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Mothers Day Clipart

The Absolute Best Clipart For Your Mother’s Day Project

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The Absolute Best Clipart For Your Mother’s Day Project


This post contains affiliate links

Mother’s Day is arguably one of the most important days of the year…I mean where would any of us be without our moms?

Mother’s Day also means Mother’s Day Gifts.

Whether you are making your own personal Mother’s Day gift or whether you are making Mother’s Day gifts to sell you need the absolute best clipart for your Mother’s Day project.

There is so much cute clipart out there.  You can find clipart ideas that are elegant, cute or even whimsical but the one thing they have in common is that they all will make your Mother’s Day project better.

All of these clipart ideas will wow the mom’s out there and let them know how truly appreciated they are.

If you need the best clipart for your Mother’s Day project I’ve got you covered.

This post shows you the best clipart for Mother’s Day.

Clipart for Mother’s Day Mom’s will actually love:

Become a Pretty Little Lines VIP and get access to the Goodie Bag of FREE clipart and illustrations by Kris Lauren!

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1. Rosé All Day Watercolor Collection

watercolor flower clipartIf you are looking for watercolor flower clipart for your Mother’s Day project I think this might be one of the the best you can get.  Now I may be biased because my wife made this collection but I have to say it’s one of my favorites and I think moms will love it too.

The watercolor flowers and watercolor flower arrangements, frames and wreaths would work really well for Mother’s Day cards, wall art, stationary, fabrics and embroidery to name a few.

2. Mother’s Day Illustration Pack

mothers day illustrationLooking to make Mother’s Day stickers?  I think you will love this pack!

The colors are light and airy and perfect for Mother’s Day.  As you will see when you look at the pack there are lots of great illustrations for coffee mugs and stickers.

3. Mom & Me

mothers day clipartSometimes you want art for Mother’s Day except with animals and if that’s you then you will fall in love with this Mother’s Day clipart.

Cute giraffe and elephant moms and kids make up this clipart pack.  These are really perfect for any products you might be making for the mom with young kids.  These are super fun and cute illustrations they will love.

4. Mommy & Me Clipart

Maybe you are looking for animal clipart for Mother’s Day but instead of giraffes and elephants you want bunnies, kittens, pandas, swans and flamingos.  If that is you then this collection has got you covered.

The light pinks and blues will really wow your audience and you’ll have so much fun using all the illustrations to create your Mother’s Day card.

5. Mother’s Day Prints and Patterns

What Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some Mother’s Day themed patterns?  Every mom loves a beautiful hand made pattern.

Instead of making one yourself here are a bunch of really cute prints and patterns ready made for you that will look fabulous on your projects and products.

6. Mommy To Be

The beautiful hand drawn illustrations, florals and designs are perfect for those of you that are going after the mom to be market.

Husbands out there looking for Mother’s Day gifts for their wives that are moms to be will thank you with opening their wallets for your products using this beautiful artwork.

7. Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection

clipart for saleYou just can’t go wrong with pink flowers on Mother’s Day cards.  Pretty in Pink is full of breathtaking hand painted pink watercolor flowers and roses that moms will just love.

You can make your own creations with the watercolor flowers in this pack or use the premade arrangements and frames to save you time in creating your masterpiece moms will love.

8. Floral Heart Mother’s Day Elements

mothers day clipartIf you are looking for more premade floral arrangements that you just need to make a few tweaks to, to save some time, then you will thank your lucky stars for these floral hearts!

If there is two things most moms love it’s flowers and hearts.  These cute and simple floral hearts will do the trick.

9. Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

If you are looking for highly realistic hand painted watercolor flowers in bold colors for your Mother’s Day project you will love Allegra.

Sometimes it is a good idea not to use the same color palet’s that are used over and over again every year.  Bolder colors will make your products stand out and these bold watercolor flowers are perfect for the bold mom’s out there!

These are the absolute best clipart for your Mother’s Day project.

spring planner clipart

17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For You Spring Planner Project

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17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For Your Spring Planner Project


This post contains affiliate links.

Can you feel it?  Spring is right around the corner!  For those of us that live in colder climates spring can’t come soon enough!

