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6 Quirky Uses For Flower Arrangement Clipart

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6 Quirky Uses For Flower Arrangement Clipart

(This post may contain affiliate links)

We love flower arrangement clipart and you love flower arrangement clipart, but did you know these quirky uses for flower arrangement clipart?

Nothing makes your creative project stand out from the rest like breathtaking and beautifully arranged flower clipart.

We searched high and low to find these 6 uses for flower clipart arrangements that might just spark your next money-making product!

flower arrangement clipart

Wedding Invitations

Of course, wedding invitations are a no brainer use for flower arrangement clipart.  Using flower clipart that is arranged in bouquets, borders and frames can be the start of making a truly eye popping wedding invitation that will sell like crazy.  So many collections come with many premade examples of flower arrangement clipart so you don’t have to spend a ton of time creating them yourself.  It really is as simple of picking a few arrangements you like, popping them into a software like photoshop and then placing them where you want to achieve your desired look.

You can combine arrangements to make new arrangements or just use them as is.  The wedding invitation niche is really hot.  Even if you are just making invitations for your own wedding you can use flower arrangement clipart to make something that looks professional and stunning.  Did we mention that you can also save a ton of money by doing it yourself?

If you want to make wedding invitations but Photoshop is beyond your comfort level than check out How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Easily.

flower arrangement clipart


Seriously, this one is kind of quirky!  Yes, drapes!  Why not make your own drapes and sell them?

Flower arrangements look beautiful on drapes or any fabric for that matter.  If you were thinking of starting your own side hustle then maybe selling drapes to order could be for you.

There are plenty of on-demand print businesses out there so you don’t have to have a lay down a bunch of cash to stock an inventory.  Create your designs and whenever you get an order your print on demand partner will print the fabric and ship it out for you.

A quick search on the web for “print on demand” will give you lots of choices. is a popular print on demand outfit.

flower arrangement clipart

Planner Cover

Planners are huge!  Think about it – who doesn’t need a planner?  The fact is more and more people are using planners to keep track on their schedules and things they need to get done.  People don’t just want a boring plain planner.  They want a planner that represents something about them.

You can use flower arrangement clipart to create tons of patterns for planner covers that people will just love.

flower arrangement clipart

Smartphone Case

Do you know anybody over the age of 13 that doesn’t have a smartphone these days?  We know everyone knows someone that doesn’t have a smartphone but they are in the minority.  Phones cost a lot of money and are not cheap to replace so naturally people want to buy cases for their new shiny phone.

Now we humans are programmed to want to express ourselves as individuals.  One of the ways we like to express ourselves, believe it or not, is by having a cool design on our smartphone case that says something about us.  Now there is a niched of people out there that like watercolor flower patterns on their smartphone cases.  Find these people and give them what they want!

Using flower arrangement clipart designs on smartphone cases is probably also perfect for print on demand

flower arrangement clipart

Wall Art

You see it in stores why not make your own and sell it online?  Yes, wall art is in stores but who actually goes to a store anymore?  More and more people are choosing to shop online.  Who doesn’t love watercolor flower arrangements and having them on their wall to brighten up the home?

Again, this is a great print on demand business or if you choose to invest in the equipment you could print them on demand yourself.  There is lots of exquisite watercolor flower arrangement art that you can use for making your own wall art to sell.

flower arrangement clipart

Business Cards

There are those people that just want a very simple business card and that is great.  There are also those people that want their business card to standout and what better way to do that then with watercolor flower clipart on it to make it memorable!

Again, great for print on demand.  Maybe you own a flower shop or you want to provide business cards to women that are looking for a more feminine business card.  The creative possibilities are endless here!


Whenever you are using someone else’s art for anything you want to make sure you have the right license.  Nobody wants to invest a bunch of money and time in making that next million dollar product only to get a cease and desist letter because you don’t have license to use the art.

