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3 Stunning Watercolor Flower Border Clipart Collections For Your Next Creative Project

By February 18, 2019July 9th, 2020flower png, watercolor clipart
flower border clipart

flower border clipartIt is snowing outside right now as I write this.  It has been such a mild winter that I thought we were going to get by without any real cold or snow this year but Mother Nature has other plans!

Regardless of the snow outside it is time to plan for spring and summer creative projects.  For one, if you are a girl that loves the summer, it puts you into a better mood thinking about your favorite time of year and…well…pretty flowers, who doesn’t love looking at them!

Today we want to talk about flower border clipart.  Watercolor flower border clipart is perfect for just about anything from planners and invitations to wall art and more.

Let’s get into it right away.  Here are 3 Watercolor collections that contain stunning flower border clipart!

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Blushing Violet Watercolor Collection

flower border clipartThis is the latest watercolor flower clipart collection from Pretty Little Lines.  There are over 250 elements in the collection, so playing with all the elements in there should keep you busy for a while!

The Blushing Violet Collection, as the name says, is based on more violet and silver tones.  There are 6 premade flower border clipart elements and lots of purple rose png images included in the collection and you can also use the individual elements to make your own if you want.

In addition, the following are also included in the collection:


  • 20 Floral Arrangements
  • 10 Floral Arrangements with Silver
  • 10 Floral Arrangements with Gold
  • 2 Floral Wreaths
  • 8 Floral Wreaths with Silver
  • 8 Floral Wreaths with Gold
  • 6 Floral Borders
  • 5 Floral Frames with Silver
  • 5 Floral Frames with Gold
  • 10 Silver Numbers
  • 10 Gold Numbers
  • 27 Silver Letters & Symbol
  • 27 Gold Letters & Symbol
  • 16 Seamless Patterns
  • 31 Individual Watercolor Leaves
  • 20 Individual Watercolor Flowers
  • 6 Individual Metallic Frame in Silver
  • 6 Individual Metallic Frame in Gold
  • 8 Individual Silver Leaves
  • 7 Individual Silver Flowers
  • 8 Individual Gold Leaves
  • 7 Individual Gold Flowers
  • 1 Invitation Template PSD


Pretty In Pink Watercolor Collection

flower border clipart pngThis is one of Pretty Little Line’s most popular collections.  Based on pinks and rose gold hues the Pretty in Pink Collection is perfect for those who have a soft spot for all things pink and watercolor rose!  Included in the collection are 8 premade flower border clipart elements.

On the whole, the Pretty in Pink Collection has 123 elements so have plenty to play with to make your own borders if you want.

Additionally, the collection includes the following:


  • 47 individual florals, leaves, filler and rose gold wreaths
  • 12 floral bouquets
  • 12 floral sprays
  • 12 floral frames
  • 8 floral borders
  • 6 floral and rose gold wreaths
  • 26 floral letters
  • 4 seamless patterns (jpg)

The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection

watercolor flower border clipartWe know what you are thinking…what do ballerina’s have to do with flower border clipart.  One of the things Kris likes to do with many of her collections is to include flowers even if the main subject of the collection is something else.  In The Grand Ballerina Collection there are 6 premade flower border clipart elements included in the collection.

So if you are looking for some premade flower border clipart and you could use some exquisite ballerina png‘s for other projects than The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection could help you start two projects with one purchase!

In addition to the flower borders The Grand Ballerina Clipart Collection also includes:


    • 45 Ballerinas
    • 27 Little Ballerinas
    • 9 Tutus
    • 3 Tiaras
    • 3 Pointe Shoes
    • 8 Outlined Ballerinas
    • 1 Chandelier
    • 1 Pedestal Chandelier
    • 2 Drapes
    • 1 Grand Staircase
    • 2 Headers
    • 6 Floral Borders
    • 6 Floral Bouquets
    • 6 Floral Corners
    • 6 Floral Sprays
    • 6 Wreaths
    • 23 Individual Flowers
    • 11 Leaves
    • 25 Seamless Patterns


  • 6 Pre-made Card PSD’s
  • 6 Pre-made Card JPG’s

We hope that gives you some great places to start looking for flower border clipart for your upcoming creative projects.  We know Kris really enjoyed creating these collections full of clipart for commercial use.

Happy creating,


Pretty Little Lines

PS…All of these bundles have beautiful flower bouquet clipart.