Can I get an amen if that’s you?  Don’t worry I hear ya!

Using cute clipart is just one of the ways that you can truly personalize your planner to make it fit your personality.

Of course, now is the time to start planning out your spring planner projects if you haven’t already.  If you are like me you always seem to leave things to the last minute.

Here are 17 super cute clipart collections to give you ideas on how to put the spring in your planner!

This post is all about the best cute clipart for your spring planner paper project.

  1. Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

clipart for sale

What do you think of when you think of spring?  Flowers for sure!

You just can’t go wrong with breathtaking pink watercolor flowers to brighten up your planner and the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection is full of them!

Want some free watercolor flower clipart?  Simply enter your email address and get some beautiful flower clipart delivered straight to your inbox?

2.  Ballerinas Please

ballerina clipartThere is something about ballerinas, flowers and pony’s that just says spring to me.

You could use these cute ballerinas for any season but you really can’t go wrong with these for your spring planner project.

3.  Watercolor Boho Flowers

boho planner clipartBoho flowers are a great way to give your planner a spring vibe.

These flowers would look stunning on the cover of any planner.

4.  Watercolor and Ink Boho Arrows

arrow clipart

If you don’t want flowers but are still wanting a boho theme than maybe these boho arrows might do the trick.

These would make super cute stickers to point to important events in your planner!

6.  Little Spring Cute Watercolor Setspring planner clipart

These watercolor elements are so adorable!

Little girls, flowers and puppies are so perfect for a young girl’s planner.

7.  Watercolor Spring Clipartflower planner clipart

The bright and vibrant colors of the clipart in this collection will really make your planner pop.

This set is perfect for the gardener that like a spring garden theme and using their planner to schedule planting their flower beds.

8.  Allegra Watercolor Clipart Collection

planner clipartYou can never go wrong with watercolor flowers for spring.

If you love bold pinks and violets then you will like how these watercolor flowers really make your planner stand out.

9.  Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit

spring planner clipartWhat says spring more than bunnies, hot air balloons and little girls on swings?

Use the elements in this one to make fantastic backgrounds and patterns for your planner cover.

10.  Happy Spring Watercolor Clipart spring clipart

Another adorable set of clipart with a spring vibe.

If you want to give your planner a nice lite vibe with very cute illustrations this could be it.

11.  Coffee Girls Watercolor Clipart

coffee planner clipartPrefect for those boss women on the go!

These elements are so beautiful yet so cute.  Perfect artwork for those coffee dates!

12.  Planner Girl clipart

planner girl clipartThese could be used for any time of year really but the pink hues go well with spring themes.

These would work great for planner stickers or planner inserts.

12.  Tropical Summer Girls clipart

summer planner clipartThis set will definitely put you in the mood for spring and summer!

If you like spring cocktails with umbrellas than you will love this collection.

14.  Pastel Watercolor Flowers Paper Pack

spring planner papersIf you don’t want to make your own patterns why not just buy them!

These digital papers are perfect for planner covers and inserts adorned with super cute spring flowers.

15.  Spring Clipart

spring planner clipartSometimes it’s hard to find a clipart set that just has it all.

This one really well thought out and has everything you need to put the “spring” in your planner

16.  Spring Fashion Floral Patterns

planner paperIsn’t spring about trying out your new spring fashion wardrobe and maybe some shopping too?

These spring couture surface patterns will work great for your planner inserts and covers.

17.  Flowers and Flamingos

spring planner clipartIf flowers and flamingos don’t say spring than I don’t know what does!

These super adorable flamingos with flowers on them will look fabulous on any planner cover or pages.  The tropical flowers will look great too and will put you in that spring mood everytime you open your planner.

This post was about 17 Mind-Blowing Collections of Cute Clipart For Your Spring Planner Project!

clipart for commercial use | pretty little lines

6 Places To Find Digital Clipart For Commercial Use That Won’t Get You Sued

By buy clipart

This post may contain affiliate links.

Hello wonderful lady!

Starting a business can be so exciting and so terrifying at the same time.