Thankfully most flower clipart you buy comes with at least a standard license that usually covers you for under 500 sales.  If you do more than that you can always buy an extended license.  Make sure to read of the terms of the license carefully and if you have any questions contact the artist or in some cases the marketplace where you bought the flower arrangement clipart to make sure you are doing everything on the up and up.

You should find that usually the marketplaces and the artists are really helpful.

Happy creating!

floral clipart

WOW! This Floral Clipart Will Make You Emotional

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WOW! This Floral Clipart Will Make You Emotional

Finally! Floral Clipart That Will Make Your Creative Project The Talk Of The Town!

(This post may contain affiliate links)

As the saying goes – good watercolor floral clipart is hard to find.  At least it’s something like that!

But seriously!  Your project needs to stand out and WOW whether you are making your own wedding invitations or you need your new product to sell like hot cakes because the furnace just died, it’s the middle of winter and you really don’t want to dip into the line of credit to pay for it!

We’ve all been there!

There is lots of not so great floral clipart out there and there is also lots of really whimsical, elegant and beautiful flower clipart out there.

In fact, we have covered some of the places you can find this fantastic floral clipart in a previous post 6 Places To Find Digital Clipart For Commercial Use That Won’t Get You Sued.

For this article we are going to focus on some of the absolutely breathtaking watercolor floral clipart collections that Kris Lauren has created to make your project fly off the shelves!

Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection

Perfect for anything really that you want to have a pink theme for, from pink wedding invites to baby nursery decorations to planner covers etc.  These hand-painted pink flowers and roses are simply exquisite.  The collection includes premade floral bouquets, wreaths, frames and sprays.  In addition, there are over 40 individual elements, like a gorgeous pink watercolor rose, you can use to make your own bouquets and wreaths if that is what you like to do.  There are over 100 files in the collection so you will have no problem creating something unique and stunning!

Don’t just take our word for it.  See the exquisite pink rose PNG’s in the Pretty in Pink Watercolor collection for yourself!

  • Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection

    From $30.00

Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection

Maybe strong pink’s not your thing and instead you are looking for more subdued blushes and soft violets.  The soft and elegant Blushing Violet Watercolor collection is full of soft purple rose png’s and blush pink flowers that you can accent with silver and gold metallics if you like!  The collection includes premade floral wreaths, borders, bouquets and frames.  There are 50 individual flowers, frames and leaves that you can mix and match to create your personalized design.  This collection has 250 total items!

Bet you’ll blush with glee when you see the Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection.

Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

Looking for a hot pink and deep violet floral clipart collection?  Allegra is full of exquisite watercolor dahlias, peonies and anemones to name a few.  These hand-painted watercolor flowers are offered as individual elements and in bouquet, wreaths, borders and frames.  As is the case in the other collections, you’ll notice the high level of detail of the artwork in Allegra.  The bold and bright colors of the floral clipart in Allegra will allow you to really create something that will make your project pop!

View the Allegra Clipart Collection for yourself.

  • Alcohol Ink Flowers & Metallic Leaf Clipart

    From $27.00

Alcohol Ink Flowers and Metallic Leaf Clipart

Alcohol ink art has been steadily gaining popularity.   The Alcohol Ink Flowers and Metallic Leaf Clipart Collection offers flowers in a new medium so your creative project will really stand out as something unique and different.  The way Kris has used the alcohol ink to create stunning flowers is very innovative.  The collection includes hand painted wreaths, bouquets, sprays and frames.

If you are really looking for floral clipart to give your project a different look than you will want to check out Alcohol Ink Flowers and Metallic Leaf Clipart for yourself.

Happy creating!

flower border clipart

3 Stunning Watercolor Flower Border Clipart Collections For Your Next Creative Project

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flower border clipartIt is snowing outside right now as I write this.  It has been such a mild winter that I thought we were going to get by without any real cold or snow this year but Mother Nature has other plans!

Regardless of the snow outside it is time to plan for spring and summer creative projects.  For one, if you are a girl that loves the summer, it puts you into a better mood thinking about your favorite time of year and…well…pretty flowers, who doesn’t love looking at them!

