’s going in there a bit more. Perfect. Okay, so then I’m gonna go back to this layer, create a new one and bring it below and we can create a darker colour here, just to begin with, so we can see what we’re doing. And then we’re just gonna put the petals in here, like so. Now we can add a few more, I think. Okay, that’s good. And I’m just gonna do one more layer, you can have this even darker, just making it up as we go, and just a few more in the back here.

It’s Okay, It’s Alright

Okay, alright. So now we can add some more detail to the petal part. So I’m going to go to this layer, this sort of middle layer, and start there. And I’m just gonna add a new layer clipping mask, stay on this darker colour, I think that will do as well. And go and let’s stick with the charcoals, the willow is good, we’ll stay on the same size at about eight and just let’s make it a little darker in here, give it a little depth and sort of give it a little something in here, so I can just go around and do that. Okay. That looks good. Okay, and then same, I’m gonna go to the layer on top, add a new layer clipping mask, and get this lighter pink here, and let’s just give some life there. Alright. Okay, so then I’m going to just create a new layer and we’re gonna use just the white, and I’m gonna go back to inking and grab my favorite draw ink brush and let’s just do some extra little details, so I’m just gonna give a few little highlights here. I’m gonna have to fix these stems.

Flowers Need A Vase

Okay. I think that’s good for that. So why don’t we work on our vase a little bit and add something a little bit more interesting to it. Let’s go and go to the top and hit the plus sign. And grab this sort of beigey colour here, taupey-beigey. Let’s do some raffia. So we’re on our dry ink brush still, so that should be good, and let’s just kind of like, bring some lines around here, maybe I’m gonna make this a little bit bigger, actually, maybe about 16, and just sort of, you know, they’re all kind of a little bit messy, isn’t it? Have that stuff and kind of have a knot here, just messy sort of lines. And then, let’s see, it kinda has that…

Use Your Imagination

Okay. So that’s probably good. Just use your imagination with that, grab a little darker brown, and we’re just gonna give it a little bit of depth, so it makes sense, ’cause right now it kinda looks really like a big mush right now here. So just define some of those lines. So why don’t we make a little tag underneath our raffia tie here, so I’m gonna go into my layers and create a new layer and just pop it below that, and it does automatically go as a clipping mask. So just double check that, ’cause you won’t be able to draw outside of our vase here. So I wanna go and grab our studio pen again, leave it on the same settings, it’s fine at 18. And let’s just draw a tag. So you can have whatever shape you want. I’m just gonna make something, I don’t know, reminiscent of a luggage tag shape, I guess, something like that.

Write A Little Message

Okay, so now we can use that to write a little message on, but first, I’m going to make a little shadow. So I’m gonna actually duplicate this and my duplicate below, I’m just going to… I’m gonna give it this warm orange colour and you’re not gonna see anything happen, but you’ll see it below. But where we’re gonna move it just like so. Maybe down like that, and then we’re gonna go back to our magic wand. Go to Gaussian blur and layer, and again, just give this a blur like so. Mine’s at 15%, if that’s helpful. Now this, I am gonna make this a clipping mask, ’cause you see, I’ll show you, that it’s popping out here. So that’s not logical, so we’ll just clip that to the vase, so that’ll work. And now we have a nice little drop shadow below that. Okay, and we can move it over a little bit, it might be making more sense if it didn’t have too much on that side. That’s probably good.


Okay, so we can go back to our tag layer and make another one above it, and you can write a nice little message and I’m sure yours will be even prettier, because as we all know, I am not known for my hand lettering skills, so.  You can write whatever message you want. Happy Easter, Happy Spring. I’m just gonna say, “Thank you.” I’m gonna just do it with my dry ink at about 10, and I’m just, hopefully and neatly gonna say “Thank you.” You know, it’s just not my best skill.  Alright, something like that. I’m sure yours will look much better.  But we can decorate the tag, of course, then maybe we should do that, maybe we can just move this up a little bit. I can still read it and maybe you put a little… Grab the orange. Maybe that looks better, a little flourish or something. So you can decorate this however you want, of course, you can go in and maybe I’ll do this with this tag, you can go and take your eraser, and I’m just on air brush and a hard brush. So I’m going to bring it down to 2%. Let’s just see if we just cut little holes out of it.

And You’re Done

There we go. Makes it a little bit more interesting. Maybe I’ll move this up again, we’ll shrink it down, move it up. There, so we have a little cut-out tag, that’s kinda fun. So I think that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did, please hit that like button, subscribe, and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials just like this one in the future. Just thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate it. I love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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How to Draw a Cute Dog Illustration in Procreate

By illustration, procreate

How to Draw a Cute Dog Illustration – Step by Step Procreate Tutorial

Welcome to this week’s tutorial.

Hi, guys. I’m Kris.  Let’s draw together. In this week’s tutorial, we’ll be drawing a cute little dog in Procreate. And I’m sure you can create this, too, if you follow along all the way to the end of the video. If you feel rushed, be sure to hit pause and just rewind to catch up. And save this video to your library so you can re-watch if you need extra practice. Today, we’ll be using all three brushes found in Procreate. And don’t forget, once you’ve finished this entire video, share it on Instagram, and tag me in the image as well as the description, so I can find your artwork and feature it here on the next draw together video.


So for this video, I’ve made you a free color palette just in case you’d like to use the exact same colors that I’ll be using during this tutorial. And so you can just tap on the link in the video description below, and you can download and install it into Procreate. Also below, you’ll find a link to a goody bag I’d love to share with you, and you can check out my shop and support me there. So let’s dive in and set up our canvas at 4000 x 4000 pixels, 300 DPI and sRGB. And I’m gonna start with my trusty old 6B pencil, and it can be in whatever color you want. I’m just gonna have black.  Very classic. It’s at about 40%. That should do the trick. And let’s start with a simple sketch and just get some shapes down.


So this dog is gonna be a little bit out of proportion. It’s gonna be more of a character, not quite so realistic. So pushing those little Yorkie boundaries a bit, so we’re gonna make his head a little bit bigger. Now, I’m just gonna start with a circle, and then he’s gonna have some ears, and these are just triangles, of course. And then his little body, it’s gonna come about there. I’m just gonna resize this just by pointing my arrow. I’ve made my head just a touch too big.  I’m running out of room. And so he’s gonna have a little paw here, and a paw here, and those are gonna come in. They’re gonna be fairly straight, really. That’s a little body here. Actually, maybe that’s a little bit too far apart for what I want. Hold on a sec.

Squiggly Little Line

So I’m gonna actually just take… Do my squiggly little line, my selection tool here, just select the lower body and I’m gonna resize it. Actually, I’m going to switch it to free form, so I can lengthen this a little bit. I just want it a little bit more narrow. And stay on free form, if it didn’t do that for me. And just resize this a bit here. I’m just gonna make them a little longer there. Let’s see. That should be good. Okay. And then he’s just gonna have his little feet coming out, you just sort of notice them back here somewhere. So again, this is just super messy. Just getting the feel of it. I’m gonna put in his markings a little bit. He’s gonna have this tier. You know how they’re multi-colored, so he’ll have this tier. Under here, he’ll have this. It’s gonna be darker, and these paws will be lighter.

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Okay, so let’s get to the face a little bit. So not quite in the center, a little bit lower than the center. I will do his little nose and his little circle eyes that Yorkies are so known for. I’m gonna do it about that. So we have three of these together, and they’re all roughly same size. And then his silly little mouth. It’s gonna look like this, kind of a scoop, and then a scoop this way. Actually, I’m gonna bring that up a little bit more. So I’m gonna grab my selection tool again. Just select that with the arrow, move it up just a hair, and that should be good. So he’s gonna have his little beard here. So that will be there, and then it’ll kind of go out this part here. I don’t really know what that’s called, but anyway, that part. And we know he’s got this shape, is gonna happen, and then the rest of it is the color or the darker color. The ears are gonna come in like that.

It’s really  looking terribly cute right now

Okay. So that’s pretty much… Wow, it’s really  looking terribly cute right now, but it will in a little while. So I just wanna make sure that I’ve got these in the right spot. I think that’s pretty good. It’s sort of the starting point for our lovely little Yorkie. I’m gonna take this sketch, and I’m going to just knock that opacity down by clicking on the N, and bumping it back down to let’s say 25, and I’m gonna create a new layer on top by hitting the plus sign. So then, I’m just gonna have a pick. Let’s see. Let’s do the eyes first. I’m gonna pick this black, it’s actually charcoal in the palette there, and I’m gonna go grab my inking, and I’m gonna go to the dry ink pen. And let’s see. This is gonna be at about 25%, and I’m just gonna darken these, these in here. And my nose is gonna be not quite a circle, rounded at the top. I don’t even know what shape you call this. What’s that? The shape of a vapes or a Vicks VapoRub? [laughter] I don’t know. It’s what it just reminded me of, that symbol. I’m gonna bring my pen down to about 5% or 6%, just to get in here and get the little mouth.


So those are really gonna be the only hard lines that we need for this project. Actually, while we’re here, why don’t we just go and do the little highlights, too? So I’m gonna pick up the lightest cream color, and just do a few little highlights here just on his eyes, just have that, and do a little here. I think I’m actually gonna smudge them out just a little bit, too. I’m gonna take my smudger and I’m just gonna use… Just be on the airbrush, and just a soft brush is fine. And you can just bring that down to maybe 3%, maybe that’s too much, 2%, and just get the edges. I’m just slightly doing it. I still want it to be a little bit scratchy, but just soften it a hair there.


Okay. Alright, that’s probably good for now. Alright, so a lot of this is going to be all done with the hair brush, but I think I’m gonna block out some colors first. So let’s just pick a new layer, and just bring that below the eyes and nose. And I’m gonna go and… Let’s see. What am I gonna do? I’m gonna go to the painting and just grab the gouache, that’s fine. You can use airbrush or anything like that, but I’ll use the gouache today. I’m just gonna block in some simple colors here. So I’m gonna do this brown, one of the darker medium ones, and I’m just gonna come in and just fill in this area. So I’m at, let’s say 10%, 100% opacity, just blocking this in. I’m not gonna go too far over ’cause I want the hair bristles to go over there.


Let’s just get some basic colors here. And then this is gonna be dark down here, this is gonna be dark. It’s a little foot, maybe we’ll have to do this a little smaller, maybe about a size six. Just get his little foot there, his little foot there. Okay, that’s probably good for that color. And I’m gonna go and grab this, the one right beside it, it’s a little bit warmer, and just fill in the rest. Let’s make this brush bigger again, back up to about 15, and we can just color in there. Again, I’m not going outside just ’cause I want those wispy hair bits in.


Actually, I don’t like how I did that paw. It’s probably a little bit too much. I just made it a little bit smaller, maybe about 8% or 10%. Okay, and then we can do his ears, too.


