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Can I print On Demand

By November 14, 2020FAQ's, Licensing

Can I create designs using your artwork to sell on Print on Demand sites?

Yes, absolutely! But please keep in mind you will need to create an original design where the resources cannot be extracted, edited or customized in any way by a third party. The original design must be flattened file.

An original design is when you combine your purchased artwork with other resources and illustrations to form a new original design. Your end design needs to be noticeably different from the original resource purchased. For a visual reference, you can have a look  here: (click on the commercial license tab)

You may sell your original designs on “print on demand” sites/platforms as long as your customer doesn’t have any control over the design in any way.  Your customer cannot be able to move or rotate any of the design elements, nor are they able to add or edit any text, or personally customize the design in any way.

For example, your customer may order a mug you’ve designed as a pre-made End Product; next, your print-on-demand provider produces and delivers that End Product to your customer. This is permitted under the commercial license terms.

Designs must be uploaded as a flattened file.  A layered PSD, vector file or transparent PNG file is NOT permitted.  This means that the Resources (anything you purchase from me) may not be uploaded separately allowing the end users to edit and move the graphics.

If you have any further questions, please email me at