Today we want to talk about flower border clipart.  Watercolor flower border clipart is perfect for just about anything from planners and invitations to wall art and more.

Let’s get into it right away.  Here are 3 Watercolor collections that contain stunning flower border clipart!

Hey Wait!  If you like watercolor flowers and want to get some watercolor flower elements for free than you need to sign up for my Goodie Bag!  Once you sign up for the Goodie Bag you will have access to free watercolor flower elements and lots more.   You also get access to discounts and promotions on my full collections for signing up for the Goodie Bag.

Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection

flower border clipartThis is the latest watercolor flower clipart collection from Pretty Little Lines.  There are over 250 elements in the collection, so playing with all the elements in there should keep you busy for a while!

The Blushing Violet Collection, as the name says, is based on more violet and silver tones.  There are 6 premade flower border clipart elements and lots of purple rose png images included in the collection and you can also use the individual elements to make your own if you want.

In addition, the following are also included in the collection:


  • 20 Floral Arrangements
  • 10 Floral Arrangements with Silver
  • 10 Floral Arrangements with Gold
  • 2 Floral Wreaths
  • 8 Floral Wreaths with Silver
  • 8 Floral Wreaths with Gold
  • 6 Floral Borders
  • 5 Floral Frames with Silver
  • 5 Floral Frames with Gold
  • 10 Silver Numbers
  • 10 Gold Numbers
  • 27 Silver Letters & Symbol
  • 27 Gold Letters & Symbol
  • 16 Seamless Patterns
  • 31 Individual Watercolor Leaves
  • 20 Individual Watercolor Flowers
  • 6 Individual Metallic Frame in Silver
  • 6 Individual Metallic Frame in Gold
  • 8 Individual Silver Leaves
  • 7 Individual Silver Flowers
  • 8 Individual Gold Leaves
  • 7 Individual Gold Flowers
  • 1 Invitation Template PSD


Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

flower border clipart pngThis is one of Pretty Little Line’s most popular collections.  Based on pinks and rose gold hues the Pretty in Pink Collection is perfect for those who have a soft spot for all things pink and watercolor rose!  Included in the collection are 8 premade flower border clipart elements.

On the whole, the Pretty in Pink Collection has 123 elements so have plenty to play with to make your own borders if you want.

Additionally, the collection includes the following:


  • 47 individual florals, leaves, filler and rose gold wreaths
  • 12 floral bouquets
  • 12 floral sprays
  • 12 floral frames
  • 8 floral borders
  • 6 floral and rose gold wreaths
  • 26 floral letters
  • 4 seamless patterns (jpg)

The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection

watercolor flower border clipartWe know what you are thinking…what do ballerina’s have to do with flower border clipart.  One of the things Kris likes to do with many of her collections is to include flowers even if the main subject of the collection is something else.  In The Grand Ballerina Collection there are 6 premade flower border clipart elements included in the collection.

So if you are looking for some premade flower border clipart and you could use some exquisite ballerina png‘s for other projects than The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection could help you start two projects with one purchase!

In addition to the flower borders The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection also includes:


    • 45 Ballerinas
    • 27 Little Ballerinas
    • 9 Tutus
    • 3 Tiaras
    • 3 Pointe Shoes
    • 8 Outlined Ballerinas
    • 1 Chandelier
    • 1 Pedestal Chandelier
    • 2 Drapes
    • 1 Grand Staircase
    • 2 Headers
    • 6 Floral Borders
    • 6 Floral Bouquets
    • 6 Floral Corners
    • 6 Floral Sprays
    • 6 Wreaths
    • 23 Individual Flowers
    • 11 Leaves
    • 25 Seamless Patterns


  • 6 Pre-made Card PSD’s
  • 6 Pre-made Card JPG’s

We hope that gives you some great places to start looking for flower border clipart for your upcoming creative projects.  We know Kris really enjoyed creating these collections full of clipart for commercial use.