Alright. Well, he looks kind of weird, but at least we have a base going, so this is a great start. I’m still thinking I want that mouth a little bit higher up. So I’m gonna go back to my layer with the mouth on it, grab my little selection tool, and I did not grab it, grab my little selection tool and bring that up just a hair. That’s better, I think. Okay. Yeah.


Alright. So let’s get some hair going. I’m going to just create another layer on top, I think. I probably don’t need to but, I will just in case, and start with some hair. So I’m going to start with this darker brown. So all we’re gonna do is use what we have native to Procreate. So I’m gonna go in and find the touch-ups, and that’s where you’ll find the hair. I’m gonna select short hair to start with. We might use all of them, and we might just use this one. I’m not sure yet, we’ll see. But all you have to do, you can see with this brush, it just gives you that. So that’s what we’re going to need. So I’m just flicking up, careful not to make a funny shape, otherwise it won’t look like hair, and then just trying to go in the direction of how it falls on the dog. So I’m gonna have, let’s say… What are our settings going to be? Maybe at 30, 32, and at about 80% opacity, roughly. Let’s just start with that. So I’m just gonna be flicking, and like I said, going with the way the hair goes. This is gonna be all about layering, lots of layering, and just building this up and creating that depth. What I might wanna do underneath is push that layer behind just to make it look hairy on the edges. So I might go and do that, too. Let’s see.


Let’s do that. Okay, so I’m gonna turn this off, and I’m gonna go back and show you something else. Okay. So we’re gonna go to this fill layer that we did before. I’m gonna go to my smudge tool actually, and go and do the same thing. I’m gonna go to the touch-ups, and the short hair, and just push this a bit, if you can see, just to make that edge kind of furry. And I’m gonna make it bigger, let’s say about 35, and just go and soften that edge. That’ll give us a nice little background to work from, so I’m not working against any hard edges.


I probably should have made those touch. It will.

Okay, so I think that’ll be better. So now, if we just go back and turn on the hair layer, you can see you don’t have that harsh line, especially when I turn this off. We can actually turn off our sketch layer, we don’t really need it anymore. Let’s go back to the hair, we’re back to that darker brown, and we’re still on our short hair, it’s still at 80% and at about 30% for size. I’m just gonna keep going around and building that up, keeping in the direction of the hair, but still trying to have some variation and irregularity in it, too, if that makes sense.


Alright, I’m gonna bring my brush down a little bit smaller to about 12 or 13, and just do a few hairs on the edges here.


Alright. While we have the small brush, I’m just gonna put a few little ones in here.


And start building a little bit of depth around his eyes.

Looks angry.

Well, he won’t look mad by the end, I hope. It’s not supposed to.  Now, let’s see. Okay, that’s very tough. Okay, so next, we’re gonna do a new color, we’re gonna bring in this medium color there. And I’m gonna go back to about 30%, and start doing that, and it can overlap, of course. You want it to. We’re gonna have variation in this, just trying to build up those layers and that depth.


So you want this to be going this way, and just wanna make sure that you’re always remembering what direction the hair would be going in, naturally falling. I hope you can see this. I know it’s the same color, so it’s overlapping a bit but…


This is driving me nuts. I’m gonna move it. It’s too noisy.


So let’s do another color and I’m gonna grab this more medium brown color and just just go where the eyes are and start creating some more depth here.


This color can go between both colors, so I would bring it into this color, too, and just start to create some depth there.


Okay. I think I’m gonna go into the layer behind, just to fill in some of this stuff. I’m gonna go into that solid layer that we did behind with the same color still seems to have… And just fill in some of this behind. I think that’ll help because it’s more interesting when you have the different layers coming in on different layers,  if that makes sense, so the color, not just having the lighter color over top with the dark color, but the dark color over top of the light, and that’ll just make a different look, as well, and really fill that in.


Okay. So I think he is looking pretty good. Why don’t we focus a little bit on the eyes, ’cause right now these are just crazy little buggy eyes that need a little bit of work. So let’s go on top, and we’ll do a new layer and I’m gonna go… And I think I’m gonna use my favorite, my inking, my dry ink brush to do this. I think it’ll work. Let’s see. Yeah, I’m gonna be on about 5%, and still with this color that we have, just this dark… Well, actually, let’s start with the medium brown, stay on that, 100% opacity, 5% for size and just start coming in here and just overlapping, so some of the hairs are gonna come in here, and just a flicking motion. Just sort of… So we have some of our own more distinct lines. And maybe they might… Like this other little eyelashes go. I think that… And then there’s gonna be, of course, some hairs from here that come over. I don’t know if that’s a little bit too distinctive. Okay, let’s see. Okay, let’s do the same on the other side to start to build that out.

Don’t know if… I might have this corner here. Okay. And then let’s see… Go to the darkest color and get some in there. I’m just gonna be pushing this. Just a few. And they’re close to it.

Okay. I was starting to sink in there a little bit. Alright. And then let’s get this lighter cream color. He’s gonna have some lighter strands here.

Just really, really lightly.

Erase that.  Okay, let’s see. It’s all about just building this up and getting those lines going. So I’m gonna actually do on a layer below. I’m gonna make a new layer. Just because I wanna experiment a little bit more. I’m gonna go to this medium brown. Let’s go, and back to our non-vintage when I get my touch-ups. Let’s try the fine hair and see if we can get… Let’s go to about 22%. Oh yeah, that’ll work, I think. Just get some more hairs going in the back here that are a little bit more defined, a little bit less, of course, than what we were doing with the ink brush. I just get some more colors going here, more lines. This actually, I think, will work well for some more definition. That’s good.

How about this color? Let’s try that, too. That warmer color. I think I actually wanna add a little bit warmer there. Better.



Okay, let’s try this lighter cream color and just work a little bit more where the muzzle is.



Yeah, that works well. You know how they have almost little old man eyebrows here.  That works. That’s starting to look good. Kind of just want a little funny hairs, doing some stuff there just to make it a little irregular. Actually, I’m gonna go on my top layer again just to do a few things, ’cause I wanted them to go over the eyes a little bit. That’s good. Okay, I’m gonna go back to my layer below.

It’s just about layering and layering, and layering. You can go on for a long time, just making this look as realistic… This isn’t gonna look super realistic, but get that fur going as much as you want, for sure. I won’t go on all day today, otherwise this video will be terribly long.  But we’ll get the idea, so you know what to do for little fuzzy creatures like this.


There. I just wanted this part to be a little bit separate from this part. I think that’s… Accomplished what I wanted. Yeah, okay. So I’m gonna try to sink this mouth in just a little bit more, so I’m going to just get that dark brown and I’m gonna go back to that fine hair. Same settings, we’re just gonna stay at about… What is this now? Twenty-four, 25, something like that. And just with little short strokes, just kinda… Oh, that’s not gonna work, actually. Let’s bring this down to 12 and just get darker in that corner, just blending that mouth in a little bit more just with little short strokes.


I think that’s good. You can pull some of them through, too. This kinda makes him look a little bit like a Muppet.  Alright. I’m just gonna get a few darker in here. Same with around the nose, just pushing that in a little bit.


Let’s go… I do have that, okay. Lets go and just continue to darken this area a little bit.


Let’s do a little bit more on the ears. I’m gonna grab this medium brown and let’s go to about size 16, 15, something like that. No, let’s go to size about 25. Maybe just do a few more distinguishing hairs on these ears here.


And let’s just get the really light white. Put a few in here.


Okay. I think I’m gonna go on a layer below and just add some more of this dark brown. Still, same settings on this brush.


So I’m really disappointed, the last few minutes of this tutorial, my camera decided to turn off on its own, which is super frustrating. But anyways,  you didn’t miss much. I just kept going and just kept adding a few more layers of just fur. That’s all it was, just a little bit more definition and just layering upon layering. Exactly the same thing that I’ve been doing this whole tutorial. So you didn’t really miss much, so don’t worry. I hope you’re not too disappointed. But I hope you did enjoy this tutorial, and if you did, please hit that like button, subscribe, and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials just like this one, hopefully without my camera dying at the end. But I do release a tutorial every week. Thank you so much for watching, guys. I love you and I’ll see you in the next one.

How To Draw A Man Walking In Procreate

By illustration, procreate

How to draw a Man Walking step by step in Procreate Tutorial – Using Brushes/Guides

Hi guys, I’m Kris. Welcome to this week’s tutorial.

Let’s draw together!

In this week’s tutorial, we’ll be drawing a man walking in Procreate, and I’m sure you can create this too, if you follow along with this video all the way to the end. It’s going to be a little bit different this week. I am showing you how to use my new male body brush box, so they’re stamp brushes for Procreate. They’re brushes for Photoshop and Affinity as well, and they also come in Photoshop layers and illustrator layers, and PNG and PDF. So that’s a lot of stuff there, but you can use them however you want. You can even print them out and use them that way. They are guides to help you learn to draw better, and easier, quicker, faster, and just to get to the illustration part so you don’t have to think about body proportion, face proportion, all that kind of stuff. It’s just a really simple, easy tool to help you in your journey of learning how to draw better, and if you’re interested in these brushes, you can find them in the description. There’s a link below for you. And don’t forget once you finish this entire video to share it on Instagram and tag me in the image as well as the description so I can find your artwork and feature you here on the next draw together video.


For this video, feel free to use whatever colors you like. There’s no color palette today, but you don’t really need it. We can just jump right in by creating our canvas at 4000 x 4000 pixels, 300 DPI. We don’t really need a square, but I just like to have a lot of white space, so it’s good for today. Let’s jump in and I’m just gonna go and find our male body brushes. So they come in a husky build, an athletic build, and a slim build, and then there are the heads as well. So I’m just gonna go and grab an athletic body, and you can see there’s 14 different body positions, and today, I’m just gonna use the walking forward one, and I’m gonna have it at about 80%. So I’ll just simply tap and there he is, and then we can use our arrow to move him. So let’s go grab him a face.  And I’m gonna just create another layer, so I’m gonna hit the plus sign, go back to my brushes and then go to the male heads. And here we have 14 forward-facing, three-quarter looking to his side a bit, profile, and then three-quarters facing down, and they all have different hairstyles to choose from.


So today I’m gonna just grab this mid-cut, this front-facing. I’m gonna have it at the same size at about, let’s say, 80 and see what that’s like. Just tap, and there he is. And then I can move him and I’m just gonna actually make this just a hair larger for today, and just put it around there. Now you can decide how long you’d like his neck to be, but I’m gonna place him there. Okay, so now we can go and just merge these two layers, and we can resize him too, to make him a little bit bigger. Okay, and there we go. So much work is already done for us. He’s all ready to go. All we need to do is put some clothes on the poor man.  But you can see it really makes it a lot simpler, especially things like this where it’s already figured out the foreshortening of the leg, which can sometimes be a little bit tricky and hands, so that’s always nice to have those done. So let’s jump in and give him some clothes. So I’m just gonna bump back the opacity by clicking on the end, turning it down to… I’ll do it at about 30, so you can see him well enough. Then I’m gonna create another layer and we’ll start drawing our clothes on that new layer.


