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Bridal Shower Clipart

By December 3, 2019June 11th, 2020flower clipart, invitations, wedding clipart
bridal shower clipart

The Best Bridal Shower Clipart For Invitations

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Hello everyone!  Matt here!

So you’ve taken the plunge have you??

You’ve decided that you are either designing your own bridal shower invitations, you are making bridal shower invitations for your bride to be friend or you are selling bridal shower invitations.

Whatever the case may be may I take this time to say…congratulations! 😉

Obviously, I wasn’t at my wife’s bridal shower…or maybe I was?

You know, now that I think about it I really can’t remember!  I know we had a Jack & Jill shower.  I was there!  And, to be honest, it was all a blur at the time but I’m pretty sure Kris had a bridal shower.

I know what you are thinking…typical man!  It’s okay, I take it all in stride!

Bridal Shower Clipart For Invitations

What I am going to do in this article is to point you in the direction of some bridal shower images that I think will look stunning on your bridal shower invitations, make your life so much easier and save you time!

Isn’t saving time great!

I love to save time so let’s get to it!

bridal shower clipart

Bridal Shower Clipart Images

Okay so for all things bridal showers, wedding showers, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries do yourself a favor and go ahead and get The Stunning Wedding and Celebration Creator.  If you just do that, if that is the only clipart collection you get for your bridal shower invitations and decorations, you’ll have everything you need!


The Wedding and Celebration Creator is actually a collection of 12 different creators.  You get a bride creator, groom creator, little kids creator, archway creator, flower bouquet creator, 3 different cake creators, balloon creator, table creator and a bunting and present creator.  I’m out of breath!

Use the creators to make your own unique cliparts.  You’ll have bridal shower invitations that are one of a kind.  And the beauty of it is that you have everything you need to make wedding invitations also!

You can check out the Wedding and Celebration Creator for yourself here.

bridal shower clipart

Bridal Shower Clipart Flowers

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that your bridal shower invitations need flowers.

As I just mentioned the Wedding and Celebration Creator comes with a bouquet creator.  This creator includes hand painted watercolor flowers.  You can use them to create your own watercolor flower bouquet clipart for your invitations.

Here is a link to just the flower bouquet creator so go check it out.

Another watercolor flower collection that really has that WOW factor, especially if your color is pink, is the Pretty in Pink Watercolor Collection.

What does it for me in this collection, hands down, is the pink watercolor roses.  They are stunning, beautiful, breath-taking, to die for…you get the picture!  You just can’t go wrong with pink watercolor roses for anything to do with bridal showers and weddings.

I won’t spill all the beans here but do go check out the pink watercolor rose clipart for yourself!

Different Style Clipart for Bridal Shower

If you are looking for some clipart that is a different style but still girly and feminine then have a look at the Hello Lovely Fashion Creator.

If you are fabulous and your ladies are fabulous then this clipart will be perfect for your bridal shower invitations.  Design stunning girls with high fashion gowns, hand bags, heels, hairdos and more.  Super fun, super easy and you end up with super stunning invitations!

Speaking of fun, check out Hello Lovely here.

Boudoir Bridal Shower Clipart

Now I’ve got the perfect thing for you if you are making an invitation for a bridal shower with a boudoir theme.  Interestingly enough, it is actually called Boudoir Hand Painted Clipart and all the elements were lovingly hand painted by Frou Frou Craft.

I know for a few a you reading, this is exactly THE THING you have been looking for so I’ll just let you go and check it out for yourself!

Another pack that I think would be helpful is the Bachelorette clipart pack by Papersphinx.  There are lots of elements in this clipart pack like bottles of champagne, toasting glasses, rings and lingerie that would totally work for a bridal shower invitation.

You can check out the Bachelorette clipart pack here.

In the end…

this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of bridal shower clipart.  But seriously, the collections I have pointed out will keep you busy creating for a long time!

I hope you found this helpful.  Check back as I will add to this list in the future.

For now, go make some beautiful bridal shower invitations with your new lovely clipart!

All the best,