Happy creating,


Pretty Little Lines

PS…All of these bundles have beautiful flower bouquet clipart.

7 Tools to Make Watercolor Clipart I Can’t Live Without

By flower png

How To Make Watercolor Clipart | Pretty Little Lines

I know what you are thinking…7 tools for making watercolor clipart that I can’t live without sounds a little over the top.

I guess it is, but it’s also the truth!

If I could only have SEVEN resources to invest in for my design business, then the seven that I am going to talk about would definitely be it!

In fact, I know they would be because I actually invested my own money to get them. Making investments can be really scary especially if you are trying to make watercolor clipart to sell.  I remember thinking, “Yikes, it would nice to make some money first.”

I know my husband was like, “You’re going to spend WHAT?”

Here’s the thing.

Having the right tools for the job can make the job sooo much easier.  Investing in the right tools at the beginning can make it easier to make more watercolor clipart and even more money in the long run if you are going to sell it.

For whatever reason a lot of people have trouble with this concept of investing in a business upfront.  It’s the same as if you decided to go back to school to train to become a (insert occupation here).  You invest upfront with the tuition you pay for training that may or may not get you a job at the end.

Now some of you may just be creating watercolor clipart for fun and you’re not even going to sell your clipart because you don’t need the money.  The rest of us jealously welcome you here also. 😉


If you are still here and wondering what tools I use to make watercolor clipart that I can’t live without so you can maybe not be able to live without them either than I say let’s get to it!

But before you do that why don’t you join my email list?  For joining you’ll get a free Goodie Bag of handmade clipart that which are lovely, if I do say so myself.  And just between you and me you may get some other goodies too but shhh don’t tell anyone!  Oh and you get first access to all my sales and discounts on my other clipart collections.

Here’s My Top 7 tools for creating watercolor clipart I can’t live without…and you shouldn’t either.

  1. IPAD PRO, Apple Pen and Procreate

Let’s just start with the big one.  Why not right?  Let me spend your money!  And I know that I technically listed three things but c’est la vie!

Seriously, I just love my Ipad Pro.  I just love it, love it, love it!  It is so awesome.  Okay I wasn’t even nervous to spend money on this.  My husband was but not me.  I just knew it was going to make life, I mean workflow, better and it definitely has.

Why do you need it for making watercolor flower clipart you ask?

The Ipad Pro and Procreate make it oh so easy to erasing background.  Trust me it is very tedious to try and do this with your mouse or mouse pad on your laptop.  It is soooo much easier to do with the Apple Pen on the Ipad Pro in Procreate.  It’s also great for adding fun stuff to your watercolor painting like sparkles!


  1. Paint

Yes I know it seems just a tad obvious that you need paint in order to make fabulous watercolor clipart.  However, when I do paint watercolor flowers, I prefer to use Winsor and Newton professional watercolor paints.

And why is that?

I find that professional paint is more pigmented and less chalky.  This gives the finished watercolor illustration more vibrant and clean colors.  In my opinion it also makes for more consistent colors which is very important to me if I am creating a number of different watercolor elements for a collection.


  1. Brushes

If you are painting watercolor clipart you definitely can’t do it with your fingers!  One of the keys to honing your painting style is the tools you use and that is especially true when it comes to brushes.

For me, I like professional grade sable brushes and here is why I can’t live without them!

For those of you that don’t know sable is referring to the type of hair used to make the brushes.  I don’t have a particular brand that I stick with.  As long as the brushes are professional grade and sable I am a happy camper.  The reason I like them is that they shed less and keep their shape better than synthetic brushes.

Sable hair brushes are more expensive but they are so worth it!  It’s like difference between a twenty dollar bottle of wine and a two hundred dollar bottle of wine.  Hmmm, is it too early for a glass of wine?

Fun fact, did you know that the Winsor and Newton brushes were first made in 1866 for Queen Victoria!  No wonder I can’t live without them!

Once you have used these brushes you won’t want to go back.