I know because I have been there!  It still scares me sometimes.

Many of my customers have their own websites or Etsy shops where they have taken the flower clipart, animal clipart and more that I create and used them on everything from mugs, planners, fabric, tote bags, printables and cards to sell on their sites.

Find clipart for commercial use in my shop!

You may just be starting or considering starting your own Etsy store selling some of the things I just mentioned.  If you are congrats!  I say go for it!

You may also be spending a lot of time doing something I have been doing recently.

What’s that you ask?

Watching tutorials and Youtube videos on how to sell printables on Etsy!

One of the things you really notice after doing some research is seeing all these people at different stages of their business and levels of expertise.  We will get to the expertise bit in a second.  It actually is kind of encouraging though, because it really lets you know that everyone started someplace.  I really like that because it reinforces the idea that you just have to start.  Don’t wait until you are perfect because that day will never come!

Getting back to the expertise bit…this is what I really wanted to talk about today.  I couldn’t believe in some of the tutorials and videos I went through how many people were just saying to go to Google and search for an image that you like to use and slap it on your product to sell.

EHEM, that is a big No No!

Doing this could get you fined, sued or worse!

Remember I said starting a new business can be scary but let’s not make it scarier than it needs to be right ladies!

So let us go over how to get clipart, fonts, mockups and whatever other kinds of art you may need legally and ethically so you don’t end up finding yourself facing legal action.

There are some great sites you can go to that have absolutely beautiful floral clipart, animal and summer clipart or other clipart, fonts and elements by very talented artists that can be purchased for commercial use so everything you do is on the up and up and you can sleep easy not having to worry about getting a cease and desist letter in your mail.

Before we move on become a Pretty Little Lines VIP for FREE and get a GOODIE BAG of FREE CLIPART!

Design Cuts

commercial use clipart | pretty little linesHave you heard of Design Cuts?  Well if you haven’t heard of them yet you’re welcome!

Design Cuts is awesome and I just love, love them!

Seriously Design Cuts is a great place to find amazing premium clipart for your projects.  What is so great about them is that you get up to 50% off when you buy two or more items.  How great is that?  You get an extended license on all products at no extra cost so you don’t have to worry about that cease and desist letter and you get unlimited support from their customer support team on all products.

Design Cuts also has monthly bundles.  Basically what they do is they bundle a whole bunch of collections together into one bundle and sell it for super cheap.  For example at the time of this writing their current bundle includes $1300 worth of collections for only $2.  I mean that is a crazy deal!

Design Cuts makes it easy to get flamingo clipart, floral clipart and any other kind of clipart illustrations and fonts the right way!  Check them out!

Creative Market

where to buy commercial clipart | pretty little linesCreative Market is like an overload to the creative senses and I love it!

Are you looking for watercolor flamingo clipart?  Well you can find so many pages and pages of it at Creative Market that you may have trouble choosing just one collection to buy.  Creative Market has an enormous collection of clipart, patterns, illustrations and fonts.  All products come with a standard license and extended licenses can also be purchased.

You can join Creative Market for free and then follow your favorite artists shops so you never miss any of their new collections that they add to their stores.

Creative Market also has bundles but I hear that they are going to be discontinuing those and replacing them with something else so we will have to wait and see what that is.  Go to Creative Market.


buy clipart for commercial use | pretty little linesSome people might think Envato is more for website developers (because it kind of says that on their website) but you can actually find a lot of very cute illustrations and clipart with commercial licenses.  Specifically, Envato Elements is where I would find artwork, illustrations, patterns and backgrounds that would be easy to use on products to sell.

Envato Elements is interesting because instead of just buying a specific package you pay a monthly fee of $16.50 and then you get unlimited downloads of their 860,000 items.

That’s a lot!

Envato also has fonts and a whole lot of other items that may make it worthwhile for you depending on what kind of products you make.


buy commercial clipart | pretty little lines

Ummm Etsy…yeah!  Chances are if you are reading this you either have an Etsy store or are thinking about opening one up!  In addition to the products that many Etsy shop owners use commercial use clipart to make the products they sell in their stores, there are also lots of Etsy shops that sell clipart graphics for commercial use like flower png‘s which are super popular right now.