Okay, so I’m just gonna keep it just black is fine, and now we’ll go into our free brushes, so just our regular brushes in Procreate. I’m going to go to inking and grab that dry ink brush that I love so much, and I’m gonna have it at about 6%. Okay, so I think I’m just gonna do a collared, a collared button shirt. Most of the time, that’s what my husband wears, so I think he will be my inspiration today.  So I’m just gonna start by just bringing the collar here. And I would just lay it like that. It’s a little bit messy, maybe. And that’s gonna tuck in like that. Seeing where this bends here. Maybe it would kinda bend like that. And then we’re gonna have this come over and have it come in here. Alright, so it’s not like a perfectly starched shirt so you can have it a little bit wiggly. And that line would be coming here, the stitching line. Okay, so I’m gonna have this ever so slightly just off center and a little bit wiggly and go like that, and this is this little stitching line here. There would be a button here and maybe here where his belly button is.  You know what? This is probably curved a little touch too much, so I’m just gonna straighten that out just a hair. Okay. And that’ll come up there. Alright.


I’m gonna just give him just some little lines here just to make it not too straight just to look like it has a little bit of movement to it. Okay, so that should be fine. I’m gonna come in with the shoulders and I’m gonna make a specific little mark there, kinda like to break that where the seam would be there, and so it shows where the shoulder and the arm meet on the shirt, and I think I kinda make this a more casual look, so I’m gonna have a little gathered here and more of a turned up sleeve. Let’s bring this sort of in like that. Yeah, okay, so same again on the other side, just gonna make that seam where the arms go, make a few wiggles there, it’s kind of where it’ll come in, then we’re gonna have the rolled up sleeve.


Okay. Casual shirt, next, let’s give him some pants. We’ll just give him, obviously, jeans would go well with this type of look. So I’m just gonna start with the fly area, bring that down and go on up, give it a little stitch kind of in there. Then I’m gonna drop the crotch a little bit, that sounds lovely, give him a little room, you know? Alright, and then the folds there, and of course the stitching would carry on under here, and then there would be the lines there. Actually, I’m just gonna make this look more like it’s kind of coming like that, and then you have the leg coming here.


Okay, just a few creases and folds, just to make it look a little bit more natural. I’m gonna make it look like… So we obviously can see that knee, so there would be some folds in there, and then that pant would come around here. Again, I’m just giving him some room. Okay. Usually a little bit baggier around the knee, these are a slightly tighter style of jean, I guess. We can have a little hem line there. Okay, that should be all right.


So you can see if we remove the template behind, it looks like a man shape. Let’s give him a few more details on these jeans here, you’ll see the little bit of the pocket, I think that would come down here. We can just indicate that by some stitching like so. Okay, and then, let’s draw in the rest of the body. So we can just bring in these arms here, and of course, you can give this more of a painted stem, more realistic, more cartoon-ish, you can… Obviously, it doesn’t have to be a black outline, like I’m doing, this is just more of an illustrative style. You make it whatever style you want, at least you’ve got the basics to start with, and that just makes it so much easier and so much less time-consuming. Especially figuring out hands and stuff like that, that can always be really fun. Okay, so just something about the heads, the heads are just a very classic proportions, so of course, not everybody has these proportions, everybody’s a little bit different, but this just gives you a really basic start so you can adjust.


Everybody is not gonna have this jaw line, but you can know if you’re trying to do something that’s a little bit of a sharper point, a little bit of a rounder face, a little bit narrower, any of those things. And the same with where the eyes and nose and mouth are placed, that will vary from person to person as well, but at least you have a starting point of something that is just sort of that basic, classic dimensions and you can start from there. So let’s just… I’m gonna keep it basically what’s here today, just somewhat classic shape. If I can trace anything, that would be really  a miracle. Here we go. Okay, I think we’ll do his head in a minute, why don’t we get on to his shoes here.


So the shoes, with these feet it actually makes it fairly simple. It might look kind of funny right now, but you’ll see in a minute, you just put in the little shoe tab. We’ll give him some runners, I think. Bring it around in there, you just follow the lines basically. I’m just gonna make the end a little bit more round, ’cause this shoe would be a little bit rounder, maybe not quite that round, and then it’s gonna have a little bit of a thicker sole to it. Okay, something like that. And put these laces in. And then we’ll just tie a little bow, maybe have a little tag there and there we are, some runners. Okay, good, and then this one, we’ll just follow here after the little tab bit, that little tongue, whatever you call that.



Alright. Well there, good, he’s got some shoes. Good stuff. And now, why don’t we go and just kinda get the face going. Alright, so I think we’ll give him a little smile today, so actually, I’m gonna start with his eyes. I’m just gonna bring my pen down just a hair, just to like 4% and I’m just gonna basically follow this, for the most part. I’ll just make it a little bit more square like that. And I’m not gonna go too big with male eyes just because, well, they’re usually not wearing make-up, so it’s a little less expressive. And when you have them too large it does start to look a little bit more on the feminine side, I think, anyways. But yeah, just keeping them a little bit smaller. I can keep this crease here and again, I’m not gonna do lashes, but I am just gonna do the lash line a little bit thicker just with the line. That way you can get the depth but not have all the lovely lashes like I usually do. Although I will say oftentimes, men have way more fabulous lashes than a lot of women. It’s not fair. Yeah, anyway, I know you ladies know that.


Well, I have eyelash-envy of my husband, anyway.  Alright, and of course, the brows are most likely going to be a little bit thicker, heavier than most women, maybe a little slightly more unruly depending on the guy. But this guy, we’ll give him a decent brow here. It’s probably good. I think I’m not really quite thrilled with the shape here. Again, I can go into my magic wand, grab my liquify, just make that quite… It’s on the push, and maybe to 22%. I’m just gonna… Maybe down even more at 15. I’m just unhappy with the edges there. Those are a little bit too catty or something. Okay, that’s better. Now I just fix things with my little liquify brush, love it. Okay, I think I’m gonna give him a bit… A few lines here, just because I’m gonna have him smiling, so we might have some nice creases like so. Okay, we’ll see. Now because you’ve drawn this, I’m just actually going to totally do another little cheat. And I’m gonna get this squiggly little line. I’ve got to figure out what that’s called.  And just… So back to my eye, I’m in freehand and add, and I’m just gonna click copy and paste, and so that now I have that eye on an… Or a copy of that eye on another layer. And I’m just gonna hit my arrow and on uniform, say flip horizontally.


I’m going to have my snapping on and have my magnetics on so that I can simply just slide it over and we can… I’m just trying to find out where it’s supposed to go. We can cheat. So,  I am gonna change it a little bit just because sometimes it does look a little bit funny if they’re exactly… But that’ll happen when I start coloring and stuff, so that I think just saves us a little time. Okay, right, so that’s a good start for that. I might make some adjustments in a minute, but we’ll see where we go. Okay, let’s give him a little nose here. I’m just gonna do just a really basic kind of nose here, so I’m just gonna start with a little line, go up for the nostrils, give it a little darker line there, and then a swoop around. Hopefully the same on the other side. Swoop around there, just classic. I don’t know if it’s classic, but just like a simple nose. And I’m gonna bring in here a little bit. I’m gonna just… And around here just to give him a little bit of definition.


Okay. And then his mouth. Let’s do a nice smile. So I’m going to… Because that smile’s gonna actually bring his lip line up, of course. I’m gonna start here and I’m just gonna do… Put the beans there. I don’t know why I call them beans. I’m not sure that’s right, but anyway  And it’s just gonna be a subtle swoop. And that’s the top lip, and then I’m just gonna… Because when you smile, usually your top lip stretches out a little bit, so we’re gonna have it not too big here. Okay, so that’s our top lip. And then the bottom lip is going to be about here, and that’s just gonna come down like that. Okay, and give him a little… His bottom lip will be a little bit bigger…


Okay, I’m gonna turn off my layer below my guide layer just so we can see a little bit more. Making marks all over the place. So to do the teeth, what I do is just darken in a little ways in here. See, like that, and then… So twitchy, just in here, I don’t know, what is that, three quarters of the way in? Just give a little triangle, just to indicate those, are they incisors? I should know this. You know, your little shark teeth, the pointy ones. Just to signify those. So that’s a really simple way, just to make a really easy smile without, I don’t like drawing all the teeth when I’m doing something more illustrative. I think that’s too much information. So just doing these little teeny dots and just filling in the sides just give you enough to go on I think to read that as a smile and as teeth. Just a little line, extra line underneath the lip, just to have that shadow there. Okay, so we have a smile. Looks good.


Okay, and I’m just gonna do, let’s do a little bit of hair here. Actually, I’m gonna do this, oops. Actually, I’m gonna just merge this down just ’cause that was our copied layer and just get some hair going here. So with the hairstyles they’re just obviously a start, a suggestion of just where things would go and you can just fill in the rest. So I really just concentrate more on the roots at this point, just getting those lines and just the general flow in. Oops.



Actually, maybe this will go behind his ear like that.



Not gonna do every hair, just a few lines just to indicate where it’s going. Okay let’s see without just turning that off. Okay, I should be good for now. Okay, so I think it’s time to fill some color in. So I’m gonna go on, click on layer one and hit the plus sign, and first I’m gonna start by filling in his skin color. So I’m just gonna go to my studio pen just right above my dry ink here, and start filling it in. So let’s maybe fast forward through this, ’cause I know you know how to do this.



And then just take your color and drag it in, and there we go, filled it up.




Okay, next I’m gonna create another layer, so hitting the plus sign, and I’m going to do his… Put his jeans here. I’m just gonna pick on a blue jean color.




And then I’m going to create another layer and put his shirt on top. So I’m gonna change the color in a little bit, but I’ll just make it gray for now.




Okay, I’m just gonna add another layer and fill these in with gray too.




Okay, and I’m actually gonna turn these to white because I think I want them white and but, anyways, so there we go. And let’s see, maybe we should put a little bit behind his face here. So I’m just gonna go to my skin layer just to keep things organized, and hit the plus sign, and I’m gonna go and make this a very, a slightly gray, slightly creamy white color, it’s not gonna be pure white, and I’m gonna go to the painting and grab my gouache, and have it quite small, maybe, I don’t know, two percent, and just fill in the eye, I’m just gonna make it one percent, actually, and 100% opacity, and just fill this in. You just don’t want it to be 100% white, it makes it look a little bit crazy. This will look more realistic, and we can use that color on the teeth as well.