  1. Paper

There are so many different types of papers you can use for watercolor painting.  You can get paper that is hot pressed, cold pressed, student grade, artist grade, light weight, heavy weight, it’s all great.  Really it is a personal preference and the only way to figure out what kind of paper suits you is to try them and see which you prefer.  What paper you use also depends on the final product you are after and the look you want it to have.

What do I use?

I love to use cold pressed paper.  I like the slightly textured surface of this paper and find it to be very good for washes and for fine details.  Of course, it’s got to be artist grade.  I prefer handmade cold pressed paper but I also use machine made cold pressed paper.  I haven’t fallen in love with any particular brand but I will let you know if I do!


  1. Light Table

Sometimes I like to sketch out what I want to paint in my sketch book before I start to paint.  Once I sketch out something I am happy with I like to trace that onto the watercolor paper that I am going to paint on.

This is where the light table comes in handy! 

Watercolor paper is quite thick so the light table makes it easy to see the original sketch so it can be lightly traced onto the watercolor paper.

I don’t have a fancy table but if I could give any advice I would say the bigger the better.  There are all different kind of sizes but I like this one here.

  1. Photoshop

So once you have got your painting into a Jpeg and erased the background have you ever thought to yourself that it just needed a little something to make it pop?

This is why I love Photoshop.

Photoshop is perfect to double check your clean up by using stroke.  And while you’re at it bump up the saturation and vibrancy of the image to really give it that je ne se quoi!


  1. Scanner/Camera

Once you have your beautiful, gorgeous, elegant and whimsical watercolor painting done you will need a way to get it in digital format on your computer.

I always picture somebody looking at their computer in a puzzled way holding their painting and trying to figure out where to stick it in the computer.

I digress.

You will need a scanner to scan your watercolor painting into a Jpeg on your computer.

But what about the camera?

I don’t actually have a very good scanner but I do have a good quality DSLR camera so what I do is I take a high-resolution picture of my painting and then upload it to my computer.

You want to get a high-resolution scan or picture of your painting.  If you are using a camera than you want to have diffused indirect lighting to get the best picture you can.

And there you have it, my top 7 favorite tools to make watercolor clipart that I just can’t live without!


Seriously, I do love these 7 tools a lot and have found them all to be well worth the investment.

If there is something that you just can’t live without then let me know.

I would love to hear about it!


Happy creating!


watercolor flowers png

5 Watercolor Flower Clipart Packages That Will Blow Your Mind

By flower png, illustration

Watercolor Flowers PNG Images For Commercial Use

These are my favorite watercolor png clipart packages right now.

Hey everyone!  Matt here.  I’m Kris’s husband for those of you that might not know.

Watercolor flowers png images are so popular right now.  I just love flowers to begin with.  There is nothing like having a fresh vase of flowers in your living space to just brighten up the room!

I know…I’m a man and I like fresh flowers!  What can I say?

If you could afford to have fresh flowers in your house all the time wouldn’t you?  I would!

It just brightens up my day to see fresh flowers.  It is no wonder then that I love seeing people put watercolor flower clipart images on all sorts of things from invitations to ipad cases.

If you are looking for some pretty watercolor flowers the good news is that there is a ton of selection out there for you to choose from.  The bad news is that you can almost get overwhelmed trying to go through it all!

How do I know???  Because I have spent the last 5 hours and 5 cups of coffee looking at them!!!

I thought it would be kind of fun to pick out 5 watercolor flowers clipart packages that really catch my eye.  Hopefully you will like them too and it will save you some time! But if not, don’t worry there is no shortage of watercolor flower images out there to choose from.

So without further delay here are some really beautiful watercolor flowers png clipart packages.

But before you do that join our newsletter!  For joining you’ll get a free Goodie Bag of my hand drawn illustrations which are lovely!  Ehem…my wife drew them and everything she does is lovely to me! And you get first access to all the sales and discounts on her other clipart collections.