In fact many artists may have shops on multiple sites.  If you can’t find what you are looking for on the other sites mentioned than perhaps you might find a hidden gem on Etsy!

Design Bundles

src=”” alt=”where to buy commercial clipart | pretty little lines” width=”750″ height=”379″ />Design Bundles is another marketplace that has a ton of clipart, fonts and illustrations that you can purchase with commercial license so you can use the artwork to make products to sell.  Like many of the other sites they have a great page that goes over the licenses and spells out what you can and cannot do.  If in doubt you can contact them for help.

The Hungry Jpeg

clipart with commercial license | pretty little linesWhat is a hungry jpeg anyway?

The Hungry Jpeg is another marketplace where different artists have shops and provide beautiful clipart, fonts, textures and a host of other elements that you can buy with a commercial license if you want to buy clipart for commercial use.

They have bundles and even a whole section for crafters!


Here is a secret that some of you may not have figured out yet that will help you possibly get some free clipart and access to really good clipart for sale deals.  When you are on any of the sites I mentioned above take note of the name of the artist that created an item or collection that you are interested in.

Go on over to google and do a search for them to see if they have their own website where they also sell their art.  Chances are they have a mail list that you can join.  Lots of times when you join their mail list they will give you a gift.  Sometimes that gift will be some free art that you can use.  And often you will get special discounts for being a part of their tribe so it is definitely worth it if you like the art they produce.

In fact, I have a free gift for people that join my list.  It is a Goodie Bag of clipart for FREE!

You also get discounts on all my new clipart collections!

There you have it! If you need premium commercial use clipart to use on your products that you are going to sell on Etsy that won’t get you sued than the sites I have listed are where you want to go.

And if you have any other suggestions of where to get clipart for commercial use than drop me a line and let me know so I can add it to the list.

Happy creating!

Pretty Little Lines

clipart for sale

For Sale Clipart That Is Exquisite and Elegant!

By buy clipart

for sale clipartYes you can go to Design Cuts or Creative Market and see more clipart to buy than there are kids on a hot day at Disneyland but not everyone wants what everyone else can get.

Let’s face it, though there is really great work on those marketplaces it feels like you could spend an eternity going through it all because there is so much content.  It can also be hard to find the new “up and comer” artists that are putting out great clipart that you might want but is buried on page 200!

Enter Kris Lauren

Kris Lauren is founder and chief designer, ehem…she’s actually the only designer, at Pretty Little Lines.  Her work is exquisite and where other artists work tends to be very trendy cute, Kris’s style, while still cute, is more classic and portrays a certain type of elegance.

The way I like to explain it is the supermodels of the 90s.  The Christy Turlington’s, Linda Evangalista, Claudi Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen’s compared to the supermodels of today.  Those girl’s beauty was timeless and universal.

Now I am not sure that Kris herself would agree with that comparison but to this writer’s eyes the comparison is warranted.

Try Before You Buy!  Want to check out some of Kris’s work up close?  Then SIGN UP for the Pretty Little Lines Goodie Bag!  The Goodie Bag gets you access to a bag full of free graphic resources hand drawn by Kris.  You also get access to sales and discounts on Kris’s work on Pretty Little Lines.

If you still want to know more about Design Cuts and Creative Market than go here to learn more about digital clipart for commercial use.

For those that want to stick around let’s take a closer look at some of Kris Lauren’s artwork on Pretty Little Lines!


For Sale Clipart

Just to give you a taste, I went ahead and picked out four of my favorite of Kris’s for sale clipart collections.  If you want to go right to shopping, which I completely understand, then just head on over to to buy clipart for commercial use.


Blushing Violet Watercolor Clipart Collection

for sale clipartAt the time of this writing this is the newest of Kris’s collections available at Pretty Little Lines.  If you are looking for hand painted watercolor flower clipart in violet tones you need to check this collection out!

The watercolor roses in this collection are exceptionally realistic and the collection is loaded with graphic elements so you can use the premade borders, bouquets and frames or you can make your own.