Okay. And while I’m here, I’m just gonna make it a little bit pink, just for the corners here, the edges. Okay. And I’m just gonna make those eyes, just gonna make them a brown color, just a gray-brown color, just fill that in. Okay. And then I’m, at the very top, at the very top of your layers, I’m gonna add another layer, make it completely white, and have your brush at one percent and just do a little white dot so you have that, so there are his eyes. And I’m just gonna do a little bit of base color, I’m gonna go back to the eye, at the eye layer, and hit the plus sign, and, yeah, just with… We’ll have him have brown hair. Again, with the gouache maybe at around three percent, just kinda block in this color a little bit. Don’t go too far to the edges, just because we’ll do that with more hair later, but… Just kinda get an idea.


And I’m holding down my brush the whole time here, and I’ve picked it up again to make it thicker or more opaque. All right, and while we’re here, we can make our brush smaller to one percent and just fill in those eyebrows too. All right. Well, that looks good, we just got our basic color blocking in and we can start adding some more depth and interest and definitely getting that hair under control. So let’s go back into our layers and go on, click on the jeans layer, the fill layer, add another layer on top and click on clipping mask, and we’re gonna just make some changes here. So I’m gonna select this blue color just so I have the same, then I’m going to take… In this view, I’m gonna take this little circle and go down a little bit into the right, so making an L shape, and then I’m going to go back into my painting and grab the spectra brush, and I’m gonna have it at, oh, I don’t know, 40%, just larger, and softly dust over it, not hard, as you can see, just softly, it gives it a little bit of texture, I hope you can see that, just to make it a little bit interesting. And then I’m gonna bring my brush quite small, maybe about two or three, and just start doing some shadowing. The crotch is going to be a little darker on the inside of the legs.


Just ’cause you know how jeans are, where there are seams and stuff, it’s where the dye really collects the most, so you’re gonna wanna make that darker. You’re gonna have to have your brush quite small and just get in there and… Yeah, where the creases would be and the seams would be. Make sure that’s sort of your darkest area and you can build that up too. So actually I’m gonna go even darker. So I’m gonna do the L again down into the right with my little color picker and just start to get these shadows in here. Oops, I made a funny line.




Bring that brush up a little bit. I’m just being really light with it. I just dust it around. The shirt would probably cast a little bit of a shadow. And, of course, this part of the leg would be more in shadow too. So you can really push that back, make it look further away.




It depends where the pockets are too, like where the inside of the pockets are really. Get some more dye in there, so you just wanna have that…




Looks a little bit line-y. Okay. That’s probably good for now. Okay. Let’s get this shirt out. Obviously, I don’t like this particular color. It looks… Makes him look a little blah at the moment. So let’s see. What color should we do? So let’s actually just make it a white. So I’m not gonna make it pure white, I’m just gonna make it slightly off white, slightly blue maybe. Let’s see what that looks like. Okay. That’s probably good for a start. And let’s see. We can give him… Maybe we’ll make it, like I said, we’ll make it plaid, so we’ll get some stripes in there. But first I’m going to just do some shadows. So I’m gonna just do the same thing. Add the plus sign, click on it, clipping mask, and I’m just gonna take this and down into the right, just like that L shape. I’m gonna use my gouache this time, still in painting, just maybe about, I don’t know, 12%. Let’s just give him some bit of shape here. So I’m having it so my light is basically coming straight, like this way, so this side is more gonna be shadowy, in general. I just keep adjusting my brush size just to suit my needs here.




Well, let’s make it a touch darker. Just keeping that darker color just closer to the edges.




Okay. Great. Okay. That’s probably good to start. And then I’m, actually, while we’re on this color, I’m just gonna do the shoes as well, ’cause they will also be white. So I’m gonna click on the shoe layer, click the plus sign, clipping mask, and just do a few shadows on it, while we’re here. So I’m gonna do it about 4 or 5%, just giving it a little definition.




Okay. It’s probably good for now. And why don’t we do his skin while we’re at it too. So I’m gonna go and select his skin layer, hit the plus sign, hit clipping mask, and I’m gonna grab this skin color and go down into the right and start making some shadows. So under the jaw. And I’m still on my gouache. Now we can use our guides to help us with the shadows a little bit. So I’m gonna turn them back on. Of course, we won’t see them, but I’m just gonna drag it above. It can go all the way above too, if you want, so we can see that. So you see where these lines are? Those are actually the sides of your face, so they’re actually gonna have shadow on them. So you can just kind of follow this. This is where your cheekbone would be, and that’s where you would have that plane change there. So hopefully that makes sense. I can turn it back on, so I can see. See? So now he’s got some definition there.


Okay, so we can make it a little bit smaller. Maybe around two. And the other thing, the really easy thing to do is just come in and make this eye socket dark ’cause that’s gonna be shot out in there. And that’ll really help bring some depth to this. And then I’m just gonna follow down the nose, just really lightly. I see I’ve got some dots and erasing that I need to do.  And then kind of a triangle below the nose, you can see that hopefully. And just around kind of where he’s got… That there. I’m gonna make this a 1% just so I can get into the smaller areas. And I’m gonna go down and make it darker a little bit more. So, making that L and still at 1%, just a little bit more definition in some of these creases here. 2%. So under the lip would be emphasized. Oh, I know what we’ve forgotten. I’ve forgotten his smile lines. That would be nice. Okay, I think this… Actually I’m just gonna blend this out, just got a little bit out of control there. Okay, right. So and I have that darker still, and I’m just gonna make it a little bit more in his ear there. Maybe a little bit more closer to the jaw here.


Okay, that’s good for now. I’m gonna go back to that lighter brown that I had. So as you can see it’s just that brown I originally had for the shadows, the Gouache, gonna bring it up to maybe about 4% and just do a little bit on his arms. His fingers here. And on those legs here, gonna just give him a little shadow too. Okay, so let’s go and just continue on with his face a little bit. I’m actually gonna probably make his hair quite a bit darker just because of his… His skin color would probably work nicely with some darker hair. So first, I’m gonna actually do his lips. So we can just go stay on this layer. And I’m gonna pick sort of a peachy, pinky color. Let’s just see. It’s too light. Yeah, maybe that. Let’s try that. Again for guys lips, I don’t go too crazy pink or anything like that, just ’cause probably not wearing lipstick. And then I’m just gonna make it a little darker here just to emphasize the corners. But yeah, I just don’t wanna… Too much… Too much color on here. That’s just my personal preference, and then the upper lip is just gonna be a little bit darker. And then I’m just gonna take that in this color palette just get something kinda light and just give it a little… Just a little highlight. Just gonna make this a little bit smaller. Okay. Good. So that’s probably good for the lips. We can go in and I’m just gonna add another layer, you don’t have to necessarily, but I’m just going to.


On top of that, shadow layer, I’m gonna do a highlight layer. So I’m gonna go back to the… Actually, I’m just gonna grab this skin color, and I have something a little bit lighter. So the opposite L, the reverse L.  And let’s just do a few highlights. I’m probably gonna be at about 2% and just give him a little… Little highlights. Maybe his forehead a little bit. His cheeks and his chin of course. And the edge of his hand, arm a little bit on the side. Okay. And then on another layer, I’m just gonna give him a little… A little bit more of a warm color and just… Let’s see. Just warm up his cheeks a touch here, and his forehead. Let’s give them a little bit of color. I hope that makes a difference. Alright, let’s go back to his hair color layer, and I’m gonna bring it down. I’m gonna just continue with my browns and just bring it quite dark, let’s see, maybe we’ll just stick with the gouache for a second here and just block this out. So I’m gonna make it darker, just keep layering more where… Especially close to his scalp so, or where the roots are.



I’m gonna make his eyebrows a touch darker too, his eyes a bit… Then I’m gonna go and grab the… Let’s see the old brush and bring it down to maybe 4%. Works a little bit for…




I can bring in our guide again, I’m trying to remember where their hair went. Okay, I’m gonna turn that guide back off. Alright. And let’s see, maybe the dry brush. The dry brush, works nicely too actually.


Alright, so I’m gonna go back and grab my into inking and grab that dry brush, still the same color, and let’s just get some more hairs in here.




Okay, and I’m gonna go and back to black. I’m gonna put a few more… I gotta keep with the direction here. A few more of these in just to keep working, and sometimes I find that if you have just a few on the outside that gives it a better look, just sort of finishing ones.




I’m just gonna make some more breaks here… I’m just gonna erase a few little bits in here, I think it’s gotten a little bit too messy on me.




There, I think that’s better.


Okay, and back to the gouache and just gonna have a quite dark but not black, and at 1%, black and a few more dark spots here.




And I’m just gonna grab like a lighter brown, just for some highlights, still with my gouache. Just spring a few in.


So let’s maybe start on the pattern on the shirt. Okay, so I’m just gonna go to his shirt layer, and we can be below the shadow layer and just add another one, click on it. Oh, it becomes a clipping mask, if you put one below the original clipping mask, so that’s no problem. So just gonna go and grab… Let’s just start with this blue and then I’m gonna bring it lighter over here maybe, and I’m gonna choose my inking brush inking pen, and let’s just make a plaid pattern. Alright.


So I’m gonna have it at… Let’s see, well, of course, you’re not gonna see it there. We’re at about 7%. Okay, and let’s start this pattern, so I will start here and just following the lines of the shirt.




Okay, and then those lines are gonna go this way on this sleeve. Okay, and then we will oops… Start here.




Alright, so now let’s get these lines going the other way to make it a plaid so I was gonna simply go this way.




All right, so, now I’m gonna just click on the layer below, and I’m gonna add some color underneath this. So, I think I’m gonna go with just like a gray color. And, let’s see. I’m gonna grab my gouache, and let’s see, I’m gonna make it quite a bit bigger, maybe to about eight. Sure, so I’m just gonna fill this section in. And, this section. I’ll make it a little bit smaller, four, just to tuck into here. And, so I’m kind of alternating so what am I doing? [laughter] All right, this section.




Whoops, back up to eight. Back down to two, and yeah. I’m gonna get this edge here. We’ll go on in the collar as well. All right, and I’m gonna make a layer below that. And, I’m gonna make it, maybe a mid-tone gray/blue color. And, I’m gonna come in and fill this in, every other one. Okay, we’re getting a plaid look, that’s good. Whoops. Okay, and then lastly, back to that blue-stripe layer, I’m just gonna go white. And, grab my inking, that dry ink, and just to do… I’m gonna be at 4% and just put a thread through all these squares here.




Okay, and then I’m gonna go this way as well.




Okay, I think we’ve achieved a decent looking plaid there. [laughter] All right, what else can we do? I kinda wanna make this these just a little bit darker in here, in those shadows. So, I’m gonna back to that shadows layer, just pick up a dark, navy color I guess. Go back to painting, go back to gouache, bring it down to about two, and just make these creases here a little bit more… I just wanna have that arm pushed back a bit. A bit more than it is right now.