Watercolor flowers PNG

Now before we get going, of course I will be mentioning some of my wife’s beautiful collections.  I mean, I may be bias, but I think they are pretty delightful!  And there’s also that thing about happy wife happy life right? ;-).  Anyhow, if you can’t wait you can just go see them here, here and here.

Twigs and Twinewatercolor flower clipart image | pretty little lines

I must confess…

I can’t choose just one package of watercolor flower clipart from Twigs and Twine.  All of their packages are just so elegant and gorgeous.  If I did have to choose one package it would be their clipart package called Dusk.  It comes with 34 separate flower and leaf images, 10 flower arrangements, 10 flower frames, 10 wreaths and more!  This is perfect for those for those invitations you are looking to make and will really make them stand out.  You can view all the packages here.


Graphic Boxcommercial use flower clipart images | pretty little lines



The Graphic Box store has a wide variety of design resource packages but what really caught my eye was their watercolor white flower package.  This is a a very elegant white flower and green foliage collection.  It comes with 31 flowers, 8 flower wreaths, 14 flower bouquets and much more.  You can also use the separate watercolor flower clipart to create your own arrangements.  I think these hand-drawn watercolor flowers are absolutely beautiful!  Check them out.


Lisimawatercolor flower clipart image | pretty little lines



Another one of my faves for watercolor flowers is pretty much anything by Lisima.  Lisima actually has over 10 watercolor flower packages to choose from.  The detail and colors of the flowers are breathtaking to say the least.  All the collections come with a variety of watercolor flower clipart and elements that you can use to make your own creations.

They are stunning and you should check them out here.

Blush Watercolor Flowers PNG

Patishopartwatercolor flower clipart images | pretty little lines



I like Patishopart watercolor flower collections because, well, they are beautiful that’s why!  The flowers are less detailed but that is why I like them.  They have their own unique look and they are very well done.  They are smaller packages with all PNG files but you can still make lots of variations of arrangements with the elements in the packages.

Check them out here.

Purple Watercolor Flowers PNG

Octopus Artislilac flower clipart images | pretty little lines



These beautiful watercolor flower clipart collections from Octopus Artis really catch the eye.  I know they are lilacs and not roses but I just really like them!  The artwork really is whimsical and delightful.  I especially like the lilac watercolor clipart.  The colors of the hand painted lilacs are just so vibrant!  This flower clipart package comes with 36 elements and card and frame templates.  The 36 elements are all in PNG format.

Check them out here

Pink Watercolor Flowers PNG

Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collectionwatercolor floral clipart images | pretty little lines



This is one of my very own watercolor flower clipart collections and one of my most popular sellers.  It comes with 47 individual floral elements, 12 flower bouquet png, 12 floral sprays, 12 floral borders and 12 floral frames.  The collection actually includes a lot more as there are 123 hand drawn items included in the collection.

If you love all things pink than you will love this watercolor flower collection or Kris’ other hand drawn clipart.

Your next creative project will look absolutely stunning and elegant with the watercolor flowers from any of the above collections so you can’t go wrong!


Happy Creating


How To Paint Watercolor Flowers

By flower png

how to paint watercolor flowers | pretty little lines

So you want to learn how to paint watercolor flowers.  Let’s face it, it can get overwhelming looking to buy clipart for commercial use.  You can find yourself even starting to think what if you could just paint these watercolor flowers yourself?

Here’s the thing.  It’s actually not that hard…provided you know the right tips!

If you are just starting out my best advice would be to first remove all your expectations.  You may have a picture in your mind that you want to achieve but don’t expect to achieve that your first crack at it.  You are here to learn.  Practice makes perfect.  That’s actually my last tip!  But we’ve got a lot to cover before we get to that.

Get You Supplies Together

Before you can even get started painting watercolor flowers you will need to get your supplies together.  I am assuming that if you are reading this article you probably have some idea of the supplies you will need but let me just quickly go over some of the basics for those that may not know.

Now every artist has their own work flow but since you are reading a beginners guide to painting watercolor flower art I will give just the essentials.  You will need paper, watercolor paints, brushes and a jar of water.