To see more images of the purple rose png in this collection go here.


Hello Lovely Fashion Creator

for sale clipartRemember earlier when I was talking about the timeless supermodels of the 90s?  Well this fashion portrait creator is part of the reason that I made that comparison.  If you are looking for ball gown, gala, winter formal or dress up clipart for invitations or other purposes than the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator should be on your list.

Using the many different elements that you can mix and match, The Fashion Creator lets you give the girls your own unique personal touch by picking everything from hair color and skin tone to dress and accessories.

Let your fashionista flourish.  See the fancy dress clipart.


Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

clipart for saleIf you are looking for watercolor roses in blush and pink tones than you must check out the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection.  Like the Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection these roses are beautifully hand-painted and look so real that you feel like you should be able to reach out to touch and smell one!

The elements in this collection are perfect for wedding invitations and accessories, home décor, party invitations and much more.

You can go here to see the elegant pink rose png clipart.


The Grand Ballerina Collection.

clipart for saleWhimsical, elegant and graceful.  Words that come to mind when I think of The Grand Ballerina Collection.  These hand drawn ballerinas, in a style inspired by Degas, are perfect for party invitations, printables, stationary, fabrics and whatever else you can imagine.  With over 200 illustrations in the collection you will not get bored coming up with new creations for your project.

If you are looking for a ballerina png than you will want to check out The Grand Ballerina Collection.

We hope you enjoyed viewing the for sale clipart collections we have selected here.  We encourage you to check out the rest of the clipart collections for sale by going to

Regardless, don’t forget to sign up for your Goodie Bag.

Remember have fun, enjoy the art and whether you are just using the art for yourself or are making products to sell, enjoy creating!

Happy Creating,

Pretty Little Lines

Clipart For Sale

By buy clipart

Clipart For Sale…But What Kind Of Clipart Is It?

flamingo pngSo, something has been on my mind lately that I have been wondering about.

You see, the other day I was thinking about what people search for when they are looking for the art they want to purchase online, especially the type of art I make.  I would describe my handmade clipart as cute and pretty.  Obviously, I make a lot of flower clipart but is that what someone would search for if they were trying to find the type of clipart I make?

So off to Google I went to see if I could figure out what kind of search terms would bring up the type of art I make.


Let me tell you it was interesting!

To start off, it was difficult to categorize what one would call my type of art.  Would someone call it a graphic or clipart or would illustration be a better term.

First, I tried clipart as that seemed to me to be what it would be called because technically it is.  However, what I found out is that the term clipart covers so many types of art.

Really the term clipart just means simple pictures and symbols made available for computer users to add to their documents.  What I found is that a lot of this simple clipart is what shows up when using the search term clipart.  Simply searching “xyz clipart” did not in many cases turn up the kind of clipart that I, and many others, make.

Instead, much of the clipart that turned up in the search results looked like something you would recognize from Windows 95.

So perhaps typing in commercial use clipart graphics may not get you the results you are looking for if you are looking to buy clipart for commercial use.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that old looking but a lot of it was still very simple and cartoonish compared to the handmade clipart that I and many others make.

So back to the drawing board I went and this time started searching for illustrations.  Again, searching for “xzy illustrations” turned out to still be very vague as there are lots of different kinds of illustrations that are considered, well…illustrations.

Continuing on I thought maybe the term graphics would be a better way to describe what I do but low and behold it was just more of the same.

So What Is It?

I think the problem is that this specific type of clipart has not been given a term to describe it.  I mean when you see my art or the art of others like mine it is obvious that it has a certain look.

Now to pause for a moment, I know what you must be thinking.  Why not try the terms “hand drawn” or “watercolor” as descriptors with the main search term?  I thought of that too!

The problem is that not all of the clipart that is for sale is watercolor.  Most of it is hand drawn but lots of other more simple clipart is hand drawn also.

So I was still left, perhaps more confused than when I started, wondering how do you classify the type of clipart I make?  Is it flower clipart, floral clipart, animal clipart or graphic designs for sale?

Usually I try to write something that I think would be helpful to others but today I am asking for your help!

