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6 Quirky Uses For Flower Arrangement Clipart

By September 24, 2019March 11th, 2020flower clipart, flower png, watercolor clipart
flower arrangement clipart

6 Quirky Uses For Flower Arrangement Clipart

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We love flower arrangement clipart and you love flower arrangement clipart, but did you know these quirky uses for flower arrangement clipart?

Nothing makes your creative project stand out from the rest like breathtaking and beautifully arranged flower clipart.

We searched high and low to find these 6 uses for flower clipart arrangements that might just spark your next money-making product!

flower arrangement clipart

Wedding Invitations

Of course, wedding invitations are a no brainer use for flower arrangement clipart.  Using flower clipart that is arranged in bouquets, borders and frames can be the start of making a truly eye popping wedding invitation that will sell like crazy.  So many collections come with many premade examples of flower arrangement clipart so you don’t have to spend a ton of time creating them yourself.  It really is as simple of picking a few arrangements you like, popping them into a software like photoshop and then placing them where you want to achieve your desired look.

You can combine arrangements to make new arrangements or just use them as is.  The wedding invitation niche is really hot.  Even if you are just making invitations for your own wedding you can use flower arrangement clipart to make something that looks professional and stunning.  Did we mention that you can also save a ton of money by doing it yourself?

If you want to make wedding invitations but Photoshop is beyond your comfort level than check out How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Easily.

flower arrangement clipart


Seriously, this one is kind of quirky!  Yes, drapes!  Why not make your own drapes and sell them?

Flower arrangements look beautiful on drapes or any fabric for that matter.  If you were thinking of starting your own side hustle then maybe selling drapes to order could be for you.

There are plenty of on-demand print businesses out there so you don’t have to have a lay down a bunch of cash to stock an inventory.  Create your designs and whenever you get an order your print on demand partner will print the fabric and ship it out for you.

A quick search on the web for “print on demand” will give you lots of choices. is a popular print on demand outfit.

flower arrangement clipart

Planner Cover

Planners are huge!  Think about it – who doesn’t need a planner?  The fact is more and more people are using planners to keep track on their schedules and things they need to get done.  People don’t just want a boring plain planner.  They want a planner that represents something about them.

You can use flower arrangement clipart to create tons of patterns for planner covers that people will just love.

flower arrangement clipart

Smartphone Case

Do you know anybody over the age of 13 that doesn’t have a smartphone these days?  We know everyone knows someone that doesn’t have a smartphone but they are in the minority.  Phones cost a lot of money and are not cheap to replace so naturally people want to buy cases for their new shiny phone.

Now we humans are programmed to want to express ourselves as individuals.  One of the ways we like to express ourselves, believe it or not, is by having a cool design on our smartphone case that says something about us.  Now there is a niched of people out there that like watercolor flower patterns on their smartphone cases.  Find these people and give them what they want!

Using flower arrangement clipart designs on smartphone cases is probably also perfect for print on demand

flower arrangement clipart

Wall Art

You see it in stores why not make your own and sell it online?  Yes, wall art is in stores but who actually goes to a store anymore?  More and more people are choosing to shop online.  Who doesn’t love watercolor flower arrangements and having them on their wall to brighten up the home?

Again, this is a great print on demand business or if you choose to invest in the equipment you could print them on demand yourself.  There is lots of exquisite watercolor flower arrangement art that you can use for making your own wall art to sell.

flower arrangement clipart

Business Cards

There are those people that just want a very simple business card and that is great.  There are also those people that want their business card to standout and what better way to do that then with watercolor flower clipart on it to make it memorable!

Again, great for print on demand.  Maybe you own a flower shop or you want to provide business cards to women that are looking for a more feminine business card.  The creative possibilities are endless here!


Whenever you are using someone else’s art for anything you want to make sure you have the right license.  Nobody wants to invest a bunch of money and time in making that next million dollar product only to get a cease and desist letter because you don’t have license to use the art.

Thankfully most flower clipart you buy comes with at least a standard license that usually covers you for under 500 sales.  If you do more than that you can always buy an extended license.  Make sure to read of the terms of the license carefully and if you have any questions contact the artist or in some cases the marketplace where you bought the flower arrangement clipart to make sure you are doing everything on the up and up.

You should find that usually the marketplaces and the artists are really helpful.

Happy creating!