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4 Examples of Cute Bunny Clipart Everyone in the World Should See!

By September 27, 2019April 7th, 2021bunny clipart, illustration
bunny clipart

4 Examples of Cute Bunny Clipart Everyone in the World Should See

We noticed there are several types of cute bunny clipart.  Do a simple search for yourself and you will see that there is enough cute bunny clipart out there to make your head literally spin!  There is bunny clipart that is cartoon style and bunny clipart that is more illustration style.  Don’t even get us started on the difference between cartoon, clipart and illustration.  They are all different and yet they can all be the same which is so confusing when trying to think of what terms to use to search for the bunny clipart that you are looking for.

That is why we decided to put together an article that goes over:

  • What’s the difference between bunny clipart and bunny illustrations
  • Uses for cute bunny clipart
  • Examples of cute bunny clipart
  • Bunny clipart collections
  • Where else you can get cute bunny clipart

Hopefully, this will be answer all your questions and help you find the bunny clipart that is just the cutest!

What’s the difference between bunny clipart and bunny illustrations?

We gotta say we have been wondering about this question ourselves!  The terms clipart and illustration are used almost interchangeably in the graphics world that you might find yourself wondering truly what is the difference.

Well according to the definition clipart is “simple pictures and symbols made available for computer users to add to their documents.”  Picture the little arrows, happy faces and basic images you put in your Powerpoint presentations to spice them up!

An illustration, in the sense that we are talking about, is, according to Wikipedia:

“An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games and films. An illustration is typically created by an illustrator.”

Where things get tricky is that a lot of illustrations can be made into clipart.  So in a sense they are two different things and in a sense clipart and illustration can also be the same thing.  Does your head hurt yet?

In summary, bunny clipart and bunny illustrations can mean two different things but they can also mean the same thing so in the interest of keeping things easy we are just going to refer to it as bunny clipart…cute bunny clipart, that is!

Uses For Cute Bunny Clipart

Bunny clipart can be used for so many more things than just making your Powerpoint presentation less boring!

Bunny clipart can be used for, or to make, the following:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Planners
  • Stickers
  • Enamel pins
  • Fabrics
  • Invitations
  • Stationary
  • Party décor
  • Wall art
  • Logos and branding
  • Web design
  • Embroidery
  • Printables

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are many more reasons why you might need cute bunny clipart!

Examples of Cute Bunny Clipart You Must See!

We know beauty, or cuteness, is in the eye of the beholder but here are what we think are some examples of bunny clipart that are super cute and would work for any creative project that calls for bunnies.

bunny clipart
bunny clipart
cute bunny clipart
bunny clipart

Bunny Clipart Collections

Now depending on what your creative project is you will probably need more than just one bunny clipart illustration so here are two collections of bunny clipart by Kris Lauren that we think you should check out.

Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit

There is just something about spring time and bunnies that go together.  If you live in the country you know in spring the flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is beginning to grow and you’ll probably see the bunnies hopping around!

Kris Lauren has brought all those elements together in the Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit.  It is full of illustrated cute little girls, bears, birds, trees, picnic baskets, flower clipart and most importantly lots of cute bunnies!

There are 195 individual elements that come in the kit so you can mix and match all the different elements to make your own clipart and scenes in the esthetic that you want for your project.

Go here to see the Hop Into Spring Illustration Kit for yourself.

Bunnies, Bugs and Blooms

Bugs, Bunnies and Blooms is a whimsical little collection of hand drawn bunnies and lots of other goodies perfect for Easter or any other time of year.  These bunnies are soooo cute and what’s great is there are 12 individual bunnies included in the collection along with adorable bugs, flowers, wheelbarrows, bows and boots.

The wheelbarrows, bugs, flowers and other elements can be arranged together to make so many cute little scenes that will work great for you project.

In fact words cannot do it justice.  You just have to see cute bunny clipart package for yourself!

Where else can you get cute bunny clipart?

In addition to the two bunny clipart collections we have suggested there are a few other places you can go to find cute bunny clipart.  All of these sites have great search functions so you can go to anyone of them and simply search for bunnies and lots of beautiful bunny clipart will appear before your eyes!

Here is the list of sites you can find bunny clipart:

As you can see there is lots of cute bunny clipart out there and now you have all the tools to find some that will make your creative project pop!

Happy creating.