Can we come up with a way to describe what kind of clipart this is that we can call it henceforth?  I would love to hear your suggestions.  Maybe if we can get enough suggestions than certain words will become apparent that we all use to describe what this is.

Anyhow, if you have a minute contact me with your suggestions.

I am going to make this a shorter than usual post today so hurry up and drop me a suggestion and then get back to your projects!


Happy creating!


7 Best Places To Buy Commercial Use Clipart Graphics

By buy clipart

Buy Commercial Use Graphics | pretty little lines

If you are reading this I know what you are thinking!  You are thinking, “just tell me where to get the clipart graphic designs for sale!”.

Perhaps you are making wedding invitations to sell or you are opening your own Etsy store and need clipart graphics to put on the planners, invitations or wall art you want to sell.

The problem is, as you know, if you want to make those things to sell you need to buy clipart for commercial use that comes with a commercial license so that you can keep yourself out of legal hot water!

The good news is there are lots of places where you can buy commercial clipart, it is actually fairly cheap and some of those Etsy stores make a lot of money!


Commercial Use

If this isn’t your first rodeo you can scroll down to see my 7 Best Places To Get Beautiful Commercial Use Clipart Graphics but for the rest of you I feel it is important to talk a little bit about the different types of commercial licenses you can get and what they allow you to do.  I know it’s not exciting but you know what they say…the more you know!

Note: I am not a lawyer so you should absolutely not take my advice on the following.  Do your due diligence, get professional advice and If in doubt contact the artist with your questions about what you can and cannot do with their art.

Standard Licence

Like I said, when you buy the clipart the artist will usually clearly stipulate the terms of the license so read it carefully.  Usually this license will cover you for up to 500 sales of one product.  A license is good for one product or project.  The product must also be considerably different than the original item.  For instance, you can’t just buy clipart packages and then just sell off the individual clipart.  You can use the clipart to make wedding invitations to sell on Etsy for example.

Extended License

If you are going to sell over 500 units of a product or project than you will want to purchase an extended commercial license.  Really simply, the extended license gives you everything the standard license does but it allows you to sell unlimited amounts of your product or project.

Remember a license is only good for one product or project.  You will need to buy a license for every product that you sell if you are using someone else’s clipart on your product.  Most of the sites listed below will have clearly laid out terms of the licenses available and if in doubt go ahead and contact the sites you buy clipart from and ask them directly.

Before we move on why don’t you join my email list?  For joining you’ll get a free Goodie Bag of handmade clipart that are lovely, if I do say so myself.  And just between you and me you may get some other goodies too but shhh don’t tell anyone!  Oh and you get first access to all my sales and discounts on my other clipart collections.

Best Places To Buy Commercial Clipart

I know it’s a shameless plug but I feel like if you have something you are really proud of you should share it with people!  Yes, I do sell commercial use clipart collections.  It’s something I really enjoy creating and you might just find that some of my art would be perfect for your next project.  At the very least you should sign up for my mail list as I do give out lots of free goodies and many discounts to the lovely people on my list.

Okay, shameless plug over!

Creative market really is the big dog on the block so to speak.  The good folks over at CM probably have one of the largest selections of commercial use clipart you will find on the net.  I think there are close to 30,000 independent creators that have stores on CM.  That is a lot of commercial use clipart to choose from!  You could literally be there for hours there is so much to look at and choose from and the level of artwork people are putting out on CM is just phenomenal.  Prices start from $2 and up.  You have the option to buy clipart collections with a standard license or an extended license.  CM is also a great resource if you are looking for fonts to buy.

I do have a store on Creative market but like I said, the best deals on my stuff go to the people on my mail list!  Have I made you want to join yet?

I love Design Cuts!  DC has probably the second biggest selection of commercial use clipart to buy behind Creative Market.  Who am I kidding, it still seems like their selection goes forever!  Like CM the art on DC is really exceptional.  The bundles they have on a regular basis are a phenomenal value and, depending on the bundle they are offering, could set you up with enough art and licenses for multiple products for the price of one.