PS. Check out my all my illustrations here!




All right, so of course we can keep going and going forever, but I think that’s good for today. That gives you an idea of how to use these brushes, so I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. And, if you did, please hit that like button, subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell icon, so you can be notified of new tutorials just like this one every week. I post one every, Tuesday. So, thank you so much for watching, I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next one.

How To Draw A Valentines Day Bunny

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How to Create a Valentine’s Day Bunny Card – Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome back!

Today I’m gonna show you a quick little demo of how to draw a cute little Valentine’s Bunny. It could be for any occasion of course, but I’m gonna be showing you using my latest pack, cats and dogs, a lovable illustration collection. This is just new to the shop today. We’re gonna actually be creating this little Valentine’s Day card here, and I’ll show you how to get flowers arranged and how to make that work and how to use that or how to create that so you’re using clip art properly. You can, of course, make all sorts of cute things, not just exclusive to Valentine’s Day, but I think love theme should be all year round, it kind of works with all that. You can see there’s lots of other cute goodies in here.


Let’s start from the beginning. Let’s say you’ve gone and gotten this pack and you’ve downloaded it, and your zip file will probably appear in your downloads folder, it would be in mine here and I’ve unzipped it already, of course. Okay, once you open it up, you have lots of things in here, like the bird houses, and some birdies, and some cars, and all sorts of good stuff. There is a full range of cats and dogs so we won’t leave anybody out. And if you’re like me, you like both, that’s all good, they’re both here for you to mix and match, combine, or just use one or the other. I’m gonna open up the cats today and go in and looked at the clothed, oh I should probably show you. There’s clothed and no clothes. So we have all of them in their little furry bodies there. That’s all good.


So you can put on accessories on them or just leave them as they are, or you can go in and choose the clothed options, there’s boy outfits, that type thing, or a girl outfit and dresses and whatnot. Today, I’m gonna use this cute little girl cat here, and I’ll show you how to do that. I’m gonna open up Photoshop, and of course, you can use whatever graphics editor that you’re comfortable with, this will even work in Procreate, or Affinity, or CorelDRAW, that sort of thing. Any of these things and this is really, really simple ’cause they’re all PNG files, so anything that can open and edit a PNG file should work for you. I’m just gonna open up Photoshop and I actually have a mockup here, it is from, I can throw a link down below for you guys if you’re interested. They have a really simple little pack of mockups that just have some cards in it, so that’s what I’m using today.


So you can see that we have the envelope and the card. So I’m just gonna go and see where it says place art here, there’s a smart object here, I’m gonna open that up and this will be our canvas for today. So I can go ahead and delete that pattern, ’cause we won’t be needing it. There’s a texture over top, that’s probably fine, I might add my own, that’s okay too. So I’m gonna go and grab that cute little cat and bring her in, just drag and drop, and I’m just gonna size her down just a touch, and place her about here I’d say. I’m just gonna get rid of these guys for a second, by doing Command H to get rid of all my extras. And then I’m gonna go and get some flowers. So I’m gonna navigate back to where it says florals, and grab, go in the flower section, and you can see there’s a bunch of flowers ready for you in all different colors and whatnot.


So I’m going to grab this guy and I’m just gonna hold down commands, on a Mac, what is it on a PC, shift probably, or control, and grab this flower, and I’m gonna get the dandelion, where is it? It’s there, and this guy here. I think that might be enough to start with. I’m just gonna drag and drop them and just hit enter to let them come in, and there we go. Now I’m gonna click the top one and then the bottom one, and hold down shift to shift select all of them, and then Control or Command T to transform. And I’m just gonna make them all together a little bit smaller, I’ll just do it at the same time, just making it easier. My computer’s being a little glitchy, sorry about that. Okay, so I’m gonna actually take the cat and put her on the top there so I can see, and then I’m just gonna grab… Oopsie, that’s the problem with these textures things, you got to lock them down, otherwise you just end up selecting them. Okay, so I’m gonna grab this flower and I’m gonna say edit, transform, flip horizontal, and then I’m just gonna Control or Command T, and just slide into position.


Oh my goodness, having laggy issues right now. Okay, so I’m gonna put it about there, and I grab this flower, I’m gonna bring it up above, actually that will be my most forefront flower. So I’m gonna just bring it there, Control T, or Command T, and just pop it over there. Oops, about that. Okay, and then I’m just gonna just arrange things just so they look how I want them to. And I’m gonna bring this guy to the back, be at the forefront there, I’m behind and over here, hold on, and that’s how I did it before. Alright, something like that, and you just sort of playing. I’m gonna flip this one, so I’m gonna go edit, transform, flip horizontal again, that way I can get that second one to appear more like that. Okay, so I think I’m gonna have to select everybody and just make them a touch smaller as to fit in our canvas here, in our card. Okay, it’s all about just rearranging playing around, it’s literally like floral arrangement.


So that’s good. I’m just gonna make this guy a little bit bigger, so Command or Control T. This guy a little bit bigger. Okay, I think that’s probably good. So here’s the thing, you notice that this may be looking a touch odd, I mean, it’s up to you, it sort of works, with that bow in front, but let’s say you wanted to get rid of that and have these stones come in front of that bow. This is how you would do it. Instead of erasing, which of course is an option, but you do run the risk of making a mistake and not being able to change anything afterwards, so we’re gonna try to work non destructively.


So I’m gonna select that cat a layer, and I’m gonna go down here, if you could see my cursor here, by the FX, there’s a square or rectangle with a circle in it, so that’s gonna be a layer mask, so if you just click on that, you’ll see here that the mask up here. So you can click on the cat or you can click on the mask, so you wanna click on the mask, and then you’re gonna go to your brushes, so just your brush tool, and I’m gonna have it set to a hard brush, a hard round brush. Just standard in Photoshop. And with my cursor, so I’m just gonna make this a little smaller, my bracket cursor is what will make that happen. And then you can see, if you have… Sorry, I should probably tell you this first. Here, over here, if you have black and white, so just have your standard black and white on, so if black is in the foreground, then that will remove the cat section, so if you switched to white, it’ll add back in.


Okay, so again, click on the black, and we can take it away, and also if you wanted to, you can always just remove that mask as well, and then it goes away, so if you wanted to delete it in the future for some reason. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna keep with my black and just actually kind of see where I want this to go, I don’t know if I want it to go all the way down there. I’m just gonna make it so that I can see a lot of it, or you could always change your opacity so you can see what’s behind, but this way I can just kinda see what I need to do and then I can go back with my white and fill it in. So I’m gonna make my brush a little bit smaller and then go back and fill in where her hand would be, ’cause we wanna keep the hand, but remove the parts of the dress behind.


Okay, so then I can go in here and just kinda guess where this is. Make it get smaller, ’cause there’s a button there. Okay, and let that leaf show and so I’m gonna change back to black, so I can come in there and just put that back. Switch to white and remove this part. Okay, so maybe this part, we’ll take that out as well, ’cause that doesn’t really make any sense, that area there, and then switching back to white to put it back and just getting that in there.


Okay, so there we go. That’s a way to make it show that it’s in front of that bow, if you prefer that. So that’s just a little trick there. And now I’m gonna add some text, so I’m just gonna go to my text tool and just have my text on black, just the reason why is with this font I’m gonna use, it actually doesn’t allow you to change the color, I have to do a color overlay on it, but that’s okay.


So I’m gonna use Little Bee. Maybe I’ll add in a link for you below where you get… This is just a cute font, it’s not a free front, it is a purchased font, but it’s rather adorable, I quite like it. So I’m gonna just write Happy Valentine’s Day. Okay, and I’m gonna have it aligned like that, just because it works with my composition here, and I’m just gonna do a Command T to transform and bring it a little bit larger, and that works. I’m having it at… The distance between the letters, I’m gonna have maybe at… Let’s see 100. I think that looks nice and just bring it in there, I kinda wanna keep and just not touching anything and maybe having it line up with the foot there, so I could always… I’ve done a Command R, it brings up and down your ruler, so you can just drag a ruler here and just make sure that you’re all in there, that’s good. That’s fine.


Okay, again, I think I’m gonna just go and select everybody, not this rectangle. Hold on, select everybody, just drag and select, Control or Command T, and just make it a wee bit smaller and that is looking good. Okay, we can go and see now. With a mockup, if you just save the file and then go back, the artwork will appear, and there we go. So that looks really adorable. Okay, so what we’ve done is we’ve done a good job of combining elements together, making it our own. I think it’s a good idea to add a color or some sort of background, so you could add a texture or a wash or something like that. You know what? We could even go add some more… Let’s see what this will look like. I’m gonna go and find the individual elements and grab some hearts here, ’cause it is Valentine’s Day. Let’s see if we could just add a couple of these guys in here, might be a little bit too much. Maybe if it’s just like that. Something like that.


Okay, and of course, we can go to our bottom layer and add maybe some color and a little background to it, so I’m just gonna select this here or make this rectangle this size. I wanna say the fill is going to be a yellow color, and I’m gonna put a line on it, a white or a stroke rather, and just bump that up quite a bit, like so. And that should be good. Okay, and then just save your work and we can go and see that, rather cute. That’s a really quick and easy way to make an adorable little card using clip art from this latest Cats and Dogs pack. If you wanna check out the full pack, I’ll leave a link in the description down below for you, as well as, there’s a link to some free goodies I’d love to share, and as well as the information of where to get this mockup.


So I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and if you did, please hit that like button, subscribe, and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials, just like this one, every single Tuesday. So thanks so much for watching. I love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next one.

how to draw unicorn

How To Draw A Unicorn Step By Step In Procreate

By illustration, procreate

How To Draw A Unicorn Step By Step In Procreate

Bonus FREE Texture And Color Palette Download

Hi guys I’m Kris, welcome to this week’s tutorial.


Let’s draw together.


In this week’s tutorial we’ll be drawing a unicorn in Procreate and I’m sure you can create this too if you follow along with the video to the end or at the very least you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. If you feel rushed, be sure to hit pause or rewind just to catch up and save this video to a playlist so you can re-watch if you need extra practice.


Today we’ll be using all free brushes found in Procreate and don’t forget, once you’ve finished this entire video and you’ve completed your whole unicorn, to share it on Instagram and tag me in the image as well as the description so I can find your artwork and this hopefully will mean that you get featured here in the next draw together video.


So for this tutorial, I’ve made you a free color palette in case you’d like to use the exact colors I’ll be using for this drawing, you can just tap on the link below in the video description where you can just download it and install it. So alright, let’s jump in by grabbing our pencil and setting up our canvas. So I’ll be creating this one at 4000 x 4000 pixels, 300 DPI and sRGB. So let’s get to it.