Paper – Do yourself a favour and get watercolor paper.  You can find this online or at your local art supply store.  I personally like a heavier paper as it is more resistant to getting soggy or warping.  So if you are going to do this why not do it right! Right?

Brushes – I recommend nothing too expensive in the brushes department especially if you are starting out.  Go to Amazon and find a set of 4 to 5 brushes of varying sizes preferably with rounded or pointed tip.

Watercolor paints – If you have kids you may already have a set of watercolor paints in your household.  You may even have a set left over from when you were a kid!  If you don’t already own watercolor paints they are cheap!  There are many different brands of paints you can buy but a good start is just to get a cheap set of Crayola watercolor paints like you had when you were a kid to make beautiful floral watercolor flowers.  They will do the job!

Jar of water – This you will use to clean your brush when you are switching colors.  Any jar or container to put the water in will do.  If you feel the water is getting too dirty feel free to go ahead and change it out.

Pro Tip (I always wanted to say that), instead of having just one jar of water have two.  Use one for rinsing your brush and the other for diluting colors.  You will need clean water for diluting colors.

See you don’t really need a whole lot of supplies to do watercolor art.  However, there are a few other supplies that are not essential but you may find useful.

Styrafoam egg carton – Each egg holder in the egg carton is perfect for mixing colors or diluting colors.

Paper towel – Sometimes even the experienced watercolor flower artists can get carried away with the paint and water.  Paper towel is great for soaking it up!

Color wheel – If you have painted before you may have one of these already.  If you don’t you could probably look one up online instead of buying one.  This will help you to figure out ahead of time what colors will work together to give you the floral watercolor end product you envision.

Alright now that we have the supplies out of the way we can get to the actual watercolor painting part.

But before we talk about that why don’t you join my email list?  For joining you’ll get a free Goodie Bag of handmade clipart that are lovely, if I do say so myself.  And just between you and me you may get some other goodies too but shhh don’t tell anyone!  Oh and you get first access to all my sales and discounts on my other clipart collections.

Watercolor Flower Painting

For your first attempt I would try painting a flower that has fewer pedals but the pedals are larger.  I think this will make it easier for you as you will get to do broad strokes and not have to focus on such fine details.  You can see some nice examples of watercolor flowers that I have done the past like these tropical flowers or this flower png collection that I painted.

A good way to start your painting is to start with a light wash of the first color you are going to use.  Paint the biggest pedals first and you can darken up the parts of the pedals that you want afterwards. After you are happy with that you can add the center of the flower, if you were painting a sunflower perhaps, or the center details of the flower if you are painting a hibiscus for example.  Now you are ready to add any finer details of the flower that you want to include in the painting.

It is easier to go from light to dark when painting watercolor flower art.

If you are wanting to paint tropical watercolor flowers but don’t have any tropical flowers on hand a simple google search will give you lots of examples of tropical flowers that you can use for inspiration.

Variety is the Floral Bouquet of Life

Well I know variety is supposed to be the spice of life but when it comes to a bouquet of watercolor flowers variety is also a nice thing to have.  If you are attempting to paint a floral background or something that will end up becoming a floral bouquet png then you will want to have a variety of complimentary flowers and you can even include foliage.

Practice makes perfect

Remember when I said to let go of your expectations for your finished product this first attempt at watercolor flowers?  Nobody reaches their artistic potential with watercolor painting the first time.  This is why it is important to practice.  Practicing serves 2 main purposes.

  1. Practicing will allow you to experiment and improve your technique
  2. Practicing will be the thing that crystallizes your style

Obviously, you need to practice to figure out what works for you and continually improve your technique so that you can become competent in your painting.  In addition, each watercolor flower artist brings their own personal signature to their art that only they can do.  It can take time to figure out your own unique style and this can only be done thru creating pieces of watercolor art on a continuous basis

Above all, have fun with what you are creating and learning.  Don’t be afraid to share your art with the world!

Happy creating!


Go here to buy clipart for commercial use.