Surprise, surprise, I have a store on Design Cuts too but who was that again, talking about great deals for being on a mail list?  Oh wait that was me! Join here.

Now is a smaller site where all the art is made by Angie.  Now I don’t know Angie personally, but I stumbled across her site and I gotta say I really like her stuff.  It is all very cute clipart so you may want to check her out.

Now you may be looking at opening your own Etsy store to sell custom fabric, wedding invitations or planners but who knew you could buy the clipart for commercial use that you need for your products there also!  Etsy has a large variety of clipart and illustrations you can buy.

Another site similar to Design Cuts and Creative Market.  They have lot’s of great graphic designs for sale and clipart resources for you to purchase for projects.

Everything from clipart graphics to website templates to icons to fonts and on and on!  There is a lot of stuff at Graphic River

There are a lot of sites out there that offer free clipart for commercial use and if that is what you are after than you probably didn’t get this far down the page anyway.  I think if you are going to be making a business of selling products than you are better off buying clipart to use.

First off you are supporting the artist, okay I may be a little bias here, but you also are having a better chance of offering something truly unique that is going to wow your customer.

I really think the old saying that you get what you pay for applies here because in my opinion, and this is just my opinion,  there is a reason some clipart is free if you know what I mean.

If you want hand drawn clipart for commercial use that is truly spectacular then you are going to have to pay something for it.  The good news is that you probably aren’t going to have to pay very much!

Happy creating!


flower clipart

Where To Buy Clipart For Commercial Use

By buy clipart

buy commercial use clipart | pretty little lines

Thinking of opening an Etsy shop or something similar?  It’s a great idea to private label your own products for everything from iPhone covers, mugs, cards, pilllow covers to planners and custom fabrics.

To do this you are going to need art and lots of it!  No matter what niche are in you are going to need art for all the different seasons, holidays and occasions throughout the year.  And then you are going to need more art for all the seasons and holidays the following year.

Potentially you will be releasing new products with new designs on them each month.  This can greatly depend on how much art you have available.  If you don’t have a steady supply of clipart and illustrations it may be difficult for you to be releasing new products with some sort of consistency.

Just thinking about all the art you are going to need can be overwhelming!

To make matters worse maybe you have a great artistic eye but your attempts at art look like something a 4 yr old drew so creating your own graphics is not really an option.

Good News!

You can actually buy clipart packages that you can use that come with standard commercial licenses, or you can even buy extended commercial licenses, for really cheap.

Okay before we get to far ahead.


One of the things you need to know about when buying graphics to use commercially is the licenses.  The licenses spell out what you can and cannot do with the graphics you are buying.  Most of these clipart packages that I am talking about come with a standard commercial license.  The standard license usually allows for the graphic to be used for up to 500 sales.  If you think you will sell more than that then you may need to get an extended license.

Usually the artist has clearly stated the stipulations of the license.  If you ever have doubts or concerns about the license than the best advice is to contact the artist for clarification.

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Where To Buy Clipart

Here are my go to places to buy clipart for commercial use.

Me of course!  Yes I make all sorts of graphics and watercolor clipart.  In fact one of my favourite things to make is flower clipart but as you will see I have lots for you to choose from!

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Lots of people recommend going to Etsy to search for commercial use clipart.  You definitely can do that but I think if you really want to stand out from the crowd than creative market is a good place to look.  They have so many different clipart packages and font packages to choose from it is staggering.

I actually do have a pretty little lines store on Creative Market so if you don’t end up visiting my site and instead go to Creative Market than be sure to check out my store there.

Design cuts is deal central!  The thing about design cuts is that they have these design bundles that are just amazing.  How it works is they put all these professional hand drawn clipart packages together and offer them as a bundle at an insane price!

To give you an idea of what I mean, as I write this, they have a bundle on right now that includes 21 clipart packages for $29!  To buy all the packages in the bundle separately would cost $1500!  I love Design Cuts and they are truly amazing.  I also have a store on Design Cuts so if you head over there look up my store!

I really hope that helps you with where to buy clipart for commercial use.  It really is not as hard or expensive as you think!

Blessings & Happy Creating!


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