First, I’m going to start by setting up my brushes, I’m going to pick the 6B pencil and I’m going to use this for my sketching layer so I’m just gonna have it on black. That’s fine. Let’s see. I’m gonna put it at… The brush size will be at about 50 and the opacity will be at 100 so this doesn’t really matter so much about the size it’s just because this is our sketch layer.


I’m gonna start by drawing some shapes. So first with the unicorn, we’re gonna start with a circle for her head. Let’s just sort of get one going there. Whoops so very messy [chuckle] just a rough circle there and then this is going… Her little nose is gonna have a little scoop and it’s gonna come out here roughly and then I’m gonna draw what… It’s kind of like, I don’t know, sort of a kidney… Kidney shape, kidney bean shape for her body.


So there’s really like… You can start with two circles here. Really doing a lot of circles today. [chuckle] You can draw two circles and then you sort of connect them with the swoop and then of course under here her belly is going to be more rounded. So that’s sort of the kidney bean shape there and her little rump can be a little bit more like that and then I’m going to sort of get my general placement of where my ear is going to be and it’s gonna be a kind of a soft sort of A shape roughly there and her eye is gonna be right around here.


Something like that and of course her… Actually what makes her a unicorn her horn here will be… Actually, I’m not gonna make it so rounded there, let’s just undo it. So to undo of course, two finger tap and I’m going to just sort of roughly guesstimate where that’s going to be and then I’m gonna start to connect the two shapes just with a curved line. I will kinda want an S shape to develop here and same with here sort of a reverse S kind of there so you get these nice curvy lines.


Let me see, you can start developing your lines a bit here just… That’s why it’s good to be messy, you don’t have to be perfect. It looks like little scribbles at the moment but it’ll all come together. That’s why I love layers and I love going over things and I really… You can see the shapes develop.


Okay so let’s get her legs going a little bit. This little unicorn is going to be in motion so she’s not gonna be standing still. So these are just gonna be… I’m just gonna try to kinda get my motion here. One is gonna go this way and one is gonna go this way and you’ll have the other like underneath… Probably be about there and this one is gonna be kind of like that. Just trying to get… Sort of the general idea of where I want these legs to go and so then I’m going to start to make the shapes over so these are gonna be… We’re not doing realistic horse shapes so these are gonna be a little bit more tube like, I guess.


And her little hoof is gonna be there and it’ll go roughly like that and then of course the little leg comes from here, horses have the circle there, rump area where their leg attaches and the hoof, want that to be down… Just feel comfort… Don’t feel afraid to be really sketchy and loose and just go over things. It’s totally fine. I never draw perfectly, lines and just have it all created and mapped out  I kind of am thinking and sort of making decisions as I go so it’s good to be really loose at the beginning and then we can define it as we go along.


So don’t be afraid to get messy.


Alright so this guy is gonna come out here and it’ll be… You’ll see here, you don’t want this to go too far out ’cause that would be crazy [chuckle] a really long leg could be a very awkward horse. So if you kinda think, make this sort of line here, it’d be coming down, that’s probably about where this leg would stop because of course it’s coming from here so if you can kind of imagine where the limbs are starting from, the starting points, you can kinda get an idea of how long they should be.


Okay and this will probably curve in a little bit more like that. Right. Now, I’m just gonna decide where her mouth is gonna probably be about here. Alright, let me give her more of a chin and really define that. Okay so this lovely lady is gonna have some hair. I’m gonna give her a forelock here. Let’s just kind of make some decisions where that’s gonna be and it’s gonna come in front of the horn here and behind it as well maybe and I think her hair will come here and it’ll scoop around, maybe get a nice line going there, something like that and then of course, she’s got a tail and it would be… And so there’s gonna be a little scoop here. Again, we’re not going too realistic but… Let’s get some nice S-curves going here.


Alright. Ss and Cs for hair, that’s a big shape to keep in mind and actually, I think I want a little bit more room so I’m gonna go to my little pointer tool here and I’m going to shrink it down a little bit and move it to the side just so I’ll have a little bit more room for this tail ’cause who doesn’t love a big tail? Oh no, no, that’s weird. Okay something like that. I think she’s looking pretty good. I actually might move this eye lower because often times, if you’re trying to draw something cute, big eyes and that are kind of small, that it’s slightly out of proportion, just there, lower and closer to the nose areas makes things cute.


And so that’s maybe more like that. Okay, okay. This is my sketch so far, looking fabulous, I know. Anyways, let’s go to the next step. I’m gonna take my sketchy layer and I’m gonna click on the N and I’m going to lower the transparent… Sorry, I’m gonna click on the N and lower the opacity down to about 30% just so I can still see it. Hopefully, you can too and I can go over it with some better line work here. Yeah, okay, with the… I’m gonna start with this pink color, this darker pink and I’m going to use my, let’s see, where are you brush? I’m gonna use my Dry Ink brush and let’s see. Let’s test it out what we like. It might be a little bit thick. Let’s try at 10%, 8%. That’s… You know what? I think 10% is gonna be perfect. Okay, 10%, the dry ink brush at 10%, 100% opacity and I’m gonna start doing the line work of the body. Let’s start with it. Again, we wanna just go in with the ear. Actually, I’ll zoom in nice for you. I’m gonna go and just sort of make some better choices. I’m gonna just really define this out and bring that in.


For ears, you just do one line like that and another little line like that. Easy way to do ears and then, just get this nice shape here and like that. Give her a nice little smile. I’m sure she’s a very happy unicorn. Oops, I don’t like that coming in there like so and a scoop, a nice scoop for the jawline and what I’m going to do here too is just finish my line like that. Instead of just being hard, I’m gonna just push and then slowly just ease up on the pressure so it gives you a nice tapered edge and again, I’m gonna push a little firmly when these lines meet just so they’re a little bit thicker and then ease off. It’s fun to play with the pressure of the pens. I love that about these pens in Procreate. It’s… It really makes your drawing have some more interest and the line work a little bit, well, it does give it a more professional feeling so do practice with that and it’s kind of fun. I think her leg is gonna be… Actually, finish up here, overlap the lines a bit of the body and the leg. Now, it’s gonna come up and again, I’m gonna let light pressure and then push a little harder to get that nice taper. I think I may have gone a little bit too narrow on this leg so let’s try that again. That’s probably better. Alright.


Yeah, okay. So that’s the lines for the body and then I’m going to outline the hair and for that, I’m going to use the purple and again, with the dry brush, all my line work is going to be in the same size. Just try to be nice and free with these curves. Alright. Okay, also this is another little trick I should show you, of course if you go into your pens and you look and you tap on it, you get this so you have spacing and streamlines. So streamlines is going to give you a softer curves. So if you wanna increase that, do you see how that changes? So it just smooths it out more so you can make curvy lines even easier. So if you’re having trouble getting a nice curve, this is kind of a nice way to adjust it and have a little help there. So I’m just gonna leave it as it was but give that a try. Don’t feel afraid to adjust your pens, you can always reset them to their default if you don’t like it. Actually, I kinda wanted that to come in here.


Okay. So next I’m going to just draw this… Sorry, I’m going to draw the horn here. I’m actually just gonna use this colour because… I’ll show you something special that I’m going to do with it after, which is going to be fun. So we’ll just put that in there and then I’m going to use the dark because I’m going to do her eyelashes. This pony is actually going to have some gorgeous lashes. So you can see where I drew her eye so I’m gonna just use this as a guide because that’s her eye socket and I’m gonna again… Actually, I’m gonna shut this off for you so you can see how it’s nice and tapered and then I… Light pressure… Oops and sweep, like that. Put some little ones in here. Lovely. Okay, I see that I need to erase this and also go back to this colour and put in her little nose here.

Okay so I think this is looking good. My next step is going to be… I’m actually going to fill in the colour. So I’m going to go below my line work layer, add another layer by pushing that plus sign, going to my lighter pink, going to my brushes and selecting the studio pen, if I can find it. Oh it’s right above. Easy. Okay so for the sizing, that’s fine. It’s going to be at 12 and 100% opacity. Make sure that is the case and then I’m going to fill it in. So what I’m doing is… Because I like a scratchy sort of rough line on the outside but I do want a solid fill in the inside. So one way to do it would be just going along the line overlapping a little bit and so that will give you a nice solid fill.


So I’m gonna show you a special extra step at the end so stay tuned for that.


It’ll be very sparkly and give this unicorn extra, extra bling.


Okay, to fill, you just take your pink here, drag it over, fill it in. That’s easy. I’m gonna do another layer. You don’t necessarily have to. It’s just how I work a lot of time just so that I have the freedom to change colors if I want to so that’s an easy way to just change your mind without any negative repercussions. This is on a separate layer and I’m gonna fill this in with this purple color. That’s the base and I’m actually going to color this some more. We’ll just get a one solid color and then we’ll go and make it multi-colored. I like my drawings usually to be a little bit more painterly but not too solid, just have some elements of just making it look a little bit more artsy.

Okay. Just erasing that a little bit. I made a little mistake. It’s alright. Oops. I’d love to hear from you what other things you’d like to draw. I know I’ve been asked for this but yeah, if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear it in the comments below. That would be really helpful for me if you’re dying to know how to draw something particular. Okay, I think I actually am going back to my line layer and go grab that darker purple. Go back and do the dry ink again and just… I see that I have not completed this.


And you can always go back and add more stuff, right? I want it more filled in there at the bottom. That’s better. Okay, go back, grab that lighter purple and get the studio pen again just to fill this in. You don’t want a sparse looking tail. Okay, that’s better. Alright and then let’s just fill this horn in. Again, I’m gonna do another layer and just fill that in with the yellow and the studio pen. Right. Okay, I think she’s looking good.


Next, I’m going to do some painting on her body. Again, I’m gonna go above, go to that fill, body layer, select that and hit the plus sign for another layer. Then I’m going to go click it again and select from the menu here and click Clipping Mask and that will make a little down arrow to the layer below so that means whatever happens on this layer will stay contained within the layer below. Let me show you what I mean.


I’m going to go and use this darker pink. I’m going to go to my brushes and I’m going to go to Painting and find Gouache and then, I’m going to go… Let’s see how big this is. Okay, that’s too big. That’s probably about good. Let’s say size, brush size would be like 12% and the opacity, I’m gonna bring it down to 50%. No, I lied. It’s gonna be more like 70%. Okay, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put in the shadows and make her have a little bit more dimensions.


Again, with the Gouache brush, you can push and you’re gonna have really dark and then lighter so you can play with this. This is what I like about it. It’s more like painting a little bit and you can go over it again, just be really light and gentle with it, just to give her a little bit of dimension and under here and then I’m gonna bring my brush down just a little bit. I hope you can see this just to maybe about six and do some of the details around her head so under her chin and then get into this ear here and again, this is not like being absolutely perfection on this. This is a little bit more of you’re painting. You’re having a little fun with it, maybe just a little bit under her mouth and then, the eye actually, I’m going to go back to…


I’m gonna maybe six or eight and just do just really light circles here, kind of giving her eyeshadow, which is kind of funny for a horse. I’m gonna bring it back down a little bit, just maybe to three, ’cause I’m gonna actually darken up as it’s closer to the eyelid and just sort of have a gradient there and actually, let’s up the opacity a little bit to about 85% just so I can get this little darker. I’m just doing little circles. It was a little too much on the front in there. Yeah so that’s good and then while I have this, I’m just actually gonna go back, put a little bit more definition on these ears for the shadow, there. Of course, she’s gonna have…


Actually, I’m gonna go back to 70%, go back up to, what did I say? 12% and bring that in here a little bit but you see, I’m sure you’ve obviously figured this out with the clipping mask, I can… It’s not gonna paint outside of what we connected it to so that’s what I love about this.


It gives you a lot more freedom just to play around and not worry so much. Actually, okay, we’re gonna go back and do this a bit smaller, maybe about five and just bring these… Okay and then add maybe just a little depth there even though the shadow really wouldn’t be on that side but give it a little bit dimension.


Okay so I’m gonna do the same thing for the hair and actually, with the hair, I am gonna add some… You know what? I’m gonna add some more colors first. I’m still gonna do a clipping mask and so I’m gonna click it, Clipping Mask, go back, maybe let’s get some blue and see what happens. Yeah, I think I’m gonna up the opacity to 100% this time. We’ll put our brush at 8% and have a little fun. I want this to be multi-colored so I’m just gonna play a little bit, bringing it in. You can do whatever you want here. There’s no wrong way to do it, just have fun. Okay and then I’m gonna just do… If you wanna put another layer on top, I’m gonna do that, another clipping mask and I’m going to use the darker purple and I’m actually gonna make this brush down to a 3%. Let’s get some shadow hues in there. Okay and then I’m going to do another layer and you can condense all these layers afterwards.


This, again, is just how I like to work, especially with the kind of work I do. Sometimes, I need to be able to change any of the colors so that’s why that’s happening but you don’t… You can do them all on one layer if you prefer. I’m gonna choose the darker pink and I’m going to make it a little bit smaller, this brush to about 2% and just… Oops. Get a little bit more definition going on in here. That was not a good idea to do that. Let’s do… There. Okay. She’s looking pretty good. I think we need a little pink cheek on her.


So I’m gonna go back to this layer and I’m still on my pink so that’s good and I’m still on my gouache and I’m going to just put this down to maybe a 65% and let’s see how big this brush is. It’s not very big. We need it probably 6%. Let’s try that. That should be good. Actually, you know what? This pink I feel is a little bit too dark. I’m going to make it a little bit brighter, a little bit pinker, a little bit more red and see how that goes. Yeah, a little bit warmer color. Actually, I want it a little bit more, there. I’ll add that to the palette as well. I’m gonna give her a little cheek.


Here we go. So how about some highlights? I’m just gonna do a few of those. I’m gonna do another clipping mask. Take my light pink and actually make it white. Still using the gouache, I’m going to bump up the opacity to 100% and make my brush about a four. Give her a few little highlights. Okay so that looks good. Now, I am going to show you something that is fun. It’s an optional part but I think it’s the best part. [chuckle] So what you wanna do is, I’m going to go to the top of my layer set here and then I’m gonna go to my wrench and I’m going to click, add and I’m going to say, insert file. So I have a glitter here and I’m gonna have to get you one… [chuckle] In the description below… And add it there so you can add some glitter. So you import that. Check… I’m gonna zoom out and then I’m gonna click on my arrow there to make this bigger. So covers my whole unicorn. So now we’re gonna actually draw with the glitter.

So if you go to the layer below the inserted image that you have, the texture. Add a layer, click on the glitter layer and then we’ll do a clipping mask on that. So I know it’s disappeared but if you click on that layer below. You can use any color. For this, let’s just use the turkle… And go back to… I’m gonna do the inking and I’m going to do the studio brush actually… Or studio pen, rather. So that’s right. Watch this. Woo-hoo, we can draw with glitter. Isn’t that the best? Okay so now we will actually make this lovely horn here look more like a horn. [chuckle] So I’m gonna just use some swoops and there you go and then I’m going to just kind of have fun. Let’s make her little hooves. Oh, cute here. Like that. Sort of like that shape and then I’m going to actually draw a few little stars on her rump. Cute. Alright and then why not some in her hair? [chuckle] That’s good. Make that more defined. I think that’ll really make the hair pop a bit more and you can color outside the lines, ’cause hair… [chuckle] Right? Just get in there.

Alright, you know what, as an artist we’re allowed to change our minds and we’ll… Or can add a… I’m noticing that this mane is a little on the modest side so maybe we should go and add some more. So I’m gonna go back to my line layer and it would be really cool if I actually name my layers ’cause then I would know exactly where it is. So… But we will go to this one here and go back to the dark purple and the dry ink. So I’m just gonna add in more here. Let’s just have her mane going behind like originally should have been.

Well that just looks a little bit more impressive, really. More of an impressive mane she’s got. Alright, let’s fill that in. So go back to my fill layer, get the lighter purple, get the studio pen and fill that in. I need to clean up these lines a little bit too. I can do that.

Yeah, I think that’ll be better. Okay, I’m gonna go to the blue layer. Go get my gouache, little painting gouache. Go back to 70 and that’s fine size for that.

Add some more detail here. Okay so I’m gonna go back here, go grab my studio pen wherever it is. There it is.

Not that it matters what color this is because we are making it sparkly.

Okay, I think she looks a little bit more fabulous with more hair. [chuckle] You can also go and maybe make some little dots and I think I’m gonna spruce up this. I’m gonna give her a little sparkle shadow and so… Just get a little loose with that hair. Oh, I think that’s a lot of sparkle. [chuckle] It’s fun. I might get a little carried away but I think, unicorn, you can never have too much sparkle probably.  Alright. So with that, I think we are done our sparkly, cute unicorn.


So great job, guys.


Way to go sticking with it all the way to the end. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and if you did, please hit that like button. Subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you can be notified of new tutorials, just like this in the future. So I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks so much for watching.

PS…If you want to check out my handmade clipart just go here.

easter clipart

21 Easter Clipart Collections That Will Make Your Easter Printables Ones Your Customers Will Love

By easter clipart, illustration

21 Easter Clipart Collections That Will Make Your Easter Printables Ones Your Customers Will Love!

Just because you aren’t a professional artist doesn’t mean you can’t have breathtaking Easter clipart on your products.

For many, Easter is a really big deal and they like to go all out buying all sorts of Easter products.  If you want to make your customers happy with the best Easter products then check out these Easter clipart collections that will help your products sell like hotcakes!

This post is all about Easter clipart.

1. Hop Into Spring Illustration KitWhen you think of Easter you can’t help but think of bunnies.  Bunnies are the perfect animal for Easter and the Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit is full of hand drawn bunnies and other goodies like Easter baskets.  These bunnies are super cute and will give your products the prefect Easter vibe!

2. Watercolor Easter EggsBesides bunnies the thing that says Easter more than anything else is Easter Eggs!  You know what would look great on your Easter invitations and products – hand painted watercolor Easter eggs!  Whether you are making mugs, fabrics or home décor super cute Easter eggs are a must.

3. Allegra Watercolor Clipart CollectionWhere I am from deep violet and blushes are perfect Easter colors especially when it comes to flowers.  Spring is in the air and Easter is right around the corner.  Your customers will love these watercolor flowers on your products and will really brighten up your Easter with increased sales!

4. Watercolor Mega Bundleeaster clipartIf you need a lot of watercolor flower clipart, and I mean a lot, then this watercolor mega bundle will be like getting the motherload of chocolates on Easter morning!  The  over 700 florals in the watercolor floral bundle will have your art needs covered for spring, Easter, Mother’s Day and any other events throughout the year for years to come.

5. Bunnies, Bugs and Bloomseaster clipartCute bunnies, cute bugs and adorable flowers that will look simply amazing on anything you put them on!  You will especially love the cute illustrated wheelbarrows to put your bunnies in!

6. Easter Clipart and PaperSimple and cute Easter bunnies, chicks, baskets and eggs.  Your audience will love this clipart and as a bonus it also comes with some seamless patterns

7. Hello Happy Easter

If you are looking for more of a kawaii style Easter clipart than you are going to love Hello Happy Easter.  Kawaii clipart is really popular and your customers in that niche will love this Easter clipart.

8. Kawaii Easter Cliparteaster clipartYou know that Kawaii is a huge market and you can always use more Kawaii Easter clipart.  You will love the bright Easter colors used in this collection that will make your project pop and put a spring in your sales!

9. Easter Bunnies Black and WhiteFor those of you needed Easter bunnies in just black and white you have got to check these out.  Adorably illustrated bunny outlines perfect for print.

10. Easter Egg Hunt Black and White easter clipartIf you need black and white bunnies you probably also need black and white Easter eggs.  These are perfect for greeting cards, invitations, blog posts or teaching resources.

11. Easter Sunday Cliparteaster clipart

I love to celebrate the true reason for Easter which is the death and resurrection of Jesus.  If you are looking for Easter clipart so that your products can better reflect the true meaning of Easter then you will really like this collection.

12. Easter PleaseI have always admired Karamfilas work.  Cute bunnies and cute little girls that you will fall in love with…and so will your customers!

13. Easter Bunny Clipart Watercolor

One thing I’ve learned over the years is you can never have enough illustrations.  There is something about these watercolor bunnies that I just love and I am sure your customers will too!

14. Watercolor Floral and Solid Crosseseaster clipartThe real reason for Easter is the cross and these watercolor floral crosses really are quite lovely!

15. Happy Easter BunniesThese bunnies really are happy and the colors are so perfect for Easter and spring.  The glitter in these illustrations could really help your project stand out.

16. Easter SVG Bundle If high quality Easter cut files are essential to your business than this bundle of Easter SVG’s will make you and your audience very happy.

17. Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collectioneaster clipartYou just can’t go wrong with adorable pink watercolor roses and flowers for anything Easter.  These pink watercolor roses and florals will not disappoint.

18. Chalkboard Eastereaster clipartIf you want to go for something completely different this year then chalkboard Easter may be just the thing you are looking for to set your project apart from the rest.

19. Watercolor Easter and Spring ClipartThese watercolor Easter baskets adorned with beautiful florals are simply stunning.  Your customers will love them!

20. Happy Easter Watercolor I love watercolors that are still realistic.  These watercolor bunnies, Easter eggs and flowers achieve this perfectly and you will have tons of fun creating with them.

21. Easter Clipart easter clipartSuper cute Easter images of wreaths, bunnies and Easter eggs.  These are perfect for your personal and small handmade commercial projects.

This post was all about the best Easter Clipart.

Mothers Day Clipart

The Absolute Best Clipart For Your Mother’s Day Project

By buy clipart, illustration

The Absolute Best Clipart For Your Mother’s Day Project


This post contains affiliate links

Mother’s Day is arguably one of the most important days of the year…I mean where would any of us be without our moms?

Mother’s Day also means Mother’s Day Gifts.

Whether you are making your own personal Mother’s Day gift or whether you are making Mother’s Day gifts to sell you need the absolute best clipart for your Mother’s Day project.

There is so much cute clipart out there.  You can find clipart ideas that are elegant, cute or even whimsical but the one thing they have in common is that they all will make your Mother’s Day project better.

All of these clipart ideas will wow the mom’s out there and let them know how truly appreciated they are.

If you need the best clipart for your Mother’s Day project I’ve got you covered.

This post shows you the best clipart for Mother’s Day.

Clipart for Mother’s Day Mom’s will actually love:

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1. Rosé All Day Watercolor Collection

watercolor flower clipartIf you are looking for watercolor flower clipart for your Mother’s Day project I think this might be one of the the best you can get.  Now I may be biased because my wife made this collection but I have to say it’s one of my favorites and I think moms will love it too.

The watercolor flowers and watercolor flower arrangements, frames and wreaths would work really well for Mother’s Day cards, wall art, stationary, fabrics and embroidery to name a few.

2. Mother’s Day Illustration Pack

mothers day illustrationLooking to make Mother’s Day stickers?  I think you will love this pack!

The colors are light and airy and perfect for Mother’s Day.  As you will see when you look at the pack there are lots of great illustrations for coffee mugs and stickers.

3. Mom & Me

mothers day clipartSometimes you want art for Mother’s Day except with animals and if that’s you then you will fall in love with this Mother’s Day clipart.

Cute giraffe and elephant moms and kids make up this clipart pack.  These are really perfect for any products you might be making for the mom with young kids.  These are super fun and cute illustrations they will love.

4. Mommy & Me Clipart

Maybe you are looking for animal clipart for Mother’s Day but instead of giraffes and elephants you want bunnies, kittens, pandas, swans and flamingos.  If that is you then this collection has got you covered.

The light pinks and blues will really wow your audience and you’ll have so much fun using all the illustrations to create your Mother’s Day card.

5. Mother’s Day Prints and Patterns

What Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some Mother’s Day themed patterns?  Every mom loves a beautiful hand made pattern.

Instead of making one yourself here are a bunch of really cute prints and patterns ready made for you that will look fabulous on your projects and products.

6. Mommy To Be

The beautiful hand drawn illustrations, florals and designs are perfect for those of you that are going after the mom to be market.

Husbands out there looking for Mother’s Day gifts for their wives that are moms to be will thank you with opening their wallets for your products using this beautiful artwork.

7. Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection

clipart for saleYou just can’t go wrong with pink flowers on Mother’s Day cards.  Pretty in Pink is full of breathtaking hand painted pink watercolor flowers and roses that moms will just love.

You can make your own creations with the watercolor flowers in this pack or use the premade arrangements and frames to save you time in creating your masterpiece moms will love.

8. Floral Heart Mother’s Day Elements

mothers day clipartIf you are looking for more premade floral arrangements that you just need to make a few tweaks to, to save some time, then you will thank your lucky stars for these floral hearts!

If there is two things most moms love it’s flowers and hearts.  These cute and simple floral hearts will do the trick.

9. Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

If you are looking for highly realistic hand painted watercolor flowers in bold colors for your Mother’s Day project you will love Allegra.

Sometimes it is a good idea not to use the same color palet’s that are used over and over again every year.  Bolder colors will make your products stand out and these bold watercolor flowers are perfect for the bold mom’s out there!

These are the absolute best clipart for your Mother’s Day project.

draw bunnies in procreate

Drawing Bunnies in Procreate

By illustration, procreate

Vlog 002 – Snowy Days and Drawing Bunnies in Procreate

For those of you that liked the first vlog here is the 2nd vlog from Kris.   This one will give you a behind the scenes look as Kris draws some very cute bunnies that you can find in the Love Somebunny clipart collection.

If you haven’t already don’t forget to sign up for the goodie bag to get some free illustrated treats by Kris.

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spring planner clipart

17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For You Spring Planner Project

By buy clipart, illustration

17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For Your Spring Planner Project


This post contains affiliate links.

Can you feel it?  Spring is right around the corner!  For those of us that live in colder climates spring can’t come soon enough!

Can I get an amen if that’s you?  Don’t worry I hear ya!

Using cute clipart is just one of the ways that you can truly personalize your planner to make it fit your personality.

Of course, now is the time to start planning out your spring planner projects if you haven’t already.  If you are like me you always seem to leave things to the last minute.

Here are 17 super cute clipart collections to give you ideas on how to put the spring in your planner!

This post is all about the best cute clipart for your spring planner paper project.

  1. Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

clipart for sale

What do you think of when you think of spring?  Flowers for sure!

You just can’t go wrong with breathtaking pink watercolor flowers to brighten up your planner and the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection is full of them!

Want some free watercolor flower clipart?  Simply enter your email address and get some beautiful flower clipart delivered straight to your inbox?

2.  Ballerinas Please

ballerina clipartThere is something about ballerinas, flowers and pony’s that just says spring to me.

You could use these cute ballerinas for any season but you really can’t go wrong with these for your spring planner project.

3.  Watercolor Boho Flowers

boho planner clipartBoho flowers are a great way to give your planner a spring vibe.

These flowers would look stunning on the cover of any planner.

4.  Watercolor and Ink Boho Arrows

arrow clipart

If you don’t want flowers but are still wanting a boho theme than maybe these boho arrows might do the trick.

These would make super cute stickers to point to important events in your planner!

6.  Little Spring Cute Watercolor Setspring planner clipart

These watercolor elements are so adorable!

Little girls, flowers and puppies are so perfect for a young girl’s planner.

7.  Watercolor Spring Clipartflower planner clipart

The bright and vibrant colors of the clipart in this collection will really make your planner pop.

This set is perfect for the gardener that like a spring garden theme and using their planner to schedule planting their flower beds.

8.  Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

planner clipartYou can never go wrong with watercolor flowers for spring.

If you love bold pinks and violets then you will like how these watercolor flowers really make your planner stand out.

9.  Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit

spring planner clipartWhat says spring more than bunnies, hot air balloons and little girls on swings?

Use the elements in this one to make fantastic backgrounds and patterns for your planner cover.

10.  Happy Spring Watercolor Clipart spring clipart

Another adorable set of clipart with a spring vibe.

If you want to give your planner a nice lite vibe with very cute illustrations this could be it.

11.  Coffee Girls Watercolor Clipart

coffee planner clipartPrefect for those boss women on the go!

These elements are so beautiful yet so cute.  Perfect artwork for those coffee dates!

12.  Planner Girl clipart

planner girl clipartThese could be used for any time of year really but the pink hues go well with spring themes.

These would work great for planner stickers or planner inserts.

12.  Tropical Summer Girls clipart

summer planner clipartThis set will definitely put you in the mood for spring and summer!

If you like spring cocktails with umbrellas than you will love this collection.

14.  Pastel Watercolor Flowers Paper Pack

spring planner papersIf you don’t want to make your own patterns why not just buy them!

These digital papers are perfect for planner covers and inserts adorned with super cute spring flowers.

15.  Spring Clipart

spring planner clipartSometimes it’s hard to find a clipart set that just has it all.

This one really well thought out and has everything you need to put the “spring” in your planner

16.  Spring Fashion Floral Patterns

planner paperIsn’t spring about trying out your new spring fashion wardrobe and maybe some shopping too?

These spring couture surface patterns will work great for your planner inserts and covers.

17.  Flowers and Flamingos

spring planner clipartIf flowers and flamingos don’t say spring than I don’t know what does!

These super adorable flamingos with flowers on them will look fabulous on any planner cover or pages.  The tropical flowers will look great too and will put you in that spring mood everytime you open your planner.

This post was about 17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For Your Spring Planner Project!

bunny clipart

Valentine Bunny Clipart

By bunny clipart, illustration, seamless patterns

This Valentine Bunny Clipart is so cute!

Valentine Clipart, Bunny Clipart, Bunny Line Drawings and Valentine Seamless Patterns

No matter what time of year it is the next Valentine’s day is always coming up!

To help all of you that are looking for Valentine clipart for your next creative project I commissioned Kris to create the cutest Valentine Bunny clipart that you can use for your Valentine’s themed creatives.

You’re welcome!

Okay, I didn’t really commission her to make the collections of Valentines bunnies and hearts but it did sound good for a minute.

Anyways, I want to point out three collections of Valentine clipart and patterns that could save you time by turning your search for Valentines art into a one stop shop!

So, without further adieu, let me show you some very cute Valentine clipart.

bunny clipart

Love Somebunny Valentine Clipart Collection

Okay what can I say about Love Somebunny clipart?

Cute hand illustrated bunnies – check

Whimsical cupid bunny – check

Cute trees with hearts for leaves – check

Illustrated umbrellas with hearts – check

Flowers, hearts and branches – check

Premade wreaths – check

Lots of other illustrated elements – check

An illustrated vespa for the bunnies to ride on – check

All in PNG format with transparent background – check

Perfect for Valentines creative projects – check

Can be used for other love themed projects – check again

I mean what’s not to like about the Love Somebunny clipart collection.  If you are looking for Valentine clipart this collection really has it all!

Love is in the air and if it isn’t then this art will certainly help.

If you don’t believe me go check out the previews Kris has done that will give you some great ideas of what you can do with this clipart that will truly inspire your own projects.

Alright, moving on…

bunny line drawings

Valentine Bunny Line Drawings

Maybe the love themed creative project you are working on doesn’t require fully colored bunny clipart.  Instead you are looking for sketched line drawings of bunnies or bunny outlines that you can use.

St Valentine himself would be proud of the Love Somebunny Line Drawings and Outlines collection!

Remember all those cute bunnies you just checked out in the Love Somebunny Clipart collection…?  Well you can get all those bunnies in outlines and line drawings in this collection.

21 sketched outlines in AI, PNG and EPS format so you have got tons of flexibility for what you are going to use them for.

Wander on over and take a gander at these bunny line drawings for yourself.

And last but not least…

bunny seamless patterns

Valentine Seamless Patterns

I love a cute and stunning pattern that really helps to bring a project together.

You can certainly make your own seamless patterns from the Love Somebunny clipart collection but why not save time by using he premade Valentine patterns in the Love Somebunny Seamless Pattern pack.

The pack comes with 26 super cute seamless patternsCheck them out!

Okay hope that helps you with your Valentine’s Day creative projects!

Talk soon,